Aruban Government Tackling the Big Issues … The Proliferation of Palapas … Toleration of an Issue Until its an Issue …


The Aruban rule of look the other way government and if we look away hard enough, maybe it will just go away and disappear.

The Aruban Government is finally getting serious and taking on the big issues that plague its citizens and tourists. Is it public safety and the increased crime rate? Is it drug trade and money laundering? Is it the increasing inflation, taxes and the bbo? Is it the drug addition problem? Is it Aruba’s excessive government spending? Is it Aruba’s economic dependence on tourism? The answer is, no, no, no, no, no no, and no.


The Aruban government is tackling the hard biting issue of the proliferation of “Palapas” on its beaches. Way to take on the issue of the day that so greatly affects the Aruban people and tourists.

The proliferation of palapas has consequences for the beaches of Palm beach and Eagle Beach. A lot of structures have risen lately on Palm Beach in front of the hotels. Especially the number of palapas is growing on Eagle Beach. This is due to the many timeshare complexes that are being built on the other side of Irausquin Boulevard.

Maybe the real reason why the government is stepping in with regards to the proliferation of palapas is not because they are being built on public beaches, but instead the fact that there now appear to be more reed huts than actual tourists in Aruba.


One may ask why suddenly Aruba finds itself with a proliferation of “palapas” on public beaches. The reason is like everything that takes places there, it was tolerated and everyone looked the other way until the situation got out of control where it suddenly becomes a concern. It appears to be the MO in Aruba. Looks the other way until it becomes a glaring problem. Sound familiar?

The government is going to take on the palapas’ proliferation
(June 28, 2008 Amigoe)

ORANJESTAD – The number of palapas (reed covering-over) has increased so much in a short period of time that the government has decided to take measures, and so contain this ‘proliferation’. The government has established a committee for this. This committee must figure out where the public part of the beach intersects with the long-lease part of the hotels.

The proliferation of palapas has consequences for the beaches of Palm beach and Eagle Beach. A lot of structures have risen lately on Palm Beach in front of the hotels. Especially the number of palapas is growing on Eagle Beach. This is due to the many timeshare complexes that are being built on the other side of Irausquin Boulevard. Apart from palapas that continually are built bigger and more luxurious, the hotels have also placed showers, changing rooms, and bars on the beach. Some hotels on Palm- as well as Eagle Beach have built large outside bars on the beach, where romantic dinner is served on the beach.

It isn’t allowed to build anything on public beaches anyway, assured DOW that also knows that it happens for all that. An employee of DOW tried a few weeks ago to prevent a hotel from pouring asphalt on the beach for flooring. The police was notified when the hotel refused to stop with the work. But to the dissatisfaction of the DOW-employee, the police did nothing.


Problem is that the government has until now tolerated the structures on the beach, says Marlon Croes, head of DOW’s policy supervision department. It is for that matter not clear where the long-lease grounds of most of the hotels run. “The beach is public. The government has tolerated in the past that hotels placed palapas on public beaches. But we noticed after awhile that new structures were built on the beach. This affects the quality of the beach. But it is also difficult for us to determine what is legal and what is illegal and what is built on long-lease property and what on public beach.”

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    28 Responses to “Aruban Government Tackling the Big Issues … The Proliferation of Palapas … Toleration of an Issue Until its an Issue …”

    1. Maggie on July 1st, 2008 3:42 pm

      Remember this story from before.. and they are worried about palapas? 2 out of 49 reports of abuse and sexual abuse from police and guards in prison were taken to court and dropped due to lack of evidence.. lack of evidence.. once again.

      UN condemn locking up of juvenile prisoners amongst adults

      WILLEMSTAD/GENEVA – The United Nations’ Committee against Tortures in Geneva criticized the locking up of juvenile prisoners amongst adults, the custody that lasts much too long, and due to this, the huge number of prisoners that are not sentenced in the Antilles and Aruba. They also criticized the sexual abuse and other violence against prisoners that is taking place in Aruba.

      The UN Committee against Torture reports this after her 38th meeting, where reporting of 7 countries were considered. Other than in the Netherlands, the situation in Denmark, Luxembourg, Italy, Ukraine, Japan, and Poland was also investigated. Basic principle of this is the Convention against Tortures from 1984 that was signed by a total of 144 countries.

      When discussing the subject the Netherlands, the committee that falls under the High Commissioner of the UN paid most attention to the situation of the juvenile prisoners in the Antillean and Aruban prison. The committee condemns the locking up of juvenile prisoners among adults. The committee says that this has to end, with the biggest immediacy. As already known, there is no special juvenile prison in the Antilles or in Aruba. In some cases, juvenile delinquents are placed with the Foba (Forensic Observation and Counseling department) or the not-confined GOG (Government’s Reformatory), but that is not always possible. When placing juvenile delinquents in the Bon Futuro-prison, their age is definitely being considered and they are not placed amongst the heaviest felons. According to the committee, as part of the rehabilitation, the Antilles lacks an educational reformation program for the punished juvenile in order to improve their return in the society. Schooling and training must be part of that.

      The committee also paid attention to the situation in Aruba, where sexual- and other violence is taking place against prisoners in the KIA. This is supposedly done by police officers and prison guards and/or they have no control over this. The committee wants the Netherlands to take measures to stop this.
      The committee is very concerned about the fact that between 2005 and 2007, a big number of assaults were reported and that just a few, 2 of the 49, were taken to court. But both cases were not sentenced due to c\lack of evidence. The reportage has nothing to do with the visit of the CPT- and the UN committee that investigates torture and violation of human rights in the prisons of the Antilles and Aruba, which is planned for the end of this month. Justice-minister David Dick already indicated that he does not rule out hard negative opinion considering the situation in the Curacao and St. Maarten prisons. A few human rights organizations have pointed out the unbearable situation to the Antillean government.

    2. MissKatie on July 1st, 2008 4:32 pm

      my goodness whats wrong with these people.. their priority is about palapas?

      who the hell cares about palapas? our concern is the safety and well being of american tourists to that god forsaken island infested with drugs… rapists…. and killers….

      they let pauulus and joran and the kalpoes get away with murder… joran running loose in thailand drugging and drinking … bragging about what he did to natalee and they are worried about

      wake up aruba

      your islands profits are going down the tube….

      prosecute pauulus joran and the rest involved in natalees death…..

    3. MissKatie on July 1st, 2008 4:39 pm

      total deception luring people to aruba on the pretense of beauty and tranquility…
      thats far from being the truth….
      predators like pauulus and his pimp gang lurk the islands looking for unsuspecting victims!!!

      makes you wonder how many of those tourists had a bad experience the day before they were to leave….
      how many havent come foward… because they couldnt wait to get out of that hell hole!!!

      and than I wonder how many have come foward but have been blown off as provoking the incidents….

      I am sure there have been many rapes on women that have not been documented by aruban officials….

      my thought is that…
      there is a STRONG dose of bad karma awaiting each person that was involved with natalees death!!!!

      even if the kalpoes were sucessful in getting their hands on money from a lawsuit… that money would be cursed!!!

      because of the method in which it was obtained….

      we will and sit back and wait and enjoy it when we see it come to pass!!!!!

    4. paulus is a cold blooded murderer on July 1st, 2008 4:40 pm

      aruba citizens are numbskulls to put up with this bull crap for this long.

      the whole island is a cesspool

    5. MissKatie on July 1st, 2008 4:41 pm


    6. Allan on July 1st, 2008 6:46 pm

      I second the cesspool !

    7. Smish on July 1st, 2008 7:03 pm

      I was going to ask WTH is a palapas but then I figured it out….you ARE talking about paulus/palpu/paulpus right?LOL

    8. richard on July 1st, 2008 8:45 pm

      Question: Would these reed huts attract snakes and scorpions, ready to fall on the tourists?

    9. richard on July 1st, 2008 8:47 pm

      Look at the top photo, of the one guy on the beach.

      It appears to me as though he has a sword in him.

      Optical illusion … I hope.

    10. Carpe on July 2nd, 2008 1:12 am

      I wonder if Paulus still yearns for the days of yore? Ya know, the good times. Back when Karin Jaansen was still Xeroxin’ her little “jumblies” and leaving the copies on Paulus’ desk, so he could whip it out and lunchtime and sketch little hearts all over them? Man, those wereeeee the dayssssss!

      You remember that, right? All that changed after 2005, huh?

      Now if he wants some fire for the ol’ bottle-rocket… Paulus has to go home to that professional midget wrestler in the orange fright wig. Beyotchhhh b. lookin’ all like a hybrid of Richie Cunningham of HAPPY DAYS and Don King.

      I KNOW Paul’s gotta be sluggin’ down some go juice before he works up the courage to put a punishment on that voodoo noogie!!!!!

      (Paulus voice)

      Honeyyyyy, I have a costummme for yoooou, it’s a shopping bag! Pretend like we are at the grocery store LING AND SONS , and I just picked you out!

      (Anita) okeeeeeee Paulusssss!!!!!!!

      Now, here is another one, this one is for MY safety should the first one you put on fly off.

      (Anita) okeeeeeee Paulusssss!!!!!

      (bed creaking sound effects)


      Paulus is shoutin’ at the top of his lungs…BRITNEY SPEARSSSSS, PAMELA ANDERSON,


      ANYBODY!!!!! ANYONE!!!!!

      Nope, dats it, I’m over it….

      I think I will go weed-whack the garden. -j4n

    11. jimbo on July 2nd, 2008 3:22 am

      #2 katie, who the hell cares about ur opinion? All you can do complain u don’t do much to help. Is this a competition to see who can bash/trash Aruba the best? All those name callings, remember what goes around comes back around. yes , Aruba is not perfect so we will get our share of badness but ur country is way out of line. at the end of the day u will get yours for trying to mess with my pple. Wanna help? do something constuctive instead of whinning and badmouthing Aruba on the internet. for ever1 of u who ‘hates’on Us there are 11 other who loves Us. Wanna talk about drugs? Do u really think our market is big enough for the drugslord? nope, they just store it here until it get’s shipped to ur country. so don’t act like there no Drugs used and abused in America. Getting fed up with u pple rambling ur mouths online!!!Have something important to say? Come to Aruba do a press meeting an say all you have to say and how u have to say and then go hang around a week or two on this beautiful island. Get yourself a job or atleast go do something constructive. Sometimes u have to let things go and move on. btw i dont even see how Aruba affect u directly? I think ur more in love with us than u would like to admit because otherwise u couldnt be so much busy with a small, strong island like Aruba. Ur really on of those types that…..

    12. Scared Monkeys on July 2nd, 2008 5:15 am

      #11, people are entitled to their opinion as are you.

      Sorry Keebler if you do not like the facts. There is a difference between bashing and stating the truth.

      I have seen it far too often on a first hand basis in Aruba. They preempt nothing. They only deal with issues when they are forced to. That’s a fact.

      Please do not naively compare Aruba to the USA, its embarrassing. 300M people to 100K. But when one compares on a per capita basis, crime, etc is way up there.

    13. Amsterdam 020 on July 2nd, 2008 6:00 am

      @ 12, Monkeys,

      There IS a difference between bashing and stating the truth. But you cannot possibly deny that what’s going on here, is mostly bashing….

      That you defend the US monkeys I understand, but that you are trying to suggest that most commenters here are simply stating the truth, that’s just embarrassing.

    14. Arubiano on July 2nd, 2008 6:42 am

      Doesn’t seem like your government gives a crap either. There are 40 U.S. soldiers training with Dutch forces here on Aruba these days.

    15. Carpe on July 2nd, 2008 7:36 am

      for ever 1 of u who ‘hates’on Us there are 11 other who loves Us.


      Well… thank you very much for the lecture Mr. Whipple!!!! …but I think you ARE FULL OF IT.

      I have seen webcam after webcam shot of nothing
      but empty beach chairs.

      I have seen helicopter flyover videos of the island now, and it looks like the moon.

      Report after report of the hotel oc. rate
      in a hyper sad state of affairs.

      Oh yes, the Jimbo One to Eleven Ratio… that’s the ticket. Give me a break!


      Excuse me if I tire easily of hearing
      some weak-minded Aruban come one here day after day, trying to make THEIR PEOPLE, or THEIR COUNTRY
      the victim in all of this.

      Their was ONE victim, her name

      BOTTOMLINE: You let the murdering, raping Kalpoe
      and Van der sloot families THROW AWAY

      I know it’s tough to swallow Jimbo, the Holloway
      family is probably having a hard time with it as
      well, don’t ya think?

      As far as I’m concerned,
      until you sand crabs
      deal with that,

      YA GETZ NONNNNNE, BRUTUSK!!!!! -Popeye

      I’m surprised you haven’t pulled the Van der sloots, Kalpoes, Croes and O’Duber out of their houses and stoned them to death yet.

      Aruba acts like terror riddled countries from the Middle East in every other way, why don’t you
      people go all the way and make it official?
      I hear you’ve got great HANGIN’ weather
      down there! Bonbini.

    16. Carpe on July 2nd, 2008 7:40 am



      It’s their job. Unlike the Aruban, they have
      honor, valor, and integrity. They get the job
      done. You just best hope that one of them doesn’t
      shoot your ass and say “whoops, I need more some more practice!” -j4n

    17. richard on July 2nd, 2008 8:14 am

      Seems like the trolls are coming back … does this imply that Aruba is getting antsy again?

      Or that some action in Natalee’s case is likely?

      Indeed, yes, the US government, in its infinite wisdom, conducts anti-drug efforts and other activities in conjunction with Aruba. The people who run the hell-hole long ago realized that their best shot at keeping the place going was to present the APPEARANCE of being a good friend to Uncle Sam.

      No doubt the solons in DC look on Aruba as a useful pawn in the chess game going on in the Caribbean vs. Venezuela and Cuba.

      That’s also, in my view, one reason why our government has been so reluctant to speak up where the true interests of Americans are concerned: i.e., demanding action when an American tourist goes missing abroad in a country where the local government aids and abets the cover-up.

      So trolls, thanks for reminding us that our efforts to promote a boycott of Aruba do have real-world significance. Our government, to its eternal shame, is more concerned with its chess games than with the well-being of American citizens abroad. And far be it for our government to take on the moneyed interests (hotels, airlines, travel agents) or those who lobby on their behalf.

      So it’s up to “We the people.” Let’s remember that this weekend. And while we’re at it … hey, folks in Washington, are you making progress in the drug war by placating Aruba?

      Katie, don’t let the idiots get you down.

    18. richard on July 2nd, 2008 8:18 am

      It’s obvious that if you want to keep your drug business going, it’s wise to appear to be chums with the big cop on the block.

      That way, you can steer him to seize the drug shipments … of your rivals.

      There’s Aruba’s “friendship” policy in a nutshell … play along with the US, and meanwhile safeguard your own druglords.

      It’s our government’s fault that even Natalee’s case hasn’t opened its eyes. Let’s keep doing our best to ensure that someday it will.

    19. Esther on July 2nd, 2008 9:49 am

      Jimbo and Arubiano :)

      As for Carpe,i enjoy reading his posts cause its funny and i learn a whole new english,not that i take the content seriosly ofcourse :)
      Its waht jimbo is saying,go to Aruba to protest instead of screaming behind your computers..

      Just read that the US is number1 on consuming drugs so well,the drugs has to come from somewhere uh ??

      Good day..

    20. brie. on July 2nd, 2008 11:58 am

      Well if the drugs weren’t all over the island of Aruba, in the first place, they would never make it here….

    21. ben on July 2nd, 2008 5:47 pm

      No doubt Aruba is number one in covering up a murder with the help of the goverment .Any one with a little common sense can see what went on concerning the Natalee Holloway case If you cant you are in denial ,stupid, are part of the goverment.

    22. Maggie on July 2nd, 2008 7:24 pm

      Come to Aruba do a press meeting an say all you have to say and how u have to say and then go hang around a week or two on this beautiful island.

      Lots of beautiful places that aren’t safe to go to.. Beautiful on the surface don’t mean nothing if it’s ugly within. How could anyone look at the farce (so called investigation) of Natalee Holloway, and find anything beautiful about it? I am not in love with Aruba, I simply want the justice Natalee was so denied in Aruba. She too as a paying tourist and thought she was going to a beautiful place to celebrate her graduation, what she met was far from beautiful and the utter lack of disregard for her life and lies about her even by those in authority, and the lack of compassion for a grieving family,, tells me things aren’t so beautiful. Read above 49 cases of sexual and misconduct alleged by prisoners, only 2 brought to court and threw out lack of evidence.. Where have we heard that repeatedly for 3 years? Apparently the drug problem is bad, when the cop warns Natalee’s father, watch your drink at the bar, they might drug you..and leave the choller houses alone. Beautiful starts inside and works it way to the outside.

      Natalee Holloway was beautiful inside and out and didn’t deserve anything that has happened to her. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make sure she could never tell her side of the story.

    23. Carpe on July 2nd, 2008 7:26 pm

      #13 Amster

      The true definition of EMBARRASSMENT

      is how Aruba has mishandled, and continues to

      mishandle the Natalee Holloway murder case

      to this day. That is correct you heard me…


      Our loveable little jerkoff named

      Daury, or as Joran likes to call him, “Paul”

      finished off Natalee with one shot in the head.

      That was his version of CPR, to deal with a very

      grave head wound. You’re ALL HEART Paul!

      I remember to include you in my prayers

      everynight, ya sad punk a$$. -j4n

    24. Amsterdam 020 on July 3rd, 2008 5:51 am


      I definitely agree that the Aruban authorities mishandeld the case. And I also believe that Joran had something to do with the dissapearance and/or death of Natalee.

      But pre-meditated murder?
      Paul van der Sloot who shot Natalee in the head??
      That’s just speculation.

      And besides that, I thought most of the monkeys believed the so-called confession of Joran?
      Beth does.

      Whatever it was that happened to Natalee is of course awful and she certainly did not deserve it but you all just don’t want to believe that perhaps (no I’m not saying that it is but perhaps) it WAS an accidental death and Paul van der Sloot and the Kalpoe brothers were not involved.

      You are making up the most terrible theories about what could have happened without any evidence. Why is that? It’s like you want the worse case scenario….

    25. Carpe on July 3rd, 2008 7:42 am


      Since October 21st, 2006… I have held some

      of the most damning evidence of what was

      done to Natalee that night, in this case…

      in my li’l ol’ Photobucket account, no less!

      I uploaded it for everyone to see.

      I want no money.

      Anyone can see it, whenever they’d like.

      You wanna pay me? Give Nat’s truth and her remains

      back to her family. That’s what I want!!!

      A shot in the head is MURDER.

      Unfortunately, we live in a world where some

      people choose not to believe what their eyes

      can see anymore. Some people cannot tell an

      illusion from the truth.

      This is happening all over

      the world, but I do find an unusually high

      concentration of these type of a$$hole$ living

      on the island of Aruba!

      Natalee Ann Holloway has shown us what was

      ultimately done to her. She showed us from

      the Marriott Basin Video, Palm Beach Aruba…

      recorded on the ARU-BAY VIDEOS in early June

      of 2005. (it was taken shortly after the Aruba

      Lie Enforcement team declared the area


      I, Carpe, “The Meek”…

      Hereby do declare…

      They ultimately shot my baby, Natalee.

      I do realize that it cannot be used in a filthy

      corrupted Aruban Court of Law.

      …but as we have seen over the past three plus

      years with this TRAGEDY… nothing can be used in

      their court system, not even


      Justice 4 Nat!


    26. Amsterdam 020 on July 3rd, 2008 9:32 am

      I checked your Photobucket. Evidence???
      You must be kidding me…

      I do hope though that this case is solved one day and the Holloway family can burry Natalee properly.

    27. Carpe on July 3rd, 2008 10:10 am

      …but it won’t happen with people
      like you still in the way.

      SO PUH-LEEZE… spare us your alligator tears
      and good wishes, Amsterdam.

      It rings hollow.

    28. Sergeant on September 22nd, 2008 10:51 pm

      You people talk about crime in Aruba. Have you ever been to Aruba?
      Crime do occur their. It happens everywhere. But Every time I go there I feel the safest man on the Planet.
      Aruba is not a safe haven. But compared to other countries including Europe and especially USA, Aruba is Heaven or paradise if you will.
      As an American protecting other Americans asses and interests in another country I’m ashamed of what I am reading and watching on the news about Aruba.
      The figures in Holland that Aruba and the Dutch Antilles make up 9 % is a Lie. I read the real figures when I was stationed in the Netherlands. Aruba makes up 0.1% of the crime. The other 5% not 9% is from Curacao and the Dutch Antilles. Be informed before you make accusations. And Dutch people as Americans are Hypocrites. When a person with another ethnicity born and living in Holland steals he is a foreigner. But when he or she wins a gold medal he or she is the most important Dutch(wo)man. Just like back home.

      DO NOT GET ME WRONG. I LOVE MY COUNTRY. I WEAR THE FLAG EVERYDAY WITH HOUNOUR AND PRIDE TILL THE DAY I DIE OF OLD AGE OR K.I.A. Unlike some of you only talk about being true Americans. Only talk about blaming other people and countries for our own problems I took more than one bullet for America. There are many ways to prove your patriotism besides enlisting. Sitting on your ass and bashing on other countries will not help.

      Just for your info. Things that the news will not tell you.
      I was on Vacation on Aruba when the diapering of Natalie Holloway happened. When the news was heard on the local news more than half of the population went out and started looking for her. I know because I was a part of the search party.

      Did you know that there are Arubians in the US Navy? Of course you did not. I did get the chance to talk to one of them. He sounded and looked more patriotic and brave than most Americans in the Navy. I met him after a conflict in the place that is on the news everyday.
      And yes, Aruba supports the USA against drug, terrorism, etc. Even after the crap we did against them. They are the friendliest people on the planet in my opinion. So when you want to talk crap about other people anywhere look in the mirror first. You said they care about $$ and not security? When was the last time in the states that a group of people came to me and buy me a beer and hear my (war)stories, never!!!!. Because I am a soldier I’ve been treated like shit back home.

      The Dutch s.o.b. Joran van der Sloot is guilty. He is being protected by the Dutch government and treated like a rock star. Oh yes he is 100% Dutch and not form Aruba.
      So if you want to be a scared monkey, be frightened for the image you see in the mirror.

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