Republicans Now Trusted on All Key Political Issues Over Democrats


Heading into the 2010 midterm elections, American voters trust Republicans on top 10 key issues.

Ever wonder why Democrats are now fearful that the House has already bee lost? Maybe it’s because the American voters now trust Republicans over Democrats on all key political issues. On issues like the economy, immigration, health care, social security, taxes and national security the GOP is trusted more. In the wake of the Charlie Rangel and Maxine Waters ethics scandals, Republicans are now even trusted more than Democrats on the issue of ethics as well.

Issues:  Education  40% (D) -  41% (R),  Health Care 40% (D) –  48% (R) , Iraq war  40% (D) -  43% (R), Economy 39% (D) - 47% (R),  Social Security (D) 38% – 44% (R), Government Ethics 38% (D) – 40% (R),  National Security 37% (D) – 49% (R),  Afghanistan war 36% (D) – 43% (R), Taxes  36% (D) - 52% (R) and Immigration 35% (D) - 44% (R ).

Voters now trust Republicans more than Democrats on all 10 of the important issues regularly tracked by Rasmussen Reports.

The GOP has consistently been trusted on most issues for months now, but in July they held the lead on only nine of the key issues. 

Republicans lead Democrats 47% to 39% on the economy, which remains the most important issue to voters. Those numbers are nearly identical to those found in June. Republicans have held the advantage on the economy since May of last year.

More grim news for Democrats to run on in 2010, Barack Hussein Obama has a -17 Presidental Index rating. And the economy keeps getting worse, not better.

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    2 Responses to “Republicans Now Trusted on All Key Political Issues Over Democrats”

    1. Scott on August 27th, 2010 7:13 am

      This is good news but lets hope this translates into a big voter turnout in November. It does no good if we sit at home and don’t vote.

    2. super dave on August 27th, 2010 12:49 pm

      yeah, since we have to compete with park benches, cats, dogs, birds,millions of the deceased, the dallas front four, criminal organizations like, acorn, not to forget the whole democrat party of criminals.
      vote for your country and your freedom and let’s put these weed bender democrats on their fat a$$e$.

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