Anna Nicole Smith Finally has Funeral, But Not Without More Lawsuits … Billy Wayne Smith Suit Could be Thwarted by On Going Investigation


The Anna Nicole Smith funeral went ahead this morning but not without a last minute attempt by Virgie Arthur to block the ceremony. The Bahamian court rejected her attempt, Virgie was denied and the funeral went forth. There comes a point where enough is enough. Anna Nicole Smith arrived at the church in a mahogany coffin covered by a rhinestone-studded pink blanket. Following the ceremony she was laid to rest near her son.

On the continued law suit front, yesterday Scared Monkeys had the exclusive that Billy Wayne Smith, the father of Daniel Smith had filed papers to have Daniel’s body exhumed and returned to Texas.

It has been learned since that this may prove to be a rather difficult task. Larry Garrison “The NewsBreaker” and President of SilverCreek Entertainment has heard that Billy Wayne Smith’s filing for exhumation and removal to Texas may be thwarted, due to the fact that their is still an ongoing investigation into Daniel’s death in the Bahamas. It appears that next week a hearing will take place in the Bahamas as to this matter of exhuming Daniel Smith’s body.

It is the consensus opinion of many who have followed this case and who have commented and posted that this may have been a last minute act of desperation and collaboration between Anna’s mom, Virgie Arthur, and Billy Wayne Smith to stop the burial. It certainly has provided nothing but a Three Ring Circus atmosphere in an already bizarre environment.  

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    13 Responses to “Anna Nicole Smith Finally has Funeral, But Not Without More Lawsuits … Billy Wayne Smith Suit Could be Thwarted by On Going Investigation”

    1. Kat_Gram on March 2nd, 2007 4:19 pm

      CNN said that next week, Dr. Perpler will release the cause of death for Anna.

    2. nychic on March 2nd, 2007 4:45 pm

      Check Out The Pics At The End Of This Site
      Anyone Think They Are Authentic ?

    3. Patti on March 2nd, 2007 5:34 pm

      They look real to me. But the big question is: Who took them and who made money off of Anna Nicole Smith’s last photo session?

      H.K.S. aka Howard’s Kamera Shop?


    4. Bodo on March 2nd, 2007 7:14 pm

      I expect the task will also be complicated by the fact that Howie owns the burial plots and the bodies buried there gives him the legal right of consent to removing them. Howie testified in court that Anna Nicole bought the plots but the invoices he produced are in his name. So Howie will have to consent to exhuming the body or be ordered by the court of jurisdiction to surrender control of the body before the court can consider Billy’s petition.

    5. Bodo on March 2nd, 2007 7:38 pm

      Enquirer Runs Phony Anna Photos

    6. Patti on March 2nd, 2007 10:24 pm

      It never ceases to amaze me what people will do to make a buck. But, what about the ones that do disgusting things just for the pure enjoyment like the hecklers that were present at the burial site for Anna Nicole? Is there anything uglier than going to a funeral and heckling the family? What is wrong with these people?

      Granted, we come here and blog, but do we go to a funeral so we can lear at the mourning with our hatred and despise? Makes you wonder if the battle lines have been drawn… with the family on one side and Anna Nicole’s fans on the other. What kind of daughter would do these things to her mother; things that would make people treat her with such hatred? She tells unfounded stories of abuse. What the hell… her mother was abusive, but Anna Nicole has her mother help in raising her only son?

      Sad that we live in a society of those that will believe everything that a person says, just because her picture scans across our television screen… even if they’re a junkie that slurs her words and can barely stand up.

      Yeah, Nicole had problems. May she rest in peace. But don’t allow her problems to become our own.

    7. sandy l on March 3rd, 2007 5:03 pm

      whats more interesting to me is that no one suspect hj stern of any foul play or involvement in daniels or anna deaths. Why not is it because he is an attorney. Some would say a shady if not also brillient practice. Get the money for anna, interject your self as benefactor in case her only child dies. Make money off annazs photos and films, live off her money. Estrange her from her family while you suppply her with drugs albe it legally so to speak. Hang onto a child whos paternity is in question while refusing dna tests, but proclaiming to do annas wishes and stated she is your own. Sadly also keeping her from her real parent, who wants her and wanted her prior to daniel and annas death. and finally speaking ill of annas mother at the funeral. I applaud vergie for insisting on looking into her grandson and daughters deaths. It is easier to block a burial than exhume bodys after a funeral. Whats wrong with this picture people. Perhaps the common denominator hjs. Just my opinion If it happened to any one else theyd be sitting in court or jail more than likely. but not this one-crockadile tears and a fishy story seems like to me.

    8. Kat_Gram on March 4th, 2007 11:30 am

      It would not surprise me if Anna and Daniel are moved near Marilyn Monroe in about a year. The security at the cemetary does not look good and too many wackos around.
      The folks who went into the house and took her possesions and then picked out a few choice ones to release to the media. Now there’s a class act. They “loved” Anna and turned around and made a few bucks and disrespected her.
      Attorneys ?? I saw Debra Opri laughing in the church ?
      What a bunch of disgusting people.

    9. Lisa on March 4th, 2007 1:22 pm

      The photos are not real. If they WERE real, her teeth would not be showing and her lips would not be looking cyanotic like that. What a horrible exploitation. How do I know? It is my profession.

    10. oneyka on March 5th, 2007 9:17 am

      Sandy, its HKS not hjs. First of all, Anna was not a little child to do whatever HKS told her to do, she was her own “man” if she made her own decisions, she was not in a 25 hour stupor as many claim. Howard K. Stern was her employee and he had to follow her instructions, no one knows if he tried to slow down Anna’a addiction, but one thing is for sure, where was her mother all these ten years? and Larry Birkhead? he was her boyfriend and he also could not control her habits, why blame everything in her friend of ten years? he has been seen in every single video and her reality show with Anna, always there, always!
      Her mother is a hillbilly bitch that all she wants is a big piece of the pie if not all the pie, she is street savvy, she has brought onboard that Billy Smith that has been never, ever in Daniel’s life. Daniel was taken by Anna his mother, as soon as she could give her son a better life, if everything was honky dory with the grandmother, why not leave him with her out of the spolight? Because it was Anna’s son, not Virgie’s. Virgie is after the money, Larry Birhead perhaps is the father, we do not know yet for sure, do we? The biggest joke would be if its proved he is not! And what kind of future will this beautiful have with a papparazzi dad? He also lived off Anna the time they spent together until he was asked to leave Anna’s property, she asked him to quit telling people he was the daddy, when he was asked (Larry) if Anna was the love of his life, he claimed the 5th ammendment? what does that tell you people?
      At least Howard has a law degree, he can always rebuild his life, I sure hope the Bahamas let him keep this baby, and keep the Virgie vulture away from her. Now they do not even let the young boy rest in peace, nor Anna, smearing their names with new crap every day, yep! whatever the TV stations say about her its correct: they are nothing but trailer park trash and that goes for Larry Birkhead too! What education do those people have? class? nil!!
      Let the mother and son rest in peace, and let HKS live in peace, I do not think Howard put a gun in Anna’s chest to have her sign his name in the baby’s birth certificate, nor forced her to have him as her attorney, friend and companion of many years, he was always there, no matter how many men Anna had, maybe after the baby Anna decided it was to settle down with a good man, have you people watched the last videos of the two of them with the baby? when Howard caresses Anna’s cheek with so much love and devotion? Come on! have a heart, do not get blinded by comments in the media, use your own judgment and put two and two together.
      Larry does not seem to be a bad guy, he is just a nobody, and Virgie…..oh well! her actions describes exactly what she is, blowing her cheeks all the time even on her way to the church, vulgar old lady!

    11. Patti on March 5th, 2007 3:27 pm


      Please, do tell, are you the latest member of the
      Howard K. Stern fan club?

      Talking about his education and his class…

      He is educated, indeed, but judging from his actions,
      it is nearly impossible to say that he is a smart man.

      Class is something you’re born with. You either have it or you don’t. It can’t be bought and it doesn’t have anything to do with the number of figures you have resting in the bank. It has nothing to do with the clothing you wear or the kind of house you live in. It’s all about character.

      Again, judging from the actions of this man,
      he is not a class act.

      “Vulgar” you got that right… almost.

      Right word, wrong person.

    12. Sharon Chicago on March 7th, 2007 1:10 pm

      I think Anna’s Mother Vergi got a bad rap. Anna was a full
      blown addict. How can anyone reason with her in the drug induced, state/fits she was constantly in.

      Her mother wanted her off drugs and the demons in Anna wanted to keep her bound to them. The drug demons won out.

      I hope justice is served on Howard.

    13. TB on June 16th, 2007 5:48 pm

      I agree with all who are on HKS side. I have felt that way since this all began. What justice is supposed to be “served” on Howard?? It is Vergie that needs to be invesitaged. Does anyone with a right mind ever wonder WHY Anna didn’t want anything to do with her mother??? All you have to do is listen to her and to her redneck lawyer spew all the venom. Both of them are ambulance chasers and pathetic people. I am so happy that Vergie gets nothing, beccause that is exactly what she “gave” her daughter..NOTHING. And as far as Larry Birkhead goes…IF he loved Anna so much, WHY didn’t he respect her OBVIOUS wishes as to DaniLynn? He is as much of a loser as Vergie and her team. The only people who deserve respect in this are Howard, the TrimSpa CEO, Anna’s bodyguard & wife, and the few others who loved Anna.
      Deb Oprie is a plastic, phony limelight seeking jerk. Her phony smiles in front of any camera, and her grandstanding in the courtroom said it all.
      I feel very bad for HKS. He has lost the woman he loved, the son of the woman he loved, whom he raised with Anna, and now Anna’s baby daughter, whom he raised for 6 months. No one cares about Howard, but it will all come back to bite everyone of them in the ass someday…and I can’t wait to see it.

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