Reactions to Attorney Kock’s Comments that Van Der Sloot, Kalpoes Could Go On Trial This Summer (John Q. Kelly & Dave Holloway) Part I


What is the reaction to the comments by the attorney for suspects Deepak and Satish Kalpoe tell us that his clients and Joran Van Der Sloot could be charged with murder by June? Attorney David Kock comments has made some optimistic while others appear more cautious and a wait and see approach.

David Kock: Of course, it’s a call of the DA. But from the information that we are getting, it seems like, you know, they know, too, they have to round this up. I won’t be surprised if, you know, summer, June, July the case will be presented.

Reaction from John Q. Kelly from Rita Cosby’s ‘Live & Direct’.

JOHN Q. KELLY, HOLLOWAY FAMILY ATTORNEY: Well, it’d be good. It’s my understand that what Mr. Kock was saying is the DA still has to present the case, and then there’ll be a determination whether there are actually charges brought on the murder one charge or some lesser charge. But you know, hope springs eternal. It’d be terrific if that’s what’s going to happen down the line. And certainly, Mr. Kock has inside information from his clients as to their exposure and what could happen in this case.

COSBY: Yes, it was, like, he was using the terminology, John, saying he wouldn’t be surprised, and he’s getting some indication, it sounds like, maybe from the DA’s office or somewhere, June or July. What’s your thought on the timing, too, John?

KELLY: Well, that would make sense. I mean, they’ve got complete the search of the island. They’ve got to get the search of the sand dunes completed. Hopefully, if there’s—you know, Natalee was ever found, the hope would be there’d be forensic evidence that would link one, two or all three of these young men to the crime, also. But they need the forensic evidence. They need the body. They have to complete the investigation, and that should not take too much longer. So the timing is right. It should be June or it should be sooner, if they’re going to charge them.

COSBY: John, what about changes? You just talked about it. In fact, we heard David Kock, the attorney for the Kalpoe brothers, saying he doubts first-degree murder because he said there’s no sign of premeditation, no sign of planning, from everything that he has seen. If there were to be charges—and again, he seems, you know, leaning in that direction, that it’s coming to a trial in June, July, getting the inside track there—what kind of charges do you think could be brought against these three boys?

KELLY: Well, I wouldn’t discount the murder one charge.

COSBY: You don’t? Now, why not, John?

KELLY: Why not? Because we don’t know, you know, if they had, you know, engaged in a date rape drug, if Natalee was drugged in some way and she was taken off, you know, against her will, you know, as part of a plan these boys had put together ahead of time. (INAUDIBLE) premeditation there. There’s no indication that this did not take place, and that’s one of the scenarios we’ve been exploring.

Reactions from Dave Holloway regarding the possibilities of bringing the three suspects to trial this summer.

COSBY: Dave, how do you feel about it? I mean, this is the first time we’ve heard. We were quite surprised to hear, as I’m sure you were, that maybe charges—and again, we’re not sure what the charges could—but coming before a trial, June or July, that’s not too far away, Dave.

DAVE HOLLOWAY, NATALEE HOLLOWAY’S FATHER: That’s true. It’s about three months away. You know, back about six months ago, when I met with the prosecutor in Aruba on one of my last trips there, I had indicated to her that I’d rather wait a little while and you have a strong case than just present this without—little or insufficient evidence. So I’m hoping that they’ll have a strong case. Dompig has indicated that he’s going to solve this case. So you know, we’re optimistically hopeful that they’ll do that.

COSBY: Are you hoping that maybe a trial could solve what happened to your daughter finally, or maybe one could turn against the other, as we’ve seen a little bit recently, Dave?

HOLLOWAY: Well, that’s what it’s leaning—looking like right now. But who knows? If they’re arrested and charged, you know, they may start pointing fingers again.

COSBY: You know, Dave, let me put up some of the things, too, because they—as he pointed out, the system’s different. It’s a European system. We know that there’s no jury. It really just goes before a panel of judges. No plea bargains. Based on that—is it stacked sort of for the defendants? And what charges would you like to see, Dave?

HOLLOWAY: Well, obviously, if they’re guilty of murder, I’d like to see the murder charge presented against them.

COSBY: And do you hope it’s a murder charge?

HOLLOWAY: Well, no, not really. I would hope that we would find Natalee and she’s safe, but you know, all indications point the other way.

COSBY: Well, let’s hope you guys get some answers. And Dave, it looks like—it sounds like things are coming

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