Attorney Kock: Van Der Sloot, Kalpoes Could Go On Trial This Summer


In a surprising announcement yesterday the attorney that represents Deepak and Satish Kalpoe stated that Deepak Kalpoe, Satish Kalpoe and Joran Van der Sloot could face charges as soon as June or July of this year.

The Kalpoes’ attorney, David Kock, told MSNBC that any or all of the Satish_joran_depak_200182men could face first-degree murder, manslaughter or accomplice charges.

“The (district attorney) can also present, let’s say, the first instance, the heavier charge and then subsidiary. If that cannot be proven then, and if that cannot be proven, and then to lighter forms of crimes,” Kock said.

Attorney Kock also stated that his clients deny the comments made by Joran Van der Sloot in that they picked him up at the beach. Joran had first stated that Deepak did and then that Satish picked him up from the beach near the Fisherman’s Huts.

Kock casts the blame on Van Der Sloot, who he said is still lying about what happened the night Natalee Holloway disappeared. Kock said his clients never came to get Van Der Sloot after he stayed at the beach with Natalee.

“They didn’t pick him up, so that’s a flagrant lie. If you say that, and he’s saying that, and that’s his story, and that he called Deepak and afterwards Satish came and he picked him up. That’s a lie,” Kock said. (NBC 13)

The information that the three suspects will be charged has been taken by many with a cautious approach. It was not too long ago that we were told that the suspects would be re-arrested. Then we were told by Steven Cohen that the three would be brought in for questioning around Christmas. Then we were promised “fireworks”. Needless to say, none of the above occurred. However, this time the information comes from a clients attorney rather than the ALE, Prosecutor’s Office or spokesperson for Aruba. David Kock also appeared last night on the Rita Cosby show, ‘Live & Direct’.

DAVID KOCK, KALPOE BROTHERS’ ATTORNEY: We don’t think there’s much reason for them to wait that much longer. Of course, it’s a call of the DA. But from the information that we are getting, it seems like, you know, they know, too, they have to round this up. I won’t be surprised if, you know, summer, June, July the case will be presented.

DARREN MACKOFF, LIVE AND DIRECT PRODUCER: And will it be presented, do you feel, against all three boys?

KOCK: I think the DA will do—will present the case against all three boys, yes.

MACKOFF: And will that be with charges of—how does it work here, first-degree murder, second? How does…

KOCK: You have a spectrum of accusations that the DA can present, from first degree to, you know, manslaughter to accomplice.


KOCK: It’s too early for me to give you an indication what it will be, next to the fact that it’s not my position. And the DA can also present, let’s say, the first instance and the heavier charge and the subsidiary. If that cannot be proven, then—and if that cannot be proven, then to lighter forms of crimes.

MACKOFF: Can you also work out a plea, a plea bargain?

KOCK: No. In our system there’s no plea bargain.

MACKOFF: Would they be arrested prior to the trial?

KOCK: Not if there is not anything new of really significance.

MACKOFF: So if there’s a trial for murder…

KOCK: Yes.

MACKOFF: … against your clients, they wouldn’t be imprisoned again during that process?

KOCK: Correct. During the process, no. I mean, out on bail, though.

MACKOFF: (INAUDIBLE) first-degree murder cases, though—if it’s first-degree murder…

KOCK: Yes. Yes. I don’t know that will even—that will not even apply theoretically.


KOCK: You have to have an intent to do something. And if you just look at the facts, even if you would want to construct something, I don’t think you can even construct first-degree murder.

MACKOFF: Do you feel that they—you know what they’ve got so far, or you assume you know what they’ve got. Is it purely circumstantial stuff that places your clients there?

KOCK: Yes. My client? Yes.

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