Dave Holloway on the Joran Van der Sloot Interview; Lies, Lies, Lies.


Dave Holloway, the father of the missing AL teen in Aruba, was asked to give his opinion of the ABC Joran Van der Sloot interview. In a nutshell Dave said, the Interview Full of Lies.”

Van der Sloot admits he has lied in the past about the night he spent with Natalee Holloway, but he says he’s telling the truth now. He says he left her, unharmed at the beach the night she disappeared and he went home.

“Do you buy anything he’s saying?” asked this reporter.

“When somebody lies the first time and then they lie again and implicate two other people, you can’t buy anything they say from here on out,” said Holloway.

Joran Van der Sloot certainly does suffer from a credibility stand point. Between the previous and continues fabrications and the smirks during the interview, it is really hard to believe much of what comes from Joran’s mouth. Dave Holloway comments on the fact that Joran ran off the beach and left his shoes behind. During the interview Joran says he got to the car and realized he did not have his shoes and just left anyhow. What reasonable person just doesn’t walk back and get them?

Holloway sat down with us to watch the interview with van der Sloot, and he says there are too many holes for him to be believed. Chief among them, he said, is how the Dutch teen says he left his shoes on the beach and how that isn’t proof that he was panicked when he left.

“For someone to say he left his shoes on the beach and jumped in the car and left, something happened,” said Holloway. “You don’t run off and leave your shoes and then start making up a bunch of lies.”

Dave Holloway also hopes that Joran’s lies will catch up to him. After watching the ABC interview many now can understand why attorneys tell there clients to shut up. In all, this interview did Joran no favors.

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