Natalee Holloway: Dave Holloway and Peter R. De Vries Discussing the Joran Tapes on Nancy Grace


Dave Holloway, a father’s reaction to the secret tapes of Natalee Holloway. The reactions of Dave in parts of this interview a hard to take. After all the media attention we have to remember that this about parents trying to cope with the loss of their daughter, Natalee Holloway.

God bless both Dave and Beth.

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    40 Responses to “Natalee Holloway: Dave Holloway and Peter R. De Vries Discussing the Joran Tapes on Nancy Grace”

    1. disgustedmom on February 8th, 2008 7:52 am

      I can’t remember if it was on Nancy or Greta, but did you all catch where it was said Joran was made fun of in school?

      And I don’t mean from this case….he was made fun of all along.

      Also, this was from the John Gibson show….Paulus and Anita are asked people to lay off Joran because they fear he is suicidal! They want to get him some psychological help.

      The pundants were all saying Joran would not commit suicide! I agree….but here’s my fake news story I expect could come from the ‘suicide fear’….

      Joran VDS found dead; suicide; body secreted away before nosey press could find out; buried at sea; no body no trial. :)

    2. buster on February 8th, 2008 8:18 am

      It was the guy urin implicated he said every one in soccer made fun of urin

    3. Scott on February 8th, 2008 8:52 am

      We could only wish for Joran to experience the same horrible fate that he perpetrated upon Natalee!

    4. mommytraveler on February 8th, 2008 9:01 am

      The Vandersloot family is responsible for this whole sad fiasco. If Anita and Paulus had not lied to help Joran coverup everything, he would have been held responsible and all this pressure would not have continued to build and build. I suspect he is suicidal. I suspect Anita could be suicidal. I suspect Paulus could be suicidal. Do I care? No – they are all reaping their just rewards. They all caused what was totally preventable. Anita claimed Joran had received counseling about his gambling but then Paulus does not supervise his activities. What about Joran’s drinking and drugs problems? What about Joran’s apartment that was unsupervised? What about his apparent lust for porn and unhealthy attitude toward girls? Did they think those habits would go away in Holland where some of it is legal? The only way Anita and Paulus can “save” Joran now is to admit their roles in this and relieve Joran of shouldering all the responsibility of covering it up. Paulus, in particular, is front and center in the coverup along with his buddies in the justice system, the judges involved in suppressing the evidence, and the police who went along with all of it. There is no compassion for any of them – they have showed no compassion for the family whose daughter was the target and is now gone. Digusting doesn’t even come close to a word to describe the Aruban fiasco. The responsibility goes all the way to the top. Until and unless apologies and justice are served from the local media, the politicians, the police, the Prosecutor, Joran, Paulus, Anita and all the others, Aruba will forever be associated with corruption and disgust. How much longer will the rest of the Aruban population put up with all of this?

    5. katablog on February 8th, 2008 9:06 am

      I also would not worry about Joran’s mental state. It’s only after Joran really realizes what he did that one would worry about that. Right now Joran is worried about Joran and why these things always happen to poor little him. He still sees himself as the victim. He’s not.

      Thanks to SM who got the YouTube footage so I can watch what I missed. Gawd I wish I could hug Dave and Beth. Again, I can’t even imagine going through what they have. Yet notice that van der Sloots NEVER worried about whether they might be suicidal; they never worried about their mental state after losing their daughter the love of their life, digging through a garbage dump, being vilified and called all manner of names through out the International press. van der Sloots never worried about what it might do to Beth and Jug’s marriage or what poor Jug endured as those nasty stories went around about him.

      van der Snoots: It’s not about Joran

    6. waterboy (Jerry) on February 8th, 2008 9:08 am


      I’ve noticed over the years working with the Boy Scouts, that the most violent kids are the ones other kids like to pick on. It’s because they can get them to cry and attack them, which is usually okay unless the violence escalates to the point where a weapon is involved.

      I can see Joran as being a crybaby. He’s arrogant, so when the other kids picked on him, he would probable say “I’m going to sue you.”

      His reactions are predictable also, which would make it fun for the kids to imitate him, in word and deed. Acting like a drunk, and drugged arboreal ape would be a good simile.

      As a scout leader, I would not allow the picking and teasing to go on, although sometimes I’ll have to admit I thought it was funny; and I would have to hide somewhere and have a good laugh.

      The big bullies, like Joran who can’t take any teasing what so ever are a favorite target for all age groups, even senior citizens, but care needs to be taken with a psychopath like him.


    7. Dave on February 8th, 2008 9:28 am

      that would be a dream come true for Joran to commit suicide…we don’t need him on this Earth.

    8. Betsy on February 8th, 2008 9:28 am

      I have now watched all the shows on You Tube. Greta and Nancy Grace were very good. They each did their homework and were informed of intimate details of the case. Larry King, on the other hand, did not prepare for his interviews in advance. I felt like Peter and Beth were busy bringing him up to speed half the time and his questions were pretty dumb in light of the fact that he had no clue about the case. I don’t believe he even watched Peter’s tapes prior to going live.

      That said there are a few interesting things that come from the Larry King interview. When one of Joran’s attorneys (who looks like a mobster by the way) was saying the confession was false because Joran was trying to impress Patrick, Peter had a great response ready for him.

      He said, “How could Joran know this story would impress Patrick? I don’t think there is a person in the world who would be impressed by it. What did he whisper it into his ear. How did Joran think this story would be impressive.” The mob guy lawyer really had no response.

      In the past I really liked Larry King but it was very disappointing to see that he had done no prep work on this prior to going on the air. With sharp competitors like Greta and Nancy, its not a good way to build ratings for your show. I guess at this point his show is so big, he has relaxed a bit. Too bad. It was very disappointing. The undercover video of Joran’s confessions have been all over the TV and web for days; you’d think he would have had the opportunity to catch some of it!

    9. brie on February 8th, 2008 9:33 am

      Joran called Koen and he brought the boat because he supplied the GHB and something bad happened…I’ve this done 20 times before and nothing happened…I drug, I rape them and the next day they get on the plane. We always do this with American girls the night before they leave…


      Increased Energy
      Desire to socialize
      Feeling affectionate and playful
      Muscle relaxation
      Loss of coordination due to loss of muscle tone
      Loss of gag reflex
      Loss of consciousness
      Being unable to move
      Passing out
      Sleep or deep sedation from which you cannot be awakened for about 3 hours

      Combine all of this with a severe blow to the head which probably caused the seizure, unable to respond Natalee probably went into a coma….

      Warning: if someone passes out, always seek medical attention, no matter what anyone else tells you…

    10. mommytraveler on February 8th, 2008 9:33 am

      This whole case is DROWNING IN LIES.

      Joran is STUCK ON STUPID, as well as, all the other guilty people involved. STUCK ON STUPID FOR LYING. A LYING LIAR – perfect description for Joran, Paulus, Anita …….. everybody involved.

    11. Betsy on February 8th, 2008 9:42 am

      Peter de Vries work is praised by senior prosecutor:

    12. katablog on February 8th, 2008 9:43 am

      Deepak Kalpoe: This message is for you.

      Think about the amount of money DeVries got from ABC for sharing a few minutes of his non-exclusive tapes. $5 mil!

      Now, think about just how much money ABC will pay for your complete and truthful story! You can write your own ticket!

      Did you see all the press DeVries got? Do you see how he’s been elevated to hero status?

      When the judge throws out your suit against Dr. Phil because Aruba won’t release documents – run to the News networks in the US and have your lawyers start a bidding war. It will require a lie detector test since they won’t pay for garbage, but imagine how you can bring down Paulus and Joran and a couple other dudes in Aruba.

      The iron is hot. Strike now before someone else comes up with the complete story. I know you know a lot Deepak. We know that Joran had to be running his mouth to you early on. Then he set you up for prison, he and daddy got set up for money and left you holding the bag. Cough it up. You will have plenty of money and status to move where ever you want.

    13. brie on February 8th, 2008 9:44 am

      Anita you said, she is only one girl, well then Joran is only one boy…what goes around come’S around, better to say it…you are afraid he will commit suicide, could we be so lucky to omit him from society…Staaten should of put him that mental institution…but that never just let him continue on well knowing what he is all about…Natalee’s family has been struggling for nearly 3 yrs to find out what happened to their daughter…what has been done is the most brutal, cruel, veil and unforgivable act of all times…YOUR SON JORAN VAN DER SLOOT, the sociopath, criminal, rapist and muderer…aren’t you so proud of your work…

    14. brie on February 8th, 2008 9:53 am

      Aruba, don’t send your children to school to be taught by Anita, she’s vile…anyone who would sit across the table from a grieving mother and describe her daughters underwear is despicable… she only did that to degrade Natalee…I would suggest she leaves your school system…do not allow her to tarnish your children..

    15. Betsy on February 8th, 2008 10:12 am

      two good articles just translated on “get a grip”

    16. Richard on February 8th, 2008 10:25 am

      For all we know, these claims of Joran about being ‘picked on’ are after-the-fact justifications of his own misdeeds; i.e., I had to hit that kid because he was picking on me.

      Anyway, delving into his misshapen personality is not something I care to do; whatever brought him to what is today is his problem. The fruits of his possibly pathological state are our concern.

      I don’t think for one second that the narcissistic Joran would commit suicide. Maybe the two people who brought him into the world would consider it the honorable course, but I rather doubt that they would do so either.

      I lived for eight years in Japan, and was told that when a kid goes bad there, people tend to blame the mother. If that spirit prevailed on Aruba, Anita’s school probably would soon be empty of students. But nobody there seems to care about anything except ripping off Americans.

      Let’s hope they won’t be getting the chance.

    17. Richard on February 8th, 2008 10:34 am

      Betsy, I found this phrase in one of those two articles to which you referred us:

      “Joran is a meritorious poker player and won quite a bit of money with poker tournaments.”

      Very interesting … considering that he wasn’t even of legal age to enter the casinos!

      I’m wondering if this is the truth? After all, the ideal poker player is supposed to be unemotional, coolly rational, and have a ‘stone face.’ Everyone agrees that Joran is anything but.

      This proves nothing, of course, but I’m thinking that perhaps the “poker” playing is really an alibi for his revenue from selling drugs?

      Also in those articles, we’re treated to the spectacle of Oduber wondering about how much the Natalee Holloway case has cost the island. It’s pretty hard at this point to hear anything from Aruba that makes you even sicker of it than we are now, but that statement does the trick for me.

      Seems to me that since the crime took place on Aruba, that cesspool has a moral obligation to reimburse American donors for 100% of the costs of the Persistence. That’s a bare minimum.

      Unless and until it does … let the cesspool sink in the ocean.

    18. NM on February 8th, 2008 10:44 am

      Nancy Grace is doing a great job covering Natalee’s story. She is a pitbull!

    19. Betsy on February 8th, 2008 10:50 am


      Ironically, if Aruba had put this case front and center, investigated it properly, showed America that it cares about our tourists and ensured justice for Natalee a long time ago when they were in possession of his confession, Aruban tourism would be booming.

      Nobody ever wanted to punish Aruba for the crime; it’s the cover up that is their undoing. I agree, Richard, let them sink into the ocean until they see fit to reimburse the Persistence operation or donate huge sums of money to Equisearch. That would surely be a better use of their money than going to all of these stupid travel shows trying to promote tourism in Aruba.

      Aruba, clean up your own house first and stop trying to cover up the crimes of a wanna be judges’ son!

    20. kelly on February 8th, 2008 11:03 am

      I love you Nancy Grace and watch you all the time
      but….. I don’t think it is respectful to repeat
      the b*** and wh**** names that Joran called Natalie while talking to Natalie’s dad. He said that disrepect from Joran was really hard right now and you could have said “The”
      For that matter I don’t really like hearing it,
      but my first thought was it is hurtful to her parents.

    21. disgustedmom on February 8th, 2008 11:12 am

      #2 buster “It was the guy urin implicated he said every one in soccer made fun of urin”

      maybe that’s why urin decided to try to implicate him…getting even!

      #6 Waterboy…..your post makes so much sense! I’d bet urin was picked on. He really seems like a pansy to me, the type kids would pick on.

    22. Kelly on February 8th, 2008 11:28 am

      Kelly – I agree with you re: Nancy’s use of those 2 expletives. Poor Mr. Holloway seemed quite emotional near the end of the show, and then Nancy spoke dropped those 2 expletives. I like Nancy Grace, but that was very insensitive of her.

    23. JM on February 8th, 2008 11:38 am

      One of the better moments on Larry King last night occurred when Larry asked the panel if Joran was dumb. Everyone came back saying, yes, he was indeed dumb. Personally, I would have a really hard time with it if I was pronounced dumb on national TV, but I guess the only good thing about being dumb is that this probably doesn’t even register with Joran. And Les Levine took it one step further, in that he said Joran was Really Dumb. I interpret this to mean that if someone is Really Dumb, then even dumb people think this person is dumb.

    24. brenda on February 8th, 2008 12:11 pm

      I also like Nancy Grace and although her method appeared cruel, it DID get the message across re: exactly how horribly the mind of Joran and company work. I do think that is the effect she was after.

      Poor Beth cannot be put through more than she already has been, know what I mean? No doubt she is well aware of Nancy’s style of reporting. My feeling is that Beth wants the truth to be told…even if harsh.

    25. Sharon Chicago on February 8th, 2008 12:34 pm

      #20 Kelly… I dissagree with you when it comes to reporting the facts in regard to Joran. We cannot sugar coat “his” bad behavior and what was actually said. Nancy did the right thing in her reporting. This only reflected badly back on Joran. Nancy should not get any whip lash for reporting this.

      If it sounds shocking to hear it then consider the source being “Joran” and let it fall back on him.

    26. Sharon Chicago on February 8th, 2008 12:37 pm

      My thoughts on Nancy Grace mentioning what Joran said about Natalee in front of Beth and Dave is that Beth and Dave probably appreciated the fact that the truth of “how Joran feels about Natalee, as vulgar and negative as it is was good to be shared with the world. It gives the viewers a taste of how this idiot thinks.

    27. mayan_moons on February 8th, 2008 1:26 pm

      Nancy knows what it feels like to lose someone you love, her fiance Keith was murdered & it wasn’t till last year that she found happiness and married David & now has beautiful twins to be a mother to. I’m willing to bet anything that Nancy asked Dave & Beth ahead of time if it was alright with them if she used the actual words of the socio/psychopath who was the main player in the death of their daughter. The calculating young man who told the MB students that he too was a vacationing tourist, the one who arrived at C&C’s with his two flunky’s 30 minutes before closing time & bought the drinks he used to incapacitate Natalee in order to get her out of the bar & into what she thought was a cab so that he could satisfy his and i believe his father’s sick urges to rape teenage tourist girl’s. Maaan i wish we knew who the witness was that told Aruba police that Paules had not just one contact with Natalee at the casino a mere four to five hours before she is never seen again but TWO contacts with Natalee, the latter being at 4:00 am that morning. To be able to ask that witness what condition Natalee was in when she was seen in the company of Paules & Joran Van der Sloot would tell soo much. That the witness said “Paules was in the company of Natalee” suggests to me that she was alive at that point and gives the best reason’s in the minds of Aruba official’s & Paules’s police buddies to hide the shocking fact that Natalee was targeted and killed by a father (judge in training)/son rape team. They had to hide it coz they were friends and had worked with Paules for years and the shock, disgust people all over the world….especially American’s would have once we found out that the crimes against Natalee weren’t comitted by another tourist or one of the dregs of their society but committed by what Aruba has held up as their best & brightest would crush their tourism forever more.

    28. Crimson on February 8th, 2008 1:27 pm

      I agree Brenda (#24). I think Beth knows when those particular words are repeated, when reporting the confession story, it is necessary. Necessary open the eyes of the rest of the world, to paint a true picture of Joran and his cold cruel demeanor.

      I could see the vSloots concerns for Joran thinking suicide. Suicide is one of the most selfish acts a person can make. And yes, Joran is just selfish enough to do such a thing.

      Even if Joran’s confession is peppered with lies, it still shows his true character. Arubans (and the world) now know the true shadiness of their prince they continued to protect. He has lied and betrayed them all. His lies and the continual cover up by ALE and the higher ups have been the reason honest Arubans have suffered financial hardships due to lack of tourist dollars.

      My advice to anyone that knows more about what really happened to Natalee: The eyes of the world are on this story now. It is safer now to come out with what you know. Speak up now while this has the attention of the world.

    29. Kay on February 8th, 2008 1:40 pm

      I just lurk here but have always been interested in the comments on this blog re Natalee and have appreciated how her situation has been kept in the spotlight for the past few years… One question I have–since this involved a US citizen, is there anything our federal government can do or is that not even an option?

    30. LilPuma on February 8th, 2008 2:31 pm

      Why is it that PM Oduber isn’t questioning the corruption? Is Oduber not concerned about the honesty and integrity of law enforcement on the island? Van der Straaten, Smid, Witt, King, all friends of Paulus. Dennis Jacobs and his behavior to Beth and Dave. People rumored to be afraid to come forward. Do we need to write this information down in crayon in large block letters? There are computer records showing someone searched for drugs/alchohol on the Sloot computer. ALE asked Beth, Dave and Jug about seizures. Van der straaten was removed from the case, a confession was announced, then rescinded when Van der Straaten got back on the case. Did anyone other than Tacopina talk to the young woman who gave a statement against Joran only to change her story after a visit by Dennis Jacobs saying she was bribed? If they think Beth bribed her, why wasn’t that investigated and made public? Because they knew she didn’t lie, but had to silence her. Is Oduber concerned that the son of a substitute judge was given preferential treatment? Why did Dompig do a 180 on Dave and Tim Miller when they wanted to bring in FBI equipment to search deeper in the ocean? In the forum, a monkey suggested a Monkey PowerPoint Presentation for Aruban officials. Is that what you need Mr. Prime Minister? My guess is they’ve all “got” something on each other. This is so ridiculous.

    31. Open a Window on February 8th, 2008 3:53 pm

      Dave Holloway has heard it all before from that scum Joran. His tears, I believe, were due to the reality that Natalee is not coming back and he now will have to tell his to little girls who still believe in Santa Claus and hang up a stocking for Natalee. Up until now, he has been able to have 1% hope that Natalee was “somewhere”, but now he is accepting that she met the most horrible of fates.

    32. Open a Window on February 8th, 2008 3:54 pm

      In addition to telling the two girls, what of Natalee’s brother? Not much is ever said about him, but he must have suffered terribly, losing his sister this way.

    33. Richard on February 8th, 2008 5:30 pm

      Betsy (#19) and Lil Puma (#30) … Not to mention the three Aruban girls who said that the Pimps had drugged and raped them, and who pledged to go public with their stories …

      UNTIL Dennis Jacobs had a “talk” with each of them. Suddenly they lost interest.

      Then again, we all remember the story of the schoolgirl on Aruba who was raped by other ‘kids’ in her own school … I seem to remember that some adults were also involved, but am not certain … and that they recorded the ordeal on their cell phone cameras, and promptly sent posted it on the Internet.

      The police did nothing. The girl and her family left Aruba.

      Nice environment … the kind of place where animals like Joran AND THE KALPOES fit in.

      I’ve wondered from day one what it could be about this case that caused so many Arubans to take part in a cover-up. I’ve never thought it was only on behalf of van der Scum, who was so powerful that he never got the judicial position he wanted, or three punk kids.

      The only answers I could come up with were drug trafficking and/or human trafficking, which are related anyway.

      Barring some extraordinary development, it seems impossible to think now that Natalee was taken off the island. I say this even as I suspect that MUCH, not all, of Joran’s ‘confession’ was a calculated lie.

      So if we have discarded that hypothesis, what remains? What is it about the van der Sloots (and maybe others) that has prompted Aruba to act in the way that it has?

      Someday we will know.

    34. Sweet_thang on February 8th, 2008 5:56 pm

      From Court TV Msg Boards

      Re: Did the video change your mind?

      Originally posted by McBain
      [*]I’m curioius if the undercover video actually changed anyone’s mind about this case? If you think he’s guilty of something now, what was your opinion before the video?

      I’ve always been suspicious of Joran but I still haven’t seen anything that convinces me he killed Natalie or had something to do with her death. The video makes me a lot more suspicious but I don’t see it as a confession. How do we know when he’s telling the truth? If some of his statements in the video are not true how can we assume the rest is? [/*]

      My response:

      Spoken like a true Urine (sp?) disciple!

      Like you, I’ve always been suspicious of JVDS, but the things he said in the video, such as calling Natallee “***ch” and “w**re”, shrugging his shoulders at the question of whether or not she was dead when she was dumped into the ocean, I mean, give me a break: the guy is subhuman! Add to that the expression on his face as said those horrible things, and yes the tapes have absolutely lowered my opinion of him quite a bit. And his family, if that’s what you want to call them.

      At the time he met Natallee he was 17 years old. According to his description of events, she went into convulsions and died right in front of him. In my mind an average 17 year old would be absolutely traumatized by such a sight, but not our hero. His first thoughts are, “Why does this always happen to me?” Kind of makes you wonder what “always” means!

      And, thankfully, by his own admission, he never lost a moment of sleep. POS!

      The average 17 year old might panic, run away, call for medical attention anonymously, run up to security at the nearest hotel. But this POS? He’s got to find a way to dispose of Natallee’s body? Why? It’s not a leap of faith to believe that her body represented evidence that if discovered could cause our boy some serious jail time – in spite of Daddy Dearest’s connections. As to the question of whether she was still alive at the time she was dumped in the “very big ocean”? Daddy said it best: “No body, no crime.”

      No body, no crime. It’s a simple mantra, but very powerful. It’s your “get out of jail free card”. It’s what you keep telling yourself over and over as the police are questioning you with ferocious, unrelenting intensity (not sure by the way that it ever reached that level, but maybe). No body, no crime. No body, no crime. It’s a prayer from one of your, ahem, “higher powers”.

      Many of us have watched this case from the beginning, and recall snippets of things said along the way, like, “how much money do you have?”, and “Something bad happened”, and “Natallee being so drunk she could not stand up, and in fact she fell down and hit her head.” That’s convenient. That’s just in case, by some miracle Natallee’s body was found, with evidence of trauma to the head. Oh, that’s right, she was so drunk she fell down and hit her head. Nooooo problem Urinator!

      I watched Beth the other night on Greta, and was amazed at how calm she was about this latest news. It appears she just wants to move on, knowing that nothing will ever bring Natallee back. Also being realistic about what kind of justice will result from all of this, knowing there is simply no evidence. Not after almost 3 years. My heart goes out to Beth, who has been so badly bashed on these very boards for simply wanting to know the truth about her only daughter. She has come to terms with the expectation that the undercover tapes of van der sloth are about as close to the truth as she will ever get. As for justice, we may well have seen all we’re going to see.

      What a heartbreak.

      Here’s to Natallee and her family. Peace to you all.

    35. katablog on February 8th, 2008 7:36 pm

      #30 PM Oduber has made public statements about his “interest” in this case more than once. He wishes it would go away so the Island can back to collecting American Tourist dollars.

      Aruba can spin their decline in tourism anyway they want but cruise ships were so full last year that prices have increased quite a bit in addition to the extra fuel charge. Ask Mexico or other Islands in the Caribbean how tourism is – not down, that’s for sure. This coming year, American Tourism probably will go down, but it’s pretty much media spin about our economy. It’s down a bit, but it’s not in the toilet. The stock market is very rocky but this is very typical in an election year. It will rock all year long.

      #34 actually I think it is possible that Joran was traumatized enough to call Papa van der Stupid and that Paulus took care of the rest (though we know Papa wouldn’t actually soil his own hands). Maybe Joran wasn’t near the psychopath that he is now. It appears that Joran broke in prison (telling me that he was at least under some guilty or pressure) and started to tell the truth – Daddy van der Stupid stopped it. This could easily have hardened Joran, put him further down the path to full blown psychopath. This also explains why Joran was SO proud of himself for having not said a thing the third time around. He was euphoric – and it added to his being cocking and therefore confessing.

    36. Lauren on February 8th, 2008 9:48 pm

      Joran vander sloot is a predator who also thinks this is a game. He is obsessed with himself, narcissitic about what he did and said up to now. He wants the world to view him as a smart person who is showing off to his commarades, he is almost getting away with he had done to Natalee. Now, Natalee’s voice is still being heard.If we can put our heads together, Joran has confessed! He blamed Marrijuana for the “false confession” then what about him giving Natalee Bacardi 151 with 75% alcohol to an American tourist, with his own admission saw her drunk. When you are drunk, you won’t go out to a unfamiliar surrounding with a stranger to have sex. How can you have sex when you are sick to your stomach? So if Natalee was not herself, drunk, incoherent and unsteady, then Joran RAPED her and took her away from her friends. I doubt very much that Natalee would have put herself in such a jeopardy, she does not look like a girl who would take such a risk and gamble with her life. Joran doesn’t look afraid, regretful or remorseful. So it says, that this person has done this before. The ocean is big!!Natalee was lured, coerced away from her friends and crowd. He says that she even allowed him to lick from her navel, I don’t even believe that. Did her friends see that? Why isn’t her friends talking about Natalee? We need to hear more. If Joran wants to blame the drugs for his confession then I blame him for taking a drunkard girl to the beach to rape and kill her.
      Lauren says sorry to her family and friends…..

    37. Alex P on February 8th, 2008 11:21 pm

      Has anybody besides me noticed that in discussing Joran’s confession tape the “talking heads” clam up when asked about what Paulus’ role in the body disposal/coverup of the crime might have been? Why is everybody pussyfooting around this guy? I seriously doubt that his reach in the intimidation department extends beyond Aruba, but the pundits are acting as though it does. Thoughts/comments?

    38. Ceeskaz on February 9th, 2008 12:13 am

      POOR POOR JORAN….He is always a victim (of his own lies. Shame on Joran and his family. Money can’t buy everything…what’s in the dark will be brought to the light…ALWAYS. Aruba needs to finish this once and for all because EVERYONE is watching. If there is no justice, there will be no economic growth for Aruba. Shame on Anita for commenting on “only one girl”. She should know what it is like to be Beth or Natalie. Shame on you.

    39. ofir on February 9th, 2008 1:21 pm

      well it seems very clear to me that that island is “no good” another words “bad news”i suggest the USA GOVERNMENT WILL ISSUE WARNING DO NOT VISIT aruba also no adveretising on tv p0osters, radio and giving tickets free on radio shows ,ban aruba forever!!!
      THIS PLACE,TO DANGEROUS ,BASED ON THE STATEMWENT JUDGE VAN DAR SLOOT CLAIM ” “NO BODY NO CASE” who needs a judge in such a place when crime is permited ,and yes i see hoew the media affraid to talk aboujt this “powerfull” judge vandar slot . him and his sun knmows all the truth and everone on earth knoew they do!THAt sound to me that they cover it all up and everyone of the aruban officials is guilty

    40. clancy on July 11th, 2008 1:28 pm

      Inforemation has come out that Joran confessed that she died in his arms and had help to dump her in the ocean he told police at that point the police should have been looking in the ocean WHY did they not.

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