Ruben Trappenburg on Dutch Radio

This morning Ruben Trappenberg, spokesperson for the Aruban Government, was on Netherlands NewsRadio1. He doesn’t expect that Natalee will be found in this pond that police and fire brigade are draining. For these four reasons:
–  The Police have already searched the area
–  Texas Equusearch has already searched the area
–  The Dutch F-16 Jets  have already searched the area
–  Four to six weeks ago there wasn’t any pond there, as the majority of the water that is there came from the hurricane that passed over the island.

The statement that the pond is not a permanent pond, but more of a retention area after heavy rains is interesting. Islands typically have these, and the ground tends to be softer than the areas around it.

A special thanks to Gerben for this information.
Posted July 28, 2005 by
Natalee Holloway | one comment

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    One Response to “Ruben Trappenburg on Dutch Radio”

    1. Hyscience on July 28th, 2005 3:49 pm

      Afternoon Natalee Holloway Update

      …little forthcoming concerning the lead of an eyewitness to an accosting of Natalee, also, Natalee’s body has NOT BEEN FOUND, contrary to the Diario report.

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