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Aruba_airportAh, Aruba, you do handle your airport so well. Fortunately, you have Ruben Trappenberg to act as the liason for you, otherwise things could look really bad. We all know that Lear has done a horrible job with putting together their planes and that the radios on them have problems.

It could never be the Airports faulty systems or problems with the documented Aruba Airport radio system could it. Never…

What really bothers me is that you imposed a fine on an air-ambulance. All they were doing was trying to transport sick people, and you will not let them leave before coughing up some money. But I guess when you are facing budget shortfalls, everyone coming to Aruba is considered a cash cow.

Airplane lands on racetrack Palo Marga

 ARUBA – An air-ambulance with a patient on board landed on the racetrack of Palo Marga on Tuesday afternoon around 14:30.  The pilot accidentally confused the racetrack with the runway of the Aruban airport.  Nobody was injured during the landing.  

The air-ambulance a Lear 35 had 2 pilots, a doctor, a nurse, the patient and his wife on board.  It came from Orlando and was on his way to Brazil via Aruba for fuel.  In the airspace around Aruba, the pilot lost radio contact with the air traffic control of Aruba.  The pilot mistakenly saw the racetrack of Palo Marga for the airport of Aruba.  After a tentative investigation, the aircraft could take off again in order to refuel at the airport.  The Public Prosecutor imposed a fine on the pilot for negligence during flying.  With this landing, the pilot had endangered the traffic safety of the airspace.

Of course, the Aruban Aviation Authority is a noble and righteous group. Corruption could never occur on the Happy Island. I mean, awarding all of the concessions to one individual before the official announcement could never happen. And if that person is suspected of committing money laundering and fraud should be given access to all of the behind the scenes activity at an airport should not be a concern. Well read this article and see why if Rudy Lacle gets the concessions at the airport, safety may affected.

Aruba_airport2Discussion on granting of concessions airport 

Doubts have arisen about whether the procedures behind the scenes of the airport are indeed as beautiful as the recently improved aspect of Reina Beatrix.

ARUBA — Aruba Airport Authority (AAA) absolutely denies the fact that there were irregularities with the granting of concessions in the airport building.  “We are still negotiating, thus the final decision still has to come”, says spokesperson Ruben Trapenberg.  According to him, privilege of a certain businessman is out of the question. 

Mid January, several newspapers placed announcements of the forthcoming public contract.  The reorganization of the airport also includes changes to the retail businesses.  Interested companies could register and they received detailed information on the plans and also the requirements for qualifying for business space at the airport.  There had already been a selection for the best businesses and these were invited to take part in the negotiations.  The companies that fit best in the plans of AAA will be announced in the coming weeks.   

Milton Ponson, leading man of Rainbow Warriors International, sounded the alarm.  Somebody informed him that AAA had granted almost all the concessions to the companies of Richard Lacle.  He says that the AAA has violated the rules for tender.  That was reason for Rudy Lampe (RED) to question the matter.  Apparently, Lacle is connected with possible penal offences, like money laundering and fraud.  The American justice suspects him of laundering government money via all sorts of devious channels and of committing fraud with the build of the Piarco airport in Trinidad, and with Calmaquip that was involved with the renovation of the Reina Beatrix airport.  Lampe is of the opinion that due to the above suspicions, this person should not be considered at all for concessions.

I wonder if one of the concessions was for a radio system that works so well.

But do not worry potential travelers to Aruba, the righteous Ruben Trappenburg tells us that all is under control and we have nothing to worry about… I mean, Ruben has always been straight with us, right?

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