Joran Van der Sloot Ignored The Reporter’s Questions? REALLY?

As earlier posted, “Joran Van der Sloot and his father arrived at Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, ignored questions from reporters, and quickly departed,“according to CNN. Not only were there photos of what appears to be reporters asking Joran questions and he appearing to answer them, but we now have the following video of Joran answering reporter’s questions via Joran Van Der Sloot.blogsot.

CNN seems to have got the story about as correct as Fox News has got the title of their story correct; Ex-Aruba Suspect Arrives in Netherlands. Newsflash to Fox News, Joran Van der Sloot is still a suspect in the disappearance and sexual assault of Natalee Holloway. Joran is NOT AN EX- Suspect. HE IS A SUSPECT, thus the reasons why there were conditions upon his release.

Three suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway were released from jail in Aruba on Saturday. A judge ruled that they could go free, but they still have to stay in Dutch territory, and be available to police.

The following are more photos of Joran Van der Sloot ignoring the reporters.

Joran Holl 2

Reporters JVDS

Joran Holl 3


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Natalee’s Aunt Linda Allison Speaks Out Regarding the Recent Events In Aruba

I spoke with Linda Allison, Natalee Holloway’s aunt, yesterday regarding the most recent events that have taken place in aruba; the release of Joran Van der Sloot, the Kalpoe brothers and Beth’s decision to come back home to Alabama . She told me the following:

“I am hopeful that charges will still be brought against the three suspects”

“It is a depressing and confusing situation for the Kalpoe brothers to be rearrested one week along with Joran friend’s Freddie one week and then be dealt with the setback of them all being released the following week”.

“I have spoken with Dave and we are more determined than ever to find more information, more evidence and more witnesses against these suspects that can bring light on Natalee’s disappearance.”

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ABC Poll; Who Is to Blame for For Hurricane Response

Unfortunately in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina people have decided to play the blame game instead of concentrating on the matter at hand, evacuating the people from the hard hot Gulf coast regions and providing them with care. Of course we need a scape goat in all of this and by the looks of how the hurricane response was handled it appears that there is more than enough of blame to go around.

The MSM and curious enough the Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans seem to be the loudest critics of the Federal Government and President George W. Bush. What a shock. I think Mayor Ray Nagin best look at his own actions. A really good look. Some how in all of this due to political partisanship, not only is President Bush responsible for the slow hurricane response many also are blaming him for the hurricane as well. Even some people in this country have decided to as well. Even though the focus should be on relief efforts, lets look at who the American people think is to blame.

In an ABC News Poll on Views of Hurricane Response it would appear that although Americans blame the Federal Government and even more so the local/State governments for their unpreparedness.

Americans are broadly critical of government preparedness in the Hurricane Katrina disaster — but far fewer take George W. Bush personally to task for the problems, and public anger about the response is less widespread than some critics would suggest.

The most critical views cross jurisdictions: Two-thirds in this ABC News/Washington Post poll say the federal government should have been better prepared to deal with a storm this size, and three-quarters say state and local governments in the affected areas likewise were insufficiently prepared.

Other evaluations are divided. Forty-six percent of Americans approve of Bush’s handling of the crisis, while 47 percent disapprove.

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Children Say the Most Amazing Things; while Adults are Arguing over post Hurricane Katrina

The post Hurricane blame game has begun. Although there is a time and a place to obviously fix the wrongs that we have witnessed, now is the time to help those in need not point fingers. There is so much blame to go around it makes no sense for adults to cast stones as who in America is to blame when from the Federal, State and Local levels all failed, including some its citizens. However, those of us must remember that even if there were plans in place, a worst case scenario occurs. However, what is more amazing in all of this while adults fight over the blame game in the name of debate listen to what the children are saying around us. Looks like we all may learn a little bit about humility and what is truly so innocent and right. Out of the mouth of a 6 year old little girl from one of our own comes the following:

Just thought I would share a story of what my daughter did today that reminded me how innocent and compassionate children are.

My six year old daughter went with me grocery tonight. When we drove up there were news vans and CHP all over the parking lot covering the Red Cross Donation Drive that was set-up.

My daughter asks “Mommy, can we go over there and give them some more money?” with the sweetest smile on her face.

I answered “Of course we can, we should give all we can to help right now because people really need our help.”

“Mommy, can you pull this tooth out?” as she tries to wiggle a tooth not ready to come out.

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Search efforts and a fund raiser are planned over the Labor Day weekend for Nita Mayo

According to the Union Democrat, search efforts and fund raisers will be planned to help aid in the efforts to find the missing 64-year-old nurse from Nevada, Nita Mayo.

Search efforts and a fund raiser are planned over the Labor Day weekend to help find Nita Mayo, a Nevada woman who has been missing since she left on a trip over Sonora Pass on Aug. 8.

Volunteer searchers enlisted by Mayo’s four children and her son-in-law will be out over the next three days, scouring the mountains between Kennedy Meadows and Strawberry.

The effort is being coordinated by Texas Equusearch, a nonprofit search and rescue organization that has also been helping in Aruba in the search for missing Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway.
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100 Million and counting

With all the finger pointing, politicizing and nay saying, I would rather look to the glass being half full than empty and see what Americans are doing to help during the crisis that followed Hurricane Katrina. Contributions are nearing $100,000,000.00 has been raised by charitable organizations in the wake of this tragedy.

Less than a week after Hurricane Katrina, American giving to help storm victims has surged past the level raised for South Asia tsunami relief in the same period, nearing the $100 million mark, according to charities and experts. But relief groups and federal officials worked to keep the donations flowing from Americans worried about oil prices and the economy.

Charitable organizations across the country said that while the windfall was beyond anything they had experienced, it represents only a fraction of what will be needed for a rebuilding effort expected to last years.

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A woman’s skeletal remains were found near Hoover Dam

According to NBC 4, A woman’s skeletal remains were found near Hoover Dam in southern Delaware County, OH Thursday afternoon.

Columbus police said they were taking over the investigation following last month’s disappearance of Julie Popovich. The Reynoldsburg woman was last seen leaving a bar near the Ohio State University campus.
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Post Hurricane Katrina; More Resources to Help Find Loved Ones

The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina has left many without any contact or idea as to the location or welfare of their family friends and loved ones. This crisis has affected so, so many. Become part of the solution. The following are great resources in the location and reporting of Missing Persons in the Gulf Coast area following Hurricane Katrina:’s missing persons board.

NIUSR Missing Persons Center (NIUSR web site launched)

According to Michelle Malkin’s web site there is also a missing persons helpline to report lost relatives/loved ones: 225-925-6626. She also has other contact registry info lists.

Go to Wombat Nation for a list of extensive Katrina Missing Person and Survivor Registries.

Also another site set up to help find victims, KatrinaFinder.
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A Good Start for the Gulf Coast; Let the Relief Begin

President Asks Bush and Clinton to Assist in Hurricane Relief Efforts Reminiscent of George W. Bush’s request of help from former Presidents George H. Bush and Bill Clinton with Tsunami Relief, GWB called upon the two once again to assist in the Hurricane Katrina Relief efforts. President George W. Bush said the following: (video of speech)

This recovery is going to be a long process. It’s going to take a lot of hard 3 pres Katrinawork and patience and resolve. It’s also going to require a lot of money. And the federal government will do its part. But the private sector needs to do its part, as well. And that’s why I’ve asked Presidents Bush and Clinton to lead a nationwide fund raising effort to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina. In the days ahead, the former Presidents will ask Americans to open their hearts and their wallets to help those in need. And they’re going to talk to large corporations and small businesses and individual citizens across the nation. The contributions will benefit the relief organizations that are doing vital work on the ground. We’re going to take a look and make sure that the money raised is money needed. Right now if our fellow citizens want to help, they ought to give a cash donation to the Red Cross, which they can find at phone number 1-800-HELP-NOW.

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The Chaos before the Calm

The evacuation of New Orleans has now met with what everyone figured would occur but most hoped would not. The chaos that develops for many reason has now spread thoughBussuperdome2_hmed_6a7 New Orleans in the form of desperation, looting and crime. As reported by MSNBC, “Cries for help spread across New Orleans Desperation at Superdome, convention center; safety fears halt some work”. 

Thousands of desperate, stranded residents begged for help Thursday as conditions deteriorated here, with heavy rain compounding a tense situation that led to fights, fires and fears for the safety of emergency responders.

Doctors at two desperately crippled hospitals with 360 patients called The Associated Press pleading for rescue, saying they were nearly out of food and power and had been forced to move patients to higher floors to escape looters.

It has now unfortunately gotten to the point because of the break down of civil authority that the search and rescue efforts and evacuation of the citizens of New Orleans are being hampered by the looters and the crime. As reported by Reuters, New Orleans evacuation slows as shooting, chaos erupt. Make no mistake about it, some individuals I am sure are just trying to survive; however, there is another element that is taking advantage of the horrendous aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and causing more harm. There is bad element in every society no matter what country. I think some American are maybe beginning to realize what and how looting occurred in Iraq after the fall of Baghdad as they see their own citizens doing the same in the United States.
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