Natalee Holloway; What Some Arubans Are Saying


There have been many hypothetical theories thrown out there as to Natalee Holloway’s disappearance. Police have speculated as well as to the mystery of Natalee’s disappearance, even suggesting today that it may have been accidental death.

However, the message boards in, other message boards and some of the bloggers are saying some other things as well. Amy who has commented on our site earlier and has been one of the Arubans taking part in the searches for Natalee Holloway has a different story. I thank Amy for her help in the search, but I don’t know about rumors.

Did Natalee pull off this stunt once before?

A lot of Arubian residence are questioning the truth behind Natalee’s disappearance:

There has been rumors running that Natalee has runaway once before in a different country. Or she has runned away once before.
The question is, has she pulled off this stunt once again on Aruba?
Did Natalee on purposely disappeared?

If she has, she is causing real damage to Aruba.

We are happy to find her, we want to find her!. ‘Cause it could have been one of our own eighteen-year-old girl missing.
But now we feel the pressure of finding her more than ever because this is putting ARUBA’s name is a real negative light, people’s job is on the line here.

We want to find her and get on with our Arubian lives.
No matter what our island is going to be an happy and safe island.

Amy, is this just local rumor or is there a link to site the source that Natalee has actually done this before. Rumor is not news and unless one can source it, rumors can be dangerous. It is easy to make excuses in the face of what looks like some real serious issues.

I don’t really but the run away story for a couple of reasons:

Please remember that the US news cycle just went through the “Runaway Bride” story. The first thing the cynical news media would have done in the US was to question whether this was a runaway situation. There has never been a story yet on that topic and I am pretty positive not for trying by the media.

Also, FBI agents were asked to come to Aruba. A US Representative from AL made some pretty strong comments that one does not do under normal circumstances.

Here are some interesting (disturbing) comments from U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Vestavia Hills,

U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus, R-Vestavia Hills, said Saturday there were circumstances surrounding Holloway’s disappearance that warranted the FBI being heavily involved. He declined to give details.

The circumstances were disturbing,” said Bachus, who formally requested the FBI’s involvement. “I can’t get into it, but it’s something the family is aware of. There was an immediate recognition that this was not simply a teen who wandered off.

I can empathize with Arubans dealing with an issue that they are not accustomed to. The signs point toward foul play and denying that is probably not the best of things. Is anything possible, sure. But highly unlikely. Rumor is an easy scape goat to deal with denial.

I do not believe that if this turns out to be really bad that it should reflect on Aruba or Arubans. You are good people. However, there are bad apples every where. Even in Aruba. Caution always must be used no matter how safe an island may be like Aruba or others that are not considered as safe.

Even in destinations that are considered relatively safe, there are pockets of danger. But that doesn’t mean plans should be changed or canceled.

Travel experts suggest you find out about a destination’s specific areas of concern and use the same caution you would in unfamiliar situations at home.

“Being aware is the biggest thing you can do,” said Nilou Motamed, a senior editor at Travel + Leisure magazine.

The comment was made that, “If she has, she is causing real damage to Aruba”. Trust me, not have as bad as if Americans start hearing Aruban rumors of a girl running away when there is no proof or fact that she ever has. Blaming the victim does not go over well. Especially if this turns out bad. I can understand the worry of the tourism issue for Aruba with bad publicity. However, this is one of the dangers that a place that counts on tourism faces no matter if it is Aruba, Jamaica or a place in the US.

Let’s stick to fact and try to stay away from rumors. Arubans have done a phenomenal job coming to help the Holloway family and they have praised your efforts. Let’s not tarnish that great show of Aruban support and caring with rumors. Better yet, let’s all pray and hope we find Natalee Holloway safe.

Update: Here is a comment from Another Father on another post that puts it brilliantly what most Americans think. Great comment.

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    23 Responses to “Natalee Holloway; What Some Arubans Are Saying”

    1. Hyscience on June 8th, 2005 12:11 pm

      Natalee Holloway; What Some Arubans Are Saying

      Some rumors and comments from the message boards and discussion groups in Aruba …

    2. Liz Flood on June 8th, 2005 2:28 pm

      This is from a local (Baltimore) news station. Does anyone know anything about this?

      Holloway Not Only American Missing In Aruba
      Monday Search Failed To Uncover Clues To Holloway’s Disappearance
      POSTED: 9:50 am EDT June 7, 2005

      UPDATED: 12:14 pm EDT June 7, 2005

      ORANJESTAD, Aruba — Another family said they know exactly what the parents of Natalee Holloway, the Alabama teenager who has been missing in Aruba since last week, are going through. They’ve been dealing with the same nightmare for seven years.

      The Bradleys, of Virginia, went on a cruise in 1998 and Aruba was one of the stops. That’s where their daughter disappeared.


      Slideshow: Another American Missing In Aruba


      Iva Bradley said her 23-year-old daughter, Amy, befriended three men who worked on the cruise ship and they wanted to take her to a bar in Aruba.

      “They said they wanted to take her to a bar on Aruba that was called Carlos and Charlie’s,” said Bradley. “She made a face and said ‘I wouldn’t get off the ship with any of those guys anyway. That’s creepy.’”

      Amy Bradley was last seen in her cabin at 5:15 a.m. By 6 a.m., she was nowhere to be found.

      “Imagine if you have a child. You brought that child into the world and every waking moment is geared toward your children,” said Iva Bradley. “You go on a trip and come home without one of them and you get no help. It’s a pretty devastating 24/ 7 situation.”

      Bradley’s case remains open with the FBI. WVTM-TV in Birmingham, Ala., spoke with her case manager in Barbados but there wasn’t much she could say. However, she did confirm reports of a sighting by a Naval officer one year after the woman disappeared.

      The officer told the FBI he went to a brothel in Curac’l on Canal. He said an American girl leaned in and said: “My name is Amy Bradley. I need your help.”

      Unfortunately he didn’t report the sighting for sometime and by then the brothel had burned to the ground. The FBI has released sketches of suspects in her case.



      LOCATION: An island in the Caribbean Sea, north of Venezuela
      POPULATION: 71,566
      GOVERNMENT: Part of the Netherlands
      LANGUAGE: Dutch
      ECONOMY: Tourism, offshore banking
      World Factbook

      There is a $260,000 reward for information leading to Bradley’s whereabouts. Her family continues to hope that someone, somewhere, has information that could finally reunite the missing daughter with her parents.

      The hot line phone number for the Amy Bradley case is (804) 276-8503.

    3. Jorge Montalvo on June 13th, 2005 3:02 pm

      Well, it is always unfortunate to lose an American in destinations such as Aruba or any Carribean island. But the fact of it is, we live in a world of hatred and malice. Why we tolerate such countries to act in such a manner in which we are merely guest bewilders me. I’m surprised that these three individuals have not been charged or pressed on the matter at hand. What intrigues me the most is the audacity of these individuals to blame others whom are from their nonsocially accepted group. Quite honestly, If the Dutch’s father has as much power in Aruba as the papers have been claiming, I really don’t think the Dutch kid will be punished for the crime he and his friends we all know have committed. That child either needs to be found at whatever the cost or as Americans we need to stand for our people and just simply boycott the whole country of Aruba and use them as a prime example of what happens to countries whom not only disrespect Americans, but humanity as a whole. I fear the fact that the Arubian police are delaying this as long as possible until the story blows over to release these children of distinguished backgrounds.

    4. Melissa on June 16th, 2005 1:20 pm

      This whole case has been blown out of proportion. Amy Bradley’s disappearance is not to blame on Aruba or Curacao. Instead, Royal Caribbean and its staff should be blamed. Why? She was on a freaking ship. Locals are not permitted on board cruise ships once they are docked, whatever island you go to it will be like that. No FBI was brought in to investigate and Aruba did what they could, but really, when someone disappears off a ship, the only people you need to be talking to are the crew members. What was Amy Bradley doing going for a cigarette at that odd hour for anyway?

      Natalee Holloway acted like any 18 year old American or European tourist acts when they are let loose on an island. She drank excessively, and hooked up with a strange man. I see it everyday on my own island. Is she the first tourist to go missing? No. Is she the last? Probably not. I think Americans should be questioning why all of a sudden the FBI is brought into a case for Natalee Holloway and they never were for anyone else. Could it be that Natalee’s biological father is very wealthy and is rumored to have close ties to the US government? I wonder. Guess not EVERY American’s as important as you’d like to think they are.

      As for Aruba hoping a story blows over, isnt that the pot calling the kettle black? If this were the Bush twins involved in someone’s disappearance, dont you think George would do everything in his power to ensure that they were protected? Use Aruba as a prime example? Who the hell are you? If this were an Arubian who disappeared in America, wouldnt you have jotted it down as to some foreigner who had too much to drink? Would the frigging FBI be searching for OUR missing persons? I didnt think so. And FYI, unlike in your country, our officials children are punished when they break the law. Our athletes and celebrities dont get away with murder either, so how about that? Boycott the whole country? Hey why dont you take a trip to your own territory, the United States Virgin Islands, and see how many Yanks go missing there?

      Get over yourselves already. You aren’t God’s chosen people. Oh and also…it took two Dutch professionals to come up with a tactic to get the three boys to mention having to search around the Marriott, not the goddamned FBI.

    5. Valerie on June 16th, 2005 9:00 pm

      I think you sound very hostile but you Arubians are the one’s saying there is no crime in their country or is it that there is no reported crime in your country. I think these 3 males (refuse to call them men) are being protected by their wealthy daddies and it is time they told the truth. This girl may have been out drinking but that is no reason to take advantage of here and dispose of her body somewhere. I think if they are found guilty and her body is found (hopefully she is still alive), they should be sent to the USA for their hearing. They would either get life in prison or death sentence there but in Aruba they would get 8 years for first degree murder. This is horrible!!
      My heart goes out to Natelee’s family and friends…I keep them in my prayers daily.

    6. rebecca on June 17th, 2005 10:30 pm

      i have been to aruba twice and it is by far the safest island in the carribean. You can go anywhere on aruba and feel very, very, sage. Natalie’s disappearance is a tragedy and my prayers are with she and her family. However, keep in mind that the suspects in custody are native arubans. There are thousands of murders and kidnappings in the united states each year and people keep coming here. keep going to aruba….beautiful place……even more beautiful people.

    7. Nadia on June 19th, 2005 2:56 pm

      Jorge Montalvo…You think you’re so smart arent you?First of all you bloody Americans are so ignorant and self-absorbed with your superficial country.I advice you to step out of the American thinking and think OUTSIDE YOUR NARROW MIND FOR A SECOND.Murders and kidnappings take place in your stupid country every day and yet people stil return to visit and that doesn’t stop us from visiting your country.If I was to hold a grudge against every crime that occured in the U.S,it would be enough to carry the whole population of Aruba to be against your country!Yes Aruba does have a low crime rate but kidnappings happen everywhere around the world.And yet one missing person here..and you Americans make such a HUGE deal of it!CNN is a bunch of AMERICAN TRASH.I have been following the case and watching CNN and we are disgusted by the false and inaccurate information that your stupid media has been giving out to the world.My family is in the media business in Aruba which means that I get full and first coverage on this case so I know what is wrong and what is right. It just makes you Americans look so low.My prayers go out for Natalee but more for my friend Joran who is currently jailed.HE IS INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY but whatever the outcome, justice will be served. You Americans gotta stop thinking about yourselves as NUMBER ONE!

    8. Will on June 19th, 2005 6:41 pm

      But Nadia, we are #1.

      Crime happens everywhere. People with parents like Joran don’t go to jail. What the Aruban officials, who would like to have blown this off, didn’t realize is how the American press would latch on to the story. Had it not been for CNN and FOX, the Aruban police, knowing who the criminals were (more importantly, who their parents are), would have written it off. That’s why they were so slow to act in the first place, and now they are caught with contaminated evidence, and a world of pressure on them. I don’t know if the boys killed her, or sold her into sex slavery in Venezuela, but whatever they did, they’ll still likely get away with it. All they need to do is hold out long enough for the Aruban police to destroy all valuable evidence.

    9. Hatch1405 on June 20th, 2005 2:49 am

      hey nadia, u got to realize something tho. In cases like this here in the USA, everybody knows pretty much the whole case within about a week. its been 3 weeks in ya’lls country and don’r no one know whats goin on. Those three kno what happened. Especially that Joran van der Sloot, he knows what he did with her and he knows what he did too her. Ya’lls attorney’s down there must be pretty stupid, b/c have they ever heard of anything called a “PLEA BARGAIN” which means, instead of a high punishment, they can plea with the the prosecutor for a lower punishment. Tell me, if his dad hadn’t said anything about that, he isn’t goin to make a very good judge. I still believe shes alive and well somewhere. There has been speculation of a cover-up…i believe that could be true b/c Arubans are sayin this is the safest place on earth and i believe your gov’t is tryin to cover this up, so it won’t make ya’ll look bad. Plus your gov’t is inexperienced…let the United States judicial system work this case and ya’lls gov’t back down b/c they are doing a terrible job

    10. Valerie on June 20th, 2005 7:28 am

      To Nadia,
      You sure are very rude!! You can stick by your friend Joran but you will be eating your words after the truth comes out. We, as Bloody Americans (sounds like someone not educated) will not let this case go away. We will send our FBI agents and more law enforcement if needed and you will see what your officials are covering up. Very sad this is!! How would you like it if it was your sister and they were doing this to you…….you would not be sticking by Joran. His whole alibi has been proven wrong so how could you stick by him??? I pray for Natalee and her family and hope this case is solved soon and your friend Joran is behind bars (preferably in USA) where he will be shown how us Bloody Americans in prison like punks like him.
      In the news today, it shows where Natalee’s parents are doing their own search. Good for them…….

    11. Beckster on June 20th, 2005 7:18 pm

      U.S or Aruba there is a girl missing and 3 males know where or what happened to her. If these “native” arubans who are being held on suspicion care so much for their beloved country they would be talking because it is their entire country who is on the line here. I myself as a young woman travel many countries, it is about using a better thought process before running along with locals in a foreign country. Natalies age may speak for that error on her part but as humans no matter what we should all hope for the safe return of Natalie along with whomever else US Citizen or local woman go missing every single day. People with a higher intelligence are not going to let this misfortune keep them from visiting Aruba…its about knowing your surroundings. Unfortunatly this incident was based on 3 males vs. 1 girl. I just happen to come along these posts and the remarks from some are very ignorant and show lack of education but more importantly the lack of humanity. No matter where you are, if you have committed a crime and I qoute IF you have…then no one needs to start blasting the US vs. Aruba…you are only making excuses for 3 bad apples who made poor choices the night Natalie disappeared.

    12. Junior on June 20th, 2005 8:03 pm

      Reading this it makes me angry . Iam arubian who lives know for 20 years in Holland and dis work at the hotels whenm i was 18 years old and u know guys the usa girls,,(amercican is hold america) come to island and have fun there on the island they can drink in usa no.. in the cariibean was haven for them i beleive is also the girl if she was to bright to leave with 3 guys in a car u know already is asking for trouble. but any way .. i hear she did runn a away once already and . i beleive also there are alote of girls missing in alabama .. but!! they are not blond and dont have boue eyes … and how many girls is missibg in iraq and vietnam or or what ever pls Usa . try too menage ur oun country with all killing and missing or go to Ophra ..

    13. Kismette on June 21st, 2005 1:34 am

      I am disappointed in how the whole disappearance of Natalee has been handled as well as some of the ignorance shown by some people here. No one is saying the civilian Arubans are responsible. People are saying the Law Enforcement Officials are responsible for NOT doing everything within their power and beyond to find this young girl. Whether she is naive or whether she shouldn’t have gone with the locals or whether they did or didn’t have something to do with this isn’t the issue.. neither is the crime rate in either country… valuable clues and forensic evidence have been forever lost because of the negligence of the Aruban officials and their LACK of urgency in solving this missing persons case. THIS is the issue. THIS is why people have suggested boycotting travel there. The fact that a high ranking official’s child has been detained really isn’t the issue.. it’s just an exclamation point to this entire case.

      I hope she’s found alive and well and returned to her family as soon as possible.. and if she’s not alive, I hope her body is found soon so that her family can grieve and find closure in this ordeal and move on with their lives beyond the agonizingly sickening heartache of not knowing.

      Praying for something good for this family,


    14. Jorge Montalvo on June 22nd, 2005 3:09 pm

      It took two Dutch professionals to come up with the 3 suspects. You are absolutely right, but you tend to forget that it took them a couple of weeks after they were let go the 2nd day from questioning. And if you feel that your Dutch officials are so intelligent during their investigation, why retract and arrest these people after they are let go. Now, you have to admit, if you are the last people seen with an individual, you should be questioned in more detail instead of being released on the account of being an A student / Judge Daddy’s son. Besides that point, you Arubians claim that Americans are arrogant and ignorant, but when you look at all the facts in hand. Americans have the right to be, many people come to this country illegally and legally for one reason; Opportunity… There is no other country that offers you the benefits that the States offer. As far as myself, I have a dual citizenship with U.S. and Mexico and quite honestly I love the U.S. and I would not trade it for anything in the world. As far as my comment goes on one of my above posts, the U.S. should place a warning for people not to travel to Aruba. Reason behind it, why not? We have an alert similar to this with Mexico until Mexico improves their law enforcement or their drug smuggling issues/drug cartel turf wars. Also, you guys claiming that the FBI is only involved in cases that involve the affluent, I beg to differ on that opinion. If you’d like to see what the FBI is invloved in, you should go to their website and see for yourself b/c they are involved in many missing cases in the U.S. and out of the U.S and most have been solved. One in specific to pops to mind, “Mark Kilroy”. Just because Aruba thrives on tourism, it does not give them the excuse to have to blow over. I am glad CNN / Fox was involved. If it wasn’t for them, your so-called intelligent, higher than thou officials may never had gotten on their asses to do something about it. I have no sympathy for your friend (dutch friend/suspect) or least to say yourself Nadie. I am sympathetic to the Arubian working class which is taking the biggest blow to this b/c of some rotten people working on this case. In other words, the affluent of Aruba!!!

    15. Cole on June 23rd, 2005 4:12 am

      * Rumors Natalie ran away before.. that is only rumors though
      * Pretty white girls have been sold on the black market as sex slaves
      * She was taken to the same bar that another young woman was thought have been taken to before her dissapearance 7 years ago (Someone may have followed them to where Natalee was dropped off at and grabbed her… to be sold as a sex slave perhaps?)

      I really dont know what is going on they arnen’t telling much in the US..

      All I know is that I hope Natalee is found alive and returned to her family and that Joran is fiiiiiiiine!!!1

    16. Chris on June 26th, 2005 3:47 am

      A few questions and comments from an arrogant American….yes..I do think we Americans don’t realize how arrogant (spoiled) we have become. We should pay as much attention to our domestic missing persons cases. Boycott Aruba? Ridiculous notion–why penalize an entire country for the mistakes of a few? There has been much condemnation (and well deserved) about the parents of Vander Sloot allowing their son free rein to run around the island, gambling and drinking as he pleased, at all hours of the night…this is outrageous parenting in any country. However…think of this…In most states in the US, including Alabama, 18 year olds cannot purchase beer, and certainly can’t drink it until they are 21. My question is this…Why in God’s name would the parents of 130 something “children” (read here, under drinking age) allow their children to go off to another country 1) without adequate supervision 2) without any concrete rules, (read here to include, no bed check) and 3) and this is a BIG one…allow these kids (read here, under drinking age) to basically be turned loose in the bars and casinos of Aruba? They can’t drink here–why would the parents not assure they NOT drink in Aruba? It seems to me that there are many who have blame to go around here, not the least of which is the parents and those who “planned” this trip. 130 something 17-18 year olds without any supervision in a foreign country…HOW DANG IGNORANT IS THAT? Having said that, God Bless Natalee and her family and my prayers are with you all.

    17. Carla on June 28th, 2005 5:56 pm

      Why haven’t they given lie detector testings yet? I myself would never allow my child to go to another state, nor country without me. And what about all of Natalie’s “Friends” – where were they when Natalie was with these strangers? I guess they weren’t real friends, because a real friend wouldn’t allow their friend to stay late, or leave with strangers.

    18. Laurette on June 29th, 2005 2:21 am

      Gee, I am not believing the crap Nadia and some others are saying about Natalee
      running away and how ignorant our country is. I am from Natalee’s home town.
      This is a beautiful, respectful city that Natalee lives in. She was brought up well,
      an honor student from a happy home. How dare you people blame her for her demise.
      Her only mistake was putting trust into 3 guys she thought were new friends. I too am
      blonde, blue eyed and I too have been abducted but thankfully I got away before I was
      left for dead. Foreign guys sometimes pray on pretty blondes. They want possibly
      what they can’t have. Maybe Natalee was a little drunk but that doesn’t mean she
      deserved to be taken away. How many of us at some time or another do not think
      what is right from wrong? Maybe Natalee is a trusting individual. I wish I were there
      helping look for her, but my thought is that she met with an untimely and unfortunate circumstance against her will and she said one simple word “No!” with 3 boys who wanted to go too far. They have to know something and if they don’t confess in our lifetime, they will in their afterlife. The truth will hopefully come out
      and Americans will still continue to travel to tropical islands and take cruises because
      they are human and not ignorant. No one is blaming the country of Aruba in general for Natalee’s disapearance so stop with your blatant remarks. You sound childish
      and quite uneducated. Just my opinion!


    19. E.A.C. on June 30th, 2005 6:21 am

      We don’t know on whether or not she was kidnapped against her will.

      We don’t know on whether or not she was ‘kidnapped’ according to her will.

      We don’t know on whether or not she was still alive.

      We don’t know on whether or not she has already died.

      And so on…

      In short, we just plain don’t know.

      The fact is that, there’s no solid proof of what happened to her.

      To say that the Arubans aren’t being rational for clinging into the hope that this is just a case of a runaway girl is much the same as saying that it’s not rational for U.S.A.ns to clinging into the idea that she meet an unfortunate end in Aruba.

      We don’t know what really happened to her, how could we say anything at all of what really happened?

      Personally, I don’t care pretty much regarding the whole thing, and neither should anyone that is NOT directly related with this case.

      While it does sound cold, we got to remember that… it’s NONE of our business. Can’t we just leave this case to the Holloway family, the authority, and all of the people that directionally involved with this? After all, THIS is THEIR business, we have no right to interfere with it.

      All we can hope is that:

      - Natalee is quite all right whether she just mind her own business or not doing her own business,

      - the Holloway family find peace what ever happened to Natalee whether they find her or not,

      - IF there’s anyone is guilty of doing harm to the Holloway family (like having a sexual intercourse with Natalee without their consent, eventhough Natalee gived her full consent; or maybe kidnapped Natalee against her will and then treated her very well so that ‘they’ can defame the Arubans, the U.S.A.ns, the Dutchs, and so on, in short make a LOT of people miserable) hope that there can be a resoultion that benefit both the guilty party and the Holloway family,

      - that who ever involved in this thing are okay,

      - and so on.

      What I want to happen on what really happened in this case is for something like is this:

      - Natalee was kidnapped and held against her will in order to make a big scene, but she is treated very well.

      - It will take a few moments until she was released. Though I don’t know on whether she would be released and continue on her life normally after it’s officialy stated that she’s dead (with or without a body; murdered or accident), or she have to live on her own in secret (all expense paid by her kidnappers) now that she’s declared as dead to her community. Hope that ‘they’ will release her back to her family and ordered her to say that she runned away, it’s better than to live in a secret anyway.

      - Natalee Holloway lived quite happily and mend what ever past mistakes she did in the past, and then become quite a good girl (in real life, not a mere poster good girl image).

      - The Holloway family found out what really happened and played along with it, as long that their daughter is okay, nothing matter much. If they’re ordered to say that they want their daughter ‘murderer(s)’ to be punished, is okay, If they’re ordered to say that their daughter just merely runned away, is okay. It doesn’t matter much, what is important is their daughter is okay.

      - The Holloway family lived quite happily and mend what ever past mistakes they did in the past, and then become quite a good family (in real life, not a mere poster good family image).

      - The people arrested are freed, or at least given a light punishment. Nothing terrible happen to them and they lived quite happily. They mend their own past mistakes and become quite good people in real life

      - Joran van Der Sloot lived quite happily and mend what ever past mistakes he did in the past, and then become quite a good boy (in real life, not a mere poster good buy image).

      - The van Der Sloot family lived quite happily and mend what ever past mistakes they did in the past, and then become quite a good family (in real life, not a mere poster good family image).

      - All of the people closely involved in this case lived quite happily and don’t have much care with this case anymore.

      - The people of the U.S.A., Aruba, Dutch, and so on don’t care much about this case and just lived happiliy minding their own business without fighting each other over this case.

      The end. Mega Happy Ending.

      As for the publicity regarding this case.

      TOO BIG for what seems to be what seems to be a ‘simple’ missing person case.

      And the negativity regarding the publicity seems somehow so strange and uncalled for, then again, any negativity is uncalled for.

      Oh well… Like Ahmed Best said it, the mass media thrives on negative energy.

      It’s probable that this whole thing was designed to made people fight each other, much like the missing bride case. The ‘official’ statement regarding that bride case is that she runned away, but is it possible that she was pressured to say that she runned away? I mean that she could have been kidnapped in the beginning and then forced to say that she runned away. The whole disappearance thing could have been planned to make lots of people upset and make people fight each other, and the missing person is only merely an unwilling pawn.

      Personally, I have seen many cases similiar to this on the mass media are making people from many different groups fight each other. Natalee Holloway’s case is no different at all. It doesn’t matter on whether Natalee is a student tourist, a missing bride, a convicted drug smuggler, and so on, ALL of them shared the same M.O.! And probably done for the same reason.

      As for the arrests that were made.

      No body, no proof that there’s a crime. It would be very strange at all to have any arrest at all.

      If the van Der Sloot (both the father and the son) and the people that have been arrested so far were caught with Natalee’s body, I would understand on why they were arrested (that doesn’t mean that they killed her though, it could have been a one armed person that killed her or a mere accident), but without any body at all?

      Personally, isn’t that against ‘human rights’ to do the sort of arrest that happened in Aruba in this case?

      But then again, if this sort of thing happened to another case or maybe later on, I have no doubt that people will cry ‘human rights violations’, without even caring the victims (which included all maligned people who are the victims, the alleged criminals, and all people associated with this).

      Personally, if I’m a member of the Holloway family, I would be much more concern in finding Natalee than arresting any person at all. But if the Holloway did demand arrests, were they pressured or at least put in such a bad situation into making statements of demanding arrests?

      Just remember that the TOP priority here is to find Natalee, NOT arresting or punishing any person at all.

    20. Scott on July 22nd, 2005 4:25 am

      This is all a bit ridiculous to me. First off, no matter what decisions, as poor as they may be, that Natalee or her chaperones made, it just doesn’t justify her being kidnapped, murdered, whatever happened. How can she making a poor decision deem her to deserve what she has gotten. Secondly, I agree with the boycott on Aruba. America, for all you people in denial, IS the number 1 country in the world. Without America, many countries would not get aid they need, the world economy would be in ruins, and the list goes on. Now, as for the boycott. Without America’s tourism support for Aruba, I think it could crush their economy, which I don’t want to see the working class suffer, but you know as they say, “the good must suffer for the bad.” Aruban officials are obviously either covering something up, or not looking in depth so they won’t have anything to cover up. This is a disgrace to Aruba, at least in my book. The Van der Sloot family (father and son), obviously know something, why else would the “good” judge-in-training tell his son that there is no case without a body…Doesn’t sound like advice for an innocent suspect. Another problem I have is with the criticizing of the FBI. I promise you if Aruban officials were to allow the FBI to interrogate young Van der Sloot, this case would be but a memory. Seriously, we’re dealing with a 17 year-old kid, not a criminal mastermind. You mean to tell me that there isn’t ONE “professional” in Aruba that can get SOMETHING out of this kid? If this is the case, then Aruba, making my point full-cycle, IS a dangerous place, with insufficient law enforcement and government leadership. Americans should be very cautious to visit such an underdeveloped, unlawful and passive country. Many actions need to be taken for Aruba to prove itself to me. Now, what my opinion is worth, I’m not sure, but I just want to bring some ideas into perspective. As for me, Aruba will never gain my trust. Never will I or anyone I can influence go to Aruba. And finally, I pray for this girl. She is not but a couple of years younger than me and I can remember making mistakes. However, my consequences were never this grave. Whether she is being held, has been sold into some sort of sex-slavery, or if, God forbid, she has been murder, she has done nothing to deserve this. On the other hand, I believe that she should be punished if this is one of her rumored “disappearing acts.” My prayers are with everyone involved, especially her family, since they are left in the dark as to the whereabouts of their daughter.

    21. Ken Marduc on July 27th, 2005 7:34 pm

      I agree with some of the Aruban’s , I also think that Natalie was not as innocent as she is being portraid here in the American Media . For Aruba the worst news media mogols are news stations like FOX , those people will crawl all over the island looking for bones . Yet they thrive on these kind of stories like vampires . My take on Natalie is that she was a party girl who enjoyed drinking and sex and she may have been drugged or on drugs on the night that she vanished . The three young men they may have been with her , and that is hard for any civial authorities to simply sweep away . The issue of which one is innocent is for the one above to reveal , as for Aruba , the whole island may soon have news that will shed ligt on a dark mystery right out of the waters.

    22. Peggy Hogan on August 20th, 2005 5:30 pm

      I do not agree with the Arubans. They will say anything to protect their country. Wouldn’t you? So, what, she had a few beers. What eighteen year old doesn’t when their parents aren’t around. She didn’t deserve the treatment she got. The media makes her look like it is her fault. No, it is the fault of these rich boys whose fathers protect them at any cost. If they did something or know something, they should be a man and take responsibility. If the mothers know, they should be honest as well. They will have to meet their makers one day and they sure will be burning in a hot place. I will never step foot on this island and I will make sure that I tell as many people as I can not to go to the island. This could have been solved long ago if the Arubian police wouldn’t have let go of the boys the first day they picked them up. What a mistake! If we would have brought in the FBI, they would have solved it already. But the Arubans are saying they are doing everything possible. They are sugar coating the situation. We need to remember that this is a 18-year old girl and her family has suffered enough.

    23. Sarah on October 10th, 2005 9:48 pm

      Personally, I will not go to Aruba unless this is solved and the murderers brought to justice. The Aruban people are letting their privileged few get away with murder, and they are not doing anything about it. I know that they’re hoping that it just goes away so they they continue to get their tourism money. There are a lot of places I have traveled to and will travel to, but Aruba will not be one of them. I also have and will continue to talk any and all I can influence out of going to Aruba. That is the strongest protest statement I can make about the travesty that has gone on in this Natalee case.

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