Natalee Holloway: More Reading from Aruban Newspapers


From Diario, November 18,2005: Comerciantenan na Aruba ta disgusta ARUBIANONAN CONSIDERANDO PA HIBA DR. PHIL DILANTI CORTE NA MERCA Kier demande pa daà ±a nomber di nos isla

The only question that one would have with this lawsuit is how can one sue if there are no damages? We are being told that the boycott has not affected Aruba and that tourism is the same if not better. At the very least it is unchanged; so where are the “damages”?

Merchants in Aruba are upset
Arubans considering taking Dr. Phil to court in the U.S.
Want to sue for damaging our island’s name


Some merchants are quite upset with the latest developments surrounding the case of Natalee Holloway, and expressed on Thursday that they are preparing a case against the complete production of Dr. Phil in the U.S.

This deals especially with the merchants whose business interests is that they do a lot of business with the U.S. The latest statements from this TV host is inflicting and continues to inflict damage to our island.

The lawsuit will be based on the fact that the name of Aruba is unfairly being dirtied, launching the whole economy of a country into trouble, without valid justification to do so.

Worse still, is when Dr. Phil on his own show insinuated that Natalee Holloway could possibly be in Cancun, Mexico. The question remains whether Natalee is not in Aruba, then how can he continue to promote a boycott against Aruba?

(Full translated article Hat Tip: Get a Grip


Due to the Natalee matter
More Arubans encountering difficulties to conduct business abroad

According to the Diario article they are reporting that there appears to be anti-Aruban sentiment out there and some businesses are refusing to do business or severing long standing relationships with Aruba in a form a protest. What did everyone think was going to happen when people had the individual choice to voice their opinion over the way the Natalee Holloway case was being handled? Some will boycott and some will not. Some will continue to go to Aruba and others will not. However, if all these stories are correct. People cannot say that Aruba is not being affected.

One of those in the U.S. who are helping in the boycott, Joe Mammana, even said that he will find any way to force American shipping companies from sending merchandise to Aruba.

This week it became known that an American distributor decided to stop its years-long business relationship in Aruba, as a protest of the manner in which the government handled the matter of Natalee Holloway.

(Full translated article) Hat Tip: Get a grip

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