Beth Holloway Twitty and Aruban Prime Minister Meet


Today the Aruban Prime Minister, Nelson Oduber and Beth Holloway Twitty met to discuss the continued efforts by Aruba to help search for Natalee Holloway. Beth stressed to the PM the need to continue efforts and to not stop looking for her missing daughter Natalee and looked to the prime minister for his guarantees.

Aruba’s prime minister met Saturday with the mother of missing U.S. teen Natalee Holloway and assured her investigators would not stop looking for answers about her daughter’s fate.

Beth Holloway Twitty expressed concerns that the investigation, which has produced no trace of the missing Alabama teenager after nearly three months, would fizzle, said Prime Minister Nelson Oduber.

“She wants to see us continue making efforts,” Oduber told reporters. “I guaranteed her that, as prime minister, we will continue looking for what happened.”

During the meeting the Aruban Prime Minister also reminded both Beth Holloway Twitty and the Aruban people to use understanding on both sides as certain critical comments by the family and by Arubans can be damaging. The PM asked for his fellow Arubans to “be sensitive to the Holloway family’s anguish.”

Oduber said he also urged Holloway Twitty, who has been critical of the investigation into her daughter’s disappearance, to be careful about her remarks regarding the Dutch Caribbean island’s judicial system.

“I appealed to her to be more careful with her expressions concerning our people in general because there are many people, and I am one of them … who have stood by her side,” Oduber said.

He also urged Arubans to be sensitive to the Holloway family’s anguish. Some Arubans have expressed anger about the criticism their judicial system has faced from the Holloway family and U.S. legal experts.

“I ask Arubans for a bit of understanding,” he said. “It is very painful to have a child with a brilliant future to disappear.”

This was probably a meeting that was a long time in coming. From an outsiders perspective I would think that the Aruban PM would be better off doing these types of meetings with the family than just making statements through Aruban government spokesperson, Ruben Trappenberg. There is a human quality that needs to be applied to this situation by the Aruban government. In my opinion I would think that PM Oduber would handle this matter on a one on one basis with the family. It is my belief and obviously the belief of many that the Natalee Holloway circumstances are exceptional and should be dealt with from the very top. The meeting today between Beth and PM Oduber will go a long way in smoothing over any previously made harsh comments from both sides.

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