Natalee Holloway Aruban Investigation: What ever Happened to the Evidence?

What has become of the evidence and how was it handled?

Vanderbilt evidence

(Vanderbilt – ‘06)

Loss of evidence in an ongoing case would be unforgivable. Chances

are that some, if not the bulk of the stuff, has been ‘mishandled’.

Is there a chain of possession signature required, or is it just left out on break room tables?

Dog ate it? What?

Truly ‘accidental’, or ‘sinister’?

Does anyone in charge actually

know the historical disposition of it?

Many have speculated that there is no evidence to convict the three primary suspects, Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe of a crime against Natalee Holloway. Maybe the problem is no one knows where the evidence is.

What ever happened to all the evidence that was found, turned over to the ALE and to Holland for forensic tests?

What has become of the computer hard drives of these three suspects? The cell phone records and text messaging evidence? Surely such evidence clearly points as to who called who, when and where and which stories match what has been provided in statements by the suspects.

What has become of all the evidence that has been discovered? Are we to believe that testing has ever been done and if so, if it believable? Is there information that the police are holding back? Why was it said that a suspect confessed and then was retracted? Can any of it be believed?

Add more to the list of evidence that should likely lead to the arrest and prosecution of the three suspects in the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.

Aruba MapEvidence7

(Click on map to enlarge)

Bloody Mattress found: Sunday June 5, 2005

Painting of Rocks: June 10–11, 2005

Items found on June 14, 2005

  Charles Rafini, the Aruban teen who says he found the underwear and condoms in the brush, as well as duct tape and a string cut from a bikini or halter top, at a location commonly known to locals as a make-out spot, described the underwear he found as pink with flowers on them. He told FOX News on Wednesday that the location of the findings “is not too far” from the Marriott hotel. When Rafini hand-carried the articles to police, he said, “they told me, ‘nice job’ … and they will go figure out what’s going on.”

Duct Tape
String cut from Halter Top

Aruba Cops Search Dutch Suspect’s Home: June 15, 2005

Teen Suspects homes searched and cars removed: June 15, 2005

Snorkeling in shallow water and came across two bones that they took to the Aruban Police station: July 16, 2005

Duct Tape with long blonde hair found:  Sunday, July 17th, 2005
Fabric matching Natalee’s top

Aruba: Conflict of Interest


Aruba Conflict of Interest

(Hat Tip: Klaasend. Click on chart to enlarge)

Some stories do not need words. The pictures and subsequent connections tell the story.

Gerold Dompig Officially Resigns From Aruban Police … ALE Suffers Brain Drain …

Commissioner Gerold Dompig is also abandoning ship know as the SS Aruban Police Force. Chief Commissioner Bernadina had earlier announced his plans to leave the ALE as well. Of course many of us that have been witnessing the lack of an investigation in the Natalee Holloway case had suspected that they may have quit sometime last summer. Now comes Dompig’s turn. First he was taken off the Holloway case and now out the door altogether.

It seems to be a pattern of all those who were in charge of the Holloway case are finding early retirement.

AM Digital Dompig Leaving

(AM Digital: Click on article to enlarge)

From this AM Digital article come some rather interesting and peculiar comments. First, which may have to be one of the more humorous comments of the article. Dompig 4-06Unless they were using sarcasm, that unfortunately I believe that was not the case.

We commented to Dompig that we are seeing a brain drain in the police force with the resignation of the Chief Commissioner and now his own.

With the investigation that was put forth and curious departure from normal police and investigative work with regards to Natalee … Aruba may wish to keep that drain open a bit longer.

What was even more interesting were the comments that Gerold Dompig made regarding the Chief of Police position presently held by the departing Bernadina. How much of the term “political” can be interchanged with “preferential treatment” or “cronyism”?

Dompig BD

“Unfortunately in Aruba to much politics is involved which makes it difficult for a Chief Commissioner to function as he wishes to.” (Did those very politics that Dompig refers to play into the lack of investigation 101 in the Natalee Holloway case?)

Who the new Chief Commissioner will be is unknown to Dompig but he hopes that the Government will not again bring in somebody from the outside. (One wonders how often Dompig’s strings were pulled during this investigation? All to often he would make a positive comment only to contradict it with nonsense like in the Vanity Fair article.)

“When will we mature? When will we trust our own people”?

Bringing in a Dutch Chief again will not contribute to the progress of the police force.

Think there is not an issue and a power struggle between Aruba and the Dutch? One wonders how they solve any problems when there is obviously a greater issue simmering below the surface. Think Arubans are tired and frustrated with the Dutch dominance? Seems that way, at least according to Dompig.


Gerold Dompig To Solve Overtime Issue in Aruba; Isn’t that Priceless

Gerold Dompig to the Rescue

AM Digital Dompig OT

(AM Digital, click on article to enlarge)

Gerold Dompig has been absent for some time. He’s baaack … Out of the wood work he comes with this classic comment … 

“on the issue of overtime, Too much is expected from the Police force”.

“If organizers of events albeit local or international, that wish to have police presence at their event(s) in the future must pay for that presence.”

The question that I would put forth to Commissioner Dompig is what could possibly have the Aruban police so busy that they could not provide security to tourism events in Aruba? I thought there was no crime?

How can there be such an overtime issue on Caribbean island with supposedly no crime? Seeing that tourism makes up 70 – 75% of your economy, it would almost make it mandatory that you would in fact be present at public functions where tourists would congregate.

The Aruban government makes money off the tax revenues of the venues formed by the Aruban Tourism Authority. Of which one would think that those taxes dollars would go to paying for the police. What a dangerous game they are playing on Aruba is sacrificing police safety of the public and the tourists. It is hard to imagine that these people do not understand they are one crime away from being perpetrated on another tourist from having tourism discontinued all together for many years to come.

The safety issue in the Caribbean is on everyone’s mind and Aruba wants to make paying police or else striking an issue. Not the game of chicken one should be playing these days.

However, I am sure Gerold Dompig will get to the bottom of the great Overtime mystery, just as he did such a stellar job with the Natalee Holloway case.



Aruba Take Notes, This is how you treat victims and criminals and Do Damage Control

Aruban authorities and government officials may want to make a phone call to the PM Aruba MPPrime Minister of St Vincent to understand how one is supposed to act following a horrific crime. Aruba take notes:

It was reported earlier that four men were arrested in St Vincent for the rape and beating of two Florida teenagers and their mother. The horrible event was condemned by the Prime Minister as being just that, “dastardly criminal acts.”

Aruba take a good look at how people are supposed to act when they care about the ramifications of a crime and how it may impact them.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves and Leader of the Opposition Arhnim Eustace expressed sadness over the incident and urged the family to make themselves available to give evidence in the trial.

Prime Minister Dr Ralph

(Dr Ralph Gonsalves)

Gonsalves last week described the alleged incidents as “dastardly criminal acts” even as he identified a need for some damage control. Gonsalves told reporters last week that government had offered to have the alleged victims return to St Vincent for every stage of the trial, at the expense of the state.
Aruba, imagine if you had taken this tact from the very beginning, middle and end of Dompig BDthe investigation. Treating criminals like criminals and victims like victims. Imagine if you had not blamed the family of Natalee Holloway or even Natalee Holloway, as Gerold Dompig did, stating she died of an accidental overdose. Look at the reaction that Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves received from the victims in this heinous crime. Aruba, you have much to learn in people skills as how to treat such a delicate situation like a family losing their daughter.
Gonsalves last week described the alleged incidents as “dastardly criminal acts” even as he identified a need for some damage control. Gonsalves told reporters last week that government had offered to have the alleged victims return to St Vincent for every stage of the trial, at the expense of the state.
“The victims acknowledge that our country is peaceful and law-abiding but that there are a few persons who are seeking to disturb our peace and tranquillity and who are criminally minded,” Dr Gonsalves who is also Minister of National Security said.
He added: “And we have to stamp out those elements and get them on the straight and narrow and where they are not coming on the straight and narrow they must be in the prison, away from law abiding people.
You take the matter seriously from the beginning, you don’t blame the victim and you don’t cover up crimes and make your tourism more important than human life. Aruba, also take note from above. Instead of whining about the expense that it has cost you in searching for a tourist that went missing on your island, you do everything in your power and foot the bill without saying a word.
Gonsalves told reporters last week that government had offered to have the alleged victims return to St Vincent for every stage of the trial, at the expense of the state.
Aruba, no one cares how much you have spent for the searches of a person that went missing on your island on your watch. You have more than made your fair share of money from US tourists.
Aruba, read these words from St Vincent Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves. Where were these words and actions from the Aruban Prime Minister?
“This paramount act of criminality offended the sensibility of all right thinking people.”
You offer people help. You offer people comfort. You offer people communication in the case and ask them to be a part of it. THIS IS NORMAL.
What is not normal is what Aruba did to the Holloway and Twitty’s
  • Tell Dave Holloway to go to C&C’s, have a beer and she will show up
  • Blame the family for their involvement for the cases initial failures
  • Not bother to consider what occurred as a crime and not investigate
  • Blame the victim for her own death
  • Blame the family for your declining tourism
  • Blame the media for bad coverage
  • You don’t provide insults, you provide compassion

Take some responsibly for what happened, other Caribbean islands seem to. You wonder why Americans feel the way they do and have decided to not return?

 What a difference an island makes.

 (Hat Tip: RR)

Why Do Three Boys Go to Carlos N’ Charlie’s One Half Hour Before Closing when Mountain Brook Teens were there on their last night in Aruba? Gee, I Wonder?

So what would make three boys, Joran Van der Sloot, Deepak Kalpoe and Satish Aruba 3 suspectsKalpoe go to a known bar with drunk tourists one half hour before closing? It certainly was not to dance as Joran has told us he does not really dance. It couldn’t be for Deepak or Satish to flirt with the female tourists as they seemed to not do that by all accounts of the records of what happened that night at Carlos N’ Charlie’s.

So why would these three boys go to a bar to meet a group of girls from Mountain Brook, AL one half hour before the bar closed if Joran Van der Sloot had previously stated that Sunday night was no fun at C&C’s.

MCVAY: He came with his friends. He had told us that night that Sunday was not a fun night on the island and that no one goes out. So we found it ironic that he showed up.

Joran Van der Sloot confirms that is exactly what he said that night to the Mountain Brook girls.

VAN DER SLOOT: And I remember afterwards going into — right behind that casino is a little bar, and I remember watching — walking in there. And there was a baseball game on TV, and again, the group of girls was sitting there. And they said, Oh, yes, don’t forget to come out tonight. And I told them that on Sunday, it wasn’t a good night to go out. It wasn’t fun. It wasn’t — and — but they said, You know, if you want to come, come. And I ended up deciding that, yes, I might as well go and have fun. (Fox – ‘On the Record,’ Part 1)


However, Joran Van der Sloot while meeting the Mountain Brook teens at the Excelsior casino at the Holiday Inn,learned that they were going to Carlos N’ Charlie’s later that night. Joran Van der Sloot must have also learned that this was the teens last night on Aruba as well. To many boys on the island that is code for a “Shark feeding frenzy.”

VAN DER SLOOT: You know, we were just talking socially. It was just — it was just — it was just talking with nothing — nothing else involved. And then they ended up asking me if — they ended up telling me it was their last night and asked if I wanted to go to Carlos ‘n Charlie’s.

VAN SUSTEREN: Had you been to Carlos ‘n Charlie’s before? You know the place?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, I know the place. I went there on weekends a lot. It’s just — it’s a place where I know — it’s fun place. It’s a place where people go and hang out and have fun. I mean… (Fox News – Greta)C&C

So who did Joran initially intend to meet up with at Carlos N’ Charlie’s? So in one half hour prior to closing Joran Van der Sloot did not find his intended target, but managed to find another.

VAN SUSTEREN: Interested in any of them at — at the poker table?

VAN DER SLOOT: Interested? No, not really. I was more talking — the girl that was sitting next to me, I was — I thought she was pretty and I was talking to her. And when I went — what the point was for going to Carlos ‘n Charlie’s was I wanted to actually meet up with her.

VAN SUSTEREN: Do you remember her name?

VAN DER SLOOT: I don’t — I didn’t remember it, but I remember it now because I heard it afterwards. I think her name was Kathleen.

After having told the Mountain Brook girls that C&C’s was a waste of time on Sunday night, Joran Van der Sloot decided that he was going to go anyhow. Joran would also make the conscious decision to lie to his father that he was going out to Carlos N’ Charlie’s. WHY? We thought that the Van der Sloot taught their son to tell the truth? Isn’t that how they claim they brought him up?

VAN SUSTEREN: At the point where you called him, were you CarlosnCharliesStreet2intending to go to Carlos and Charlie’s at that point? Had you made up your mind?

VAN DER SLOOT: Yes, I’d made up my mind that I was going to go there, and I’d also made up my mind that I wasn’t going to tell him that I was going to go there because I know he would have said no. He would have said that I couldn’t go. So I had made up my own mind that I was going to go out without him knowing.

Van der sloot family AP

What makes Joran Van der Sloot’s decision to go to C&C’s even more interesting after stating that, “Sunday, it wasn’t a good night to go out” was the fact that he knew that these girls had been drinking. This coupled with his views of how American’s drank on vacation and on their last night was all that was needed to change his mind to go out.

The fact that he would find fault in that “they go overboard, and that’s something that’s — that’s bad, something that shouldn’t happen.” A bad thing? This is what he hoped and prayed would occur.

VAN DER SLOOT: I mean, yes, they were drinking liberally and freely, Joran VDSbut I mean, I think they had every right to. I mean, they had graduated. They just finished their high school. You know, they’d just been — they’d finished their high school, and I think they had every right to come to Aruba and have — and you know, and celebrate their graduation. I mean, they worked for that their whole life. And I’ve met tons of people that do the same thing.

And I mean, one problem I might have seen with it is the drinking age in the United States is 21 and the drinking age in Aruba is 18. And you know, I’ve met a lot of people that when they’re — you know, whose parents don’t let them drink or do anything like that, and when they — you know, when they come to Aruba and they get a chance to drink, they go — you know, they go overboard, and that’s something that’s — that’s bad, something that shouldn’t happen.

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Far From A Black & White Investigation in the Natalee Holloway case in Aruba

At Birmingham’s ‘Black & White’, Chuck Geiss ponders why Aruba can’t we find Holloway1Natalee Holloway? A topic that many have been discussing for nearly a year. Is it because Aruban authorities cannot solve the case or is it because they so not want to?

“Why can’t we find Natalee Holloway?” reviews many of the questionable issues that have occurred along the way during this investigation.

  • Several Dutch criminal law experts have gone on the record calling the investigation methods “strange and unprofessional” and the investigation itself “total madness.”
  • For example, Joran Van der Sloot and Deepak and Satish Kalpoe were quickly identified as the last people to see Natalee Holloway alive the evening of May 30. However, Dompig waited over a week to gather evidence from the Van der Sloot home,
  • Why did Stephen Croes (a DJ and local operator of a party boat) come forward early in the investigation to corroborate the first tale
  • Forensic evidence taken from the Kalpoe’s vehicle that was later determined unusable was never recollected. Why?

Black & White even goes on to mention the discussion of the Chicago videos (Aru-bay videos). Why are they labeled the “Chicago Tapes”? It might be because of this helpful SM posters, chicago_510, who has done a tremendous job with the Aru-bay videos.


There is a series of videotapes, now labeled “the Chicago tapes” (I have no idea why they are named that) that show island authorities in rental cars searching the northern dunes and painting rocks in areas where Holloway might have disappeared—activities that would obviously corrupt a crime scene.

We have always wondered, Why Paint Rocks in the Middle of Nowhere? We SM Painted Rock 2have also always wondered why the media has not asked the same questions?


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Kalpoe’s and Gerold Dompig Have the same Attorneys? Has Aruba Ever Heard of a Conflict of Interest?

Isn’t this interesting. Gerold Dompig and the Kalpoe brothers have the same Dompig 4-06representing attorney? According to the Gretawire that is the case, attorney David Kock represents all three clients. If this did not take place in Aruba I would question it as bizarre, let alone unethical.

However, in Aruba this type of story has unfortunately become the norm and not the exception. I guess Aruba never met a “conflict of interest” they did not like. This just fuels the fire of cover-up and complicity, especially since we heard the Kalpoe brothers make mention that it was Paulus Van der Sloot who aided them in getting an attorney.

If you saw Friday’s show, you know that the Kalpoe brothers’ lawyer, Aruba deepakDavid Kock, was on with us. I was told after the show by investigative reporter Tito Lacle that David Kock is also the lawyer for Deputy Chief Gerold Dompig. Could this really be true? That would certainly be bizarre at best. The lawyer for the deputy chief AND the two suspects that the deputy chief was investigating? That is an interesting client list.

Conflict of Interest. In Aruba this term must be as foreign as making one a suspect and searching their property before they are able to sanitize it. We would be told by those in Aruba that we in America just don’t understand Dutch or Aruban law.

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Someone in Aruba Lying? Say it isn’t so. Gerold Dompig; My Son Michael Dompig Lied

In the immortal words of Nadira Ramirez, Deepak and Satish Kalpoe’s mother; “All dompig michael1people lie, even big people.” In Aruba and those that are either suspects or witnesses in the Natalee Holloway investigation seem to lie more than others.

Now the son of the former lead investigator lied to the authorities regarding Geoffrey van Cromvoirt. Can this investigation get any more bizarre? Can anyone in this case be taken for their word?

The former leader of Aruba’s investigation of the disappearance of Alabamian Natalee Holloway says his son falsely accused a man who was released Monday.

Gerold Dompig said accusations of his son, Michael, against Geoffrey van Cromvoirt, 19, were part of a dispute among acquaintances that escalated out of control.

“He’s a kid; he got confused and frustrated and he said things he shouldn’t have said,” Dompig told the Birmingham (Ala.) News. “It went too far.”

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Diario: Commissioner Dompig’s son, If Natalee was killed, this would already be known

Diario, April 24, 2006: Commissioner Dompig’s son:If Natalee was killed, this Dompig michaelwas already known Aruba is small and everyone knows each other and everyone looks at each other

ORANJESTAD(AAN)— The detainee, Geoffrey, was talking of having information and also of having information about Natalee’s disappearance.

The young Domping also stated on FOX that Geoffrey seemed to have a drug problem and that he was removed from the security company due to behavioral problems.

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