Good Triumphs Over Evil … 15 Year Old Christian Lunsford Apologizes & Repays 78 Year Old Widow Tona Herndon Who His Father Had Mugged


GOOD REALLY DOES TRIUMPH OVER EVIL … Son pays for the sins of his father, literally!!!

It is the feel good story of the day and should provide us hope for the future.

First the unthinkable evil … 78 year old Tona Herndon was visiting the grave of her recently departed husband who she had been married to for  60 years. As she lay flowers at the grave she was mugged. What type of dirt-bag does such a thing and robs an old lady at a fresh grave? Talk about a one way ticket to Hell. The unconscionable incident occurred in Bethany, Oklahoma (VIDEO).  However, the suspect attempted to use the widow’s credit card at a Walmart and the store’s surveillance video captured him on camera.

“After 60 years, there’s a lot of memories there. That should be a place that she should be able to go to and have peace and comfort. She’ll tell you that’s the closest she can get to him at this point,” Greg Herndon said.

“When someone will go to that point and rob a little old lady at a fresh grave, what is it that they will not do?” Herndon continued.

Thus far, police believe they might have a lead as to the man’s identity. The suspect attempted to use Mrs. Herndon’s credit card at a Walmart and the store’s surveillance video might have captured him on camera.

HOWEVER, GOOD PREVAILS … 15-year old Christian Lunsford was watching television when he saw his father’s mugshot appear on the screen as the man who committed the heinous act of robbing Tona Herndon. The 15 year old boy reached out to the victim and stated, “she needed an apology from someone”. Christian Lunsford met Tona Herndon in a church parking lot and apologized for the sins of his father, who had been absent from his life. Christian’s father had also been in jail a half a dozen times. But the apology was only the first part of the boys amazing act. Christian’s father had given him $250 for his band trip; however, the boy had no idea where the money had come from and was not sure if it may have been a part of the mugging. Christian Lunsford then did something that should bring a smile to all our faces, he gave $250 to 78 year old Tona Herndon. It was not the son’s crime, but he paid the debt anyhow. Talk about the apple falling way far from the tree. Herndon accepted the money and then brings us to the best part of the story … Tona Herndon then gifted the $250 back to the boy to that he could go on his band trip.

CBS News:

The mugger got away with her purse and $700, but not for long. Police caught him, and the news put his mug shot on TV.

Fifteen-year-old Christian Lunsford says the first time he saw the picture, he recognized it “in detail.” He had no doubt that it was his dad.

Christian says his parents divorced when he was two, and his dad has been mostly absent ever since. Last time he heard from him was a few weeks ago. His dad gave him $250 for a band trip Christian really wants to go on.

But that’s been the extent of his parenting recently. In fact, over the years, Christian says his dad has been in and out of jail more than half a dozen times.

“There’s times that you just feel really low, like, ‘Is that going to be me?’” he says. “‘Am I going to end up like that?’”

The apple wants nothing to do with the tree. Which is why, after Christian heard about his dad’s latest crime, he reached out to the victim and asked to meet her in a church parking lot. (Read the full story HERE).

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    2 Responses to “Good Triumphs Over Evil … 15 Year Old Christian Lunsford Apologizes & Repays 78 Year Old Widow Tona Herndon Who His Father Had Mugged”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on September 30th, 2013 7:35 pm

      Good will always overcome evil as long as someone chooses to be good. This young man need not worry about his future. He is already overcome the evil that is represented in his father’s acts.

      We need more stories of acts such as this young man performed.

    2. Jeffrey White on October 4th, 2013 9:37 am

      I’m Christian’s stepfather and have known him since he was four years old. Thank you for the kind words. He wishes to be a missionary after college, and has gone on several mission trips already. He is grateful his actions are touching the lives of many. Please keep posting stories that show the good in this world.

      Take care.

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