Mark Lunsford … HERO! A Parent Living the Worst Nightmare … Jessica Lunsford’s Legacy will help Children for Years to Come


Thank you Mark Lunsford for … JESSICA’S JUSTICE.

Hero:  a man admired for his achievements and noble qualities. One that Mark_Lunsford2shows great courage.

Mark Lunsford never thought that he would be one of the most known and respected children’s advocates of sex crimes. Mark Lunsford also never thought that he would lose his 9 year old daughter Jessica Lunsford in the manner he did and be living “a parent’s worst nightmare.”

“I didn’t spend my life raising kids so that somebody could one of them away,” he says.

But his daughter, nine-year-old Jessica, was taken away, abducted from home, sexually assaulted and murdered by convicted sex offender John Couey.

“The problem that we have in the United States with sexual predators and offenders is actually it’s insulting to all the people that these kind of crimes could go so lightly punished,” Mark explains.

However, out of the ashes and the tragedy arose a true American hero. We are constantly presented with strories in the media of what’s wrong with America. Or during this election year, what makes people bitter. We should never forget nor have to be reminded what makes America great. People like Mark Lunsford who take the worst of tragedies and turn them into causes for good are exactly the stuff of what hero’s are made of.   


Mark Lunsford is a perfect example that no parent ever thinks or expects that it will be their children who fall prey to such ruthless and vicious sex offenders like John Couey. What John Couey did to 9 year old Jessica Lunsford is well documented and makes even the most non-violent person want to stone him to death. Why do we love Mark Lunsford? Because he says it as it is. There is no political PC nonsense. Mark is not a politician. He is a parent on a mission, one to protect children and their rights. One that is all too often forgotten by law makers because children do not vote.

“My crusade is mandatory sentencing, 25 years to life. If you sexually abuse a child or you molest a child, I firmly believe you don’t have a right in society,” he says.

Now all he hopes is that his story, his nightmare will make a difference.

“She was just like the little girl that you would change the world for, plus ten,” he says describing his daughter, Jessica..

Mark Lunsford has become a hero to all and especially to sexually exploited, abused and murdered children at the hands of sex offenders. For that we owe Mark Lunsford a debt of gratitude that he has made it his person mission in life that other parents children may benefit for what happened to Jessica. Call it the legacy of Jessica Lunsford. Call it a father’s mission and Jessica’s Justice.

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    16 Responses to “Mark Lunsford … HERO! A Parent Living the Worst Nightmare … Jessica Lunsford’s Legacy will help Children for Years to Come”

    1. Mark Lunsford, a True American Hero … Providing Justice for Children … Jessica Lunsford’s law | Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Site on April 19th, 2008 12:01 pm

      [...] Mark Lunsford has taken the worst personal tragedy that a parent can suffer and turn it into a positive mission for good. Mark Lunsford is a TRUE AMERICAN HERO!!!. [...]

    2. dennisintn on April 19th, 2008 12:50 pm

      thank you, mark lunsford, for being jessica’s voice for justice. we wish you success, sir, and you have made jessica proud. let us know how we can help.

    3. Richard on April 19th, 2008 4:21 pm

      Meanwhile, the animal responsible for this dear little girl’s disappearance remains alive in prison, to the eternal shame of Florida. Unless I have missed something ….

      If you call it being alive, that is.

    4. Richard on April 19th, 2008 4:24 pm

      I wonder how many guards the state of Florida has assigned to the animal Couey to protect him from the people in there for life.

      And I wonder how many of those guards grit their teeth, go home at night, and dream of opening the cage door to a group of ten or so lifers … while the guard looks the other way ….

      That’s what I would long to do.

    5. misskatie on April 19th, 2008 6:01 pm

      makes you wish joran was in an american jail
      get my drift

    6. Scarrlett on April 20th, 2008 5:42 am

      Mark is a Hero.I believe most can relate to him as he is a normal American.Went to work everyday to make a nice life for his little girl.

      Had the support of a great family to help keep her safe and filled her days with love.

      God bless him and his family.They were doing everything right.

    7. brie. on April 20th, 2008 5:54 am

      misskatie….I so wish the Dutch would extradite Joran to the US….we could easily finish the job…and Natalee’s family would have all their justice….I don’t know if the Persistence will ever be able to return to Aruba, but we may have to consider Natalee as being buried at sea….however we know her soul is with us…a shame for her family that they couldn’t bury her and visit her grave site ….the Sloot’s have known for a very long time that their son had mental issues but they did nothing about insisting that help was needed….now it’s too late the damage has been done and I think they should pay dearly….

    8. brie. on April 20th, 2008 5:57 am

      As Patrick said, Joran is from a different species…yes, one that needs to be eliminated!!!!

    9. Susy Q on April 20th, 2008 6:31 am

      Yes, Bravo to Mr Lunsford a true hero !!!! I’m sure he’s boiling with anger over the FDLS situation in Texas. Bravo to Texas and I hope the feds go after them too for welfare fraud and tax evasion !!!!! The coward men sent to women out to apply for food stamps and who knows what else…that’s what I heard on TV…I guess all the babies are born there on their ranch as the hospitals would report 14 year old girls giving birth….wonder if any died and are buried out there…yes, get them on welfare fraud and maybe tax evasion….hey it worked for Al Capone !!!!

    10. rhondawheelus on April 24th, 2008 1:10 pm


      I so admire yoiu 4 all you have done & are doing!!!Our family has just endured a similar pain!!I am the cousin of Rebecca Mcevoy(Becca)she was raped & sodomized by her stepdad?policeman 4 over ayr of her little life!!she had done everything the law required of her 2 have this monster put behind bars!!at age 11 just 23 mnts ago she died in a car wreck!!now due 2 her death the defense is tryin 2 use the crawford v washington law that states BOB INGLE her accuser has the right 2 cross examine his accuser & due 2 beccas death his rights r bein violated!!so he should be able 2 walk free!!

      he has served a total of 6 hours in jail 4 this crime!!he is currently livin in a home w/ kids!!there were other victims over the past 20 yrs!!hes done this 2 his own daughters family members but due 2 the statue of liumitations r the fact that they r scared no 1 else but becca will come 4ward!!now that shes not here we dunno whats gonna happen!i have been told theres 20 victims!!their cases r either 2 old r they keep recanting duer 2 fear!!$$$$ plays a bog part in this case!!the defendants mom also has worked 4 yrs 4 alawyer here in mobile al which could b the reason hes only served 6 hours in jail!!

      if u can in any way help our cause r get in touch w/ me beccas cousin would u please do that??

      my email is

      i sooo feel ur pain 7thank u 4 all ur doin 4 others!!!!

      u r in my thoughts & prayers!!

      if ud like 2 kno more of becca mcevoys story they have it here on & also we have done shows on the Dana Pretzer show here on!!u can go there & c slideshows of becca & listen 2 the story!!

    11. Cherry Simpson on April 24th, 2008 2:20 pm

      Dear Mark,
      I am so sorry for the loss of your child. You are in my prayers at night. God Bless you for trying to help all the other innocent children who suffer at the hands of pedophiles. The laws have got to change!

    12. mark lunsford on December 22nd, 2008 6:30 pm

      I dont usually surf the net with my name but thers a first time and this is it.
      thank you scared monkey
      and thank you to every one here writeing how you feel . its over wellming
      Mark Lunsford

    13. Mark Lunsford, the Father of Murdered Jessica Lunsford Reveals He is a Dad … Mark Has a Miracle Baby Boy | Scared Monkeys on April 12th, 2009 7:58 am

      [...] that no one wants membership to as a parent who lost a child at the hands of a predator. Mark Lunsford is a true American hero as he represents John Q. Public and what one person is capable of accomplishing. Mark is the [...]

    14. Nicole Vento-Jones on September 30th, 2009 4:06 pm

      Dear Mark,
      I just wanted to share with you and your family that our prayers have been with you all. After today, you can live your life knowing that this evil person is no longer on this earth or anywhere near your perfect little angel Jessica. That man will hear his own cries and feel pain the rest of his eternal life in a place where people go that follow satan.
      Matthew 12:20 “He does not crush the weak, or quench the smallest hope; He will end all conflict with his final victory, and his name shall be the hope of the world.”
      Our family will continue to pray for peace for you and your entire family. May God bless each of you for all that you have endured. Our hearts go out to you all!

    15. gerri ann moss on October 24th, 2009 8:11 pm

      I would like to have some assistance in dealing with my families murder (husband and 2 children). 1998 and I can not move on to anything.I need to have our voices heard and do not know what to do

    16. California Cares More About the Rights of Sex Offenders Than they Do the Safety & Rights of Children, Loosens Jessica’s Law Rules Where Sex offenders Can Live | Scared Monkeys on March 27th, 2015 12:09 pm

      [...] Mark Lunsford … HERO! A Parent Living the Worst Nightmare … Jessica Lunsford’s Legacy will help Children for Years to Come. [...]

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