Barack Obama Gaffes Again in Buffalo, NY … Crowd Corrects Him After He Screws Up the Mayor’s Name


Who needs Vice President Joe Biden when we have Barack Obama to make gaffes … 

Barack Obama was in Buffalo, NY yesterday on his campaign 2016 bus tour to discuss how the government is some how going to make school more affordable. During his campaign-like speech Obama screwed up the the mayor’s name. Details, details. Why should our imperial president have to know anyone’s name.  The crowd actually had to corrected him. But we need to give Obama some slack, he has been under a lot of pressure with the foundering economy, record food stamp participation and the Middle East on fire. Maybe he needs a vacation?

I wonder if Obama considers New York is the 57th state? Or is it Oiho?

Exit question: Why is Obama campaigning again? Did I miss something or didn’t he win a second and final term in office in 2012? The only thing that Obama is capable of doing is do a stump speech. Although it would appear he can’t even get people’s names right.

Could you imagine the reaction of the MSM had George Bush made the same gaffe?

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    One Response to “Barack Obama Gaffes Again in Buffalo, NY … Crowd Corrects Him After He Screws Up the Mayor’s Name”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on August 23rd, 2013 3:04 pm

      Good for the crowd. Barry cannot govern, so all is left are these campaign speeches that could not be done if he didn’t have someone write them and put them up on the teleprompter.

      If people could find his college work to read, they would know that he could not pass eighth grade English composition. So much for being qualified for the office of President. If one can find and read his singular publication in the Harvard Law review as I have, it will supply the evidence of his sublime ignorance.

      MR Zero spendthrift fits him to a T.

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