Could ‘O-I-H-O’ be Barack Obama’s 57th State? Um, Mr President, I Think It’s Spelled OHIO


Welcome to the Barack Obama Spelling Bee …

Oops … Barack Obama has his own Dan Quayle moment … Um Mr. President, It’s Ohio, not O-I-H-O.   I guess we now know why Obama did not release his college transcripts. And we were told that Barack Obama was the most intelligent president ever. Well maybe, not so much. I wonder how the folks in the battleground state of Ohio feel about the incumbent President not knowing how to spell spell the name of their state? Of course that has not prevented Obama from pandering in Ohio for votes what seems three times a week.

A word of advice to @BarackObama: it’s “O-H-I-O” that has 18 electoral votes, not “O-I-H-O”

There is no truth to the rumor that Barack Obama also thought that Oiho was the 57th state in the United States. Although it is true that the in the tank, Barack Obama, bias, corrupt  liberal MSM complex tried to defend the ignorant act by the president in saying that the pic was photo-shopped. Because of course Obama could never do anything stupid, he is incapable. How sad that the MSM would have to even try and defend Obama for something so simple and foolish. Imagine what they do with the big stories?

As opined at American Power, “November 6th can’t come soon enough.” No truer words were ever said.

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    One Response to “Could ‘O-I-H-O’ be Barack Obama’s 57th State? Um, Mr President, I Think It’s Spelled OHIO”

    1. Sarah McDonald on September 25th, 2012 6:51 pm

      I find it hilarious that [you] people would choose something so silly to nit-pick about!

      First off, most people mess up doing the “YMCA.” As well, he could’ve made the mistake of thinking he should be the “h” in Ohio because when we read, we read from left to right, but when you turn yourself into a letter – so to speak – you go from right to left.

      OH! How ’bout those airplanes? They really should have windows or be filled with “oxygen,” and not air. Y’know, in case there’s a fire. Oxygen is the best thing when you’re in a pressurized cabin with a fire. Or a window, so you can enjoy that breeze at thousands of feet in the air where the atmosphere has very little oxygen – a necessary component in the air we breathe – and possibly freeze to death.
      SM: Would you have rather I used “BUMP IN THE ROAD” screw up? Or maybe Obama blaming a movie trailer for a terror attack rather than a premeditated terror attack where even the Ambassador ad in his journal that he was on a terror hit list.

      How about 57 states? This President is a walking gaffe. The only difference between Obama and Biden is Obama is dangerous. h

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