Al Sharpton Thinks Barack Obama Should be on Mt. Rushmore over Teddy Roosevelt Who is Considered in Top 5 Presidents of all Time


Al Sharpton thinks the Lion Lying King Barack Obama is more deserving to be on Mt Rushmore than Teddy Roosevelt … Speak deceivingly and carry a big tax.

You knew this garbage was coming, BSNBC’s Al Sharpton thinks that President Barack Obama is more deserving to be on Mt. Rushmore than Teddy Roosevelt. Just for Al’s information, a president gets on Mt Rushmore because they changed the future of America and was a  transformative president for the positive. Ramming the government take over of healthcare against the will of the people, having a record number of Americans on Food Stamps, a record number of Americans on disability, millions of out of work Americans, and spending more money and increasing the debt in four years than all other presidents combined is hardly a way to get your face on Mt. Rushmore.


Ronald Reagan is qualified to be on Mt. Rushmore. Unlike Obama where the USA may never be able to recover from the damage that this president has inflicted upon us. Our children, grand children and great grand children will be paying for what this socialist president has done for generations.

ABBY HUNTSMAN: You look at Reagan, he ended the Cold War. I think they have to have a legacy that changed America. Obama was the first black president. That is something that will always be remembered.

AL SHARPTON: And he stopped two wars and the whole question of finance reform on Wall Street and health care. I mean, he has done some concrete things. I can, again, the reason I raised Teddy Roosevelt is that a lot of people could say that Teddy Roosevelt was more of a character than a transformative president. I can name, literally, things that President Obama has done. Now, I’m going to say that if Teddy Roosevelt is the measure, I think it strengthens the case for President Obama.

Maybe Al Sharpton needs a history lesson. Teddy Roosevelt is considered one of the top five  Presidents of all time. Barack Obama, he is considered the most polarizing and liberal president of all times. Sorry Al, but “Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick” wins out over Obama’s lie to the American people and carry a big tax. Unlike Obama who has done nothing but some how gets kudos from a corrupt media complex, Teddy Roosevelt was an outdoorsman and naturalist who promoted the conservation movement and is credited with establishing the National Parks system. On the world stage, Roosevelt was the force behind the completion of the Panama Canal; sent the Great White Fleet on a world tour to demonstrate American power; and negotiated the Portsmouth treaty that ended to the Russo-Japanese War, for which he won the Nobel Peace Prize.  Roosevelt actually deserved a Nobel Peace Prize, unlike Barack Obama who was handed one for doing nothing. Unlike Obama who does not believe that America should be the only international power Roosevelt believed in American power.

Sorry Al but a president who destroys American exceptionalism, promotes class warfare, socialism and is the most decisive president that this country has had the misfortune of experiencing belongs no where near Mt. Rushmore. Maybe they will rename food stamps after Obama? Sorry, we do not give monuments to presidents who set out to destroy America, we give them bobble-head dolls.

UPDATE I: The Gateway Pundit provides even more reasons to never chisel one piece of stone for the worst president in generation.

Barack Obama has a record four straight years of trillion dollar deficits.
Barack Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression.
Barack Obama is the only president to preside over the downgrade of the US economy.
Barack Obama blew a trillion dollars on a failed ‘stimulus’ plan.
Barack Obama owns one-third of the national debt.
Barack Obama added $5.8 trillion to the national debt.

UPDATE II: Wait a minute, didn’t the Democrats already try and make a pseudo-Mt Rushmore creepy sand carving? Everyone can remember that it was washed away much like the memory of this dysfunctional president will be once he is out of office.

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    3 Responses to “Al Sharpton Thinks Barack Obama Should be on Mt. Rushmore over Teddy Roosevelt Who is Considered in Top 5 Presidents of all Time”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on January 12th, 2013 10:19 pm

      I have personly met and talked with the people who did the work on Mr. Rushmore and they were completely conservative. They would agree with your article one hundred percent and would laugh at the idea of this fake having his image added to the work.

      Al Sharpton is an idiot! The first mulatto president is only 1/4 or less black if his father is actually from Kenya and only half black if his father is Frank Marshall Davis or David Little aka Malcom X.

    2. Raven on January 13th, 2013 10:30 pm

      My prayer for these idiots is: they will be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ or that God will do away with them, and he can remove them. Al Sharpton a reverend, try to fool someone else with that line, not this old country boy patriot.

    3. Tom on April 16th, 2013 9:24 am

      Al Sharpton is an idiot! Honestly he should be fired, Teddy Roosevelt did more in office than all three, now I know the other three did very influential things, especially Lincoln, but Lincoln is honestly only credited with a few things, TR changed this nation for the better, Teddy ended corruption in police, and business… He conserved land, he was the FIRST president to welcome a black man into the white house. And he took children off of shackles, made laws so that there has to be safety regulations in the work place, and made it so that the working man can actually make a living doing their job… He is the man who changed America from a Chinese type government, into what we sort of know today…
      He also got us involved in small wars that we could easily win, so that the nation could start to survive Economically and be an actual world power!
      And to the ignorant, back than there were 2 types of Republicans, Conservative and Progressive… Teddy was a Progressive Republican!
      And that’s not all he did either, Teddy Roosevelt is quite possibly the greatest president that was ever in that White House… and if his life wasn’t cut short, he would have been president again in 1916

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