National Enquirer States Elizabeth Edwards Could Haunt John Edwards From the Grave … She Made a VIDEO about John’s Affairs


According the the National Enquirer, Elizabeth Edwards could haunt ex-hubby John Edwards from the grave.

This might be the greatest ‘hell have no fury like a woman scorned’ ever. Could this be the ultimate act of revenge, the Daily Caller seems to think so. As per the tabloid, the dearly departed Elizabeth Edwards recorded a bombshell secret videotape for prosecutors that nails her cheating, dirt bag husband John Edwards. If true, it could not happen to a better person.

That’s the stunning secret behind the federal indictment brought against the disgraced former presidential candi­date on June 3 – following a two-year grand jury investigation into whether he illegally used campaign funds to cover up his affair with his then-pregnant mistress Rielle Hunter.

“Elizabeth wanted to exact revenge against John for destroy­ing their 33-year marriage and family by cheating with Rielle,” source close to the scandal told ENQUIRER.

“It was Elizabeth’s idea to secret­ly record a video and tell what knew of the affair and John’s horrific betrayal.”

Before any one questions the National Enquirer n this story, it was the tabloid that broke the John Edwards “baby daddy” affair with Reille Hunter and has been on this story and correct all along.

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    3 Responses to “National Enquirer States Elizabeth Edwards Could Haunt John Edwards From the Grave … She Made a VIDEO about John’s Affairs”

    1. Waterboy on June 10th, 2011 9:18 pm

      In doing some family genealogy, I discovered that John Edwards is distantly kin. We had the same GG Grandfather X10 or something.

      I got to teasing my Dad, by reminding him that John Edwards was his cousin, every time something about Edwards came on the television.

      My Dad finally wised up, and when I would say your cousin, he would correct me and say, “You mean our cousin.”

      I’ve had so much fun with it. When one of my nephews does something, I tell my Dad, I hope he doesn’t turn out like your cousin John. He quickly turns it around and says; I see a little bit of John in all of you.

      “Dad, your little dog is licking his bu$$ again, he must be kin to John too.”

    2. Miklo on June 11th, 2011 2:53 am

      Problem is… If John Edwards decides to marry Rielle Hunter before he leaves for prison

      then the Edwards’ two youngest children will be left in the care of Rielle, and subject to her twisted sense of guidance just as they are approaching their formative years!

      The Edwards’ oldest daughter is a single, 28 year old, career woman. I sincerely doubt that she wants to assume the role of full time, single parent to 2 teenagers -

      but given the alternative, she might make an exception because leaving her young brother and sister to Rielle Hunter’s care is NOT a sane option!

    3. Dolf on June 11th, 2011 8:51 am


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