John Edwards Campaign Finance Case: Female Alternate Juror Flirts With The Breck Girl, John Edwards


This heel was that close to being President … John Edwards trying to out Clinton, Bill Clinton. John Edwards, facing as much as 30 years in prison and fined as much as $1.5 million, uses the court room as a pick up joint. The term “smarmy” comes to mind.

Alternate worlds: What is wrong with some woman? Note to female jurors, I think you can find a better catch than a man who would cheat on his wife and have a baby out of wedlock with his mistress as his wife Elizabeth Edwards was dying of cancer. Add to the mix, John Edwards has obviously learned much from his days of getting caught cheating on his wife.

As Memorial Day weekend is upon us, the jurors deliberating in the John Edwards campaign finance case where Edwards is accused of using nearly $1 million in campaign donations to hide his affair with his mistress Rielle Hunter, have been sent home. However, not without some controversy. The judge cleared the court room to discuss what was described as a juror issue. I would appear that a female alternate juror has been flirting with Edwards. Making matters even more sleazy, Edwards has reciprocated the flirtation.  It is rather amazing, no make that disgusting, that a man who could not keep it in his pants and is facing felony charges because of it still is such a schmuck that he would think flirting with a juror at his own trial is acceptable behavior.

Since the alternates were identified last Thursday, it has been impossible to ignore the dynamic between Edwards and one of the female alternates, an attractive young woman with jet-black hair, who seems to have been flirting with Edwards for days.

The juror clearly instigated the exchanges. She smiles at him.   He smiles  politely back at her. She giggles.  He blushes.

Good grief, what is the issue … send the idiot home for good as this is hardly conduct that should be allowed by an impartial jurist.

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    5 Responses to “John Edwards Campaign Finance Case: Female Alternate Juror Flirts With The Breck Girl, John Edwards”

    1. A Texas Grandfather on May 26th, 2012 12:50 pm

      Just another unqualified juror. We can blame one of the legal teams for allowing this to happen because they were looking for a person that could be easily swayed to their point of view. It happens all the time.

    2. Jayne on Left Coast on May 26th, 2012 1:17 pm

      She is an alternate won’t be deciding the verdict,most likely. Makes one wonder though if any of the paneled jurors are bat sheet crazy.

    3. on May 26th, 2012 5:12 pm

      Nah, ya can’t blame the defense. Yes, it’s their job to get Edwards off. But you can blame a very stupid, narcissistic Edwards and a very naive and stupid alternate juror.

    4. Water boy on May 26th, 2012 11:50 pm

      How come none of this makes the news?

    5. NGBoston on May 29th, 2012 6:10 pm

      Yes, what # 3 said.

      Also, all I know is that some females are so insecure and desperate for Male attention (or seeking publicity and to attach themselves to a Case in the Limelight) that they would flirt with a LOW MORALS/NO MORALS Man in an Open Courtroom.

      How embarrasing for whomever this “attractive” Lady is. Not very attractive to me or many others I am thinking, she is showing her personality disorders to all of America.


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