Charlie Rangel Walks Out of Ethics Trial … Was This a Trial or a Circus?


What a joke, Rangel brings his 3 Ring Circus to the Ethics trail … Send in the Clown!

House Ethics, just one big laugh for Pelosi and Rangel

US Rep. Charlie Rangel (NY-D) walks out of his ethics trial after Rangel was denied his plea for a delay. What else did anyone expect from Rangel except more deception, delays and game playing? Rangel walked out in protest after  complaining that the bipartisan “adjudicatory subcommittee,” would not grant him more time to hire a new attorney.

Facing a rare trial to review alleged ethics violations, Rangel walked out in protest after complaining that the bipartisan “adjudicatory subcommittee,” a special panel under the House ethics committee, wouldn’t grant him more time to hire a new attorney. It was a theatrical twist for a Harlem legend who has vowed to fight the charges to the end. 

 Did people actually think Rangel was going to present a defense?


More craziness … Rangel, just like a typical Democrat, playing the VICTIM CARD.

Rangel stalked out of the proceeding after imploring the panel for a delay until he could obtain a new lawyer. The panel declined his request after a closed session and the proceeding – rare in the annals of the House – went forward without Rangel’s participation.

Chisam, responding to a question, said he does not believe Rangel’s conduct was corrupt, but rather, that the 80-year-old congressman was “overzealous…and sloppy in his personal finances.”

Several members of the committee angrily criticized Rangel’s lawyers for leaving the case just weeks before the hearing.

Seriously, did anyone actually think that Rangel was going to introduce a defense to his indefensible offensives of tax evasion and corruption? Instead, he walks out, puts his fate in the hands of a committee that will do little to nothing to him and Rangel will go about representing his safe district.


Just in case America has forgot the 13 ethics charges against Rangel with his attempt to divert attention, Michelle Malkin has the list. Three are listed below, get the rest at the Culture of Corruption SME.

Count I: Conduct in Violation of the Solicitation and Gift Ban
Count II: Conduct in Violation of Code of Ethics for Government Service
Count III: Conduct in Violation of the House Gift Rule

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    5 Responses to “Charlie Rangel Walks Out of Ethics Trial … Was This a Trial or a Circus?”

    1. Greg the Great on November 16th, 2010 12:13 am


    2. NGBoston on November 16th, 2010 6:03 am

      Send in the Clowns….LOL…They are already there.

      (See above- first Pic)

      What a JOKE! It’s a damn joke. Honestly, I have to laugh at these 2 CORRUPT LYING IDIOTS, because if I observe their antics for a longer period of time, I actually find myself becoming more and more pissed off.

      RANGEL needs to go, plain and simple. He is going to walk out? Play the victim card? Is he “untouchable” in Washington?

      BULLSHIT! No one should be that hard to get to, even the President can be impeached so what is the deal here????

      Someone? Anyone???


    3. super dave on November 16th, 2010 8:21 am

      put him and peblowsi in the same cell. he could sell her for cigarettes in jail.

    4. rightknight on November 16th, 2010 11:09 am

      Can we note that corrupt politics are
      a ‘sloppy’ practice? We hire ‘sloppy’
      politicians that ‘sloppily’ serve them-
      selves rather than their employers.
      Since it’s just so ‘sloppy’, why don’t
      we just forgive it and let it go, huh?
      The guy has a sweet smile, no?

    5. NGBoston on November 17th, 2010 5:26 pm

      #3- SuperDave—-You are 2 funny. You crack me up and you may have missed your calling? lol

      If you were not such a blatant sexist- you may actually be the perfect man…for…someone, I don’t know. lol

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