Rasmussen Gubernatorial Scorecard Election 2010:GOP 28 Dems 13 Toss-Ups 9


With 30 days to go until the 2010 midterm elections and there are 37 Gubernatorial races in play this election cycle.  Scott Rasmussen presently has the Gubernatorial Scorecard at Republicans 28, Democrats 13 and 9 races are presently toss-ups.  There are currently 26 Democrats, 23 Republicans, and 1 Independent holding the office of governor in the US. The Democrat majority in the Governorships looks like it id going to go the way of the Dodo, just as it does in the US House and possible the US Senate.

Voters will elect governors in 37 states this November. Nineteen of those governorships are now held by Democrats, while Republicans sit in the governor’s chair in 18 of the states.

The Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 Gubernatorial Scorecard shows Democrats solidly ahead in two states, with three more leaning their way. Republicans are running strongly in 17 states, and five more are leaning GOP.

Hawaii and Connecticut are the only states with a Republican governor that are considered likely to elect a Democrat in November. But eight states now headed by Democrats Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine,  Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Wyoming are seen as likely GOP pickups.

However, the real question is how will the 9 state election go for those Governor races that are considered a toss-up?

  • California - Jerry Brown (D) up by 1% over Meg Whitman (R) in Rasmussen as the two spare over the so-called smoking gun of Whitman’s former maid as they debated illegal immigration in their most recent debate. RCP has Brown ahead by 2.8%; however, it might be even closer than that. The last minute undocumented maid controversy might just back fire on the Democrats. Far too convenient a story at this late date. This race is still too close to call.

The most direct confrontation between the two candidates of the election season came when the moderator asked Whitman about revelations earlier this week that she employed Nicandra Diaz Santillan, whom she fired in 2009 after nine years. Whitman has denied knowing that Diaz Santillan was undocumented until shortly before she was dismissed.

Whitman turned to face Brown and accused him of being behind Diaz Santillan’s emergence.

  • Florida- Rick Scott (R) up by 6% over Alex Sink (D) in tyhe most recent Rasmussen poll. RCPhas Scott ahead by 1.5%; however, throw out the outlyer Mason-Dixon polll and Scott is ahead by 4.3%. Question is how much will the vote for Marco Rubio for US Senate affect the Governor’s race. Nod goes to Scott.
  • Maryland – Incumbent Governor Martin O’Malley (D) leads Bob Ehrlich (R) 50% to 47% in the most recent Rasmussen poll. Still too close to call.
  • Minnesota- Mark Dayton (D) huge lead has all but disappeared as  Tom Emmer (R) leads by 1% in the latest Rasmussen poll, 42% to 41%. Last month Dayton had a 9% point lead. Too close to call, what will the trending be closer to the election.
  • New Hampshire- Incumbent Governor John Lynch (D) has seen his lead over challenger John Stephen (R) completely evaperate. The once thought sure Democrat hold is now a toss-up. As seen at RCP, polling in NH is all over the place.
  • Oregon – Former NBA player Chris Dudley (R) has a 49% to 44% lead over John Kitzhaber (D). RCP has Dudley with a 3.4% lead with a month to go.
  • Rhode Island – The Rhode Island race is a true free for all for the Governors office as follows: Chafee (I) 33%, Caprio (D) 30%, Robitaille (R) 23%, Block (M) 5%.
  • Vermont - Peter Shumlin (D) leads Brian Dubie (R) by 3%; however, no polling has been reported since the bounce from the primaries.
  • Wisconsin - Scott Walker (R)  has a 6% point lead over Tom Barrett (D) at 50% to 44%. RCPhas Walkter up by 8.7%.With the Republicans surging in the US Senate race as well, it might be time to call this one leans Republican and out of the toss-up category.

The revised Gubernatorial Scorecard should read …  Republicans 31, Dems 13 and Toss-Ups 6.

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