PPP Shows Generic Ballot Tied … The Real Number is the Enthusiasm One, Advantage GOP


The PPP poll is showing that the Generic ballot is tied, even though Obama has hit an all time low in their polling. It is a little suspect to have a generic poll tied, when Obama’s approval rating has fallen and it can’t get up and Independents are breaking to the GOP. Even though neither party is winning over voters in the satisfaction polls, previous polling data has shown that a majority of voters want Republicans in Congress to counteract Obama’s agenda.

Barack Obama’s approval numbers hit a record low in PPP’s national survey this month, but that doesn’t seem to be having too much impact on how his party does in generic Congressional polling. We find a 43/43 tie on this month’s look at the generic ballot.

As has been the case throughout most of this cycle Republicans are a little bit more unified than Democrats are, and independents are leaning toward the GOP as well. 87% of Republicans are committed to voting for their party this fall, while 84% of Democrats are. Independents say they’ll vote Republican by a 38-31 margin.

More important than the percentage in the Generic ballot, is the voter enthusiasm. In a midterm election it is all about turn out and it would appear that the GOP is way out a head of the Democrats by a 52%  to  40% advantage. The PPP makes an excuse and wonders whether it will matter in November. REALLY? Talk about making excuses. Of course enthuseam matter as that is what creates a motivated voter rather than some one who just answers a poll and tells you what you want to hear.

It’s about voter turn out and right now Republicans are highly motivated while Democrats wonder if they can get the 2008 Obama voters to the polls in 2010.

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