Snowstorm Puts WH Press Corps in Danger Covering Obama or is It the WH Press Corpse?


Those brave MSM types …  PRESS CORPSE PUT IN DANGER.

The MSM puts life on the line to cover President Barack Hussein Obama in the midst of the white out snow storm that dumped two feet of snow in the DC area. The headline was “Snowstorm puts W.H. press corps in danger” but really would it not be President Obama who put the press corps in danger as they felt the need to cover The Chosen One?If GWB were in office that is how the AP would have titled the story … GWB puts reports in harms way covering his speech.

Photographers in the White House press corps experienced two dangerous moments on Saturday while covering President Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Committee’s Winter Meeting.

Reporters ventured out to cover the speech amid a massive snowstorm in Washington that could dump up to three feet of snow on the region.

CNN reports that Obama ditched his souped-up Cadillac limousine fondly known as “the Beast” and traveled instead in an armored Chevy Suburban four-wheel-drive SUV. Hmm, I wonder what type of carbon footprint that vehicle has Mr. Global warming , Green jobs President?

Snow storm puts White House Press corps in danger, lol, its all about the media. How exactly did they become part of the story? Ha, ha, ha, looks like Jammie Wearing Fool and I were on of the same mindset … Obama would later refer to the Snow storm putting the White House Press “CORPSE” in danger

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