President Obama Only Answers Ridiculous Questions … What Else Would One Expect … Obama Has Avoided the White House Press Corp for Two Months


The most transparent President ever is ducking the White House Press Corps …

President Barack Obama has not had a press conference and answered questions from the White House Press corps, or as Obama would say corpses,  in more than two months. Obama has done his best to duck, bob and weave the press and real questions. The White House Press corps are his peeps for the most part. If he feels the need to avoid them, the Presidential debates may prove to be really interesting.

However, he managed to have a hard hitting tough interview with People magazine and Entertainment Tonight. I thought the “ET” interview was one of the most lame. softball interview I had ever seen, until this … In an interview with [93.3 KOB-FM] President Obama managed to finally answer questions from the media, of course they were ridiculous ones. As reported at Buzz Feed, President Obama Only Answers Ridiculous Questions. However, what would one expect from a ridiculous President?

8 questions President Barack Obama has actually answered in recent days. He’s ducked the White House press corps for eight weeks. “I just flirted with the President of the United States of America,” the radio host says.

What an embarrassment … It does not make you cool Barack, it makes you look like a fool

Powerline asks if this is some kind of a joke. Maybe this is an episode of Punk’d. However, with Obama in office it feels like America has been punked.

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