Obama Already Having Issues with the Press … Media Frustration


Obama already having issues with the media? He does realize they worship him and are brought to tears by his mere presence. Now after having the MSM in his hip pocket for the past 2 years, Obama looks to treat the press in a rather interesting manner.

Interesting start for new press secretary Robert Gibbs. Eesh, and these people like Obama, no wonder GWB never got a fair shot. Watch the confrontation with media.

Didn’t Obama say that this was going to be the most transparent White House ever? Hmm … hardly seems so now does it as Obama looks to limit press access.

Obama Flashes irritation to the press, ALREADY??? Watch the video at the Politico. Talk about not ready for “prime time”. When will Obama learn the enormity of this job and the goofing around and one liners with reporters is not part of the job.

President Obama made a surprise visit to the White House press corps Thursday night, but got agitated when he was faced with a substantive question.

Asked how he could reconcile a strict ban on lobbyists in his administration with a Deputy Defense Secretary nominee who lobbied for Raytheon, Obama interrupted with a knowing smile on his face.

“Ahh, see,” he said, “I came down here to visit. See this is what happens. I can’t end up visiting with you guys and shaking hands if I’m going to get grilled every time I come down here.”


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    23 Responses to “Obama Already Having Issues with the Press … Media Frustration”

    1. 11B40 on January 23rd, 2009 12:12 pm


      I’m confused; is this “I want my figgy pudding and I want it right now,” or is it “it’s hard to be humble when you’re perfect in every way?”

    2. super dave on January 23rd, 2009 12:39 pm

      won’t answer questions, won’t produce a legal birth certificate ? now what kind of president do we have ?

    3. Michelle in MS on January 23rd, 2009 1:42 pm

      Remember he doesn’t like to answer questions. We are supposed to just listen to his babbling & not question him.

    4. EURobert on January 23rd, 2009 2:48 pm

      # super dave on January 23rd, 2009 12:39 pm

      “… won’t produce a legal birth certificate ?…”

      What’s the latest on that; I thought there were some people who wanted to start a legal procedure? And this could only be done after BO was sworn in?

    5. Maggie on January 23rd, 2009 5:47 pm

      I will miss Laura Bush everyday.She is and was one of the classiest ladies..

      Nothing’s changed..same old people who got us into all these messes still in place.. and still bailing out the people who got us into the banking mess to start with, while they take their cuts also.. nothing’s changed, just some new faces added.

    6. Finley McKinney on January 23rd, 2009 6:21 pm

      This is just the beginning of the fact being shoved in our faces that there are TWO sets of rules; one for “progressives” and one for everyone else. The Lord Most High Obama is too big to fail, so his missteps will be forgiven and/or overlooked by his fawning subjects. Socialism R Us. Grab your ankles, folks.

    7. Richard on January 23rd, 2009 9:34 pm

      Obama had better beware; if the press turn on him, they will do so with a vengeance.

      I’ve read that George Bush began his time in office with the highest approval ratings in history … and ended it with the lowest.

      The more things change, the more they stay the same….

      Not that the media are perfect. They apparently were whining that they didn’t get ‘photo ops’ and the like for the second swearing-in ceremony.

    8. Richard on January 23rd, 2009 9:58 pm

      Freddie Mac to ask for billions more in funds
      Fri Jan 23, 6:10 pm ET

      McLEAN, Va. – Mortgage finance company Freddie Mac said Friday it will need an additional $30 billion to $35 billion in government aid as it copes with losses on loans the company backed during the U.S. housing bubble.

      The company disclosed in a Securities and Exchange Commission filing late Friday that it expects its government regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, to make the request from the Treasury Department.

      It comes on top of the $13.8 billion the company received last year after it was seized by the government. Sibling company Fannie Mae has yet to request any such aid but has warned it may need to do so.

      Federal regulators seized control of both companies in September after they faced mounting losses from the housing market’s bust. An agreement with the Treasury Department allows the government to invest up to $100 billion in each company.

      The actual amount of the request will reflect the amount of losses the company sustained in the fourth quarter, Freddie Mac said in the filing.

      The request suggests that losses are continuing for Freddie Mac, which posted a loss of $25.3 billion for the third quarter. In that report, Freddie Mac said that rising unemployment rates, tightening credit and deteriorating economic conditions caused the number of delinquent loans to rise, including prime loans made to borrowers with strong credit.

      Meanwhile, Freddie Mac also disclosed that it settled a dispute with JP Morgan Chase & Co., which will now collect payments on mortgages previously handled by failed thrift Washington Mutual. The agreement settles a dispute with JPMorgan, which purchased Washington Mutual in late September for $1.9 billion.

      (end of article)

      $30 billion, $35 billion … what’s the difference, after all? It’s only taxpayer … oops, sorry, I mean, only federal money.

      Aren’t you glad that the government is propping up its own failing institutions?

      See how much better the economy is because the government decided to intervene in the housing market … something that it has no business being in anyway?

    9. Ted on January 23rd, 2009 10:48 pm

      Take the test.

      FIRST QUESTION: Who IS the actual and lawful 44th President of the USA?

      ANSWER: Joe Biden

      Biden was initially the Acting President for at least 5 minutes under either the Constitution’s Article 2 or the Constitution’s 20th Amendment, from 12:00 Noon 1/20/09, having already taken his Oath of Office and before Obama completed his ‘oath’ at approximately 12:05 PM, 1/20/09. Under the 20th Amendment if the President-elect shall have failed to qualify, or alternatively under Article 2 if the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term, being 12:00 Noon 1/20/09, which ability and/or qualification includes that he take the Article 2 oath “before he enter on the execution of his office,” then either the Presidency shall devolve on the Vice President under Article 2 or the Vice President shall act as President under the 20th Amendment. (The importance of the oath in ‘commencing’ an ‘Obama Presidency’ — rather than merely the 1/20/09 Noon time — is confirmed by the re-take of the ‘oath’ by Obama at the White House on 1/21/09 after the first ‘oath’ was NOT administered by Justice Roberts NOR recited by Obama in the words as required under Article 2.)

      This is significant because at such time that the Supreme Court finally rules on the merits on Obama’s disqualification as not being an Article 2 “natural born citizen” (clearly he is NOT), Biden’s automatic status (without needing to take a separate Presidential Oath) of being President would be predicated upon four different bases: First, having been Vice President under Article 2; second, having been Vice President-elect under the 20th Amendment; third, having been actual President in the hiatus before Obama took the ‘oath(s)’; and fourth, retroactively deemed President during the full period of the Obama usurpation so that the acts of the Federal Government under the usurpation can be deemed authorized and/or ratified by Biden’s legitimacy.

      SECOND QUESTION: Who will be the 45th President?

      ANSWER: Hillary Clinton

      One must assume that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been aware of all of the above. Biden’s wife recently “let the cat out of the bag” on the Oprah Show that both Biden and Hillary had considered alternatively Veep or Secretary of State, in either case, setting up Hillary to be President on a vote of the Democratic Congress if need be.

      THIRD QUESTION: Is Obama an unwitting victim of this troika or a knowing participant?

      ANSWER: Yet undetermined.

    10. LilPuma on January 24th, 2009 3:46 pm

      “Ahh, see,” he said, “I came down here to visit. See this is what happens. I can’t end up visiting with you guys and shaking hands if I’m going to get grilled every time I come down here.”

      That’s what the press is supposed to do in a free society, which the USA still is. It’s under dictatorships that they only sing praises of the president and print what he wants them to.

    11. PA Mom on January 24th, 2009 11:03 pm

      I’m more scared that if we do question him, we will be considered racists. I am not a racist; I just don’t agree with this man’s politics. It’s just that easy.

      As far as our all purpose media is concerned, they’ve lost all creditbility with me. I now listen to the conservatives to get the real facts.

      I hope we are able to stick together during the next election. We really need someone with strong values to stand up to this morally destructive machine that we call our government.

      There are so many felons in and around our President – both personal friends and political allies – that I’m really worried about the permanent damage that they will cause for all of us.

    12. Susy Q on January 25th, 2009 7:32 am

      Hey EURobert ! ! ! Yes, the “bifer” cases are all stacked up for the Court and ready to go….I’m from southwestern Virginia and grew up having “birfdays”…my 5th grade teacher corrected me that the word was really birthday…anyway at present the cases are really being called bifers….I also found out that many of the filers have paypal accounts and are seeking donations…some are even having “donation challenges”. Some more affluent bifers will donate three bucks for every dollar donated….all into the filers on line paypal account…just hit click and the money is on the way…. Hmmmm….maybe I’ll start a suit…I could use a little extra…heck Phil Berg picked up a grand total of almost $1500. according to his website. Another bifer was Leo Donofrio a famous Vegas poker player. Many lawyers praised his suit but he couldn’t get anywhere with it and went back to poker..another bifer is suing Linda Lingle, the Republican governor of Hawaii…I mean we all know the Republicans are in on it too….In fact the bifers think Sen. McCain was not eligible to be President either….go read some of the sites….they are a HOOT !!!!!!!

    13. Susan on January 25th, 2009 9:59 am


      BO = BODY ODOR!! :-)

    14. Susan on January 25th, 2009 10:05 am

      I received this in an email yesterday and thought I’d share it :-)


      New Pledge of Allegiance (TOTALLY AWESOME)!

      Since the Pledge of Allegiance and The Lord’s Prayer are not allowed in most public schools anymore because the word ‘God’ is mentioned….
      a kid in Arizona wrote the attached

      NEW School prayer:

      Now I sit me down in school
      Where praying is against the rule
      For this great nation under God
      Finds mention of Him very odd.

      If Scripture now the class recites,
      It violates the Bill of Rights.
      And anytime my head I bow
      Becomes a Federal matter now.

      Our hair can be purple, orange or green,
      That’s no offense; it’s a freedom scene.
      The law is specific, the law is precise.
      Prayers spoken aloud are a serious vice.

      For praying in a public hall
      Might offend someone with no faith at all.
      In silence alone we must meditate,
      God’s name is prohibited by the state.

      We’re allowed to cuss and dress like freaks,
      And pierce our noses, tongues and cheeks..
      They’ve outlawed guns, but FIRST the Bible.
      To quote the Good Book makes me liable.

      We can elect a pregnant Senior Queen,
      And the ‘unwed daddy,’ our Senior King.
      It’s ‘inappropriate’ to teach right from wrong,
      We’re taught that such ‘judgments’ do not belong.

      We can get our condoms and birth controls,
      Study witchcraft, vampires and totem poles.
      But the Ten Commandments are not allowed,
      No word of God must reach this crowd.

      It’s scary here I must confess,
      When chaos reigns the school’s a mess.
      So, Lord, this silent plea I make:
      Should I be shot; My soul please take!

    15. EURobert on January 25th, 2009 10:19 am

      Thanks Susy Q

      Had to look that one up: bifer.
      “n. plant flowering or fruiting twice a year. biferous, a.”

      So here it – cynically – means something like: being born twice?

    16. EURobert on January 25th, 2009 10:27 am

      BTW: did you see this picture yet?


      You can check (as they may have told you) if your friends or family were there!

      Extreme zoom in picture!

    17. Richard on January 25th, 2009 10:30 am

      EURobert, are you folks still skating?

      And is there any news from the Netherlands about Hero Brinkman and the Dutch delegation, who I assume are back home now?

    18. nurturer on January 25th, 2009 11:40 am

      Again, is anyone really surprised by all of this?

      It was common news (either ignored or not completely understood by the voter) that Obama was the most INEXPERIENCED and most LEFTIST senator in the Illinois senate.

      9-11 is in the rearview mirror and Obama has unoffically UN-DECLARED war on al Aqueda. Due to his recent decision to remove waterboarding as an interrogation method, I truly believe Obama will be eventually get American citizens killed. That’s when you will see the backlash. Unfortunately, people will have to die first.

    19. EURobert on January 25th, 2009 1:14 pm


      The latest news about Hero Brinkman and his political party PVV is that they’re ‘under attack’. Last week a dutch court ruled that the OM (Public Ministry > Public Prosecutor) has to prosecute the leader of the PVV Geert Wilders because he supposedly offended / made racist remarks to mohammedans. Among others he compared the Quran with Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ because of the many explicite anti-semetic sura’s (and calls for the killing of all ‘infidels’, and so on) in the Quran. Last year the OM decided there was no ground to prosecute Wilders but some private persons went to court and now got their way. And this lobby-group now say they will go after Brinkman as well for him offending the Antillians.


      There’s now a B•I•G discussion over here (and even in some US, UK and other newspapers) if our freedom of speech is in danger.

      Btw: have you read the news that Peter R. de Vries was attacked as well? A former dutch drug baron saw Peter in his car at a crossing and beat him up.


      (Bottom of the page and next pages for more articles.)

    20. EURobert on January 25th, 2009 1:34 pm

      # me (Hero Brinkman topic)

      I heard that last week the NYTimes wrote a big comment on the coming Geert Wilders (freedom of speech) -trial but I couldn’t find it.

      But the Dallas Morning News has an article on it as well. (And there are many more if you Google for it.)


    21. EURobert on January 25th, 2009 1:45 pm
    22. super dave on January 25th, 2009 6:06 pm

      barney obama has gotten away with illegal contributions to his campaign, would not prove his citizenship, fed acorn money to go out and pay for voters, some of them voted three times or more, chased the votes from convicts imprisoned. the list is so long one could not begin to tell all. this country turned a blind eye to to this so i think he believes he is untouchable.
      most africans believe he is going to deliver them the United States on a silver platter.
      to look at this guy is to not trust him. he and his wife are as prejudice and racist as anyone out there.

    23. Sam Wilkinson on June 29th, 2010 1:02 am

      body odor is nasty that is why i always take a bath twice a day.”,’

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