Casey Anthony Defense Lawyers Point Finger at Meter Reader Roy Kronk as Caylee Anthony’s Killer Suspect


Anthony Defense Team Points the finger at Roy Kronk.

It was only a matter of time before the Casey Anthony defense team started accusing others and pointing the finger at everyone and any one, instead of their first degree murder indicted and jailed client Casey Anthony. Presently tot mom, Casey Anthony, is being held for the murder of her daughter, Caylee Anthony.


Meter reader Roy Kronk called suspect by Anthony defense team

Casey Anthony criminal defense lawyers, Jose Baez and Andrea Lyon, yesterday pointed the finger at meter reader Roy Kronk as a suspect in the muder of Caylee Anthony. The Anthony defense team is now casting suspicion at Roy Kronk, the man who found Casey Anthony’s remains. Caylee’s remains were ultimately found less than 1/2 mile away from the hoe of Cindy and George Anthony.

The Anthony defense team looks to have Kronk go from meter reader to scape goat in an effort to get their client Casey Anthony off the hook for the murder of her daughter.

Reporter Kathi Belich said, “His bitter exes have accused Kronk of almost everything but the Kennedy assassination and the 9-11 attacks,” Belich said. “But they were not questioned under oath. And the defense did not provide any evidence to support any of the allegations.”


Casey Anthony defense team looks to make a circus of little Caylee’s murder

Eventually, investigators followed up on Kronk’s information and found the toddler’s remains. 

“He’s the only one that’s been with the body,” says Lyon.

“We think there is as much circumstantial evidence implicating Roy Kronk as our client. Police should have investigated him as a suspect,” adds Lyon.

According to recent reports, the motion filed Thursday by the defense claims Kronk has a history of inappropriate behavior with young girls and a history of abusing and restraining women with duct tape.


Don’t worry Casey we will accuse every one of this crime, but the real killer

What else would one expect from a defense team for tot mom Casey Anthony who never reported her daughter missing? Instead, while Casey was missing went clubbing and acted as if nothing had ever happened.

Roy Kronk goes from “good citizen” to now a potential suspect. Anthony’s defense team alleges that Kronk could have played a role in the little girl’s death

After interviewing former meter reader Roy Kronk’s ex-wives and family members, the attorneys for Casey Anthony claimed in a motion filed Thursday in a Florida court that Kronk is “equally as likely to be responsible for the death of the child.”

The defense motioned for the court to allow the jury to hear about Kronk’s alleged past wrongdoings based on interviews with two of Kronk’s ex-wives, son and a longtime live-in girlfriend’s daughter, which paint him as abusive and untrustworthy.

David Evans, Roy Cronk’s attorney, stated that his client denied all allegations in the defense motion and that they are just doing what typical defense attorneys do, “They’re doing what you’d expect, trying to defend their client.”

It’s only a matter of time before the Casey Anthony defense team accuses Cindy and George Anthony of the crime, Tim Miller, TES and the many volunteer searchers as well as the police.

Interestingly enough, remeber when the Anthony’s were critical of bloggers and their accusations? I am sure the A’s have no issue with the defense team of their daughter ttying to damange the reputation of another if it helps Casey.

To discuss the case, get updates and provide your own opinions, go to Scared Forums: Calyee Marie Anthony.

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    26 Responses to “Casey Anthony Defense Lawyers Point Finger at Meter Reader Roy Kronk as Caylee Anthony’s Killer Suspect”

    1. Pat on November 21st, 2009 12:00 pm

      Hopefully Kronk will sue CBS over the headline they used in yesterday’s news. it read ” Roy Kronk killed Caylee Anthony” .. I almost fell out of my chair. They are desperate and are grasping at straws, trying to get a hung jury . All the evidence points to Casey and the car she drove. I guess I ( an innocent bystander ) will be next , if this attempt to frame Kronk doesn;t work out.

    2. idiot patrol on November 21st, 2009 12:10 pm

      A note to the defense team, if you want to see Caylee’s killer all you need to is ask Casey to get in front of the mirror.

      Because Casey didn’t report Caylee missing why?

    3. Marsan on November 21st, 2009 1:03 pm

      CBS will do anything for ratings! OMG, what else will incompetent Jose Baez do to win…sell his soul to the devil? Mr. Kronk was done a favor if some “old head” Hot Shot Lawyer is watching CBS’s accusation headline! Let Kronk’s hew lawyer show up and kick Baez’ team in the a s s. Jose Baez and that huge lady are the joke of the courts! Are we to believe that Kronk told Casey not to report the toddler missing? Puhleeeeze!

    4. brie. on November 21st, 2009 1:33 pm

      Now, how does the defense team explain their belief that the nanny(who doesn’t exist anyway)kidnapped little Caylee…

      The x-wives look like a real trip, who believes them….and how much were they paid…

      Baez is running out of straws….just planting more seeds of doubt…he well knows Casey did it….

    5. brie. on November 21st, 2009 1:57 pm

      A while ago Baez tried to get a list of names and documents held by TES of the many people who volunteered in the search for Caylee…Tim Miller said that information would never be released to him…

    6. Carpe on November 21st, 2009 4:35 pm

      “Caylee’s remains were ultimately found less than 1/2 mile away from the hoe of Cindy and George Anthony.”

      I am pretty sure the ‘hoe’ of Cindy and George Anthony was in the Orange County Jail at the time Caylee was found. :)


      It is such a no-brainer, the Caveman even knows it.

      Casey killed Caylee… and she has one more person to take out before she’s down for life…
      and that’s Jose Baez.

      His career will be spent like
      an old used shotgun shell
      after this case.

      Jose will have to sell shoes for a living.

      He’s a joke. Casey is a joke. The Anthonys are a joke. Watching them get roasted is a pleasure.

      They iz EVIL DOERS. They be doin’ soooo much evil,
      they getz FREQUENT EVIL DOER POINTS!!!

    7. justmoma on November 21st, 2009 8:31 pm

      Carpe, good to see you again! Keep going!

    8. KIM on November 21st, 2009 9:49 pm

      Yeah whata joke…..they are grasping at straw This case has more bizzarre twists then one can ever imagine…NOW ROY KRUNK! OMG so he has a sorted past…..why all the dirt..Thing that bothers me is if KRUNK knew at thanksgiving and told his son why arent they deposing his son……Brandon could be a HERO to…by taking his dad down…So only shows that CASEY had sex with KRUNK and when he asked her to do the dasterly deed again she refused and he took Caylee in exchange…And in watching JOSE BOZO lean into Casey in the courtroom, it makes a ya wonder if they are all touchy feely since they cant hug anymore or chew on licorice to grab a kiss…CASEY BOZO…..hmmmmm nice ring to it huh? I have often wondered what she is doodling while BOZO makes an idiot out of himself. Maybe Casey can sell her doodle pad for commisary money. After all how long has it been since she go her eyebrows waxed and her nails done! I love watching this spoiled little Orlando BRAT roll her eyes when her attorney F**Ks up in front of Judge Stan…….ITS HILARIOUS! Talking about BOZO’s experts being technology challenged…HA HA HA HA! OMG so lets send them to technology school so they can learn to copy and paste! Maybe they will consider letting Casey take the disc’s to the technology challenged and do a lap dance for them to boot! And just what is the connection between the Anthony’s and Krunk? The BOZO LAW FIRM IS NOW KNOWN AS….THE CASEY ANTHONY INTERNATIONAL DEFENSE TEAM………LMAO! ONLY HUNG JURY I PRAY IN THIS CASE IS HUNG FOR PERJURY!

    9. Chelle on November 21st, 2009 9:58 pm

      Was Zenaida suppose to be Kronk’s girlfriend?

    10. Crazy Dr. Ree on November 22nd, 2009 5:07 am

      Yeah, they want the truth! Yeah right.

      1) Lying to 911, re: CA called asking to have her daughter arrested for “grand theft”. Not quite sure which car CA was referring to, as they were both in CA’s while she called, and the other car was being aired out in the A’s garage.
      (Oh, thats 2 lies to police, right off the bat) and she casually adds that her
      granddaughter MIGHT be missing.

      2) Lying to the police again. “We found my daughters car today and it smells like there was a dead body in it.” That was CA. She later changes her story to claim the smell came from rotting pizza. Ok, CA was a nurse, and GA was a cop. Both reacted with fear and alarm when they smelled the car. They both said it smelled like a dead body. They had to air the car out for hours.
      Lee smelled that nasty smell about 6 hours after the car was brought back to the house, and the doors, trunk and windows were wide open.
      I believe he might not have known what a decomp smelled like, but I’m sure CA & GA told him thats what it smelled like to them. CA again changes her story slightly saying that someone could have put a deadbody in that car while it was in the tow lot. I don’t think she ever stated that someone put rotting pizza in there, which in MHO would have been alot easier to pull off.

      3) Which brings up a tampering with evidence charge. CA took it upon herself to wash the clothes in KC’s found car. GA drove the car into the garage and
      immediately the 2 of them went to work rifling thru it. What they were ‘hoping’ to find has never been addressed, but CA grabbed all the clothes and washed them. GA had the garbage bag out in the trunk tossed at the tow lot by the tow lot manager. Yet he was sure he smelled the scent of death. Sadly, the smell didn’t go away. GA had to drive with his windows down to breath. So tell me, an ex-cop that knows what that smell means decides to remove evidence from a potential crime scene. Neither of them had seen Caylee or KC for quite sometime. The car has obviously been abandoned and towed. They had spoken with KC, but they had no clue what she was up to. None of her prior promises had panned out. CA thought KC was punishing her. As dramatic and manipulative that CA is, surely she suspected harm to KC or Caylee, especially after smelling that car. CAs main concern is to find Casey, so she can find out where Caylee is. She has been told Caylee is with Zanny. She’s never met Zanny. She’s smelled decomp in KC’s abandoned car and she washes KC’s clothes and goes back into the car to get AD’s phone number to find KC. But she plugs on without the help of the police. GA went off to work even though the car smelled like death. CA would get to the bottom of it. ‘Clean out all the stuff, leave everything open and that smell will go away, so we can figure out what our lying, theiving daughter has done.’ I’d say this was a perfect example of tampering with evidence. I, also, think they purposely avoided calling the police when they knew there was a big, big problem with that car and that the items inside were potential evidence. Why didn’t they call police immediately? Let LE decide if its decomp, let them look thru all the junk in the car. They knew KC was out of control and CA knew KC was mad. CA knew that there was a good possibility that KC would lie more and if what she thinks happened actually did happen she could easily say “Ooops, I want to get that smell out of her clothes. I didn’t think she’d really do something like that. Keep in mind that neither CA or GA told anyone that they didn’t know what decomp smells like. Which takes us right back to Cindy calmly calling police to have her daughter arrested for grand theft auto, while driving around in her car.

      4) Another lying to police charge, along with purposefully givng LE a hairbrush that included everyones hair, when they asked for a bush that only Caylee would have used. CA was quoted in an interview with one of the papers that said she just gave them any old brush that they all used, she really didn’t care what brush she gave them, in fact she hoped the dogs hair was in it as well. To me that was an ‘in your face’ attitude, and a great example of how uncooperative she really was and how uncooperative she wanted to be.

    11. Brenda in Virginia on November 22nd, 2009 8:07 am

      Chelle…you stole my post :>)

      I cannot wait to see what fantasy Anthony’s bizzare group of individuals in her legal team come up with to defend her. Just insane! A roomful of chimps could see through their bull cocky.

    12. flutter1 on November 22nd, 2009 10:42 am

      Casey’s “Dream Team” is more of a “Delusional Team.”

      AntFarm Koolaid must be pure LSD because it is turning all their brains into mush.

      What a joke, the next thing they will say is that the Easter Bunny, with Santa Claus as an accomplice, kidnapped and killed the sweet angel.

    13. Carpe on November 22nd, 2009 12:55 pm


      Hey justmoma!

      Good to see you too. I will keep going, it’s all I can do. ;)

    14. brie. on November 22nd, 2009 3:59 pm

      Being the controlling person that Cindy is I can’t believe she would allow Casey to take Caylee to an unknown baby-sitter that she had never met, never had the phone number for and didn’t even know where she resided….I think they just let Casey do what she wanted…maybe after the fight on Father’s Day Casey decided things were going to change and they also wanted custody of Caylee….Caylee disappears and later is found dead, dumped like garbage…

    15. brie. on November 22nd, 2009 4:50 pm

      How did Cindy know that something didn’t happen to Caylee and Casey with the dead smell in the trunk…why so eager to wash any evidence and throw stuff away…..would you of even put any clothes in your washer with that smell on them….!!!!

    16. Susan on November 22nd, 2009 5:02 pm

      I’ve always suspected Roy Kronk of being involved in Caylee’s disappearance/murder. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying Casey did not kill Caylee, because we all know she did. But, don’t ya think it’s a bit bizarre Kronk had to place three calls to LE before he found finally found the child’s skull himself? I know LE was incompetent, to say the least, for not performing a more thorough search of the crime scene in August when Kronk made the first call, but it still doesn’t all add up. Somehow this man is involved…

      Go ahead, give me hell…lol!

    17. NewGirlBoston on November 22nd, 2009 6:48 pm


      That’s the sound of the Casey Anthony BS Meter going off again….Roy Kronk…my arse.

      Just like the magnificent BLINK of BOC likes to remind us—THERE ARE PRINTS. On the ductape. Too much circumstantial evidence—too many lies from the whackjobs in denial that are her parents.

      Notice also how Lee Anthony went quiet so suddenly? This is just the beginning in all of the finger pointing from the Ant Camp as well.

      Casey Anthony is facing the death penalty and she will either receive life in prison without parole or Ms. Anthony will get a lethal injection courtest of the State of Florida. She’s guilty as all hell and there are many things tying her directly to the crime.

      As far as that clown Baez is concerned—maybe our dear Carpe gives that doofus too much credit? The only thing he’ll be attempting to sell after the trial are a lame ass book or movie rights. Poor, innocent Caylee Marie—this family is so twisted they want to push this off as long as possible so that the gravy train that was their precious Grandchild can help to sponsor more cruises, trips, cars, interviews, shrimp puffs and luxury hotel stays courtesy of the media. Scumbags! Every time Cindy Anthony opens her mouth…I just want to take my nerf football and fire it at the TV Screen. In fact, I have ! She is really not a good example of a fit Mother or Grandmother. While I believe George & Cindy did truly love their Grandaughter and did the best they could to provide a home and essentials for her—they do their deceased Grandchild no favors when they greedily consume every hand out possible a/k/a blood money to go on living their lives full of lies and denial.

      That beautiful child is dead, Cindy & George? Did you purchase that boat BEFORE her remains were found so you could continue to go on searching the waterways for a “live” Caylee? PATHETIC! You know that twisted narcissistic MURDERER that is your POS daughter killed Caylee, yet you plaster your faces and attempt to portray yourselves as grieving Grandparents who know nothing! GIVE IT UP! The gig has been up for a long time. And, yes! Neither one of you will ever get a job or be looked upon as anything but vermin for the rest of your lives. GIVE ANITA & PAULUS VAN DER SLOOT a call and see how that is working out for them, why dont you? They are labeled as you both are because NO ONE BELIEVES YOUR LIES! What kind of parents who KNOW FOR A FACT their own daughter killed their own Grandchild and continues to keep up a bogus charade??? Very sick ones! GET SOME HELP and next time Georgie boy decides ” I can’t go on living the lie”—-just take a look in the mirror because you and your deranged Wife (that you wanted to divorce and should have) are doing just that! LIVING A TOTAL AND COMPLETE LIE.

      All of America knows this and LE and the State’s DA are going to nail your daughters ass to a cross. In fact, you may want to put the order in for her gravestone now- because you are going to lose her. Caylee Marie is in God’s hands now while you and your disgusting Daughter are still dancing with the devil. When the music stops —she will not be allowed to cross over to the other side, either. Lucifer has a spot reserved for her in the flaming caverns of hell. That is straight where she is headed, and rightly so!


      EQUALS = Casey Gets the Needle and George & Cindy Anthony have to life the rest of their lives knowing they could have avoided this- or at a minimum done the right thing to honor their MURDERED Grandchild !!!!!!!!!!

    18. Carpe on November 23rd, 2009 7:16 am

      There would need to be some serious evidence presented before I could ever suspect Kronk.

      Remember: The Anthony family of ghouls were trying
      to hang Caylee’s death on other people BEFORE it was ever determined to be A DEATH. They wanted it both ways – for Caylee to be missing and to be dead – whichever worked to their advantage at
      any given moment in time?

      Please do not present ex-wives as your only evidence. I have seen some ex-wives in my day, and some of them can be opportunistic, vindictive,
      and just downright surly.

      Hell hath no fury like a woman Kronk’d.

    19. NewGirlBoston on November 23rd, 2009 4:48 pm

      #18. Carpe—you are so right in your post—the Anthony’s have been so easy for even the simplest of folk to figure out their motives.

      Pretty basic—deny deny deny and when that doesn’t work–lie lie lie.

      In a way- this was actually good news-b/c if anything- it shows how desparate Baez’s defense team really is. It is just a diversion to take the focus away from Casey and her messed up family.

      In the end- there is way too much circumstantial and even some forensic evidence which clearly points to one suspect- CASEY ANTHONY.

      They are screwed! As Blink has also pointed out- Baez & Company are doing their client absolutely no favors by going to trial and not attempting a plea deal. His Goose is cooked- and Casey will get the needle. So, from this perspective it is almost humourous to see all the bs they are attempting to pull between now and then. My biggest fear is that we will see another OJ type trial where the Judge let’s the whole trial get out of hand—that was a nightmare.


      Cindy Anthony- you are a liar and you suck!
      George Anthony—-you have no gonads or a sense between right and wrong! There is a word for that-rhymes with Wussy!
      Lee Anthony—-Ditto above! YOU KNOW THE TRUTH AS WELL

      CASEY ANTHONY—-First you will rot! rot! rot! for 6-10 years on Death Row while that numbskull you hired for an Attorney enters all your appeals. Then finally, you will DIE. Much more mercifully than what you did to your own flesh and blood, too. YOU SUCK MOST OF ALL AND YOU ARE A NARCISSITIC M-U-R-D-E-R-E-R ! How’s all those canteen goodies treating you? Now you are puffy, bloated, with long greasy hair and no make up! Even Baez wouldn’t want your ever increasing ass now! LA DOLCE VITA as you knew it is officially:

      OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    20. brie. on November 23rd, 2009 8:20 pm

      How many more people…Baez your client is guilty…
      Tony gets fired but he never should of helped Casey break into shed to get the gas cans, he knew better…that was completely stupid on the part of a cop….Jesse who resigned from his job, he should of broken off a relationship along time ago and ended it…Amy at least went for legal proceedings…Roy Kronk is now facing a life of complete life of grief…seems like anyone involved with Casey ends up with some severe problems….her family was well aware of Casey’s problems and never did anything about it…..

    21. brie. on November 23rd, 2009 10:40 pm

      there is a deep connection with all of these people and the reasons why they have done the things they have done…..pure association with Casey and how she manipulated people and how they resorted to help, even knowing what she had done……and what about Mallory, could she of helped Casey, while the Anthony’s were on vacation, she had complete access to the house…because of helping with the dog…just how much credibility does she have…

      Roy Krock, an innocent, a good samaritan , now is the next victim and suspect….

    22. brie. on November 24th, 2009 12:22 am

      So much for Your Sweet Life Casey….all the lives of people you have conned and ruined and allowed your lawyers and family to do…..

      The family, unemployed has money for cruises, tattoe,s, and diamond studded earrings for sickening…gypsie’s!!!!

    23. Michellcat on January 15th, 2010 11:28 am

      So….if Kronk did it, why did he put the body in Casey’s trunk? Why not put it in the woods to begin with? Why did her car smell of decomp? Why is there a child-shaped blood stain in her car?

      Why didn’t Casey report her daughter missing immediately?

    24. Sharie on August 2nd, 2010 8:31 am

      From the beginning millions of us beleived, Roy’s account of the events were suspicious. Who would just take it upon themselves to guess where the body was based on their bounty hunter experience? They Say, Criminals always return to the scene of the crime & he appeared desperate to have her remains discovered? The more he speaks, the more he incriminates himself? Who would conveniently walk into a Snake field swamp to urinate (he took a photo of a snake?) only miles from her grandparents home? For us, whom have followed this case, it appears there must be some connection between Kronk & Casey? They only thing that saves Roy is the fact, Casey never reported her child missing?? Why not? Was the child abducted & Casey desperate to conceal the fact she was chloroforming her to party? If so, she needs to confess to the child abuse & let the real murderer be discovered. She’s apparently a pathological liar & her tales dug a deep hole based on her self destructive behavior. But, it’s not to late if she’s innocent. Most believe her guilty but Roy’s behavior & involvement may be crucial to discovering any other truths! It wouldn’t be difficult to frame a mother, my kids had stickers, toys, blankets etc in my car. Also, if he was a meter reader, he would have access to the grandparents home, garbage bag, shovel etc. There are many unanswered questions? Give them both a polygraph test!! Only Casey & Kronk can solve this case!

    25. Carol on June 13th, 2011 1:14 am

      I would thing that Casey might have been involved with drug dealers. when this story first broke, I though, Drug deal gone bad. Drug dealers will burn family members if they get ripped. Considering the cadaver dogs only got hits in front of the play house and in the trunk of the car, whose to say that whoever took Caylee June 15th while Casey went back to her parents house didn’t take the childs body to the back yard and yell for Casey to “Look Out the Window.” You failed to repay me my money and get my drugs back to me.” Come Clean or the child dies. Did Casey watch the drug dealer she burned take her child from Hopesprings drive that day? Is that why she was calling George and Cindy non stop. Calling Jesse Grund, Tony and Amy. Was she seeking help on weather to call the police on who took her child for ripping off a drug dealer.
      Jail House Transcripts
      George Ask Casey: Did you borrow something from anyone or remove it without their permission that Caylee might be held for?
      That tells me that George knows foul play is involved with Caylee.
      In Casey’s statement back to George she makes a startling statement. “I was under a time of desperation.” Which I took to mean she was on a deadline to get money back to someone she stole it from. Possible drug dealer?
      Casey tells Padilla: Zenaida held me down (Zeniada being the drug dealer) and Samatha (someone working with the Drug Dealer) and took the baby from me and with the other two children went to the ford focus.
      Padilla ask Casey: Why would Zeniade do that to you?
      Casey said: In retaliation. (Meaning she didn’t follow through on returning stolen money or drugs back to dealer in the time frame he told her to do it). Padilla ask: Why would she retaliate?
      Casey states: Probably for some money that I owed her.
      In another jail house interview
      Casey tells Cindy: “Don’t worry, I haven’t told them anything.” Makes me wonder if by now Cindy has figured out a drug dealer has her grandbaby.
      If you listen closely Casey makes it clear that she loves her daughter and wants her safety and is concerned for the safety of her family. Meaning this drug dealer informed Casey he would kill Geo, Cindy and Lee along wit Cayley if she didn’t recover what she owed him.
      Not that this makes any sense, but Casey is being asked why she won’t tell what she knows about Caylee. Casey states, I’m absolutely peterified. She’s with someone I absolutely do not trust. Drug dealer perhaps who is holding Caylee for ransom? Person ask: At what point did you stop trusting her?
      Casey’s reply: The moment her phone was cut off. I think that is a suggestive clue in that the drug dealer got arrested and phone got turned off. Person never got out of jail. At that point Casey has no more way of communicating with the drug dealer. Caylee was dead by the time Casey went to jail on July 16th. Notice she didn’t argue with Cindy or put up a fight to go to jail. She went without incident. Which also tells me she felt she would be in a safe place from the drug dealer who was putting pressure on her. Caylees’ body was put in the woods by the second party that helped the drug dealer take her child in exchange for the drugs she had ripped him off of. Casey would have known any wrong move she made these men would kill Caylee. If she went to police she knew they would kill he immediately.
      For as many people who covered that area and didn’t smell something dead from there, and were right in the vacinity of the little girls body, not to mention the dogs should have picked up on the smell in the Aug. search, that childs body was in storage somewhere. Strikes me very odd that Roy Kronk would show up at the scene Sept, 2 or 3rd and identified himself as a Bounty Hunter and Privite Investigator and that he was working on the case, as over heard by and Equuasearch Team Leader. That’s big in itself.
      Speaking of one of the 911 calls Kronk makes. In the background you can hear a door opening and shutting when he goes to get his gps. As he is going through the files he is singing, Dum De Dum De Dum De Dum. It’s really creepy. So is Roy Kronk in with this drug dealer perhaps Casey stole drugs from and did the drug dealer give Caylee to Roy Kronk and he killed Caylee and placed her body in the woods Dec. 11th before making that final 911 call. He always referred to his route as the Caylee Anthony route. Can’t wait for this ole boy to be put under the spot light. Should be intersting.

    26. Armenta on July 5th, 2011 3:58 pm

      DADDY should be arrested & dude who moved the body for a reward & NANCY GRACE & JANE V MITCHELL reporters who started THE LINCH MOB!!! & SHOULD be arrested for SLANDER!!! and NOT REPORTING A BIAS !!!!! CRAZY IDIOTS!!!!!

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