Florida Court of Appeals Rejects Casey Anthony’s Appeal … Must Report to Probation Officer by Friday



Casey Anthony, the tot-mom who was acquitted of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony, lost her appeal today as a Florida Court of Appeals stated that she must report to her probation officer by this Friday. The one year probation stems from the Ms. Anthony’s check fraud case.

An error was made on the written sentencing documents in that case, which allowed Anthony to serve her probation while in jail awaiting trial for murder. Judge Stan Strickland, who presided over the check fraud case, had intended for her to serve probation once she left jail.

This is hardly any consolation to the colossal blunder committed by the jury in Casey’s Anthony’s murder trial that allowed her to go free in the murder of her child. It was obvious that Casey Anthony and her defense attorneys knew what the intent of the probation was and she should not benefit from a clerical error. Hell, hasn’t Casey benefited from enough errors at this point? Casey Anthony should consider herself lucky at this point as in the game of life, she is playing with house money.

Her defense attorney, Jose Baez, said earlier this week that she had returned to Florida to await the fate of her probation appeal. A three judge panel on Florida Court of Appeals settled the issue today by rejecting her appeal.

Anthony was ordered earlier this month by Judge Belvin Perry to return to Florida by Aug. 26 to serve a year’s probation stemming from a check fraud conviction. Before her first degree murder trial, Anthony pleaded guilty to stealing checks from best friend Amy Huizenga during the time that Caylee was missing.

The Court of Appeals slapped down both Casey Anthony and her defense attorneys. Its just too bad that the jury in the Casey Anthony murder trial did not have the insight and where with all of these judges. They saw right through Casey and her defense attorneys.

In the written order filed by the Fifth District Court of Appeals today, the judges reprimanded Anthony and her defense team for turning the sentencing process into a “game.”

“The petitioner and her lawyers were well aware that her probationary placement was not to begin until her release from confinement. The petitioner may not, under these circumstances, take advantage of the administrative error of the Department of Corrections,” the order states.

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    2 Responses to “Florida Court of Appeals Rejects Casey Anthony’s Appeal … Must Report to Probation Officer by Friday”

    1. mjaboston on August 23rd, 2011 9:43 pm

      It’s about time someone got it right! Maybe this is the start of Karma rounding the bend and heading straight for all the A’s. Here’s hoping …..

    2. NG Boston on August 24th, 2011 9:30 am

      Called in to Dr. Phil’s Network show yesterday and voiced my objection to their airing this show.

      Also to Proctor & Gamble’s sponsorship Manager for any advertising they do while the 9/12/11 show is airing. I use a lot of P & G’s products in my home and will boycott them if they continue to advertise for anything with the name “Anthony” attached to it.

      Was happy to tell Dr. Phil’s TV Programming Dept. that I don’t watch his show anyway, but will be using Social Media Networks to encourage, family, friends and affiliates who do so NOT TO WATCH!

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