NFL Casts Doubts on Limbaugh’s Bid to Become an Owner of St Louis Rams … GUTLESS!



The NFL should be ashamed. This issue is greater than Rush Limbaugh and just to let you know, if you buckle to unfounded hate and race based agendas, you will be forever owned.

Will the NFL cave to race baiters and liars? It looks that way as the NFL and it’s commissioner Roger Goodell look like a bunch of spinless twits and are going to believe the misrepresentations of what others have said and not allow Rush Limbaugh to become an NFL owner.

Commissioner Roger Goodell said here Tuesday that it would be inappropriate for the owner of an NFL franchise to make the sort of controversial statements attributed in the past to conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

“I’ve said many times before we’re all held to a high standard here, and I think divisive comments are not what the NFL is all about,” Goodell said at an NFL owners’ meeting.

Rush Limbaugh looks to become an NFL owner; however, in typical and predictable fashion the LEFT haters come out of the woodwork.

Just curious NFL, was it a high standard that has denied former NFL greats, who made the NFL what it is today, medical care for their disabilities? Is it also that “high standard” that is responsible for what looks like a lock out in the not too distant future?

Roger Goodell, who are you kidding? You are held to high standards! Where? Have you taken a good look at some of the other NFL owners? Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay said he would not vote in favor of approving Limbaugh as an owner. He stated that he has met with Limbaugh once and considers him a nice guy, “but when you see the comments that are out there, I would not be comfortable.” When you see his comments out there? Like Oakland Raiders owner Al Davis does not have comments out there that more directly affect the NFL?

Here is a newsflash to the rich and elite known as the NFL owners … why don’t you just meet with Rush Limbaugh and ask him directly what he meant by any comments that you claim to have an issue with? Or is it his politics that you have an issue with?

Instead, the NFL, it’s owners and the powers that be would rather listen to so-called journalists with an agenda that are spreading slanderous lies! Who knew that the NFL was so cowardice! Rush Limbaugh has threatened to take legal action for the smear campaign against him.

And let us once again come back to the good commissioner’s comment where he said, “I’ve said many times before we’re all held to a high standard here. It would appear that The Corner has an issue as well with this statement as to what the NFL deems acceptable.

High standard? Is Michael Vick and example of that high standard Mr. Goodell? Because executing dogs and finding pleasure in it is among the highest standards we set in life. Oh, because Vick is now being mentored for the God-like Tony Dungy, that makes Vick ok now? Please! I can remember that Bill Clinton sought mentoring after Monica with the Rev, Jesse Jackson. No one believed that one either.

Here is an idea, why don’t you have Rush Limbaugh be mentored by Tony Dungy? Would that make it ok? It worked for the NFL and a dog killer.

How about Dante Stallworth? Is the NFL going to let this killer back in the league too? How is the NFL’s high standard going to deal with a DUI vehicular manslaughter?

Let’s see, you already let Ray Lewis back in the NFL with no questions asked who had been indicted for murder and aggravated assault but his attorney orchestrated a plea deal where Lewis plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice.

Hmm … Plaxico Burris is now serving time for his night club gun exploits and will apply for reinstatement to the NFL when he is out of lockup.

Hey Roger, check it out … there is an NFL crimes blog for your “high standard” NFL.

As for owners, like let’s say Jim Irsay since he wanted to throw in his two cents. I guess it would be considered a “high standard” Mr. Irsay to leave Baltimore under the cloak of darkness with the Colts and move to Indianapolis? Hmm? Same holds true for Art Modell screwing the fans of Cleveland and moving the team to Baltimore and of course Raiders Al Davis moving the team all around California. These are all stand up and “high standard” moves.

As much as I love the NFL, I am inclined to agree with Macsmind and call for a Conservative boycott of the NFL. Roger Goodell and the NFL owners need to realize that bleeding heart, race baiting liberals do not watch the NFL.

UPDATE I: Rush Derangement Syndrome takes over the NFL

UPDATE II: Democrat Texas Rep Sheila Jackson Lee Bashes Rush on House Floor

Does these moonbats not have anything better to do on the tax payers dime? How is discussing whether Rush Limbaugh becomes an owner of the Rams doing the People’s work? Good grief. America, I beg you to send the bums packing in 2010.

UPDATE III: The LEFT Continues to thwart Limbaugh … Maybe not a good thing.

To the LEFT … Don’t ask for things, they might come true. One would think that the LEFT would want Limbaugh to become an owner of the Rams. Maybe, just maybe the new found hobby would take him away from Talk Radio. Alas, it appears that the LEFT has sabotaged Limbaugh in becoming a part owner. Good got the RIGHT and bad for Obama. Rush can now devote 100% of his time shredding Democrats, Liberals and Obama.

To the LEFT … I think you have awoke a sleeping GIANT!

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    20 Responses to “NFL Casts Doubts on Limbaugh’s Bid to Become an Owner of St Louis Rams … GUTLESS!”

    1. Jason on October 14th, 2009 8:26 am

      Rush Limbaugh is a race-baiter—-and would not be good for the NFL, where you have a large amount of black players.some of his more memorable comments:

      – “Look, let me put it to you this way: The NFL all too often looks like a game between the Bloods and the Crips without any weapons. There, I said it.”

      – “We need segregated buses. … This is Obama’s America.”

      – “President Obama is black. And I think he’s got a chip on his shoulder.”

      – Democrats are interested in Darfur to secure black “voting bloc.”

      – “Minorities never do anything for which they have to apologize.”

      – Obama’s nomination for president “goes back to the fact that nobody had the guts to stand up and say no to a black guy.”

      – Obama is a “halfrican-American.”

      The NFL has a right, to tell Rush to take a hike.With good reason.I am sure if George Bush or Michael Bloomberg wanted to buy the team, there would no problem.But Rush is a bigot basically.

    2. dotratc on October 14th, 2009 10:57 am

      I agree with Jason. Limbaugh’s comments about Donovan McNabb on ESPN should, alone, be enough to disqualify him from ever being associated with the NFL in any capacity.

      All that talk about the lack of medical benefits or decent retirement packages for NFL veterans is just an attempt to divert attention away from the obvious. Oh, by the way, I thought things like work-place benefits and organized labor were “leftist/liberal” concepts. Funny to see them endorsed by SM when the shoe is on the other foot.

      p.s. Ray Lewis pled guilty to obstruction of justice (a misdemeanor). Do you at SM believe that a guilty plea to obstruction of justice should disqualify him from playing in the NFL? If so, then how do you feel about Limbaugh’s guilty plea to doctor shopping charges?

    3. super dave on October 14th, 2009 10:57 am

      #1: i’m not much of a limbaugh fan but i consider your post race baiting as well. democrats are the most race baiting bunch of bigots in this country. always using the race card to protect their criminal activities and their president.

    4. Dawg1948 on October 14th, 2009 11:02 am

      Thats good Jason, so much for freedom of speech if he made those comments. And, so much for the power of rumor if he didn’t. I persoanlly seldomly watch pro football anymore and will probably do so less now with the NFL’s anti-American stance. This is a pure violation of Mr. Limbaugh’s freedom of speech, how about some of the statements we have heard over the years from Mr. Jackson and Mr. Sharpton. Thsoe are two fine hypocrits to model our society after.

    5. tuyvnsurvivor on October 14th, 2009 11:38 am

      As for spectator sports I used to sneek ear piece radios in class to listen to baseball, and I was quite apt at stats. Then football had less whine.

      All along liking the dangerous Nascar and boxing, though the media supplied us with gaps in the coverage. I am a viewer of blood sports now, until whiners and racists take them over. Then I will find new things again.

      I do not follow Rush closely at all, though why should he bother with football? That a ordinary racist like Sharpton might speek for NFL football, I would find better places for my millions.

    6. rightknight on October 14th, 2009 11:46 am

      Limbaugh loves the Rams enough to buy them. Al Sharpton
      is busy attempting to impugn every Conservative, especially
      those very successful ones like Rush. Al is workin’ hard
      to entwine Conservatism with Racism…it’s the kind of ‘work’
      he’s familiar with. He is apparently not familiar with the US
      Tax Code, however!

      Is Roger Goodell a pushover or what?

    7. Carpe on October 14th, 2009 1:02 pm

      “Dem Takes to House Floor to Urge NFL Not to Let Rush Buy Team”

      Classic! Rush is not a race baiter.

      He is white and he is a radio talk-show host
      that is a Republican.

      I am aware some people just can’t deal with that,
      but it is not a crime in this country.

      I am just so glad Rush never electrocuted and tortured dogs!!! That would take him at least
      a whole two years to break in to the NFL, huh?

      See more at: Michael Vick


      A shout out to the DEM Racist Caucus, as well.


      We all know if we ever had something call the
      REP. WHITE NATIONAL CAUCUS in the year 2009…
      we have another war going on.

      The HYPOCRISY is just off the charts.

    8. Carpe on October 14th, 2009 1:22 pm

      AL SHARPTON – A Moment In History

      On November 28, 1987, Tawana Brawley, a 15-year-old African American girl, was found smeared with feces, lying in a garbage bag, her clothing torn and burned and with various slurs and epithets written on her body in charcoal. Brawley claimed she had been assaulted and raped by six white men, some of them police officers, in the town of Wappingers Falls, New York.

      Attorneys Alton H. Maddox and C. Vernon Mason joined Sharpton in support of Brawley. A grand jury was convened; after seven months of examining police and medical records, the jury determined that Brawley had fabricated her story. Sharpton, Maddox, and Mason accused the Dutchess County prosecutor, Steven Pagones, of racism and of being one of the perpetrators of the alleged abduction and rape. The three were successfully sued for slander and ordered to pay $345,000 in damages, the jury finding Sharpton liable for making seven defamatory statements about Pagones, Maddox for two, and Mason for one. Sharpton refused to pay his share of the damages; it was later paid by a number of black business leaders.

      In 2007 Sharpton said he would have accepted the case the same as he does today. The only difference would be he would not have made it so personal with Pagones, but he still felt Brawley had a good case to go to trial. “I disagreed with the grand jury on Brawley,” said Sharpton in an interview. “I believed there was enough evidence to go to trial. Grand jury said there wasn’t. Okay, fine. Do I have a right to disagree with the grand jury? Many Americans believe O.J. Simpson was guilty. A jury said he wasn’t. So I have as much right to question a jury as they do. Does it make somebody a racist? No! They just disagreed with the jury. So did I.”

      No, I’m sorry. Stuck black business leaders with the check. What a guy.

    9. dotratc on October 14th, 2009 4:40 pm

      It’s all moot at this point because the Checketts have said that they will proceed with their bid to buy the Rams without Limbaugh.

      The good guys win again!!!!!

    10. Dawg1948 on October 14th, 2009 10:26 pm

      #9 its not a moot point it is slanderous and Limbaugh will sue and win and should. This kind of sh*t needs to cease.

    11. Penni on October 14th, 2009 10:54 pm

      This is outrageous. I’m done with the NFL.

    12. St Stephen on October 15th, 2009 7:07 am

      Who cares? Why anyone with vast amounts of money want to buy into a headache like the NFL is beyond me anyway.
      SM: Who cares? You are joking, right?

      First of all, it does not have to be the NFL, it could be any business.
      Second, it does not have to be Rush, it could be you next.

      False accusations by folks who make a living off using the race card. When is enough, enough?

      The NFL should hang its head in shame for buckling to this nonsense. Change your name to the “PCFL”.

    13. super dave on October 15th, 2009 7:12 am

      sorry, but brawley’s neighbor saw her crawl into the trash bag with the dog feces from her neighbor’s yard and, evidence was in her mother’s apartment that showed the charcoal and other items came from the same apartment.
      blatant racism. she and her mom should have been imprisoned along with Fat Albert Sharpton.

    14. super dave on October 15th, 2009 7:17 am

      blacks always trying to bring the white man down.

    15. dotratc on October 15th, 2009 8:23 am

      SM (footnote to #12),

      Why do you continue to defend Rush Limbaugh? Go re-read Jason’s post (#1). Everything that Jason posted was a recent verbatim quote from Limbaugh. He is either a bigot or a two-faced liar. Either way, he has no business owning an NFL franchise and I am glad that the Checketts came to their senses.

      p.s. to #4, This has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech.

    16. CONservative governMENt on October 15th, 2009 8:49 am

      Hey, Rush is all about the free market system, right? Well, the free market spoke, and it didn’t want him around.
      Funny, Rush is all for free speech, until it is actually listened to and used against him. Sounds like Rush wants a double standard…one for him, and one for everyone else.
      You lose, Rush, don’t let the door hit you in the very large *ss on the way out.

    17. CONservative governMENt on October 15th, 2009 8:51 am

      Rush completely misses the point. In the United States people can speak freely – just like he does every day…..only these people don’t have a paid-for forum to speak their minds – they just did….their statement was – toxic, loud-mouth people who shows such little respect for others – has no place in their sport….

      Good for them

      It has NOTHING to do with conservatism – in the end, there are many who feel strongly about that path to government – who could have easily stepping in and purchased the team – - but they don’t go around belittling others on a daily basis.

      He is given a microphone – he has a choice – the choice of free speech – - rush chooses to use that microphone to bully and belittle – - – and these people, the ones without the mic’s – have said NO – we do not want you, we will not work for you, we do not support you
      Good for them

      Next time you turn on the mic- try being a little more respectful of your fellow Americans – that you claim you speak for!

    18. LEFT Wing Liars and Media Wins … Rush Limbaugh Sacked from NFL St Louis Rams Bid | Scared Monkeys on October 15th, 2009 9:30 am

      [...] NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell had stated that the NFL is no place for divisive comments. However, Goodell seems to think that its ok to give convicts, law breakers and players responsible for others deaths a second chance. [...]

    19. dotratc on October 15th, 2009 10:17 am

      After reading the comments in #16 and #17, I want to rephrase my post script (in my post #15). Instead of saying that this has nothing to do with freedom of speech, I want to say that this has everything to do with freedom of speech. Limbaugh was just bum-rushed by a whole lot of good Americans exercising their First Amendment right to freedom of speech.

    20. Scott on October 15th, 2009 12:49 pm

      #17 – you are kidding right? I almost fell off my chair laughing at your lame and pathetic attempt to claim Rush does not have respect for his fellow Americans…right…why is it he is one of the most listened radio personalities out there? Just wondering since you seem to KNOW everything you CON POS!

      It’s funny your comments about loud-mouthed, toxic comments who have no respect for anybody when that makes up a good part of the NFL, OWNERS included…give me a break you loser! LOL HAHAHHAHA…Oh my….what a toolbox!

      You wouldn’t know the difference between a football and a tennis ball. You were probably the nerdy fat kid that everybody picked last in sports! LOL!

      Look up bullying and belittling and you’ll see Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and every other blood sucking liberal out there….Pelosi and Reid calling Americans Nazis, astroturf, racists, etc….that’s belittling d*****d!

      You know why liberals hate Rush? Because he says what other people won’t say, sort of like Charles Barkley. He’s a REALIST not a racist. He says it as he sees it and MANY MANY MANY, MILLIONS feel the same way he does, look at the number of his listeners.

      Maybe what Rush said burned some bridges for his chance at his purchase of an NFL squad…

      Liberals are trying to grab onto this Rush businesss because they know their WHOLE ship is sinking, to the many governors and congressional races pointing HEAVILY towards republicans, to the ACORN-GATE and the fact that they are NOW involved in using cash from banks illegally and improperly to the MAJORITY of Americans not wanting Obamacare……

      Keep grasping for straws losers!

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