Former St. Louis Rams Practice Squad Player T.Y. Nsekhe Gets Hammered in Backlash after Tweeting Anti-Military Comments … ‘It Doesn’t Take Much Skill To Kill Someone’


Anti-military Tweet from former St. Louis Ram Offensive lineman was quite offensive …

It all started after an individual Tweeted that she found it hard to believe that an individual wearing a helmet defending a football makes more money than a soldier wearing a helmet defending his country. I actually second that opinion as it is the soldier who makes our country free so that another individual has the right to play football. The dim-witted and cut practice squad offensive lineman then Tweeted, “It doesn’t take much skill to kill someone.” Wow, really? So an out of work football player who only played in 2 games thinks they can make it through military basic training, wanna bet?

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher said Nsekhe wasn’t in the NFL because he’s “not necessarily a deep thinker, OK?”

The incident started after someone named Morgan Reed – under the Twitter handle @_Morganism_ – tweeted “Hard to believe that a player in a helmet defendin’ a football makes more money than a soldier in a helmet defendin’ his country.”

Offensive tacke Ty Nsekhe (@TY_Nsekhe), who was on the Rams practice squad in 2012, then responded, “It doesn’t take much skill to kill someone.”

Statement from The St Louis Rams:

The opinions Nsekhe shared via social media are his own and are completely contradictory to the values of our organization and the priority we place on military and veteran appreciation.

The St. Louis Rams are grateful for the sacrifices our military and their families make in order to defend our freedom and protect our great nation. The Rams have a longstanding commitment to our military and veterans and that commitment has only been strengthened under Head Coach Jeff Fisher, a passionate supporter of the military and everything that they represent.  We find it deplorable that anyone would express any feelings other than extreme gratitude for the service that our country’s military provides.

UPDATE I: T.Y. Nsekhe is in full retreat and spin mode as he tries to apologize for his ignorant comment. Sorry, no one is buying it.

Former St. Louis Rams practice player T.Y. Nsekhe apologized to fans after facing intense backlash for a tweet he sent out a Tweet Monday night dismissing the talent of those in the U.S. military.

“In no way were my comments meant to demean the members of our US armed forces,” Nsekhe said. “I recognize the sacrifices these members make so that all American’s [sic] can enjoy the freedoms our soldiers [sic] skills have afforded us.”

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    One Response to “Former St. Louis Rams Practice Squad Player T.Y. Nsekhe Gets Hammered in Backlash after Tweeting Anti-Military Comments … ‘It Doesn’t Take Much Skill To Kill Someone’”

    1. Rightknight on September 25th, 2013 12:03 pm

      Most football players have a rich balance between bulk
      and brains. This poor example of bulk minus brains cannot
      hope to represent real football players AND has no creds
      to blab about our wonderful military.

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