BREAKING NEWS  … At approximately 5:35 PM today, Drew Peterson was taken into custody for charges that he murdered his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

One Down, One to Go…

Finally, Fox news reports the arrest of Drew Peterson, in conjunction with the death of his third wife Kathleen Savio. Savio’s body was exhumed and cause of death was listed as homicide. Savio was found dead in her bathtub in 2004.


Thursday afternoon around 5:35 PM, state police surrounded Peterson’s car and charged him with the death of Kathleen Savio..
Thank GOD. That only leaves us to wait for charges against him for the death of his 4th wife, Stacy Peterson. Stacy went missing, October 28th of 2007. Peterson claims that she walked away from the home, the marriage and the children for a relationship with another man. Stacy has never been found, and her family claims that she would never leave her children, and they presume that Drew had something to do with her disappearance.


SO does/should the rest of the world!!! I mean, come on…. I know that you are innocent until proven guilty, and yadda, yadda. But come on people!! If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, IT’S A DUCK…

Add common sense to the fact that Peterson was seen loading a blue barrel into the back of his truck the day after the disappearance…and there you have it… a third dead wife, a missing fourth wife,and a blue barrel..Looks to me like one and one still equals two….

So, we finally have justice for Kathleen Savio. But what about justice for Stacy Peterson? Drew is a suspect in Stacy’s disappearance according to police.But that’s just not good enough for me. I realize evidence is needed before charges can be brought forth.But after a year and a half, looks like they need to call that duck a duck, right??

I cant wait to see that day when justice is brought to Stacy Peterson just like it has been for Kathleen Savio. One down, one to go. (H/T posted by Nikki)

UPDATES to follow HERE.

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    1. Kat_Gram on May 7th, 2009 7:35 pm

      That should wipe the smirk off his face.
      I am sure our friend Carpe will have something to say !

    2. R.L.Haley on May 7th, 2009 7:46 pm

      Well its about friggin time.

    3. Maggie on May 7th, 2009 7:51 pm

      about time!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Maggie on May 7th, 2009 8:02 pm

      Final hours of Natalee Holloway are on E right now…hosted by chris cuomo ..says new.. I don’t know

    5. Carpe on May 7th, 2009 10:03 pm

      This guy is such a complete and total flesh container of vacuity, and some other things
      I find highly unpleasant.

      …and to make matters worse, he is under the impression that he is the second coming of Elvis!

      Every time he is on tv, I pucker up a little bit
      on my couch. I am so happy he is finally where he belongs!

      Heya Kat_Gram! ;)

    6. NY;r on May 7th, 2009 10:08 pm

      About Time…Stacy would still be alive had the police did their jobs the first homicide…..

    7. HOPE on May 7th, 2009 10:33 pm

      If he were any kind of man, he’d tell where the barrel is and let the family get on with their lives. He needs to think about his children and let them be free. I would hate to have to think about their emotional condition after the deaths of two moms… especially, under his roof.

    8. VIDEO of Drew Peterson Arrested for the Murder of Wife #3, Kathleen Savio | Scared Monkeys on May 8th, 2009 7:16 am

      [...] before the long arm of the law caught up with Drew Peterson. Yesterday, at approximately 5:35 pm Drew Peterson was taken into custody and arrested for the murder of his third wife, Kathleen Savio. In the age of 24/7 news, digital [...]

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