Stacy Peterson Missing Person Case: Do Police Have Drew Peterson Over a Barrel


Police have been looking into reports that a large blue barrel was removed from the Peterson home with the help of a mystery individual. Police are now stating according to reports that they have identified the person believed to have helped Drew Peterson remove the blue barrel.

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    18 Responses to “Stacy Peterson Missing Person Case: Do Police Have Drew Peterson Over a Barrel”

    1. da_wench on November 28th, 2007 12:03 pm

      It makes me sick that there are so many in law enforcement that are killing their spouses. There HAS to be someone to report abuse to without having to go through the friends and co-workers that these abusers have on their side. Okay, okay, I know…innocent until proven guilty. But what murderer or defense attorney admits the truth? Drew Peterson (like another sick SOB we blog about here) is so smug that he will NEVER admit to killing a woman even when forensic evidence proves otherwise. He will claim that he was set up.

    2. brenda on November 28th, 2007 12:09 pm

      Excuse me!?? Did step-brother take lessons from the K2s or something? He knew full well what was in that barrel because NOTHING I’m reading of his statements adds up OR makes sense.

      Here’s what I see:

      Statement: He attempted suicide the NEXT DAY after learning Stacey was missing because “he may have helped his step-brother dispose of a body.”

      Question1: Really? Why would he even think that? Peterson was not even a suspect yet! What made this guy think his brother murdered her before police even called him a person of interest?

      Question2: If totally innocent, why not go straight to the police with his suspicions?

      Question3: Suicide is normally related to guilt and depression. What was he “guilty” and/or “depressed” about?

      Next Statement: He tried to commit suicide after learning Stacey was missing because he was “depressed”.

      Question: Ok…I would LOVE to know how close he was to Stacey. She’s been missing ONE DAY. Why the hell so upset if she (according to Peterson) has “run away for a new life somewhere else?” What did step-brother know he refuses to tell?

      Question4: How many men have we heard of EVER who want to end their lives because his step-brother’s 4th wife goes missing? Geez…

      Last Statement: Prosecutors have not called Morphey to testify before a grand jury examining the 23-year-old woman’s disappearance because he has “memory lapses” about loading the barrel into Peterson’s GMC Yukon Denali, the source said.

      Question: Ok…we are supposed to believe he is having memory lapses? Oh My GOD!!! How convenient can that be?


      Ok…there is my little rant. The step-brother knew exactly what he was doing. I want to learn what dirt Peterson actually has on his step-brother. Also can’t wait to learn how close he was to Stacey and what he knew. Could he have been the one having the “sexy” text messages to her? Wouldn’t that be interesting?

    3. brenda on November 28th, 2007 1:35 pm


      I agree partially. First, yes…not many murders or their accomplices (the defense attorny) will admit to murder.

      What I do not agree upon is that “so many police officers are killing their wives”. We’ve had how many publicized cases of this over the current year…3 (including the young man who killed all of those teenagers over a girlfriend)? That pales in comparison the the number of “priests” who prey on alter boys.

      Please keep in mind those police officers who murder their wives are no more officers than those pedophiles in priests’ clothing are truly doing the work of the Lord. They are imposters.

      I can assure you that in 99% of the cases where an officer is under suspicion of wrong-doing his fellow officers want to “get him” more than anyone else for obvious reasons. Such a person casts a long shadow over the rest of the force. The REAL officers do not want that and would certainly be happy to root out the rat.

      Still, I agree that any woman married or dating an officer may be reluctant to go to the same jurisdication to report the problem. They can always go to the state police or report to FBI. Those entities would be more than pleased to check it out.

    4. da_wench on November 28th, 2007 2:33 pm

      Brenda, for more information on police officers killing their wives, check out the following website:

      Here you will find many reports of officers who have been convicted of murdering their wives and children, domestic violence, rape, and child molest. There are also stories about officers that have been under suspicion for murdering their wives and yet they are still wearing a badge and carrying a gun. You will also get a better idea of how many officers have domestic abuse charges brought against them. What I fear is that so many instances of abuse go unreported because the wife feels she has no one to report to. Many woman do not feel safe reporting to her husbands friends and coworkers that he is abusive.

      Just because you haven’t seen it on the news doesn’t mean it is not happening.

      I disagree that the fellow officers want to “get him”. If that were true, and just as a an example, Officer Anthony Nieves (Bronx, NY) would not still be on the force.

    5. brenda on November 28th, 2007 2:47 pm

      Geez Da_wench…I hope you are wrong, but I will check out the link. Probably you are correct that these cases have not made national news.

      I can say that in the police department where I used to work this would not be the case. But I live in a small town and everyone knows everyone. Plus, my corner of Virginia is in the Bible belt where most are extremely conservative.

      Thanks for the information. It is sad to think you may be correct about this….

    6. da_wench on November 28th, 2007 3:09 pm

      A short list of officers in the news recently (obviously not national news)

      Convicted of child molest and rape:
      Lee Giles

      Convicted of murder or under the suspicion of murder:
      Robert Vanaman
      Ken Huber
      Chueng Lee
      Tuyler Peterson
      Alex Chapparo
      Anthony Neives
      Drew Peterson
      Michael Welch
      Shawna Nelson
      Michelle Moore
      Levi Chavez

      Recently convicted or charged with domestic violence:
      Brad Walker
      Unnamed officer in Holly Springs, GA
      Richard Picardo
      Jarrod Pierce
      David Vitrella
      Jeffrey Elmore
      Craig Flocken
      Michael Welch (suspected of killing one girlfriend and arrested for DV of another)
      Warren Nyegas
      George Ruckruch
      William Kennedy
      John Fiore

      Those are on the first two pages of Behind the Blue Wall blog. It goes on and on and on.

    7. da_wench on November 28th, 2007 3:28 pm

      Brenda, about the priests molesting children, I agree that is something that needs to be dealt with. Unfortunately, the Catholic church has many paid families to keep quiet about the abuses they have endured and have hidden the abusers by transferring them to one parish after another. I think the priests who were convicted are just the tip of the iceberg.

    8. Miss-Underestimated on November 28th, 2007 5:05 pm

      Drew Peterson said he is scared.
      He said he did not have a blue barrel

      Watch out step brother, he is going to set you up.

    9. da_wench on November 28th, 2007 6:08 pm

      Sociopaths cannot understand why their lies are not believed. They are just baffled by our lack of understanding of their innocence.

    10. maryd on November 28th, 2007 8:01 pm

      Wasn’t his explanation about asking the neighbor to watch the kids that day that he had a relative who tried to commit suicide? That being the case is it possible that he gave his step brother the pills to try and make his story legit? Maybe hoping he would drop dead so he couldn’t talk about the barrel? I wonder if LE or FBI have checked the step bro’s property?

    11. CVT6702 on November 29th, 2007 3:05 am

      I believe that Drew Peterson killed his wife and buried her in the woods somewhere.
      I believe he buried her there and I believe he had help.
      Did he also bury the blue barrel?
      And is there a shovel somewhere with dirt on it that can be traced to the burial spot?
      I base this information on bits and pieces of Psychic Information I have received from the Spirit World after the spirit of dead Stacy Peterson appeared holding up her right finger to say this happened because she wanted to divorce him and he didn’t want to go through another divorce and dividing up community property.
      I believe Drew Peterson and his relative who helped him remove the barrel from his home should both have to take lie detector tests and I think this will get the ball rolling and help us to find the body of stacy peterson.
      If we don’t find where she is buried I believe she could end up much like former Teamster Jimmy Hoffa whose body has never been found after being murdered by people connected to organized crime.

    12. brenda on November 29th, 2007 9:39 am

      Man, reading the list of officers who have murdered or molested makes me sick. I had such a great experience with an excellent small, force of men and women, that it’s hard for me to imagine so many could be so bad.

      One thing I remember the chief of police told me was that when hiring new officers, the toughest part of the job was determining (prior to hiring) whether the person sitting in front of them WAS a police officer already at heart, or just WANTED to be a police officer. A big difference.

      As for the blue barrel, my feeling is that it is in a body of water somewhere. With the freezing temperatures up there, that barrel would not be able to be located until the spring after all of the freezing over starts.

      Maybe he did bury it, but think of how deep the hole would have to be! Then again, if he premeditated this crime (as I am sure he did) he very, well could have dug it in preparation for placing Stacey and the barrel in there. Creeps me out that the barrel was upstairs in the house….and those poor children! No mother and about to loose what they thought was a dad, but really a monster.

      What is the most telling part to me is that he left his step brother WITH his cell phone and told him not to answer. He, as an imposter officer, knew damn well he didn’t want that thing being tracted via cell towers. NOt only that, but he had Stacey’s cell phone and called himself as a sick alibi. I am sure that where ever he placed his wife, a crushed or disabled cell phone is with her.

      I hope it doesn’t take as long to find Stacey as it did to find Lacy Peterson. How ironic that last names match.

    13. brenda on November 29th, 2007 12:21 pm

      Whoa! Just read the news that Stacy Peterson had told 2 friends that her hubby confessed to her he killed his 3rd wife and set up the scene to make it appear as an accident. Too bad I’m not surprised. She was young and his ego had to tell someone. Once she decided to leave him, he didn’t want that information leaving her mouth. I have serious doubts he knew she had already told those friends.

    14. Al Wilson on November 29th, 2007 10:55 pm

      Actually if Staci is in water and it freezes over. Searchers will be able to search more areas faster as sonar shoots right through the ice. The transponder just needs to be set in a cup of water and set on the ice. Ice fisherman uses this to locate fish.

    15. TJ on November 30th, 2007 2:50 am

      Someone close to Drew said he knew every square inch of the area he has lived. I do think that Stacy has been put to rest, it’s a strong gut feeling. Someone, please check the wells and properties of abandoned homes. I’m sensing that an abandoned deep well would be a good place to hide a barrel and a body, also is there a missing shovel some where? Keep a close watch on the step-brother because I think he is being black-mailed and knows more than he is saying. Someone needs to check out his property with a search warrant quickly. Some how those little ones need to be kept safe from harm and the older children, also. Cops who like to involve themselves in wrongdoings like to weasel themselves out of situations and like to play the blame game then turn on you like your crazy so you believe them like a controlling crafty fox. These people thrive on conflict and when their lives seem dull or boring they like to stir things up or if they are trying to cover things up they go to unbelievable measures to keep their skeleton closets closed “it’s a game of how much can I get away with?”. Actions speak louder than words and if Drew was smart with regards to this case, he would have been the first person trying to help with the case instead of the last regardless of if he thought she left him and abandoned their children or not. The fact that he is staying out of that aspect really just proves him to be a sitting duck “guilty”.

    16. brenda on November 30th, 2007 9:56 am

      Al, thanks for the info on sonar. Being a Florida native and now living in south west Virginia where the winters are mild, I never thought about using sonar to look through ice. Makes good sense.

      TJ, with Peterson being a “police officer” for so long, I am certain he is absolutely familiar with the entire area. At least where I live, the officers are required to patrol and spend a certain amount of time (like months) in one area of the county, then they are switched around to another area so they can be familiar with everything.

      As for looking for a missing shovel, that would only be hard because Drew isn’t going to admit one is gone. Only Stacy or possibly the children would know that…but how many did he have?

      My hubby is a contractor and we have literally half a dozen of them. Some square ended, some pointed, some with short handles, some long. May be difficult to figure out.

      Since the vehicles of both Drew and Stacy are still in police custody, maybe they can take a look at the soils under the carriage and figure out where he was. I’ve heard of such things before. We have lots of clay around here, and if you are near a cow pasture, LOTS of nice, black dirt. If near the New River, lots of sand. Hopefully, they can (and have) determined something. My hope is that the reason they are looking at bodies of water is because they have already determined this.

    17. Beverly Prieskorn on February 5th, 2008 9:26 pm

      Well, I believe Drew Peterson, he said he knew his wife went to some place warm. So he is trying to say he put her in an incinerator or the sewer, where it was nice and warm. Police should start there. Anyone knows that sociopaths and police officers know how to out smart the investigators.

    18. d bitetti on April 17th, 2008 9:10 am

      I believe drew did kill stacy peterson. I believe he did try to get rid of the barrel with her in it but couln’t so he left the barrel in the cannal to miss led the police and then he buried the body. she was going to leave him and he couldn’t let her go, couldn’t lose control of her, control for him is a very important thing. I believe in some ways he feels guilt for what he did, it wasn’t premeditated. He lost control, he couldn’t lose her, he did love her in some way, he’s twisted somehow. He keeps the house, the clothes because he can’t believe he did it and feels guilty and wants to believe it did not happen, that she is away and may come back{sick}.
      the lawyer knows, he slipped up and said on larry king show “she may be living……,underground somewhere…
      the brother-in-law is scared for his life and/or he will be accused in the murder or cover-up.
      drew should be watched becaused guilty people usually go or visit where the body or crime was.

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