Lifetime Movie Network has Gone into Production to make “The Natalee Holloway Story” Missing in Aruba



Aruba, did you think the story of Natalee Holloway was going away and that you were Natalee Holloway 2just going to sweep Natalee’s disappearance under the Aruban sand? Your many efforts to depress search efforts and discounts leads and confessions will never make people not remember what happened in Aruba in 2005 and how Aruban officials helped cover up Natalee’s disappearance.  The Lifetime Movie Network has gone into production for a made for TV movie based on the 2005 disappearance of Natalee Holloway in Aruba.

Lifetime Movie Network has gone into preproduction on a telefilm based on the real-life story of Natalee Holloway, a teenager who disappeared in 2005 during a senior class vacation in Aruba.

The tentatively titled “The Natalee Holloway Story,” from Sony Pictures TV and executive producers Judith Verno and Frank Von Zerneck, is based on the book “Loving Natalee: A Mother’s Testament of Hope and Faith,” by Holloway’s mother, Beth Twitty.

The movie, airing in 2009, will tell the story of Holloway, whose disappearance captured the attention of the national media, and Twitty’s efforts to discover the truth about what happened to her daughter.

Aruba 3 suspects

We had actually known about this news for quite some time; however, had promised Beth Holloway not to spill the beans. I had recently discussed the up coming movie with Beth Holloway while in Orlando, FL on a search for missing Caylee Anthony. Now that the cat is out of the bag, we will be discussing the up coming movie more in the not too distant future. Once again, the world will see what transpired in Aruba, the obstacles and road blocks provided from Aruban officials and how little a family was helped to find their missing daughter.

Lifetime to make ‘Holloway’ movie; Drama tells the story of missing Alabama teen

The ripped-from-the-headlines pic will dramatize the story of the 18-year-old Alabama woman who disappeared in May 2005 during a high school trip to Aruba. Although no body was recovered, it’s been widely speculated that she was murdered.

The network will be “working closely” with Holloway’s mother, Beth Twitty, said LMN senior veep in charge of original movies, Tanya Lopez, “to raise awareness of how to keep our children safe at all times.”

Make no mistake about it, the quest continues to find answers into the disappearance of Natalee Holloway and to bring her home. Aruba, this story will never be forgotten. Sooner or later you will cooperate and help bring … JUSTICE FOR NATALEE. 

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    91 Responses to “Lifetime Movie Network has Gone into Production to make “The Natalee Holloway Story” Missing in Aruba”

    1. Sharon Chicago on October 7th, 2008 10:16 am

      This is soooo good…and I know just like OJ finally is getting locked up, so will Joran and
      the 2 Kalpoe’s along with Paulus and others.

      This is not over with yet! Joran your guilt
      will follow you forever!

    2. Sharon Chicago on October 7th, 2008 10:19 am

      I hope for one of the ending scenes of this movie they show Beth standing in front of a
      audience of students talking about how unsafe
      it is to travel to Aruba….this would be
      a good ending to the movie…once again
      letting Aruba know that the beat goes on!

    3. Bonnie on October 7th, 2008 10:22 am

      This is one time I would love to see the parents compensated for there never ending efforts. I know it has cost them untold amounts of money and the heart break they must feel every time they do a search and find nothing can not be measured. I admire that family for not only searching for their own daughter but searching for other families as well. I hope lifetime does the story justice.

    4. txchic on October 7th, 2008 10:57 am

      so where’s joran hiding now?

    5. ayfit on October 7th, 2008 12:25 pm

      This is good I guess. Lifetime- too small of an audience. Natalee deserves more. This should be a major movie with big time actors. You know a silver screen event. The story is huge,the movie should be as well. Good luck Beth!!!!

    6. lake erie princess on October 7th, 2008 12:26 pm

      This makes my day !
      Also knowing that OJ will be where he belongs.

      Instant Karma ?

      Hey Joran,…..
      how do u like us now ?

    7. Justice on October 7th, 2008 12:30 pm

      Should be interesting. Especially if they are working with Beth on the movie

    8. Miss-Underestimated on October 7th, 2008 12:38 pm

      That is great news.
      Sharon, I would like to the see the end being the hidden video of Joran confessing in the car, the the text roll, claimig Aruba and Holland have not prosecuted Joran VDS. A nice touch maybe some of the ALE can be played by pigs.

    9. Justice on October 7th, 2008 1:44 pm

      Hopefully they go into full detail of the coverup. I worry this could be another fluff piece.

    10. Susan on October 7th, 2008 1:52 pm


      Hats off to Lifetime for making a new movie about the tragic story of Natalee Ann Holloway!

      What was meant to be a fun-filled celebration (as we all know) suddenly turned into a horrific, hellish nightmare for her parents, family, classmates, friends, well wishers, etc.

      The BOYCOTT rolls on!!



    11. crossbow on October 7th, 2008 2:07 pm

      Rumors have him back in The Netherlands.
      So far no visuals to confirm.

    12. Richard on October 7th, 2008 2:48 pm

      I hope that Lifeline beats that Dutch guy (Hans POS, and you know what that acronym means) who was doing some kind of movie.

      If this is going to be based on Beth’s book, then it will be Beth’s story … not something controlled by Aruba … and maybe the American people will be reminded that this one family has been fighting a foreign government.

      With no assistance from their own.

      This might well be an opportunity to rekindle the flame of the boycott Aruba movement….

      Here’s hoping!

    13. Von Kitty Kat on October 7th, 2008 2:52 pm

      Sad and happy at the same time.
      This ” story ” introduced us to some real life heros in both the parents and the step ( I hate that word ) parents. I am also glad that the movie is based on Beth’s wonderful book, not some other c- – p from Aruba.

    14. filjepper on October 7th, 2008 3:18 pm

      Do you believe everything Beth says?
      Something is very wrong here.
      But… you and me are here for Natalee Holloway
      … I hope for the best. Oke?

    15. Just Bearly on October 7th, 2008 3:31 pm

      can they make Jack Nicholson look like Paulus, (or is Jack too old for the part).
      A younger Jack would make a perfect diabolical, sweating, PVS in the movie i think.

    16. allan on October 7th, 2008 3:36 pm

      I will be at some peace when Natalee is recovered, found and that Aruban Dutch trash is put away.
      Paulus and gang your days are numbered, you are disqusting.

    17. crossbow on October 7th, 2008 3:40 pm

      If it is mostly based on Beth’s book then it will not be filmed on Aruba. If she is the advisor to the movie they will not permit her to step foot on Aruba.
      Good Luck Beth; Perhaps someone will eventually come forword; like Theo or someone else.

    18. Bonnie on October 7th, 2008 3:59 pm

      Yes,filjepper?, I do believe everything Beth says. Wish there were more like her.

    19. txchic on October 7th, 2008 4:09 pm

      how can they ban beth from the island? doesn’t one have to commit a crime for the system to ban her? how can they allow joran to come & go as he pleases, yet ban beth?

      one island full of idiots. i’d rather spend my $$$ elsewhere.

    20. mommytraveler on October 7th, 2008 4:11 pm

      I just returned from a trip to Europe where our Group Tour Manager just happened to be from Arnhem. When asked about Natalee Holloway by several of the participants in our trip, she replied that the people of Arnhem hate the fact that their city has been associated with the case. Arnhem is a lovely city with many WW2 memories – the site of some very important battles for a bridge there. That city never expected to be caught up in this drama. The Tour Manager said she didn’t know if he was still there but said if he was, he is not out and about. People there think he should just go home to Aruba.

    21. Jack on October 7th, 2008 4:36 pm

      The Boycott Roll,s On!!!

    22. Richard on October 7th, 2008 5:53 pm

      Crossbow (#11) … The mother of Amy Bradley is in contact, and has been for some time, with a lady in the Netherlands who has tried to support her quest for answers.

      This lady has told her that she lives two blocks from Joran, that he is indeed there now, and is out partying every night.

    23. Richard on October 7th, 2008 5:55 pm

      MommyTraveler (#20) … If you are still in contact with that lady, why not ask her about Joran’s status at college? I remember reading that he was failing courses and was likely to be kicked out. That was a while ago … maybe it has already happened.

      In that case, could the city find some way to declare him persona non grata?

    24. Maggie on October 7th, 2008 6:01 pm

      Yep I do believe what Beth says, because her mission is to find and recover her daughter and lying would not lead to that.She has been relentless in looking for Natalee.. However Joran, and the Kalpoes have the motive to lie.. and did lie over and over.. and refuse to answer questions. They ARE the last know people with Natalee and nothing has changed that.

    25. Murph on October 7th, 2008 6:08 pm

      I was driving back from Vegas this summer and met a family from Holland that knew about Natalee missing from Aruba. The gentlemen told me how sorry he was and wished Joran would leave his country or go to jail. It’s good to know they feel justice has not been served and maybe one day it will happen like OJ. Joran will get his sooner or later!

    26. Susan on October 7th, 2008 6:11 pm

      #19 – txchic

      Beth was probably banned from Aruba due to the bad publicity that was/is having a negative impact on Aruba’s tourism industry, etc. ALE also knew Natalee’s family could see right thru the botched investigation and cover up.

      Awhile back I remember hearing Beth, Dave, other family members, and the search teams were being threatened with bodily harm if they did not leave the third world, poverty stricken, drug infested, lawless isle of Aruba.

      The BOYCOTT rolls on!!



    27. mommytraveler on October 7th, 2008 7:02 pm

      Richard – I have sent an email to her. Will post her reply as soon as it comes in. She will be surprised to find out that someone else has said that he is in town and out partying – that is the last thing that the people of Arnhem want. Photos are bound to show up if that is true.

    28. A New Girl on October 7th, 2008 11:03 pm

      This is more good news. I am delighted to see the story of this tragic injustice played out again and again on the airwaves. The more media exposure the better.

      Re: Joran’s current location—Wow…why does that not surprise us that the MURDERING RAPIST is still doing miserably and is out partying every night? You know, not that I am a Character Profile Specialist—but me thinks Urine “living” with the fact that he played a HUGE role in Nat’s dissapearance….this must add to his continual level of alcohol consumption….kind of like he has to now walk through life maintaining a numb feeling to surpress his grief. Grief over his life not ever being the same, of course, not any remorse for the vile acts he committed.

      In any event, I look forward to seeing the film and also look towards…maybe….just maybe something finally cracking again after all these years and the Holloways getting their final closure.

      We Love you Nat! Beth ! Dave ! Entire Holloway family. We will NEVER forget.



    29. Richard on October 7th, 2008 11:38 pm

      We also have to consider that if any of this filming is done on Aruba, the cost is likely to be extortionate … deliberately so.

      Beth said, in her book, that the U.S. news companies were facing huge increases in the fees they were charged, with no justification.

      Simply a “grab the money while you can” approach.

      I would think that there are enough clips in the news media to use. I hope that neither Aruba, nor any denizens thereof, profit ONE CENT from anything in this movie.

      That’s overtly, I mean … you, I am sure, will be as happy as I will be if the movie discourages people from going there.

      So simple … just don’t go there.

      Next step … let them know why.

    30. buster on October 8th, 2008 7:28 am

      #19 Beth did commit a huge crime in aruba, A crime so terrible it destroyed aruba’s tourism:
      The crime, Beth was seeking justice and answers for her Daughter in aruba
      aruba sucks worse than anything that ever sucked before

    31. Steve Holloway on October 8th, 2008 7:52 am

      How can someone going to Aruba lay out on the beach or go swimming not think about Natalee being in a cage at the bottom of the ocean off the shore? How in the world could you have a good time? Aruba needs this to end, so go after Joran and his friends. Uncover the coverup in the justice system, arrest the people involved and do the right thing.

    32. crossbow on October 8th, 2008 9:27 am

      I said it before and will repeat what I said:
      Joran will be found dead and naked in some flop house in Holland with a belt around his neck; a victim of a male prostitute.
      AKA “Something Dreaming”.

    33. kaye on October 8th, 2008 9:34 am

      Luke 12:2…”For there is mothing covered that shall not be revealed; neither hid that shall not be known”. aruba cannot run and hide from the truth forever, nor joran and paulus. all will be revealed eventually. the Lord works in mysterious ways. God bless Beth, Dave, Steve and all of the holloway family.

      keep the pressure on. boycott aruba.

    34. txchic on October 8th, 2008 9:57 am

      there are many other much more charming islands if a person wishes a vacation. at last check the the island of aruba was democratic. the citizens have to take some responsibility for cleaning up their mess.

      was joran born in holland or aruba?

    35. Victor on October 8th, 2008 10:39 am

      He was born in Holland.Like a poster said above-Lifetimes audience is too small.

    36. Susy Q on October 8th, 2008 12:21 pm

      Does anyone know if there will be any more searches for the cage ?

    37. Vicki on October 8th, 2008 12:27 pm

      So many ppl watch lifetime…thank you so much…the truth will come out..CROSSBOW..I hope you are right…but not before he spills his guts as to what happened.

    38. Fire Fox on October 8th, 2008 12:49 pm

      Absolutely, I agree with Steve. They do need to do the right thing. Tell it all, the truth about Aruba the meetings, the missing documents… and the pieces will fall together.

      The Arawak nation, that lives and breaths in the heart of those like Nelson Oduber should be revealed, as well.


      Merry Christmas!


    39. misskatie on October 8th, 2008 4:08 pm

      that is totaly awesome that there will be a movie so that the whole world that hasnt heard about aruba and what they did to natalee will know!!!!

      than maybe there will no travel to aruba

      they are going to look like the assholes that they are is that not awesome…..

    40. misskatie on October 8th, 2008 4:10 pm







    41. misskatie on October 8th, 2008 4:12 pm


      they too will be brought down exposed and disgraced!!!!

    42. misskatie on October 8th, 2008 4:21 pm


      would be nice for someone to smuggle a bunch of copies of the movies when it aires and leave em in libraries… hotels … motels etc etc…
      if anyone knows anyone living in aruba that will be willing to distribute these items.. that would be great…

    43. misskatie on October 8th, 2008 4:22 pm



    44. Fire Fox on October 8th, 2008 6:18 pm

      Mr. Holloway:

      I can’t stand the thought of the cage lying at the bottom of the ocean while I catch some sun on our own beaches…

      Is there anything that we can do to help?



    45. Fire Fox on October 8th, 2008 6:20 pm

      Perhaps, I’m naive, but I have hope that the Kalpoes will hire an attorney and come to the U.S. as witnesses, too.

      That’d be awesome!


      … and, I would welcome it.


    46. Bob on October 8th, 2008 8:58 pm

      The negative publicity about to be unleashed by the Natalee film not withstanding, the current global financial crisis and credit market meltdown surely will add to the already miserable tourism industry counts on the “Sand Bar”.

      Aruba has hidden tourism numbers for many months as they have been abysmal, coupled with the financial crisis around the world which is killing vacation / tourism /travel EVERYWHERE with the replay and explanation of Aruba’s unconscionable cover up of murder in the Natalee film…..and you have one heck of a cocktail for tourism failure that will make the history books. I say GOOD for Aruba, they deserve it.

    47. Richard on October 8th, 2008 9:55 pm

      Once the movie is made and released, it should be a simple thing (aside from the legal aspects) to copy it on DVDs and smuggle them into Aruba.

      Maybe some of our Aruban friends could set up clandestine showings … promote the spirit of the Resistance, so to speak.

    48. Vicki on October 9th, 2008 8:08 am

      Steve, Once again I am compleed to tell you how sorry I am about this whole nightmare. I have never met Natalee, but I know others that have and they say she was an angel…What Lieruba has done is a SIN pure and simple and I will say it again…God doesnt like UGLY and what they did to cover up a FOUL situation is a crime in itself, never mind the murder and disposal of one of GODS CHILDREN..The ppl involved..ALL OF THEM..the HATE MONGERS from the dark side, the ones protecting URINES IMAGE…ALL OF THEM will die very painful deaths…mark my words…you cant just say “ITS OVER GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE…it just doesnt work like that…My prayers go out to all of Natalees family and friends…

    49. We need more on October 9th, 2008 11:01 am
    50. We need more on October 9th, 2008 1:03 pm
    51. We need more on October 9th, 2008 1:06 pm
    52. Richard on October 9th, 2008 10:34 pm

      Meanwhile, let’s not forget the case of the missing Dutch woman on Bonaire … apparently there’s no progress on that case either.

      I wonder what it will take to get the Dutch disgusted at their “system,” at least as it is interpreted in the Caribbean.

    53. molly in houston on October 9th, 2008 11:18 pm

      I have been feeling despair about Natalee’s case. I was wondering if anything good was ever going to happen. We had Hurrican IKE down here and didn’t have internet, a/c, phone, etc.

      I am so excited to see so much good news about Natalee’s case….a movie and a witness. That is awesome. I hope that someone is protecting the witness. He probably still needs to be nervous about the authorities. A movie to revive everyone’s interest in the case is a great plan. I hope they can find good actors, especially one who can sweat a lot.

      Justice for Natalee is coming. I am very encouraged.

      boycott aruba
      molly in houston

    54. Ray on October 9th, 2008 11:26 pm

      When will the dutch see that these unsolved cases are giving them a BLACK EYE.


    55. Waterboy on October 10th, 2008 6:51 am

      Please excuse me ahead of time for the language of this post. Sometimes there is just no substitute for good nasty expletive. And with that being said, let’s jump right into it.

      Has anyone out there ever know or heard of a bigger dumb ass than Joran? Marco Polo can search the whole world over, and not find a bigger ass or a dumber one.

      From the start of this investigation someone (another dumb-ass for sure) told us how intelligent Joran is. Excuse me for vomiting, but I haven’t seen one drop of intelligence leaking out of that Neanderthal’s cranium.

      Joran’s complete lack of intelligence has been panned out over the course of these two plus years.

      That He killed Natalee, is a given. That he murdered and tortured and raped her is another given. That he disposed of her body where no one can find it is an impossibility. He had to have had help. He’s not capable of hiding snot on the end of his nose, much less a body. A Rhodes scholar he is not. A contemptible person, with complete lack of character, he is.

      We have seen Joran time after time make such poor decisions. The drinking, the screwing around, the drug use, the gambling are all prime examples of his lack of intelligence and are prime examples of his sick, weak, mind.

      What an example of stupidity we have in Joran. His mind is diseased, and weak. He is not capable of making decisions based on logic, but is guided only by the primordial instincts of his reptilian-soup-like brain center. Only his tiny, flaccid, penis matches his small diminutive brain.


    56. Richard on October 10th, 2008 8:08 am

      Another possible word for Joran van der Scum … psychopath.

    57. kaye on October 10th, 2008 9:40 am

      waterboy………bravo, bravo!! another perception…the rotton apple doesn’t fall far from the tree……meaning Paulass van der scum.
      like minds maybe……

    58. molly in houston on October 10th, 2008 9:45 am

      Depraved. Worse than an animal.

      justice for natalee
      molly in houston

    59. brie. on October 10th, 2008 2:57 pm

      I read where the filming could be done in Curcacao….wherever it’s filmed it gets the story out there…Aruba obviously doesn’t want us anywhere around…but I think it’s great that we can see what happened to Natalee…..!!!!

    60. Mike on October 10th, 2008 8:22 pm

      No body no crime is bullshit!!!! Here is the proof of that and that we get it right the first time in Texas!!!!

      Owens gets life in prison for Fort Worth woman’s murder
      By MARTHA
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      Owens, 41, was charged in the death of Furch, who was last seen leaving work at the General Motors plant in Arlington shortly after midnight on Sept. 28, 2007. He faced five to 99 years or life in prison.

      The jury of eight women and four men deliberated just over three hours and 15 minutes Wednesday night and this morning before returning the guilty verdict. It took them an hour and a half this morning to decide punishment.

      Earlier today, six witnesses testified during the punishment hearing about a variety of violent acts committed by Owens before and after the murder.

      His longtime girlfriend, Nekisha Baldwin, testified that Owens had threatened her repeatedly during their 12-year relationship, and once injured her with an alarm clock that he threw at her and their son, now 11. Baldwin also testified that Owens once pointed a 12-gauge shotgun at her and threatened to kill her.

      She also described an incident where Owens, driving one of Baldwin’s vehicles, rammed her while she was driving another car. One car was totaled, the other heavily damaged. Baldwin said he also threatened her family, including her 84-year-old grandmother. She said Owens suggested that he could kill her grandmother while she was walking her grandchildren to school.

      Another witness, Reggie Lucien, a co-worker of Baldwin’s, testified that Owens followed him one morning from the Pantego Wal-Mart, where he worked. Owens rammed Lucien’s car from behind, sending it spinning over six lanes of traffic on Pioneer Parkway in Arlington and into a Kroger parking lot.

      Two Arlington police officers testified that they interviewed the one witness about the accident but were unable to interview Owens because he fled the scene on foot.

      In closing arguments Wednesday, the opposing attorneys summarized the testimony of 30 witnesses called by prosecutors over two days. Defense attorney Mark Rosteet did not call witnesses but tried to refute the state’s evidence on cross-examination.

      DNA analyst Farah Plopper testified Wednesday that she matched Owens’ DNA to saliva from two soft drink cans and sperm from a maroon towel. Those items were recovered from a trash bin outside Furch’s apartment on Oct. 1, 2007, the day her daughter reported her missing.

      Plopper said the chances that the DNA came from an African-American male other than Owens were one in 115 quadrillion. She also matched Owens’ DNA to other items, including a Red Bull can on which his fingerprint was also found, she testified.

      Those items linked to Owens were found in trash bags that also contained items belonging to Furch, prosecutor Rainey Webb said. The items included clothing that tests linked to Furch through her daughters’ DNA and a receipt for gas that Furch bought the day she was last seen, according to testimony.

      Rosteet downplayed the state’s DNA evidence, pointing out that 160 items were not tested for DNA. Owens’ DNA was not on several other tested items, including the handle of a knife, a towel and some phone connectors, and tests of other items were inconclusive, Plopper acknowledged.

      “There was no direct evidence to prove that Mr. Owens was in that apartment,” Rosteet argued. “No one saw him bring the body down. No one in that huge complex witnessed him taking out the trash or the body.”

      But prosecutor Bob Gill said circumstantial evidence can be more reliable than eyewitnesses. For example, Gill said, a woman whose vehicle was carjacked last year could not positively identify Owens as her assailant. But Owens was driving the woman’s vehicle about a month later when police chased him.

      Gill and Webb argued that Owens incriminated himself by the DNA and fingerprints he left behind; his actions — burning Furch’s car and eluding police in a stolen car; and his words — telling a fellow jail inmate about the killing.

      “He wiped that apartment down so there were no fingerprints,” Gill said. “There were 30-some towels and numerous cleaning products in that trash. There were three soft drink cans. Murder and cleanup is a thirsty business.

      “But he didn’t think of one thing: The weekend trash was not picked up until Monday after the police showed up.”

      Gill conceded that the lack of a body is unusual. But he reminded jurors that the friends and relatives who knew Furch best and the homicide detective who has investigated hundreds of cases are all convinced that Furch is dead.

      “If she was alive today, don’t you know she’d be chewing through steel and crawling through glass to get back to them?” he said. “Mrs. Furch is dead at the hands of this man.”

    61. Richard on October 10th, 2008 9:57 pm

      Brie (#59) … Curacao is where Amy Bradley disappeared from the cruise ship, the night after crew members wanted to take her to Carlos ‘n’ Charlies.

      And Curacao is where Amy’s father, on one of his many searches, was told by someone who represented himself to be an official on the island: “You can look for her all that you want, but you’re never going to find her.”

      Curacao is as worthy of a boycott as is Aruba.

    62. Waterboy on October 11th, 2008 7:15 am

      I know there will be some that may find this hard to believe, because I know some of my post may not be reflective of my beliefs, but I am by decision, belief, faith, and adoption, a Christian. It is my desire to follow Christ, and the foundations He has laid down for me in the Bible. Some may not understand, but He has set me free from legalism.

      I try to make prayer a first-line solution, but sometimes I forget, until things get so bad that my prayers sound like a plea instead of a prayer. It is my sincere belief that God answers prayers.

      I believe revenge is wrong (not self-defense, not military duty), and that vengeance belongs to God, but by the same measure, I don’t believe it is wrong to ask God for justice. It is my sincere belief if we ask God for justice on Natalee’s behalf, it will occur. Maybe it has already happen, multiple times; and we are blind to the occurances. I believe it has. I’ve seen His hand in this case.


    63. molly in houston on October 11th, 2008 10:31 pm

      I agree with you, Waterboy. We must pray. God loves justice. It says so in Isaiah, and probably other books of the Bible. “Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. I will repay.” God is surely better at meeting out justice and payment than we are.

      I, too, believe that it will happen. We are often God’s eyes, hands and feet; but HE will make it happen. He will bring justice for Natalee. I am sure of it.

      Keep praying
      Keep boycotting Aruba
      Keep insisting on justice for Natalee

      molly in houston

    64. kaye on October 14th, 2008 10:28 am

      there is absolutely none, zero, zilch, nada persons on the beach or in the pools on any of the arubacams…….maybe the Tropical depression passing through, maybe the deflated $$, i’d like to think it is a little of both mixed with the boycott……whatever it is, the beaches are bare.

    65. Vickie on October 15th, 2008 4:07 pm

      The boycott is not working apparently. All of the games shows, Regis & Kelly & Wheel of Fortune for 2, Give trips to Aruba. They’ve been doing it for quite a while. I know I was surprised the first time I saw it after Natalee’s disappearance. What are people talking about “a cage”? That is something I’ve never heard about.

    66. Bob on October 16th, 2008 9:46 pm

      Vickie # 65:

      the boycott is quite alive & doing well, Miss. Aruba Tourism has discontinued publication of failed “tourist counts” and other visitor tallies for many months. All is now done by internal memorandum and live Governmental section meetings. Frankly, the higher-ups are pissed royally. The Aruban phonies are also scared $hitless that the Natalee Holloway story in process of development and filming will destroy the last 41% of their Fall 2008 business. Aruba can forget a saving Winter Season….it’s not going to happen. Bet money on that. Admittedly the global financial meltdown and various domestic problems being experienced by many tourists around the globe have had a major impact on Aruban travel business. Couples and families EVERYWHERE are holding back on discressionary vacation plans, and that translates to empty beaches, hotel rooms, restaurants, and retail shops. Aruba isn’t the only Island getting creamed….but they deserve everything that they get for what they did about the Hollway affair.

      Aruba has a negative reputation worldwide, and that won’t chnage anytime soon. As for occassional “Aruban Game Show trips”, that just about says it all. You have to give thenm away for free. Game show executives pay dirt cheap prices for unwanted “prizes”, and Aruba is thrilled to “give” vacations away that no one wants. Relax and observe…..the Winter’08-Spring’09 tourist season will crush Aruba’s economy. Justice comes in many forms.

    67. Andy on October 19th, 2008 7:02 am

      this summer when i was in cancun for a week i met several families whom used to travel to aruba, but since the natalie holloway story are going to safer resorts that appreciate their tourist dollars.

    68. Alex van Ommen on October 20th, 2008 3:14 am

      With the new disappearance of a blonde, young, white girl in a former Dutch colony, the Dutch media is drawing comparisons between this case of Marlies van der Kouwe and Natalee Holloway’s. Beth Twitty has tried to make contact with Marlies’s parents, but to no avail. I’m blogging about how America’s culture promotes the hyperreal, something Dutch culture isn’t so receptive to (I’ve also blogged about the Natalee thing in general). I’m with you that it’s good this isn’t turning into a media circus.

      So now there’s a made-for-tv movie by Beth Twitty coming out on the Lifetime network. The American media continues to feed on the bloated, rotting corpse that is Natalee Hollway. Isn’t it great how the Dutch people seem to be resisting the tendencies… even if just a little?
      sm: “The Natalee thing”???

      You mean the disappearance and cover up of the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for Natalee Holloway’s death and disappearance? You mean that thing?

    69. crossbow on October 20th, 2008 9:49 am

      kaye 64:
      I think you will enjoy this one;;

    70. kaye on October 21st, 2008 9:07 am

      crossbow, thanks. struck by lightning and out for repair my arse!!! there’s NOTHING to show but sand and trees…….

      BTW……#65 vickie…….send your protests to the game shows via their “contact us” email. maybe if they get enough of them they will stop giving out trips to aruba.

    71. crossbow on October 21st, 2008 12:53 pm

      She would be 22 today;
      Another year without a birthday card.
      Another year without a cake and candles.
      Another year without friends to sing Happy Birthday.
      Another year without closure.
      RIP Natalee

    72. hermanvandijk on October 22nd, 2008 3:35 am

      Hello everyone,

      I also thought about Natalee Holloway.
      Put some new music for her on You Tube.
      I hope it comes allright one day!

    73. Maggie on October 23rd, 2008 4:23 pm

      I saw an ad for Haunting Evidence on Court TV now called TruTv..for this saturday said all new…(but wondering if it’s not just reshowing the old one).. ?

    74. Maggie on October 23rd, 2008 4:24 pm

      Oops it was for Natalee Holloway..

    75. natalee on October 24th, 2008 9:42 am

      But will the film show the video that they made of me at Matey’s

    76. natalee on October 24th, 2008 1:50 pm

      Hi Joran
      I hope you get a chance to read this letter; maybe you did not read my first one?
      Why did you and the others do this to me? I never did anything to you or your friends; that I deserved what happened to me. I was only here celebrating my graduation with my friends.
      You were to take us back to our hotel; did we ever get there? I don’t remember. There is a lot I don’t remember after we got into that taxi. I do remember saying, screaming, begging you to stop what you and your friends were doing to me.
      But you wouldn’t, they wouldn’t.
      Just to let you know that I would be graduating in ‘09 learning to be a doctor to help people. That would have been more than you could ever do with your pitiful life.
      Do you realize how many lives are on your hands because I won’t be there to help them?
      Please tell them where I am. I’m a stranger here and I don’t know these other people.
      I only want to go home.
      It’s so cold and lonely here I want to see my friends again.
      I would have been 22 years old this past Tuesday and no one even sent me a birthday card!!
      Why did your father treat me the way he did and make my father look for me in a garbage dump. Is that all I was after you and your friends were finished with me?
      Was I just trash?
      Is that why your mother can describe my underwear because your father put me in the bathtub and she saw me when she came home?
      Why did your father lie about the time he came and got you?
      We all know it was 4:00AM not 11:00PM when your father took me back to his house.
      Everything they did to me and then they had to kill me? How much were you paid?
      Wasn’t violating me and taking away my dignity enough? I’m so cold, I want to go home. Please tell them where your father and his friends got rid of me.
      Why did you lie about placing me in the ocean; that was a dirty trick you tried to play on my mother? I was there in your house when my mother came looking for me. Why didn’t your father tell her I was there?
      It’s so cold and lonely here; please help me go home.
      You see since I have been away I have found so many new friends that want to help me get home. They want to help; but your father knows where. I want to go home to Alabama where I belong; not stay on this island forever.
      And tell your brother Val, he too can run, but he can’t hide.

    77. bob on October 27th, 2008 1:16 pm

      So what’s the latest on the “new” witness who said he saw Joran walking past his house late that night?? Has there been any follow up on this?

    78. Waterboy on October 28th, 2008 6:32 am


      If the Pope himself had been the witness, it would make no difference. There is more here than anyone can comprehend. There will never be justice. Joran will never be convicted of anything, and the short time he was in jail is all he will serve.

      I keep running into people who were on Aruba at the time or shortly after Natalee disappeared, and they all say the system is completely corrupt.


    79. Maggie on October 28th, 2008 5:02 pm

      Amen Waterboy.. they know what happened to Natalee the night she disappeared..

    80. hermanvandijk on October 28th, 2008 5:22 pm

      The spirit of Natalee is so strong to me that I asked Dan and Kelly and a personal friend for help…
      First: my wife and Natalee have somewhere so much in comen.
      Second: it’s not the person like Beth and so on… it’s Natalee who wants to say something: living or dead.
      Why coming to me and singing on? Why???
      Dan let me see pictures for over the world between very special people.
      Sometimes my own wife thinks: do you love Natalee more than me?
      Then: Natalee has not come over the things of the past… friends, you do know?
      Please let me play for her… it’s for my wife… they have so much in comen.
      NATALEE is SPECIAL in Gods Live!

    81. libby on October 29th, 2008 6:48 am

      Sadly, you got that right Waterboy. I have been saying that since day one. It has been covered up since the evening / morning Natalee went missing. No matter what evidence or witnesses they have and no matter what happens to the tourism on the island of Aruba, justice will never be served on Joran, his pervert father, the K brothers or any of the others involved in her rape, murder and disappearance. The only justice that will ever be served is when they themselves meet their maker.

    82. Mary, UK on October 29th, 2008 4:54 pm

      I just wanted to drop in, its been a while, i see there is no news, any further searches arranged?, still thinking and praying for Natalee and her family, love to them all.

    83. crossbow on October 31st, 2008 1:58 pm

      Parts of Joran’s book and comments:
      While I`m writing this, i`m still a suspect in The Natalee Holloway Case. I hope that someday it will be clear what happened to her, how terrible that maybe could be.
      “how terrible that maybe could be.” An adverb modifying a verb.
      Perhaps he was aware that something terrible did happen to Natalee but not exactly what happened to Natalee; or he was going to say it but then used an adverb and verb to cover the thought.

      Joran quote; At 12.20 I showed my VIP pas to the doormen and all three we don`t have to pay any entrance fee. Before I know it, I get a hug from Ruth, the girl from the casino for who I won back $ 100. I find her attractive and I asked her, how are you?
      As opposed to Deepak in his email that says Joran won $100.00 back for Natalee. As opposed to what Ruth first stated that she left C and C’s around 11:30PM.

      but that the four of them had driven to the beach north of the Mariott Hotel. The girl fell multiple times on the way to the beach. Joran told me that at some point the girl didn’t recover anymore and that they had left her on the beach. Let’s interject some words “That they (plural)left her on the beach (bed)”. Would imply that Joran was not alone on the beach (bed) with Natalee whether on the beach (bed) or anywhere else. It is unknown if they the others; meant were just the Kalpoes.

      Joran talks about meeting Micheal Dompig while he was on Aruba after GVC’s arrest. Micheal acts like he is Joran’s best friend and takes Joran to his house where Joran has a picture taken of himself sitting on Gerald Dompig’s Harley. That is his “little revenge”. Micheal tells him GVC is a wannabe player who doesn’t have many friends and he wouldn’t be surprised if he raped Natalee. Joran takes Micheal to his house and introduces him to Paul. That would have to be around 2/06. Why would Michael tell Joran that GVC may have raped Natalee. Where did his idea come from? Was he there too when it happened? Why would Joran have to introduce him to his father at all? The son of the current Police Commissioner must know the former commissioner and the relationship as godfather. It is a small island.
      This sounds as thought Geoff, Michael and Joran were all three with Natalee; plus others.

      Five colleagues have stated in February 2006 that Marco had some deep scratches on his face the day after Natalee disappeared. He also had suddenly returned to the NL. Aruba wants him to be delivered back. What ever happened to Guido’s car? Was it ever searched for forensics? “What is Guido’s timeline? It was never published for May 30, 2005!!!

      About the first night when he came to Joran’s house together with Beth, Jug, and others, Croes says that Joran told him Natalee gave him oral sex in the car, the same “boasted” story Joran told Deepak on the phone. This is an interesting statement. Why did Joran say he had oral sex in the car and then had to tell Deepak on the phone what transpired? Did this happen in a different car or place? Or did Joran use Deepak’s car? Or did they switch to the white car?

      Deepak tells X: “I see what’s going on and I know much more. I’m certain that Natalee is no longer on the island.” He also says something that contradicts that: “When they find the duct-tape with Natalee’s hair on it, then I’ll go to jail”, which is strange because they did find hair with duct tape but it wasn’t Natalee’s.
      Do we know beyond a reasonable doubt that the hair was not Natalee’s? What they didn’t do was to check for fingerprints in the glue. Try and rip a piece of duct tape. Your prints remain in the glue.

      Joran says that it’s also not impossible Natalee was kidnapped to be a sex slave in South America. But Joran says if that had happened he thinks she would have been murdered because all the publicity made her too much of a risk to her kidnappers. A double negative; could mean she was scheduled to be kidnapped. Also he never speculates as to what happened but here he does.

      Joran talks about how in the HI casino tape, Natalee is the only girl who doesn’t talk to him, and visits the restrooms remarkably often in less than 2 hours. Why did he notice that? He or someone else was definitely and intently watching her in the casino for at least two (2) hours.

      That at about Hooters Natalee and he started kissing. They kissed for a long time until they reach McD’s, they drive past there and her hotel because she does not want to go there. Here he has to be talking about the McDonald’s near the Casino. That was not a long kiss. Maybe thirty seconds if at all.
      If not the casino location; then which route did the take? There are two McDonalds within a mile of each other and Hooters is between them.

    84. kaye on October 31st, 2008 2:27 pm

      ditto libby #81.

      every time I see that picture above, of the 3 of them, i just want to, as Beth said, peel the skin off their faces. i would like for all involved in her rape, murder, coverup, to feel the horror and fear and the pain that she must have felt before she died.
      and they will one day, on their trip to hell!!

    85. hermanvandijk on November 5th, 2008 5:39 am

      Hello again,

      Just read that Peter de Vries is giving new facts on our sundayevening (21.30 Dutch Time). But not be able to say what really happenend to Natalee Holloway.
      Natalee was unhappy at home, got help of some friends, did not die and is at the moment perhaps on Hawaï at the moment.
      I can see a lot on You Tube.
      I hope for her the best… and for Joran: who only wanted to help!
      Stupid enough…

    86. hermanvandijk on November 5th, 2008 5:48 am

      Catheleen (Katja) and me put a new song under Natalle Holloway with the head of Beethoven and a difficult to translate song of my own… and with her paintings.
      For Natalee or our own way.
      Page 12.

    87. kaye on November 5th, 2008 3:36 pm

      somebody please wave a magic wand and make herman disappear………scary…..

    88. jerry on November 19th, 2008 7:04 am

      bright sunny day and this girl gets up knowing its her last day on this island spending time with her friends exploring the new scenery and the water there is increadably blue she spends her thought of someone who’s not there but home and knows she’ll soon be home to tell all about the wonderful things she found later in the evening thye settle down for the last wild party music dancing people she knows all laughing and jumping about, but this one boys he just keeps looking come dance silly boy drink this he says what is it just drink it so she does and the it all him come with me why just come so she does and he leads her to a car waiting out side where two other boys are waiting with only one thing on there mind when finally the car stops she want to pee they say no not here we’ll take to a place and the driver gets in the back and she waiting for this place tells the driver no don’t and her persist and she pushes and he comes back again don’t stop it she says he props her legs up for his advantage and she kicks him into the cubby passenger side turns opens the door and gets out unaware of the speed and movemebt of the car she flys right off the pavement to her feet and runs for unknown reson to the sand and finally stops i can run no more why em i running whats wrong with my stomach i stub my toe and my head oh my head and she falls …….. why are my clothes off

    89. amanda on April 19th, 2009 7:24 pm

      I live in Aruba and it is safe…. im a 22 year old female and have lived here for 3 years.
      her school should have had more chaperones. her mother should have taught her the don’t get in cars with strangers rule.
      America tried to throw their rules on this little country……. if a country tried to through their rules on America would we comply without a fight?
      Sorry, it is natalie’s, her mothers and the schools fault just as much as those boys who did it.

    90. kesha on March 24th, 2010 4:32 pm

      yes it is time 5 years do some no how her mother feel she loose a child .her daughter some that live in aruba may feel safe but at the same time it is not i live in lafayette la and i will not say it is safe becuse it is not i have a daughter and in school .and it is not her mother are the school fault it is the one boys that whant to be a man.and amother will fight for a child one day it can be you are me .miss holloway i am sorry sorry may god be whit you

    91. aruba citizen on November 4th, 2011 1:34 am

      come on people die get killed and raped every day in newyork actualy almost all country’s get over it
      SM: how brilliant compare a vacation spot of 100,000 people where tourists go to have a safe vacation to a US city with 9 million people. You might want to buy a vowel.

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