International Community Rooting for Obama in Upcoming Obama – McCain Presidential Election


Gee … there is a reason why we do not let the world vote in an American Presidential election, even though there are many Democrats who wish we would allow our fate to be determined by the international community so that we pass a “global test”.

Well, if I was not considering voting for McCain this Fall in the Presidential Election, I am now after reading this story regarding the International community openly rooting for Obama. There are two things that I would always do just the opposite of, one, whatever the majority of the MSM tells me to do and the other is what the “international” community wants.

Unfortunately for Barack Obama, citizens of Australia, Japan, Spain and Tanzania won’t have a vote in the November election.

A new survey of 47,000 people in 60 languages by the Pew Global Attitudes Project shows that around the world, people who follow the US election view Obama more favourably than Republican nominee John McCain.

The survey in 24 countries confirms Obama as the candidate of choice among those not entitled to vote in the November election.

While the US electorate is divided about evenly between the two candidates, with Obama currently enjoying a slight lead over McCain in recent polling, 84% of Tanzanians who have been following election news say they have confidence in Obama, while 50% say they have confidence in McCain. Seventy-four percent of Britons expressed confidence in Obama, while only 44% do in McCain, according to the survey.

Honestly, what right thinking person would have confidence in an individual who has done nothing in their past except talk about change? Seriously folks, actions speak louder than words and political promises are as typical as it gets in politics.

I am sure that there will be many socialist countries dancing in the streets if Barack Obama wins. There will also be a slew of countries who hate the US throwing parties as well. The international likes Jimmy Carter as well and we all know that Carter was so good for America, NOT! How soon people forget that the economic times of today are nothing compared to the double digit interest rates, double digit unemployment and double digit inflation rates of Carter’s 1970’s.

However, the biggest reason why no attention should be made of what the “international” community wants is that they are uninformed. They see and hear only what the liberal MSM wants them to. As we already know, the MSM is in the tank for Obama, so one could only imagine the limited news that foreigners would receive.

Kohut said McCain’s reputation in the US as a maverick willing to stray from the party line doesn’t hold abroad because foreigners don’t know him as well. Kohut said he thinks foreigners are unfamiliar with McCain’s policy proposals, indicating Obama’s popularity is as much due to image as it is to preference for his agenda.

“They don’t see McCain as a different kind of Republican,” Kohut said. “He represents, in the minds of people around the world, President Bush.”

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    2 Responses to “International Community Rooting for Obama in Upcoming Obama – McCain Presidential Election”

    1. Kay Zee Ess on June 14th, 2008 6:26 am

      Another non-news item.

      There was a time, early on when the world actually supported our efforts to contain and destroy terrorism. The civilized free world entered with us a coalition which President Bush misused.

      When he stated early on that he was not concerned about capturing Osama bin Laden(“I truly am not that concerned about him.
      “ This was in March 2002. What a load of hooey he fed us.

      I do realize we have other fish to fry, as it were, but the man responsible for so many deaths and injuries ON OUR SHORES and he is TRULY(underline that, folks!) NOT CONCERNED six months later. We should have smelled the coffee with that statement when he said it.

      That, as they say, is TRULY a shame. I am interested in capturing/killing him and seeing justice and closure done for those loved ones who lost their family members and friends on 9/11.

      I also think(oddly enough) that Obama WILL see to it that we regain our focus in capturing the mass murderer. I can only assume President Bush’s non-interest lies in his friendship with the other bin Laden family members. I really want to be wrong on this.

      I haven’t heard McCain make mention of Osamas’ capture either, but I may have missed a few speeches.

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      [...] and the World, hype does not make experience, a leader or a President. It was not to long ago that Europe was rooting for a Barack Obama victory … my how The One’s image has [...]

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