Don’t Look Now Democrats …. Zogby Polls Says John McCain Beats both HillaryClinton and Barack Obama in General Election


According to the Zogby Polls, Republican John McCain beats both Hillary John_McCainClinton and Barack Obama in the general election for the presidency. So much for that sure wins for Democrats in 2008. Democrats may want to put that champagne on ice. One thing is for certain. McCain will win the Independent vote and many disillusioned Democrats. Democrats are beginning to seat. As MyDD states, McCain is  ahead of both Obama and Clinton in the Rasmussen polls as well.

Riding high after locking up his party’s presidential nomination, Republican John McCain of Arizona has moved ahead of both of his potential Democratic Party rivals in a national general election test, the latest Zogby telephone survey shows.

Prospective General Election Match-up: 3-13/14
McCain 45%
Clinton 39%
Nader 6%
Not sure/Someone else 11%

Prospective General Election Match-up: 3-13/14
McCain 44%
Obama 39%
Nader 5%
Not sure/Someone else 11%

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    3 Responses to “Don’t Look Now Democrats …. Zogby Polls Says John McCain Beats both HillaryClinton and Barack Obama in General Election”

    1. katablog on March 16th, 2008 9:09 am

      Ya just gotta wonder why this stuff about Jeremiah Wright is suddenly news to the MSM. I knew about it from the Trinity Web Site last August!

      I don’t believe Obama about not knowing about it either because it totally fits with what he and Michelle have said and done. Who wants a president who refuses to salute the flag of the USA?

    2. Richard on March 16th, 2008 11:43 am

      The MSM, particularly the TV stations, in my view neither know nor care about the issues. Their mission in life now is to get people to read, in breathless tones, the latest headline.

      Another day, another headline.

      As to the significance of what they read … forget it. The boundary between news and entertainment has been erased; indeed, the very notion that there IS a difference is gone.

      What was good enough for Walter Cronkite (just sitting there and sharing the stories) won’t work today, when everything has to have a gimmick.

      Our culture, in my view, is showing the effect of this. Ah, well….

      Anyway, no wonder that the Democratic Party chieftains are trying to smooth things over. The facade is broken, and the reality of the usual self-promoting types is evident.

      I wonder to what degree McCain stands to benefit from the ‘disgust factor’ … people watching the Democratic clowns and voting for McCain as perhaps the least objectionable.

      We’ll see what happens after the Democratic convention in August.

    3. evelyn on September 10th, 2008 1:41 am

      Mccain is almost dead, Palin will be presendent, we will have another 8 years of George Bush who has bankrupted America. I voted for him and his daddy based on myself being a consertive with christian values. I was tricked. I am giving up on the entire process. No one really listens to the regular people. They all have an agenda. A friend of mine at work starting talking about welfare and the many people on it. I asked him about corporate welfare. No answer to that questions. We will all be on welfare soon. I’m checking out of here and going to live somewhere n the woods by a lake with a fishing pole.
      SM: Almsot dead … my got his mom is 97 and as spy as a fox.

      Dirstibution of the wealth is hardly a welfare plan. Take away $’s from those who are the very people who take chances and provide jobs to John Q. Public. Exactly who do you think will pay for those tax increases on corporations and who will take a hit when jobs have to be cut?

      More tax revenue is gained by the Federal government when taxes are lowered, not raised. That is a fact.

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