Deepak Kalpoe’s Car Being Washed the Night Natalee Holloway Disappeared


Kalpoe neighbor states that the Kalpoe car was being washed the night Natalee Holloway went missing. So why hose down a car in the middle of the night?


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    82 Responses to “Deepak Kalpoe’s Car Being Washed the Night Natalee Holloway Disappeared”

    1. brenda on November 28th, 2007 9:37 am

      As I stated in an earlier post, dozens of people at C&Cs saw Natalee in the car with the 3 stooges, so unless there was something else to hide, washing and cleaning out the inside was ludicrous/unnecessary.

      I still feel she most likely passed at Urin’s apt…then was transported in the K2s car to either the beach or where ever they put her prior to getting her out to sea.

      I am so glad they are finally sweating as much as Paulus did in that interview. I’ve don’t think a marathon runner at the end of the race could sweat that much…

    2. bleachedblack on November 28th, 2007 9:48 am

      I watched Greta last night and was disappointed. Worse than that I was angry. The information she tried to sensationalize was old. According to her she and her crew marched up to the door of the people who live next door to the Kalpoes and asked what they may have witnessed regarding the car washing incident. A young person at the house, though reluctant spoke briefly said Greta,about what he saw occur at the Kalpoe house next door the night Natalee disappeared. Although the person wasn’t shown, his house was filmed from every angle and broadcast by FOX NEWS.

      My point is this. If we are trying to encourage anyone who might know something to come foward why would Greta and her team disclose their identity to the world? The new team of investigators in Aruba seem to be playing their hand close to their vest, is Greta trying to undermine them?

      We all want this case solved. We all want closure for Natalee’s family, and for Natalee to be brought home. Greta needs to leave her self indulgent, rating seeking self home. Greta do everyone a favor regarding Natalee’s disappearance…….COVER DREW PETERSEN!

    3. Bob on November 28th, 2007 9:59 am

      The Dutch Investigators and Police should run DNA search tests of the soil where the car was located. I bet some surprising DNA (Natalee’s) might indeed turn up. And as they do this, make sure Deepak is made aware of what is being done. How long would you think it would take for him to toss a pointing finger?

      Presure, pressure, pressure. Pile it on.

    4. EURobert on November 28th, 2007 10:07 am

      Maybe Greta can ask Chief Prosecutor Hans Mos the next time why this car was never thoroughly searched!

    5. Stormy on November 28th, 2007 10:10 am

      Obviously ” involved ” at the very least !

    6. Sharon Chicago on November 28th, 2007 10:25 am

      Yes, I remember back in 2005 when it was mentioned that the Kalpoes washed their car in the early morning hours.

      I think they were running scared. They wanted to erase any contact they had with Natalee, even though others saw her in the Kalpoes car at Don & Charles.

      They wanted to scrub the inside and outside so no DNA would show up.

      I would say that she died at the hands of Joran otherwise, he and pappa would have thrown the two Kalpoes under the train by now.

      They are all guilty of this hinus crime.

    7. DennisAOK on November 28th, 2007 10:28 am

      Why, indeed?

    8. Sharon Chicago on November 28th, 2007 10:36 am

      I wonder why Deepak was last interrogated on last Friday, per his attorney on Greta last night.

      Also, Hans Mos comes off like a professional, someone we have been waiting for to investigate this case….. I just hope it is not for show only to appease the world. Hoping he is not just going through the motions.

      The defense is trying to disfuse what new evidence there is by saying it is all old info nothing new…. I am hoping they are wrong and that these three CRACK during their interrogations.

    9. Para2legal on November 28th, 2007 10:57 am

      Deepak and his brother are in this waist deep. Deepak also stated on the J.S. tape that if he knew where the body (Natalee’s) was he would tell. At that point in time, how would he know she’s dead (not abducted or a run away)unless he was involved? Where are the red flags on that statement??

    10. Meee on November 28th, 2007 11:05 am

      Given what this newspaper said. I think i got the link from this site. the authorities already know about the witness. Or some witness.

    11. Pearl on November 28th, 2007 11:49 am

      Loving Natalee: The True Story of the Aruba Kidnapping and Its Aftermath
      By Beth Holloway

      “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
      A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

      For as many killers and co-conspirators as were involved in the conspiracy to commit obstruction of justice, and thus enable murderers to be released from their involvement in the barbaric crimes inflicted upon Natalee Holloway – and her family, for as many as were involved in these acts of human rights violations and uncivilized vicious conduct, for as many as were involved in the brutality and cruelty of inflicting such vicious criminals acts of criminal savagery, and indifference upon Natalee, and upon her beautiful family, – so too, will there be that much more required from all of us, to defend her truth, to defend her right to justice, to defend her right to finally come home to her family.

      One journalist in pursuit of Natalee’s truth is indeed a blessing and a force to be reckoned with.
      But imagine, … imagine what the power of three or more in pursuit of her truth and her right to justice can do, … imagine what three or more in pursuit of her right to freedom can accomplish, her right to have her story told, her right to have her honorable good name restored from the slander inflicted upon her, her right to justice being served in her name, her right to be found and returned to her mother and father, her right to a dignified burial.

      If we set the standards now for truth, integrity and justice, and the right for a child to finally come home to her family, then wouldn’t this become THE STANDARD by which we would expect all nations to operate, concerning their duty to act with integrity and honorable conduct concerning the precious human life of our children?

      Is this why the powers of evil are so massively organized to obliterate Natalee Holloway and all the horrific inhumane criminal acts that were inflicted upon her? They don’t want the “standard” to be changed. They don’t want justice to prevail or for Natalee to come home.
      That would be very bad for tourism in Aruba.


      The power of the three involved in the torment and cruelty inflicted upon Natalee, was bound together by the mastermind of this depravity and the forces he used to manipulate and CRUSH HER TRUTH… The man who orchestrated all the lies.

      THE MEN – and THE WOMEN who participated in this disgraceful cover-up, that constitutes nothing less than human rights violations inflicted upon a young defenseless child, and makes ALL of them co-conspirators in the CRIMES inflicted upon this young, defenseless child, – they are all culpable and responsible for WHAT was done not only to Natalee but to her entire family.

      They ganged up on her in inflicting their perverted conduct upon her, while crushing her voice.
      They ganged up to kidnap her, to gang rape her, to inflict the most savage suffering and cruelty upon her.
      They continue to gang up on her now in death, even as they ganged up on her to murder her, to silence her suffering, and then deny her family from ever recovering her brutally victimized body.

      If journalists allow this savagery to go un-questioned, un-researched, if they do not persist in following HER TRUTH while doing their job to inform the public, then they are not worthy of the greatness to which they are called.

      Is this solely the responsibility of journalists?
      Not by any means.

      For if we remain silent in the face of such savagery and cruelty, if we hold our tongues in the face of such inhumane conduct, if we have nothing to say about how tormented this child and her family were through these acts of vicious criminal conduct, then we too should be held accountable and responsible for everything that will follow when truth, freedom, and justice no longer matter to the American public, and when “being informed” is no longer of any value to us.

      Each of you who support Natalee’s right to justice are the underpinnings to everything that we cherish and claim as the essence of our treasured foundation as a nation,… each of you are the underpinnings to everything we stand together FOR, that we fight for, that we seek to protect – when we claim that HER PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS AND FREEDOM WAS SOMETHING WE ALL TREASURED AND VALUED, WHEN THOSE PRECIOUS RIGHTS WERE STRIPPED FROM HER, WE CRY OUT TOGETHER THAT THEY NOT ONLY STOLE HER FREEDOM AND HER PRECIOUS LIFE, BUT THEY TOOK THOSE CHERISHED RIGHTS FROM ALL OF US.

      And now they seek to destroy the standards by which we would choose to live.
      They seek to lower the bar that defines us as HUMAN BEINGS.

      They seek to drag the standards for TRUTH, JUSTICE, INTEGRITY, and HONORABLE CONDUCT into the ditch of depravity that marks the scandal and depraved conduct of ALL OF THOSE WHO VIOLATED THIS CHILD AND FAILED IN THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO PROTECT HER HUMAN RIGHTS.

      TO THOSE – who claim that a lie cannot be called a lie, that obstructions of justice cannot be called obstructions of justice, that murder, kidnapping, gang rape and the perversions of containing a little girl’s victimized body – so her family can be tormented for years in NEVER FINDING HER, to those who have nothing to say about such brutal acts of perversions and criminality, to those who cannot summon any words from their conscience that speak to this savagery and depravity, but who would like to twist HER TRUTH, into some game over “innocent until proven guilty” – ( as though the evidence tampering, the statement tampering, the destruction of critical evidence, the purposeful sanitizing of statements to insure that no follow up questions could then be raised and pursued, the purposeful altering of statements, the perversions involved in failing to follow mandates by law that warranted “CAUSE FOR SUSPICION” to be applied immediately to the three who lied, the three who obstructed, and their mastermind who coordinated the cover-up, the containment with the dead, the destruction of evidence that would lead to her cries for truth and justice) – to those who spin slick lies, and twisted words on top of this savagery, who find excuses for why the “house” was never searched, the “car” was never immediately seized, and the liars and their orchestrator was never immediately arrested – you are every much a part of the depravity that unfolds in obstructing this child’s voice from being heard, her justice being granted, and her truth from being told.

      TO THOSE – whose hearts like these good Monkeys, are so deeply committed to honoring the pursuit of truth, the pursuit of justice, you are not merely bearers of this child’s voice, and her truth, but you are indeed guardians of the fundamental freedoms we can so easily take for granted!

      What will become of a society that no longer values the pursuit of truth or the right for justice to be served?

      Who will triumph? The Drew Petersons of the world who have slick lines already patented and written up, that replicate the Dutch-Aruban travesty of justice, the savage cruelty already inflicted upon Natalee and her loved ones?

      If journalists lose their passion for the truth, their commitment to report the truth, their dedication to keeping the public informed, what will become of our treasured liberties? What will become of the “cords” of integrity, honor, justice and truth that are the underpinnings of everything we claim to value and hold dear as a society?

      Can there be life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness, with liberty and justice for all – in the face of corruption, lies, depravity, murder, and barbaric acts of criminal conduct that constitute nothing less than human rights violations – while tongues across the world are silenced by the man who would dare to terrorize an entire nation?

      We are what we claim as precious – as our values and our beliefs, but only so much as we would dare to speak out, and raise our voices together for the protection of those fundamental values and beliefs.

      If it neither matters nor is of interest to us – that Natalee Holloway never came home, that she was kidnapped, ganged up on by a group who planned to victimize her, rape her, who then butchered, slandered, denigrated, and then HELD HER HOSTAGE AS A DEAD VICTIMIZED CHILD, – if such unconscionable conduct neither matters nor is of interest to any of us, then GOD HELP OUR CHILDREN!

      Honor Natalee by honoring her truth, Monkeys.

      That much this child deserves, as does her family.

      It took three to kidnap her, and take her away.
      It took one to orchestrate all the lies and cruelty that immediately began as Beth begged for help in finding her baby.

      It took many more to assist with what has got to be one of the most wretched stories of barbaric cruelty inflicted upon the family of a victimized child that anyone has ever heard of.

      How many cords of goodness will it take to counter the cords of evil we have witnessed unfolding in this case, the men and women who ganged up on a defenseless child in the brutality of her death and suffering, even as the murderers ganged up on her to kidnap her, rape her and steal away her life and all her hopes from her?
      Alone, Natalee could do nothing to defend herself from the men who brutally victimized her.

      There were no other cords of truth, no cords of justice, no power of humanity around her to help her get away from these monsters.

      We are the remaining cords that must stand around her, and shield what remains of this precious child, following the vicious brutality and cruelty we have all witnessed.

      Loving Natalee: The True Story of the Aruba Kidnapping and Its Aftermath
      By Beth Holloway

      “Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves.
      A cord of three strands is not quickly broken.” Ecclesiastes 4:12

      The strands of truth that must be protected in the pursuit of justice – by remaining faithful to the public’s right to be informed, the public’s right to have the truth reported to them is not for sale to the highest bidder, and it is up to us – we the people, to protect these cherished rights.

      May God bless each and every Monkey who comes here in support of Natalee and her family, not only for the gift you give to Natalee and her family by protecting HER SELF-EVIDENT TRUTHS, but for the courage, integrity, and commitment you demonstrate in the protection of truth and justice and the right to keep the public informed, and ALL that this means for all of us who still believe, value and have hope in the self evident truths that bound us together as a nation, that bind us together now, that define the essence of who we are, – the tenets that we profess as cherished values worthy of protecting in the cause of “Liberty and Justice for all”.

      May Natalee Holloway have liberty and justice, because it is her God-given right, and because she deserves it.

      May her family finally find peace because each of you cared to pursue Natalee’s truth and support her family’s cries for justice in this child’s good name.

      Monkeys, may your actions inspire journalists everywhere to step into the greatness to which they were once called, to raise their voices in protecting the fundamental freedoms that are the underpinnings of liberty, democracy and a civilized society.

      God bless you, Natalee’s truth seekers!


    12. molly in houston on November 28th, 2007 12:00 pm

      Sigh, I hope that it’s not too little too late. We have known, and talked about, since the beginning that Deepak’s car had DNA and needed to be thoroughly examined. An obvious clue to that necessity is that NO ONE washes their car in the middle of the night. NO ONE. After the night that they all had, J2K, you would think that the Kalpoes would be very tired and wanting to go to sleep. But no, instead, they were washing their car.

      I hope that Mr. Mos is really on the up and up. Time for someone to get serious with this case and quit acting like a bumbling idiot.

      Justice 4 Natalee,
      molly in houston

    13. brie on November 28th, 2007 12:04 pm

      Maybe we will also get some answers as to why Joran and the Kalpoes were are the police station later that morning and Deepak’s car was parked in back of the police station. Something went on there. But no information has ever been disclosed to us.

      Washing your car in the middle of night…the sex mobile that it is. Satish is right, something bad happened.

    14. jgirl on November 28th, 2007 1:11 pm

      I bet the prosecution will focus once again on the
      statement, “something bad happened”. Also, the time Juron said Deepak went back to rape and kill her.

    15. nurturer on November 28th, 2007 1:17 pm

      So why hose down a car in the middle of the night?

      To wash out the blood of a raped and murdered tourist.

      #2 – I agree with you. After Greta leaves, that young person has to remain there and that’s why he didn’t want to speak. I didn’t see the broadcast, but I’m assuming that they did not hide his face. Not very encouraging.

    16. martini on November 28th, 2007 1:31 pm

      Hans Mos is just a spokesperson. The new evidence includes segments of interrogations that had not been transcribed previously. Much of the new material is not new. The police are doing the interrogation. The police are the same police that failed to convict the three in the past.
      Tell me please that this is not a dog and pony show.

    17. kevin on November 28th, 2007 1:35 pm

      Pearl, beautifully written. Thank you for posting.

    18. ben on November 28th, 2007 1:35 pm

      Has any one heard from Beth,i have not heard from her since this story broke .I wonder if she knows something we dont concerning this story.

    19. katablog on November 28th, 2007 1:41 pm

      For Deepak to be washing his car the early morning of 05/30/2005, he had to have already known “something bad happened” to Natalee. Remember, this is before anyone from Nat’s group knew she was missing, no reports had been made to the police yet – in fact it sounds (if the neighbor’s time is right) that it was within less than 1 hour after the 3 left CNC with Natalee in the car.

      Again, I think it was GHB gone bad (either too much or a reaction with Natalee’s asthma) and then Paulus did the search on drug reactions and assisted in getting rid of the body.

    20. EURobert on November 28th, 2007 2:02 pm

      I think PrdVries expects breakthroughs too! At his site ( ) he announces next sunday he will re-air the show he did on the disappearance of Natalee.

      But for you “in-crowd” you can see it right now if you like… (All in Dutch though…)—Holloway-case

    21. JusticeforNatalee on November 28th, 2007 2:22 pm

      Thanks, EURobert!

    22. M Dabby on November 28th, 2007 2:57 pm

      THe thing that bothers me is that the neighbor said that he saw the car being washed at 1 AM. This doesn’t make sense, because the Kalpoes were at C & C’s at this time. So I don’t hold my hopes up with this lead.

    23. LilPuma on November 28th, 2007 3:10 pm

      2. Bleached Black: I couldn’t agree more. ALE kept blaming the US media for their own ineptitude and corruption. This time, the Dutch are trying to do it right and there’s Greta, undermining their efforts in an attempt to get the scoop.

    24. Richard on November 28th, 2007 3:10 pm

      From what is posted above, it sounds like Greta is back to her hyping ways.

      I’ve been told that brake fluid can be used to sedate someone in the same manner as, say, chloroform. I have no idea if this is true, and hope that posting it here doesn’t give anyone bad ideas, but it might be of interest.

      Of course, if the talk circulating that Natalee died of her own vomit in the car is accurate, that might explain the need to wash out the car.

      Even if it isn’t true, someone with an intake of too much alcohol, possibly/probably mixed with drugs, might well turn sick.

    25. brenda on November 28th, 2007 3:25 pm


      I agree GHB gone bad. Whether a reaction combined with her medical condition or the fact she was NOT used to alcohol and has ingested quite a bit before being drugged, both scenarios hold alot of weight.

      I do not know why so many people insist she was beaten to death. That one simply does not hold much water with me. I say that when the boys realized she wasn’t breathing, that is when the coverup started. Possibly (just possibly) they were on their way to the beach with her in the car to “leave her there as they normally did with their victims” and only then realized she had passed. THAT would explain the quick burial (evidence has pointed to) and Urin running from the scene without this shoes….needing a ride…not wanting to be seen with the K2s at that point…etc.

      Blood stains in a car would not be easy to hide or wash away, and I do not think any of that was found….but the “scent of death” would be a much easier thing to cover up/hide. Especially since I do not believe dogs ever sniffed out that vehicle. The human eye certainly could not have detected that. The scent would have not been so strong as to permeate anything so early in her demise.

      Lord, I hope the Aruban authorities get it right this time!

    26. brenda on November 28th, 2007 3:28 pm


      I had not heard it rumoured that Nat may have chocked after vomiting in the car. Would explain an awful lot.

      Makes so much more sense that they would have to clean it out for such a reason. Even if she did not die that way…if she only had thrown up…that would have contained evidence of GHB. What a tangled web that bunch has woven themselves into!!!

    27. Meee on November 28th, 2007 3:34 pm

      Thank you EURobert. Good to see he’s still interested

    28. Richard on November 28th, 2007 3:46 pm


      I can’t transfer the url here, but I saw on the Internet a story from ABC News … right now, apparently, the debauchery at Carlos ‘n’ Charlies is as bad as ever, and youngsters are still getting drunk and doing other stuff there.

      One wonders how stupid people can be.

      I’ve sent it to Red; I hope he’ll post it.

    29. Richard on November 28th, 2007 3:48 pm
    30. Sharon Chicago on November 28th, 2007 3:59 pm

      Sad speculation …but if Joran was raping Natalee in the backseat, he might have put his hand over her mouth if she was screaming, until he finished his dirty deed. She could have choked on her own vomit or due to lack of air, while Joran got his satisfaction.


    31. Sharon Chicago on November 28th, 2007 4:05 pm

      I hope that Hans will not let the circumstantial evidence go down the toilet again……

      Why would the Kalpoe’s be washing there car so early in the morning after the missing “Natalee” had previously been in their vehicle.

      Hans better sit on those animals for all of their inconsistancies…and all of Jorans twisted versions of what happened. I can’t imagine any good law enforcement/procecutor allowing these three criminals to continue to lie and changes their stories. They need to understand they are no longer running this show.

      Come on Hans the world is waiting for you to do whats right and just for Natalee.

    32. Patti on November 28th, 2007 4:28 pm

      So why does the drug dealer hose down his car in the middle of the night after getting a phone call that Natalee may have suffered an overdose?


      deny, deny, deny – the first thing that

      enters the thoughts of a criminal mind.

    33. Patti on November 28th, 2007 4:31 pm

      But did she die of that overdose?

      I don’t think so…

      Freddy knows.

    34. Richard on November 28th, 2007 5:02 pm

      And remember, there were three of the scum in the car. I think that Deepak’s talk about Natalee dressing as a slut, and all that garbage, is a self-defensive mental mechanism to try to deny to himself the enormity of what he did.

      (“She WANTED it … she was ASKING for it.” The typical BS that rapists give. In other words, perhaps Deepak is trying to convince himself that Natalee wasn’t a “nice” girl, and so what he did wasn’t all that bad … and it’s total garbage.)

      Similarly, the story that Joran was spouting about Natalee’s asking if the Kalpoes were his slaves is just a way of playing the race card to keep them angry. I suspect it was PvdS or someone else who came up with the trite canard:
      Natalee was from the South, therefore was racist.

      We know, of course, that this too is BS.

    35. Richard on November 28th, 2007 5:03 pm

      I don’t think Joran was her sole assailant.

    36. Awa on November 28th, 2007 5:41 pm

      I’m affraid we shall never know what really happened that night.
      If they did it or not Natalee is still missing, and if she’s dead; where is the body?

    37. Sharon Chicago on November 28th, 2007 6:11 pm

      FOX UPDATE… The Kalpoe’s neighbor will be interviewed tonight by Greta, in regard to him seeing the Kalpoe’s washing their vehicle the night that Natalee disappeared.

      Joran’s female attorney part of taco Joes group, says that Joran is requesting a TV, paper, magazines.

      Poor creep… someone throw him a roll of toilet paper

    38. Maggie on November 28th, 2007 6:29 pm

      MDabby, the guy didn’t have an exact time he saw it. I do like afterwards , that Greta stated one of the Kalpoes lawyers came out and said oh that was not 2005. Like the Kalpoes know what this guy saw and when.

      It is stated they cleaned the car for ants, then it was for sand from Joran’s legs after he sat in his car in shorts that night. However they said Joran wore long pants in another statement. Who’s to say the police didn’t talk to him. It wasn’t in Straten or Jacobs interest to go talk to him. No car search for 10 days afterwards, no body searches, no home searches. It wasn’t a sloppy investigation, it went just as planned.

      As for no body AWA, my neighbor I grew up by is doing life for killing his wife and no body was found. Know what he said when she disappeared? She ran off with another man, just like Drew Peterson has said. He swore he was innocent, didn’t do a thing to her. Sorry AWA 3 guys and a girl go out and all the guys make it back and the girl don’t and noone has one sighting of her on that small island since. Natalee was doing fine till those 3 showed up and not a doubt in my mind she would’ve made it home just fine, had the underage Joran not been out drinking and gambling and lying about who he was.

      What kind of attorney is JoeT if he TRULY had evidence to prove Joran is innocent and he never turned it over and instead let the Dutch tear up the home he lived in and keep investigating him and Keep Joran as the number 1 suspect. (Enter Twilight Zone music)

    39. diverboy on November 28th, 2007 6:34 pm

      #36….Ask the Sloots…they know.

    40. nurturer on November 28th, 2007 6:35 pm

      Sharon Chicago #30 – The point of Natalee drowning in her own vomit is the theory put forth in Andrew Hodges’s “Into the Deep”. That Joran was the first to rape Natalee, then Satish, then Deepak. Also, contrary to popular belief, Hodges says that Natalee was awake and resisting during the attack. As Deepak was raping Natalee, Joran subdued her from behind (and above) with a choke hold. She could not breathe due to the choke hold. If this was the case, it is possible that vomit, as well as blood, would have been on the backseat. And it had to go.

      Richard #34 – I believe Deepak knew Beth would eventually see the taped interview and because of that, that is why he said what he did. To belittle Natalee, sure, but it was also his opportunity to get back at Beth. Why? As payback for the stare-down in the cybercafe.

    41. Richard on November 28th, 2007 6:43 pm

      Joran wants a newspaper and TV … poor little narcissist, aching to see what coverage he is getting. Hope he doesn’t get anything.

      Remember when he was in jail and his parents tried to bring his own bedding, etc.? If memory serves, the head of the Aruban jail said that nobody gets special privileges. (I wonder where that guy came from; he doesn’t seem to fit the stereotyped Aruban government worker image, as he actually seems to have had some integrity.)

      Let’s hope that the same is true now.

    42. Richard on November 28th, 2007 6:46 pm

      Of course, that theory of the guy who wrote “Into the Deep” is ONLY a theory, as far as we know. But it’s not so implausible ….

      Nurturer, you could be right that Deepak’s comments were aimed at Beth. My idea, though, is that someone was trying to keep him fixated on Natalee’s presumed depravity. It’s much easier to console yourself (I suppose) in having committed a crime if you convince yourself that the victim “deserved it,” and was somehow culpable.

      Needless to say, none of us believes any such garbage about Natalee.

    43. Richard on November 28th, 2007 6:49 pm

      More horrid speculation … if Natalee did come out of a drunken/drugged stupor during the gang rape, they might have used her own panties and other clothing to gag her. And that could have been a factor to induce vomit, etc.

      After all, Anita was describing Natalee’s panties to Beth, right? She presumably got the information from JvdScum. Perhaps something about that action stayed in his mind….

    44. diverboy on November 28th, 2007 7:13 pm

      I really hate all the speculations about she died like this or that. The only ones that now for sure are those 3. How does anyone now what state she was in other than those 3 turds that had her in their car? C’mon…Natalee was a small girl, it wouldnt take much for her to be drunk after Urine buying her 151 rum. Only those 3 know.

    45. yoyo muffintop on November 28th, 2007 7:43 pm

      “After all, Anita was describing Natalee’s panties to Beth, right? She presumably got the information from JvdScum.”

      Wrong, according to Beth Twitty. Beth Twitty wrote in her book that BETH was the one who described Natalee’s underwear to Anita, not the other way around.

    46. suisse71 on November 28th, 2007 8:00 pm

      EURobert & Katablog & Richard and many others you keep providing such relevant, helpful information – thank you! [I could site all of your examples!] But for now -

      #19 “…in fact it sounds (if the neighbor’s time is right) that it was within less than 1 hour after the 3 left CNC with Natalee in the car…”
      Great point as in explore that time line.

      Sounds as though these predators are creatures of habit. IMHO Natalee was at JVS property. Panic: PVS must get involved.K2 wash car at suspicious hours. PVS makes ATM w/drawls at suspicious hours. ETC. As well, endless lies & misleading the investigation & suspicious behavior.

      But “ we did this like 20X before and nothing bad ever happened….” Until this time JVS & K2. “Russian roulette” is just that. So the 3 are being held on “suspicion of manslaughter”

      What about PVS or Mrs. K2 involvement? So the neighbor saw/heard K2’s car being washed but Mrs. K2 heard/saw nothing? Come on. IMHO, the parents of JVS & K2 are clearly suspicious. As are Freddie & the lot…

      If JVS & K2 don’t talk during these “8days”, then can they bring in PVS and/or Mrs. K2?

      I hope that neighbor of K2 went to Mos with this information. Can anyone confirm that? (But the K2 neighbor is going to be on Greta tonight?)

      It is very discouraging people are resistant to come forward to the authorities in Aruba. And they question the boycott of Aruba? Even Aruban residents and tourists appear to be STILL scared to go the police and/or STILL feel helpless even if they do so.


      And anyone else sick of hearing from any of those defense attorneys i.e. “They should have impounded the K2 car….” They should have blah blah. They did not impound the car because the K2, the VDS and all mislead the investigation. Hello! We are informed. For starters, two INNOCENT security guards were arrested, etc….

      Geez media stop wasting our time with these defense attorneys, esp. Taco Joe & Co. will only repeat what they HAVE to say. Stale, tired reporting. If JVS is so innocent then how come Taco Joe & Co. are conspicuously defensive?

      Rather bring on legal experts who are highly qualified in Dutch/Aruban law and who can advise us as to what we need to know from the prosecution’s perspective. What about those esteemed lawyers from the Netherlands who previously spoke out? (Anyone remember that article/s and can repost?) Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t those kinds of legal aids offer more relevant news?


    47. brie on November 28th, 2007 8:13 pm

      I’m not sure that describing Natalee’s underwear is accurate..that was degrading in my thoughts….I think it was just another ploy to degrade Natalee….your son is guilty…Natalee was a innocent victim..and Joran did it!!!!Botem line!

      If your going to continue to support Joran, you have to realize your role in all of this resides on your responsibility as parents. You are well aware of Joran’s actions. You are well aware of his conduct and berhavior but yet you have done nothing about it!!!!

    48. suisse71 on November 28th, 2007 8:23 pm

      #28 – Thank you Richard but is anyone really shocked? Of course it continues @ C&C (and elsewhere.) Aruba get serious about all of it.


    49. renee on November 28th, 2007 8:42 pm

      Not too exciting, the following little piece in De Telegraaf, but it’s something!.
      Klaas may be able to translate with her translate machine.

      Bezwaar tegen beperkingen Joran van der Sloot
      ORANJESTAD – De advocaat van Joran van der Sloot op Aruba, Ariean de Bie, heeft bezwaar aangetekend tegen de beperkingen die justitie aan de verdachte heeft opgelegd. Het Openbaar Ministerie (OM) heeft bevestigd dat het bezwaar is ingediend. De rechtbank neemt donderdagochtend (lokale tijd) een beslissing over het bezwaarschrift.

      Joran van der Sloot

      Joran van der Sloot (20), die wordt verdacht van doodslag of zware mishandeling op de Amerikaanse tiener Natalee Holloway, mag sinds zijn arrestatie geen contact met de buitenwereld hebben. Hij zit in afzondering van andere gedetineerden opgesloten in het Korrektie Instituut Aruba (KIA), de Arubaanse gevangenis. Verder mag zijn familie hem niet bezoeken, krijgt hij geen lectuur en mag hij geen tv kijken.

      De enige die wel contact met hem mag hebben, is zijn advocaat. Het OM staat hem toe bij de verhoren te zijn en met zijn cliënt te overleggen. „We gaan ervan uit dat de advocaat zich aan zijn gedragscode houdt en geen informatie uitwisselt met de buitenwereld”, zei officier van justitie Dop Kruimel.

      „We waren niet verplicht om een advocaat toe te laten, maar zien dit als een soort service. Bovendien was er hierbij sprake van een bijzondere situatie omdat de verdachte voor de tweede keer is aangehouden in deze zaak.”
      SM: Thanks, I’ll see what I can do (klaasend)

    50. suisse71 on November 28th, 2007 9:17 pm

      #34 & 35 Richard –I agree on all

      And #41 Richard – agree too as in “…Joran wants a newspaper and TV … poor little narcissist, aching to see what coverage he is getting. Hope he doesn’t get anything…”

      Reality check JVS – you are in prison.

      IMHO – Shocker JVS & K2, etc. have always and continue to “act as victims/played the victim card” = blame/complain/justify/make excuses/in denial, etc.

      IMHO, innocent people are not compelled to “act like victims.”


    51. Melting on November 28th, 2007 10:38 pm

      If Natalee happened to vomit on Joran especially from the effects of E and whatever else they gave her, that would have surely angered Joran to the point of rage. His initial lie about Natalee stumbling and falling is surely to cover wounds recieved from him and probably others. They probably tried to immediately get her out of the car. Do you think maybe they ran her over with the car? They also mentioned that she wanted to see the sharks…to explain gross brutality to her body?

    52. Melting on November 28th, 2007 10:43 pm

      This is turning into an OJ circus…everyone knows he did it…plain as day…proving it is a completely different story. Justice always is served though, even if it is outside of the courtroom…the guilty ones will get theirs. (*Not* saying in a threatening way, just that life comes full circle in one way or another)

    53. Patti on November 28th, 2007 10:58 pm

      Well, I love Richard, but I don’t agree with him on this. I don’t think the Kalpoes had much of anything to do with the disappearance. I think they were convenient at the time and knew where to get drugs. The trap for Natalee was set at the beach and that’s where the abduction took place after the Kalpoes dropped Natalee and Joran off.

      I don’t think that Natalee was scared because it was practically next door to her hotel and she had no idea that anything bad was going to happen. In my opinion, the only way the Kalpoes knew that something had went wrong was because Joran called them from the beach aroung three- o’clock. He kept saying that the Kalpoes came back to get him and they had a flat tire so he walked home to cover the fact that his “OWN FATHER” had participated in the kidnapping. First to try to help revive Natalee and then to put her in the cage.

      Funny thing that Paulus would feel the need to pick up some cash from the ATM at 4am, after helping his son kidnap Natalee. What did he need money for at that hour of the morning? Did he have some people to pay off? Maybe GVC or Steve Croes for their help in the abduction? Remember witnesses SAW three men putting a girl in the back of a white pick-up just as eye-witnesses saw a white truck at the Fisherman’s Huts where the cage was stolen in the wee hours of the morning. That eye-witness is just as valid as the neighbor who saw the Kalpoes cleaning their car. In fact, the two things may have been happening spontaneously.

      The problem that I have with the theory of the Kalpoes being involved is with the conversation in the back of the squad car, long after the body was found at the rocks, the Kalpoes are still clueless and, specifically, say that Freddie needed to talk. Obviously, Freddie had told them what happened, and they wanted Freddie to tell the Police the truth.

      Freddy needs to tell the truth…

      I think Paulus used them, by making them believe that Natalee died of an overdose of drugs that were supplied to her and Joran by Deepak. He used their fear of being held responsible for her death, long before she died, to his advantage… even to the point of hiring his own people to represent them.

      The Chicago Videos were downloaded, I believe, on June 12, but late in the month, I believe on June 26; in the back of the squad car, Deepak and Satish still don’t know for sure whether she’s dead or not. But, Joran does.

      What does he say?

      If you don’t know about the girl then you don’t know nothing! Another way of saying keep your mouth shut… and then, ofcourse, he goes on to say that he should have killed them when he had the chance. Does that sound like something you would say to your co-conspirator?

      I don’t think so….

    54. Patti on November 28th, 2007 11:32 pm

      Here is a copy of the transcript. It was June 24:

      Deepak: How does it feel Joran?

      Joran: (with raised voice) You let my father be arrested, friend.

      Deepak: (very calm) That’s what I say. How does it feel?

      Joran: You know no good that my father has nothing to do [with this}. I have read your statements, friend. You two are lying shit. (then very calmly) You know what happened with that girl. If you don't know it, then nothing happened. (then angrily) So, fxxx you. What do you say, that Freddy has to be arrested?

      Deepak: That Freddy has to tell the truth.

      Joran: You know very well that Freddy has told the truth.

      Satish: You will see, you will see.

      Deepak: You could have prevented it from the beginning, this, of your father. You know it. That he wasn't arrested.

      Joran: How? How? (stretches "how" out) You declare shit against him. My father only wanted to help you, friend. Only to help you was what my father wanted. My father himself arranged your lawyers. And this is how you pay it back. (now with an angry voice) I should hit you both once [een klap moeten geven].

      Deepak: Then try it. You can make it better in one time.

      Joran: About what? You can also make it better.

      Deepak: You just have to tell the truth. Tomorrow, I’ll get my last 8 days and then I’m going home.

      Joran: That’s what you think.

      Deepak: I’m going home.

      Joran: Wait until I’m going to tell stuff about you two. Then we’ll see if you two are going home.

      Deepak: I guarantee you.

      Joran: Don’t you think that the police is interested in knowing that Satish touched a girl with the car? [the word 'geraakt' is being used, translated here literally, but you can use the word 'hit' also in the context].

      Satish: He heh one [?], you let me laugh boy, just laugh.

      Deepak: (to Joran) You know dang well, you always try to put bullshit between us.
      Joran: (to Deepak) Then you’re going to tell shit about the ChoHer [choller]? I have helped you with that that shit of the choller friend.

      Deepak: And, I also said that.

      Joran: That I have not read. I have also read that statement.

      Satish: That of the chollers was from me.

      Deepak or Satish: I have already told that before. I have also said that in my first statement.

      Satish: I said it in my own interest.

      Joran: That is what the police tells me now. Police says now to me, like, if you two go against me, I’ll go against you two.

      Brothers: (laughing) Hehehehehehehe.

      Satish: We don’t put you in trouble. We just tell the truth.

      Joran: That you two don’t do. The half of what you two have said isn’t the fxxxing truth. It will come forward. Just like they check me, they check you two also.
      Satish: With us, with us, can they get evidence, but with you not. [ a bit unclear: It's: bij ons, bij ons. Kunnen zij bewijzen krijgen, maar bij jou nief] With lies, you don’t get evidence,

      Joran: All that shit of “Karen,” all of you two don’t know of no shit. Fxxx you two.
      Deepak: You think that the girl has nothing on, you will see who fxxxed who (this sentence was not good to understand) [note of the police officer]

      Joran: We will see. Hey, you know when I will laugh, if I’ve given you a slap in the face. I’ll laugh when they find the girl alive, fxxx you.

      Joran: I know very well that you are afraid. That is if you two have done something bad with that girl. En if they find the girl, then we shall see

      Satish: I’m not afraid. Why must I be afraid?

      Deepak: I want them to find the girl. You are going to tell shit about me that I have buried the girl at fishermans hut

      Joran: Who has said about burying? I didn’t say anything about burying.

      Deepak: That’s what you have stated. Stop with that bullshit.

      Joran: I have said nothing about burying. The only thing what I
      can think of, is that you know people that it is the people of automotive enterprises.

      Satish: Yeah, yeah,yeah, yeah,yeah,yeah, then I had a flat tire, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,yeah… I picked you up, right. And then I went back to the beach for her.

      Joran: Who has said that?

      Satish: You said that.

      Joran: I have never said that friend. I have never said that you went back, friend.
      Joran: That’s your problem. If they find that girl, then they will see that shit.
      Deepak: Eight more days and then I’m going home, I guarantee you that for a 1000 per cent.

      Joran: We will see.

      Deepak: (to Joran) You don’t give a shit about your, the members of your own family.

      Joran: The only thing that I can think of is my family. I do what my family tells me to do. Right, retard.

      Deepak: Your own father, unbelievable.

      Joran: What my father, it is your fault that he is arrested. I didn’t declare anything against my father, you two declared against my father

      Satish: We didn’t declare anything.

      Joran: Or course, you did.

      Satish: What did I tell against your father?

      Joran: You are telling that he declared, that if there is no body [lijk = dead body], there is no case or I don’t what. All shit. That is totally not true, the only thing is that he said is, if there is no body [lichaam = body], then there isn’t a case.
      Deepak: Yes, that’s true.

      Joran: That’s not true.

      Deepak: I also said in my statement, that it wasn’t meant like that.

      Joran: Didn’t read it in your statement. They use that now against my father.
      Deepak: We suffered a lot because of you.

      Joran: That’s the price that you let my father pay. That you let him suffer like that. Fxxx you. If you let me suffer, I say ok. It doesn’t matter to me. I can just sit here for 160 days. It doesn’t make a fxxxing difference to me. I’m sitting good here.
      Brothers: Me too. Me too.

      Joran: And you Satish, they’re telling me that you asshole, see ghosts in the [jail]cell. They told me that you saw the girl in your cell and that you were very scared.

      Satish: Me seeing ghosts? Two other boys were seeing ghosts. You also believe the people who are here in jail. That has nothing to do with ghosts and that is just garbage shit what you say.

      Joran: They talk good about me, but not good about you. And also the two security guards, they have guaranteed me that they will kill you two, if you go out of jail.
      Deepak: Oh, yes.

      Joran: Who has declared about the security guards, you no tme.
      Why? because I don’t want to put anyone in trouble who has nothing to do with the case.

      Deepak or Satish:(screaming) That lie was for you.

      Joran: You admitted that.

      Deepak or Satish:(screaming) That lie was for you.

      Joran: You two paid him off, right.

      Brothers: ha ha ha ha ha ha

      Joran: You said then via the telephone like, that I have the jackpot. You said now [?] through the phone , I have the fxxxing jackpot. You forget that the phone is tapped, right?

      Satish or Deepak: Shut your trap [hou je bek]

      Joran: You forget that, right retard? Then you arrive home and you say how you arranged everything. You say “I have fixed it”. Good for you [meaning your own fault]. because of you he is also in jail.

      Deepak: Yeaaaaaaaaahhh! Yeahhhhhhhhh!

      Joran: (to brothers)Man, what can you go do? [illegible, what is typed is: jucfc juflfe]

      Deepak: (to Joran) What can you go do?

      Joran: Make me, shut my mouth no.

      Brothers: Fxxx you, we don’t talk anymore with you.

      Deepak: (to Joran) You talk until you get tired.

      Satish: (to Deepak) Do you have clothes?

      Deepak: What am I going to do with those? I’m leaving anyway in [illegible] days.
      Joran: That’s what you think.

      Deepak: Shut your trap. Shut your trap, you bitch. Fxxx your father.

      Joran: If my father doesn’t leave tomorrow, then you’ll see. Boy, shut your mouth before I hit it shut.

      Deepak: Do it then, you’re already in jail.

      Joran: Doesn’t matter to me. They can even put me in the fxxxing solitary [cashot]. It doesn’t matter to me.

      Deepak: They’re going to give you fifteen years if they find the girl.

      Joran: For what? for what?

      Deepak: That scholarship of yours. Byeeeeeeee. You can forget it.

      Joran: Yeah, by who? By you, retard. You know well that you did bad, otherwise you wouldn’t lie.

      Brothers: aaiaaieaaieeaiee!

      Joran: I should have killed you, retard. Shut your trap.

      Deepak: Won’t be fun, if you are standing in front of the judge of instructions tomorrow. Why not? Too much evidence?

      Joran: Then they are also allowed to hit me. Do you think that it makes a difference to me. One slap will be enough.

      Satish: You think, you think. Joran:

      What do you think, that you are going home to get your gun?

      Satish: That I have a gun.

      Joran: Satish, you, get gun at home, me shoot you two dead.

      Satish: Look, the police already went to my house and already investigated [searched] the house. Did they find a gun? What
      will she get? ["Wat zal zij krijgen." The word 'zij' is for the word 'she' or for 'they', but they use the singular verb for 'will', therefore'she']

      Deepak: (to Joran) Sometimes, you talk bullshit, right?

      Joran: (to Deepak) Why is that shit not true? Witnesses saw you.

      Satish: In the end we will see, who gets out and who stays. You tell the truth, we shall see.

      Joran: I know that I’m getting out.

      Brothers: We shall see. Yeah, yeah, yeah. __________________________________________________

    55. renee on November 28th, 2007 11:40 pm

      Ah: the bugs.
      We figured it out…

    56. Bob on November 28th, 2007 11:45 pm

      General question: is Joe Tacapina qualified/licensed/ able to practice “law” in an Aruba court? If not, is he (and his “team’) permitted to assist an Aruban lawyer/team? It appears JT plans to arrive in Aruba to work/assist in Joran’s defense. Just wondered how that will work out.

    57. Jon on November 28th, 2007 11:51 pm

      The Police should be questioned about the disappearing body.

    58. renee on November 29th, 2007 12:29 am

      Joe T. may advise J’s lawyers, I guess, unless Aruba has very strict laws regarding work permits (like the US). He may just go and state he is not on a paid mission.
      SM: He can’t be going in any official capacity, only as US advisors. JoeT cannot practice law in Aruba or the NL. (klaasend)

    59. minnesota dad on November 29th, 2007 12:44 am

      Doesn’t Joe T. need a work visa/permit to work or assist down in Aruba?

      Didn’t Aruba pull this stunt on Skeeters or someone stating that they could not be on the island because they did not have a permit to work?

      Seems to me that was the case. Would be interesting to see who would give Joe T. a work permit.


    60. molly in houston on November 29th, 2007 12:51 am

      Richard, I read the article by ABC. Carlos and Charlies is insane! They really do think they got away with murder.

      Justice for Natalee. They’ll be sorry….all of them.

    61. renee on November 29th, 2007 1:09 am

      Re Joe T.: no work, no, but he can have dinner with the lawyers and eh… discuss the weather?
      BTW: I read somewhere that Mos has stated: if the guys don’t talk to us, that will not play out well for them.
      SM: Exactly, they will have “friendly” discussions at the dinner table. Yes MOS did say that. I think what he means if they don’t talk they’ll stay in jail. (klaasend)

    62. renee on November 29th, 2007 1:18 am

      Well, I think the guys have to explain things away and if they don’t (by not speaking), their statements stand, will be brought in as evidence and they will be tried.
      Oh, just hoping…

    63. Bob on November 29th, 2007 1:22 am

      Regarding Joe Tacopina, klaasend stated:

      “SM: He can’t be going in any official capacity, only as US advisors. JoeT cannot practice law in Aruba or the NL. (klaasend)”

      That would have been my guess as well. I was a bit surprised that Greta seemed to make a ‘big deal’ during tonight’s Fox show by giving Tacopina such deference and importance. Perhaps I’m not quite up to speed just yet on the various players and which branch they nest on. If JT is not a key player, who cares what he says or thinks?
      SM: In my opinion? Ratings (klaasend)

    64. renee on November 29th, 2007 1:48 am

      Joe is outspoken and always ready to comment. Yeah. Ratings. (And… he is close to the FOX studio.)
      I do believe Greta is genuinely interested in the case. This recent trip was a little silly, though.

    65. Maggie on November 29th, 2007 1:48 am

      This is Anita talking to Greta the first time Joran was detained in Aruba. He was reading the Bible. Right after this interview is when he went out and did the Current Affair interview and lied and lied repeatedly during it. IE. Natalee asked me out, I won money back for Natalee, Beth knows the truth she read our statements(that contradicted each other repeatedly) Doesn’t mention Deepak or Satish picking him up. It was all Natalee he was the victim. See what good reading the BiBle did for him. That was just one of the interviews of him lying after he read the BiBle. What a bunch of bs they try to feed everyone. Joran was also falsifying his urine test in jail so it would read negative for marijuana according to his book. Wonder if he learned that in the Bible?

      VAN SUSTEREN: How does he look? You saw him last night. How did he look to you?

      ANITA VAN DER SLOOT: You know, we were so pleased that he was transported because we thought it would be a little more mild on him and he could rest a little more. At least, he has a bed now. And I could bring a cushion and clean sheets for him and some clothes because he couldn’t shave during the last 10 days, hardly shower — he could shower, but also not enough water to brush his teeth, et cetera, et cetera. He couldn’t — the only thing he could read was the Bible he got from a very nice police guy. He got a Bible to read.

      And he was telling me, Mommy, look at me, I’m reading the Bible. Did you ever think about that? And I think it’s great. It’s difficult to read.

    66. renee on November 29th, 2007 1:54 am


    67. mayan_moons on November 29th, 2007 2:10 am

      Maggie said “I do like afterwards , that Greta stated one of the Kalpoes lawyers came out and said oh that was not 2005. Like the Kalpoes know what this guy saw and when.”

      I caught that too Maggie, what a ridiculous thing to say that the car hose down wasn’t in 2005!~ You’d think lawyer’s involved (lip service is more like it) in Jurine’s camp concerning Aruba’s highest profile case in it’s history would think about what they’re saying. Where is the follow up question… ok Tacopino if it wasn’t 2005 then what year was it???? hmmmm? Good lord what a laughing stock to get on international tv and say such stupidity!

    68. mayan_moons on November 29th, 2007 2:43 am

      My bad Maggie….you’re right it was one of the Kalpuke’s lawyer’s who said that regarding the hosing down of the car.

      BUT tonight JT is telling us that the cop car convo had NO incriminating atatements regarding Jipshit when we read with our own lying eye’s that one of the bro’s says “IF THEY FIND THE GIRL YOU WILL GET 15 YEARS IN PRISON” and express’s his hopes “the girl WILL be found”.

    69. Carpe Noctem on November 29th, 2007 3:03 am

      Joe Tacopina is a joke. His sorry fat arse should be restricted to the Comedy Channel!

      He really needs to stop wasting his time
      on a battle he is doomed to lose.

      It kind of makes one wonder why a LOSER
      like Joseph isn’t off fighting some
      better battle… but not for very long.


    70. suisse71 on November 29th, 2007 3:20 am

      #54 – Thank you Patty.

      I had not read this before.Only heard about it.

      Very informative and very telling about JVS behavior as well K2.

      Again, what about PVS? Any news? Any chance of him being held again? Same question/s apply regarding Freddie -


    71. suisse71 on November 29th, 2007 3:26 am

      #54 BTW Patty – any other transcripts like this you can post here?



    72. mayan_moons on November 29th, 2007 3:43 am

      Hey Carpe!

      Better yet make it the GONG SHOW!~

    73. molly in houston on November 29th, 2007 12:34 pm

      Joe Taco is so much rubbish. Makes me feel sick how Greta acts like he is someone important. Joe is just loud and talks a lot. He doesn’t say anything of importance. It makes no sense for him to go to Aruba when he can’t practice law down there. Suppose that he’s not allowed in the courtroom? What a waste of hot air. Time with Joe doesn’t get any rating with me.


    74. brenda on November 29th, 2007 2:27 pm

      I had not read the translation of the conversation of the stooges in a long time. Too bad it is so unclear in places. Probably the new evidence is a much more sound translation of what was said that goes hand-in-hand with more recent text messages and other communication.

      The most telling part in that whole translation is when Joran said to Satish, “I heard you were seeing ghosts…the ghost of the girl” (paraphrased).

      Geez, how on earth can he weasle his way out of saying that? He knew she was dead and that was basically a confirmation. What more do they need? If only the brothers would spill on Joran.

      I think that the “hit a girl with a car” incident was probably prior to the incident with Natalee. A hit and run perhaps? Would have to be because there was no new damage on the K2′s car. Even the Aruban police would have had much difficulty covering that up with all of the reporters with cameras running around. Paulus must have lied/covered up for those boys before WITH law enforcement’s knowledge. What a corrupt place.

    75. brenda on November 29th, 2007 2:31 pm

      Patti…the money retreived at 4am could very, well have been for boat fuel. I’ve been deep sea fishing before with my husband and friends in private boats. It is expensive to fill those suckers up, you know?

    76. brie on November 29th, 2007 2:48 pm

      Maybe they took Natalee out to sea on Steve Croes party boat. It would of been in the water with 24 hour access. Steve also lied for Joran about dropping Natalee off at the Holiday Inn. Why?

      Also there is plenty of room on that boat to hold a fisherman’s cage and could easily of been concealed.

      Maybe this is coming in three’s…next three…Steve, Freddy and Paulus.

    77. richard on November 29th, 2007 3:59 pm

      Yoyo, would you post the passage from Beth’s book where it says that she was describing Natalee’s underwear to Anita? I don’t recall that passage; I’m not saying that you’re wrong, only that it would be useful to see it here. Thank you.

      In re Anita’s comment above, this is a classic:

      “And he was telling me, Mommy, look at me, I’m reading the Bible. Did you ever think about that? And I think it’s great. It’s difficult to read.”

      Joran must have had a good horse laugh at his mother if he thought she believed that.

      And Anita must have had a good horse laugh if she thought anyone believed that line of BS.

      I can’t think that even Anita van der Sloot would say something as stupid as that. But I guess I just don’t have enough imagination.

      Patti (you’re great too) … as you know, I’ve always held the belief that Natalee might well have been trafficked and taken off Aruba alive.

      Or, as an alternative, that she was held captive somewhere, perhaps in Lorenzo’s house, until it became clear that nobody would dare handle her because her case had acquired so much prominence.

      We’re now getting these new statements from the Dutch that they know she is dead. We were told before by Karen Janssen that the absence of a body was not an impediment to a successful prosecution. I don’t know what the evidence from the Dutch is, but if we assume that they are serious in what they’re doing (and I think we can), then we can also assume that they have the goods on at least the three suspects.

      I don’t KNOW this. But if they are acting in good faith, then clearly my trafficking theory was wrong. Not stupid or impossible, but simply not the case.

      I don’t know if Natalee died in the car or not, but it certainly is not beyond belief. We’ll find out, I hope.

    78. brenda on November 29th, 2007 4:17 pm

      So…Joran was reading the Bible? Kinda like Hillary Clinton going to church. Too sad to actually be funny.

      What IS funny is that Joran called her “mommy”. Good Lord.

    79. brie on November 29th, 2007 5:09 pm

      So Joran reading the Bible…Mommy look at me…I’m being such a good boy….reminds me of the ending of the movie Psycho…the fly on the hand.

    80. Patti on November 29th, 2007 11:31 pm

      The only problem that I have with the boat thing is that I don’t think she died until June 8th. I think the Chicago Videos were recorded to let us know what really happened to Natalee.

      The two security guards were in jail as stool pigeons for a crime they didn’t commit and someone took the video to show us the truth and, according to the disclaimer, to prevent another black man from being convicted for a crime that he didn’t commit.

      I believe that it was June 8th that Joran was on suicide watch, perhaps feeling guilty about what was happening to Natalee. On June 9th the family was told that there was a confession and that Natalee’s body was found and was going to be recovered.

      However, Prime Minister Nelson Oduber stepped in and stated that finding the body (perhaps because of her condition AND the manner in which she died) would be bad for tourism. The body was bagged up and put in the water basin to stay cool, which resulted in the body in the bag pictures, one of which was published by The Enquirer. And, in my opinion, the bag was picked up by a furniture truck and delivered to the Van der Sloots. An aerial shot of the truck was mysteriously taken… completing the story of what happened to Natalee.

      Someone over there was on our side. Someone that is afraid to come forward and admit to being the maker of the film. Can’t really blame him/her when you consider what has happened to other people who have gone against the Arawak Nation.

      Remember PitBull? The bouncer at the club that was the last stop made by the Kalpoes before leaving the city… probably where they purchased drugs for Joran. He was not only murdered, he was butchered, literally, like a pig and roasted… they called his death a suicide.

      Again, I pray for his family because there is no doubt in my mind that it was his intention to supply important information to the police. He was to become a hero and instead ended up dead in a cave. God Bless his Family. Perhaps Justice for Natalee shall eventually lead to justice in his death, as well.

      To call Natalee’s death an overdose is as rediculous as to call PitBull’s death a suicide. Obviously, there is alot of covering up in Aruba, not just in Natalee’s case but in any case where the Arawak are involved ie human sacrifice and cannibalism. But, I can assure you Natalee did not die of an overdose…. and she did not die on May 30th, nor on May 31st. It was over a week before she was killed.

      So, Aruba, you tell us… where is Natalee? You are the ones that made a decision to not have her death revealed to the public, so you also must know what happened to her, in the end. My fear is that the same thing happened to her as what happens to all the children that are sacrificed to the Gods.

      As far as Joran reading the Bible… let him read, if he wants. Jehovah chooses us, not the other way around and, unfortunately, He can see through Joran’s attempts to appear just like any other “normal” boy…. don’t believe it!

      Suisse 71:

      Yes, there are more things that I can post and will do my best to supply you with more information.

    81. Patti on November 30th, 2007 12:21 am

      One more point and I’m out of here:

      For those that do not think that the Chicago Videos are real, consider this:

      After their release on the internet, the authorities were asked about the body that is depicted in the film of the rocks area. It was not until then, probably a week later, that they made up the story of the missing boy from Columbia. When asked if the boy had been reunited with his parents, they said that the parents had since moved back to Columbia and they were unable to be reached.

      Does the body in the bushes look like that of a boy? No. Does it look like someone that has been dead, in the ground, decomposing for two years? No. Does she look like she’s been dead for over a week? Remember, Dave Holloway searched that area, extensively, prior to June 8.

      The body in the bushes looks like a young lady who has only been dead for a matter of hours. No swelling, no visible signs of rigamorous, no discoloring, no slippage? Is it only a coincidence that the police are seen in the film watching the dismemberment and bagging of the bodies, while just hours earlier Nelson Oduber, by his statement, said to cover the crime?
      He never counted on the Chicago Videos nor did he count on the relentless courage and stamina of a mother who loves her child and a group of people who would stand behind her.

      That man should be in jail!


      Boycott Aruba!
      Justice for Natalee

    82. Aruba: Natalee Holloway: Deepak & Satish Kalpoe Suing Dr Phil for Defamation … Doesn’t One Have to First have Character? | Scared Monkeys on June 14th, 2008 12:45 pm

      [...] prior to the Dr Phil tape. Namely, their reputations were tarnished by their own doing. By the way, why does one wash their car in the middle of the night? A car that Natalee Holloway was last seen in and never was heard from [...]

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