Amigoe: Sixty tips after Opsporings Verzocht


Amigoe; April 13, 2006: Sixty tips after Opsporings Verzocht

ARUBA — Sixty tips have already been received this morning as a result of the Opsporings Verzocht that dedicated the program to the disappearance of Natalee Holloway. Viewers were asked for tips.

In the program, Dolfi Richardson was the chief of police in charge of the case. He asked for tips in a structured manner. The local viewer were wondering why the population was not asked for cooperation with certain tips months earlier.

The program was organized with the cooperation of the police corps of Utrecht, of which three detectives have been involved with the investigation in Aruba. After a reconstruction of the last hours Holloway was seen, the viewers were asked for tips on a few matters. They would like to get in contact with people that were near the lighthouse, Arashi, the Fishermen’s Huts, or at Joren van der Sloot’s house the night that Holloway disappeared and have either seen people there or nobody. They want tips because the declarations of the three suspects about where they were that night with Natalee are contractive. Chief of police Richardson said that even though all three suspects declared that Natalee and Joran were at Fishermen’s Huts, three fishermen that were also there had said that they haven’t seen anybody.

Because up till now it is not clear how Joran got home, either walking or picked up by one of the brothers, the police want tips on this. Deepak’s grey Honda Civic was extensively shown in the program, because this low car with spoilers is supposedly the only one of this kind in Aruba. People that have seen this car on the night of the disappearance are asked to get in contact with the police.

A Colombian man had called Carlos’ n Charlie’s on December 31st, saying that he knows where Natalee is buried. His call was the reason for searching the area again recently. The police want this man to get in contact with them. There was also a reporting that around 02:30 on the night Natalee disappeared, a Honda Civic was seen at the Salià ±a near the Racket Club. If there are more people that have seen this, please contact the police. A woman had also reported that she had seen four sweaty boys with a shovel on that night in question. The police want to find this woman. They also want all pictures and film images of the days between May 26th and June 9th that might have something of interest for the police. It was mentioned in the program that it is unlikely that Holloway has disappeared in the sea, because her body would have washed ashore in Aruba. If she (her body) was thrown in sea a few hundred meters off the coast, her body would have washed ashore in Venezuela or Colombia. According to the police, there is no reporting on this. The information of the transmission is on the website of the program, also in English and Papiamento. A local telephone number 588-505 connects callers with the police in Utrecht that register the tips. Anonymous informers can call 588-506.

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