Al Gore’s Global Warming on Display this Weekend


Al Gore has ranted about Global warming and that its the greatest threat to our society. Cold_weatherObviously Al Gore missed the “global war” on terrorism and he also may be turning a blind eye to the weather this Easter holiday weekend. I guess this abnormally cold weather is a result of global warming as well?

Forecaster Blasts Gore on Global Warming

A top hurricane forecaster called Al Gore “a gross alarmist” Friday for making an Oscar-winning documentary about global warming.

“He’s one of these guys that preaches the end of the world type of things. I think he’s doing a great disservice and he doesn’t know what he’s talking about,” Dr. William Gray said in an interview with The Associated Press at the National Hurricane Conference in New Orleans, where he delivered the closing speech.

Cherry blossoms in Washington DC are covered in snow after a spring storm on 4/7/07.

Record lows for the Masters Golf tournament in Augusta, GA.

AUGUSTA, Georgia (Reuters) – Ear-muffs and mittens, parkas and fleece…the patrons of Augusta National looked dressed for skiing rather than the third round of the Masters on Saturday.

“I’m wearing long johns, a sweater and a jacket,” Roberta Goslen of Conyers, Georgia told Reuters. “I’m ready.”

Overnight temperatures fell below freezing and with icy winds gusting to 20-mph, talk turned to wind-chill numbers among the fans who staked out prime positions at the par-three 16th.


Snow Flurries on GA and TN

Forecasters said it was going to stay cold Saturday and plunge down to the middle 20’s on Easter morning across the Southeast _ meaning that Easter frills, bonnets and sandals will be replaced with coats, scarves and socks.

Georgia climatologist David Stooksbury said the northern half of the state has usually shaken off chilly temperatures by the end of March, but that freezing temperatures have lingered on into April in years past.

Still, this weekend’s freeze is rare.

Cold Weather Chills Spring Rituals

In Morrison, Colo., officials were forced to cancel an annual sunrise service scheduled for Sunday at the Red Rocks Amphitheater because seats and stairways were covered in ice.

In Washington, D.C., visitors to the nation’s capital awoke Saturday to see cherry blossoms coated with snow. Snow also fell in metro Atlanta Friday night, and even in parts of West Texas and the Texas Panhandle.

Heavier snow in Ohio postponed Saturday’s doubleheader between the Cleveland Indians and Seattle Mariners. The doubleheader had been scheduled because Friday’s home opener in Cleveland was postponed.

In Nashville, Tenn., a forecast low of 22 degrees Sunday would beat the current record set on March 24, 1940, when the morning temperature was 24 degrees.

“We’re going to be in record territory, for sure,” said Jim Moser, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service in Nashville.

Record-Shattering Cold Threatens Crops

A look at the Watches and Warnings shows freeze watches and warnings extending from the Ohio Valley all the way into northern Florida. The cold snap is especially dangerous to agriculture this year, and the South Regional News expands on some places where record-breaking cold will be felt during sunrise services on Easter morning.

The springtime arctic outbreak will also allow for snow in areas that very rarely see wintry precipitation this late in the year. On Saturday morning, snow mixed with rain in much of North Carolina, and flurries were observed as far south as Atlanta. The system that caused this rare April snowfall will scrape the Northeast coast with some additional snow on Saturday. Moderate snowfall also fell in Washington, D.C. early Saturday morning. The nation’s capital has not received accumulating snow in April since 2001. The East Regional News discusses the coastal storm in further detail, as well as the continuing lake-effect snow in western New York.

Temperature Chill Map


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    14 Responses to “Al Gore’s Global Warming on Display this Weekend”

    1. robots on April 7th, 2007 8:43 pm

      Gore is a stupid

    2. Joanie on April 7th, 2007 9:07 pm

      Yeah….I agree; Gore is stupid. What I really think is stupid is that the whole global warming mess is to be blamed on man made pollution. Man has only had knowledge to pollute with factories and cars for about 100 years. In many cases in this country, air is cleaner now than it was in the 1960′s. Just look at a picture of old Pittsburgh PA with the steel mills. I think any warming is just a progression of nature. Just like the ice age was 10′s of thousands of years ago. Old Fat Gore is making a political statement and trying to make hisself look like the almighty saviour. This planet has warmed up and cooled down over thousands of years. All this talk that global warming is all man made is a bunch og hooey. Ok…I’m done now!

    3. joe bear on April 7th, 2007 11:36 pm

      Gore,you look at now and miss the real big picture.

    4. Scared Monkeys on April 8th, 2007 12:39 am

      At the Al Gore estate in TN tonight it is supposed to be 22 degrees.

      Will Al put on a sweater or just turn up the heat on his massive estate that already uses 10x’s more elec than the normal person?

    5. amazed on April 8th, 2007 3:24 am


      go scared monkeys. go scared monkeys. its totally chilly where I live and usually its not. Global warming huh, its crazy. Just the other day I saw that it was in the negatives when usually it ain’t. Whats that?

      How come us high school dropouts no so much and that dumby gore don’t know nothin. Fancy schools. Education. Reading. Studyin. Focus groupin. Bah. You get all the real info right here on scared monkeys baby


    6. FL on April 8th, 2007 5:10 am

      Al Gore is partly right. According to the NOAA this winter (February) in the US is near average, but the global average temperature was the warmest on record for the December-February period. Check for further details. 2006 was the WARMEST year on record for the US ( Seven months in 2006 were much warmer than average, including December, which ended as the fourth warmest December since records began in 1895. This winter in Europe was one of the warmest winters since the last 100 years.

    7. ym on April 8th, 2007 12:50 pm

      boy, do you all have it wrong! It’s NOT just global warming, it’s global changes!

      The changes going on are UNDENIABLE *if* you read the reports from *real* scientists and not just the ones that are PAID to say what they say by the big business sponsors.

      The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia is becoming a wasteland because the warmer ocean temps are killing the reef.

      Large amounts of the polar caps are melting at alarming rates, leaving species like polar bears without a place to call home.

      The southwest area of the US has *already* seen 100 degree temps this year … again, another sign of changes.

      It is an accumulation of many *small* changes that add up to big changes and when we notice the big changes, well, it’s usually too late.

      Don’t get your info from just one source, you are on the INTERNET … USE IT! Search for global changes and see what you get … hopefully, it’s an eye opener!

      And oh, by the way, I have Al Gore’s first book about the environment … published in 1992 … when he was first concerned about the environment and used his information to get enviromental issues ‘on the table’ in the Congress.

      I did not get the book because I was a fan of Al Gore … I got the book because I have been concerned about the environment since I attended my (and THE) FIRST Earth Day back in 1970.

      What’s your background and excuse?

    8. I am smart :) on April 8th, 2007 3:21 pm

      Global warming is a fact,that there are places that are cooler/colder than normal doesn’t disprove global warming you don’t need a degree in physics to comprehend,just an average intelligence is enough.
      Look at the map posted above,what do you see ?

    9. Bodo on April 8th, 2007 3:22 pm

      I think Al Gore and his kooky alarmist manner in presenting the global warming issue is causing a lot of people to doubt that it is real and happening, and I think a lot of folks are dismissing a rapidly approaching climate change crisis because they view Al Gore as a bitter, defeated politition who has invented a crisis to regain attention and to regain importance and political stature. Be that as it may, Al Gore’s kook-like rantings aside, I do not doubt that global warming is real and happening and that it may be the most severe challenge confronting our generation. I believe our generation will plant the seeds of future wars if we fail to recognize that global warming is real and if we fail to confront the global warming challenge now, wars that will not be fought over oil but over food and water shortages caused by droughts and famines on a global magnitude.

    10. Mortella on April 8th, 2007 5:00 pm

      And yesterday was the coldest on record for that day in Atlanta in the hundred years of records being kept.

      Of course the weather is always changing! It always has and always will.

      Not caused by humans, however, and CO2 has absolutely no direct link to any rise in temperature. Dr. Gray just yesterday totally debunked Gore yet again as have countless of reputable scientist of which Gore is not and has only had two courses in college, got a D and a C. Gore flunked out of both law school and Bible College but if you want to buy some carbon credits from his smarmy little company he has set up to get rich off this, go right ahead.

      Just don’t try to make me do the same as I am not that stupid and not about to go along with this insanity that humans are causing climate change.

      Guess we are responsible for tectonic drift as well and better send Gore money for that, too? Gore leaves out that little 800 years space between rise in CO2 and actual warming. Humans contribute less than 3% of CO2 to atmosphere so I doubt anything we do is going to make much of a change.

      Sure, I think we should reduce oil consumption and protect the environment but there is no crisis and nothing has changed in recent years that would not have changed regardless of what humans do or do not do.

      Environmentalism is a religion to many who believe things that have no basis whatsoever in either fact or science.

    11. Joanie on April 8th, 2007 8:21 pm

      Maybe someone else heard this yesterday also; the Earth has not warmed over the last 9 years. I believe it was a meterologist. If I understand Mr Gore, he says we will boil away in no time. The Earth is going to warm up and cool down. Thats nature. There is nothing we can do to stop a natural progression. Gore is trying to capitalize on fear. We all need to think about adaptation to climate changes. Its going to happen. Been happening for 10′s of thousands of years. Who is gonna stop it anyway?

    12. amazed on April 9th, 2007 4:10 am

      NO WAY!!

      Its all a big hoks. The guys at SM DO use the internet. Thats why they know about all the cold places going on even though the earth is suppost to be getting warming. They also now how to put pictures on the internet.

      Come on SM, tell them all the other things you know besides the places that are cool. Don’t make me be the only guy who isn’t afrade to show all he nows.

    13. Tammy on April 9th, 2007 2:55 pm

      Gore, just so you know, we postponed summer here in Texas (Snow & Ice) just to show you how much of an idiot you were about global warming!

    14. amazed on April 10th, 2007 1:00 am


      We postponed SUMMER!

      Tammy – you’re so right, we postponed summer. Then we’re going to promote WINTER!

      Can you bleieve that more people don’t think like us …

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