No friction between Croes and Remkes, All is Well in Aruban Paradise


No problem mon … Just One Happy Island

What’s the big deal? It took Rudy Croes 15 months to ask for help, was it really important that the Minister of Justice be there? Not like the Natalee Holloway disappearance and investigation has destroyed the tourism and economy on Aruba.

Amigoe (9/6/06): No Friction Between Croes and Remkes


ARUBA – According to Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP), there is no friction between him and the Dutch minister of Home Affairs, Johan Remkes (VVD).  In an article to the media he explained that the media had mentioned Croes’ absence during Remkes’ visit of last Friday in a somewhat negative sense.  Croes says that the tenor of the article is wrong. < ?xml:namespace prefix ="" o />

Croes indicated that it was not until Wednesday that he had received an invitation from Remkes to meet with him on Friday.  However, Croes had already planned a short trip to Bonaire on that day.  This plan was made more than a year ago.  He went to Bonaire with a group of participants, some of them from abroad.  He already had arranged meetings with political friends in Bonaire and it would not have been ethical to call these meetings off so close before departure.  “I would have loved to meet Remkes in person.”  Croes wanted to thank Remkes in person for his promised cooperation in the collaboration protocol between police corpses of both countries and the assistance in the investigation on the disappeared Natalee Holloway.   He is very pleased that he is going to the Netherlands in the third week of September and can still meet with Remkes.  “I can then thank him in person.”  That’s when the protocol is going to be signed.  Also Prime Minister Nelson Oduber (MEP) and the minister of Kingdom Relations, Atzo Nicolai (VVD) will be present.

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