John Mark Karr Murder Confession of JonBenet Ramsey … Hoax, Fraud, Fake … or the real deal?


Yesterday John Mark Karr admitted that he killed JonBenet Ramsey. The press John Mark Karr 1conference/perp walk  in Bangkok, Thailand that resembled nothing short of a  circus. The question that has come to so many people’s minds since the breaking news that John Mark Karr’s admission of the murder of 6 year old JonBenet almost 10 years ago, is he telling the truth?

Is the confession from John Mark Karr a hoax? Is he a delusional pedophile  seeking attention or worse. For the sake of the Ramsey family one can only hope that his confession of JonBenet’s murder is for real. Otherwise there is even a more special place in hell reserved for John Mark Karr than the one that he already has a reservation for. It is obvious that John Mark Karr is a sex offender that needs to be taken off the street for the safety of our children. However, did he really do what he claims?

John Mark Karr was being considered a prime suspect and sought after by the Boulder, CO DA’s office because Karr knew specific details of the JonBenet Ramsey murder that had never been disclosed. John Mark Karr has been described as someone who was obsessed with the JonBenet Ramsey murder case. Is it possible that he was able to find out much more than the ordinary person because of this obsession?

BOULDER, Colorado (CNN) John Mark Karr gave authorities graphic details about the condition of JonBenet Ramsey’s body that have been kept secret for nearly a decade, a U.S. law enforcement source told CNN on Friday.

Those details were known only to the medical examiner and the investigators investigating the December 26, 1996 slaying of the 6-year-old beauty pageant competitor, the law enforcement official said.

However, since the confession by John Mark Karr many important details of the crime have come into question and comments made by Karr. One problem that has already come to the forefront is who can be believed with what Karr may have actually told Thailand authorities. Karr claims that he was in Boulder, CO on Christmas Eve 1996 the night that JonBenet was murdered. Yet, Karr’s ex-wife states that he was with her during the holidays.

One of those questions was raised by Karr’s former wife, Lara Karr, who says he was with her in Alabama or Georgia during the 1996 Christmas holidays.

But Lara Karr’s attorney, Michael Rains, said his client “sincerely believes there was no Christmas … anytime between 1989 and 2000 when they were married … when her husband was not with her and her family at Christmastime.”

Originally parts of John Mark Karr’s comments were rather suspects as it was as it was stated that Karr had sexually assaulted and drugged JonBenet Ramsey. Today we learn that those comments have been retracted by the Thai Immigration Police.

Hours after John Mark Karr told reporters in Thailand he was with JonBenet when she died, questions arose about his claims – including whether he sexually assaulted the young American beauty queen or was even in Colorado at the time of the killing.

Lt. Gen. Suwat Tumrongsiskul of the Thai immigration police changed some details Friday of the account he had given of what Karr told investigators. In a telephone interview Thursday with The Associated Press, Suwat quoted Karr as saying he had sexually assaulted the girl and given her drugs. He also told reporters before a news conference Thursday that Karr had claimed to have picked up JonBenet at her school.

On Friday, Suwat confirmed to the AP his account of the sexual assault. But asked Friday if Karr gave the girl drugs, Suwat said the suspect described the encounter with JonBenet Ramsey as “a blur.”

(AP News)

Then there was the issue that Karr supposedly stated that he picked up JonBenet Ramsey at school. Today, we find out the story is a little different.

Suwat also said Friday his statement about the girl being picked up from school was based on a documentary he had seen and not the interrogation.

John Mark Karr did admit that he killed JonBenet Ramsey and that it was an accident. However, according to the autopsy results the blunt force trauma to JonBenet’s head could hardly have come from any type of accident.

John Mark Karr is a sick, delusional pedophile. It is obvious to many that he is a danger and needs to be removed from normal society for their protection. The fact of the matter in question though, is he the murderer of JonBenet? The many is obviously troubled, but is he only  looking for attention? Is he so obsessed with the case that he actually has placed himself within the story itself?

The DNA and hand writing analysis will offer the answers to many questions. The palm print will do so as well. If they are a match, then John Mark Karr is the man who killed JonBenet Ramsey.

UPDATE: (New York Post) It Sounds Like the DA has been Had

BOULDER, Colo. – Never before have I ever heard a prosecutor exhort so passionately the need to consider a nasty insect to be presumed innocent.

“It tells me the case is going south,” said local attorney Larry Posner, referring to statements made by District Attorney Mary Lacy.

Trip Demuth, a former Boulder DA, said tersely: “I think she has been had.”


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