Tim Miller & Beth Twitty: JonBenet Offers Hope to Families with Unsolved Missing Cases


Hope and faith can be the only way how a family of missing children deal with no answers.

After almost 10 years the family of JonBenet Ramsey was provided hope that the ordeal of how their 6 year old daughter was murdered might be discovered. Who would have thought after 10 years, the JonBenet Ramsey case may have a break through.

Tim Miller of Texas Equusearch commented on the recent new events in the JonBenet case and how the news impacted him and his unanswered questions regarding his daughter Laura.

So news that a suspect in the slaying of JonBenet Ramsey was found offers hope to families and investigators who have known only frustration and futility.

“When something like this comes up, for me it gave me a new spark of hope,” Miller said. “It’s still possible.”

Beth Twitty, another parent dealing with the lack of any information as to what happened to her daughter, Natalee Holloway, in Aruba can certainly take comfort from the JonBenet Ramsey recent events. Anything is possible. One never knows where the information or confession may come from or when.

Beth Holloway, who has searched for her missing daughter, Natalee, since her disappearance in Aruba on May 30, 2005, said news about JonBenet Ramsey encourages all families still waiting for their own ordeals to end.

“It does offer that hope to the family that maybe, just maybe, they will be getting some closure,” she said.

(Houston Chronicle)

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    One Response to “Tim Miller & Beth Twitty: JonBenet Offers Hope to Families with Unsolved Missing Cases”

    1. Bumper on October 2nd, 2006 3:39 pm

      Just wanted to wish Tim Miller well. He has done so much for others and has experienced his own devastation with the loss of his daughter. There are so many folks out here that are well aware of his work and his caring for others with missing loved ones. Get well fast, Tim. We are all pulling for you.

      Mikki in Stockton, CA

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