Nancy Grace Discusses Case Dismissal with Beth Twitty & Dave Holloway


From Friday August 11, 2006: Nancy Grace:

Its not just about Natalee Holloway, its about ever person who travels abroad. This is just one of the many aspects of this case that make to compelling to so many. It is not just about one missing girl, its about millions of potential travelers.

TWITTY: Well, Nancy, first, I`d like to say that, you know, it`s not just Natalee and it`s not just Natalee`s last shot at justice. What we have, Nancy, we have millions and millions and millions of Americans who travel internationally every year. And what we are learning from Natalee is that, you know, the challenges that you will face should you find a loved one a victim of a crime in a foreign country. Your United States constitutional rights do not apply in other countries, and it`s been a hard life lesson for us to learn. There is no recourse. We faced jurisdictional issues, extradition every — every step of the way. And it`s just hard to know the right turns to make. I mean, we`re doing the best that we can to see what can be done for an American citizen who`s a victim of a crime in a foreign country.

TWITTY: Well, what I see, Nancy, we know it`s too late for Natalee. We know it`s too late for the family. But Nancy, it`s not to late for millions and millions of other Americans who have that sobering thought when they`re traveling internationally that, you know, we need some type of rights or recourse. I mean, I guess we`re the living proof of, you know, what doesn`t work. But I felt as if we would be remiss in not just trying every angle possible. I mean, it`s a larger picture than just Natalee now.

GRACE: You know what, Jim? Jim is not just chief correspondent at “Inside Edition,” he`s an officer of court, like myself. Both of us lawyers. For a lot of us, the court system is what we hold onto, what we believe in when everything else goes to hell. And when you see the court system, in my mind, mishandling a case — yes, I understand about jurisdiction. I understand why the New York judge did what he did, Jim. But to give Paulus Van Der Sloot $30,000, and they can`t even give Beth Twitty a straight answer about her girl? It just seems like we`ve gone into Wonderland, and the court system is upside down!

Read the full transcription here.


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