Beth Holloway Twitty on Nancy Grace; “I certainly didn`t know they were cowards.”


After an absence from CNN’s Nancy Grace Show, Beth Holloway Twitty continued fer assault on the Aruban Justice system. From Beth Holloway Twitty:

Well, you know, Nancy, I was thinking, I knew there was corruption and cover-up involved. But I certainly didn`t know they were cowards either, and to hide beneath the cloak of Hurricane Katrina is just reprehensible. And you know, I think — I think of the Dutch government, and I want to keep the focus on this political party in place, NEP (ph). I think of this judge, Rick Smit. And I can`t imagine putting the suspects` rights or the suspects, you know, before the victim of Natalee, and that why should he choose to be concerned about Joran attending university in The Hague? It just is unbelievable.

Beth would later go on to make the following statement:

Well, Nancy, I actually think there is, and I`ve had five of Joran`s statements that are printed in Dutch translated for me. You know, he states specifically in one of his statements, he prefaced it with, well, now, my third statement was not true, now here`s the truth. We drove — I drove Natalee to my home at 1:40 a.m. on May 30th. He says he has sex with her. You know, if kidnapping — and she`s coming in and out of consciousness when — as he`s describing her in these statements.

You know, if kidnapping and rape is not a crime within the Dutch government, well, then there is — then the Dutch government is serving no purpose.

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