Beth Holloway Twitty Takes Manhattan


Yesterday, after a rather long hiatus from the media Beth Twitty, mother of missing teen in Aruba Natalee Holloway, was in New York City to do many of the network and 24-7 cable shows live. She appeared on Fox News Day Side and On the Record, CNN’s Nancy Grace, MSNBC’s Rita Cosby, Court TV and in recorded pieces on A Current Affair. Dave Holloway also appeared via phone on MSNBC’s The Abrams Report.

On Sunday night Beth was on “The Big Story“. Many began to speculate why Beth Twitty was in NYC doing many of these shows live. The answer may have come during her visit to Fox Day Side. Beth Twitty was asked some questions from the live studio audience of which her last response to a gentleman from Australia seems to shed much light as to why Beth was in NYC.

The following is a summary of comments/question from the audience:

- American lady tells Beth that she and family had a scheduled trip to Aruba, but canceled it as they followed the coverage of Natalee’s case. Says she won’t be going to Aruba in support of Beth. Asks and then goes to give Beth a hug.

- American lady asks Beth what about the chaperone’s. Beth aptly deflects the question by referring to Joran’s lies (19 year-old tourist from Holland staying at the HI) and referring to the 3 suspects’ MO, drugging and raping girls.

- American lady asks about the other girls who have come forward with accusations of having been drugged and raped. Beth doesn’t know and feels very badly for these girls. Says it’s very hard for any woman to come forward in the first place, but these girls are very young, one as young as 14.

- Aussie gentleman who has been following the case through FOX News in Australia, asks if any diplomatic channels can be pursued, in light of the bungling of this case by Aruban authorities. Beth answers that that is actually the main reason why she’s in NYC.

I think everyone knows where the UN is located?

Hat Tip: Sleuth and GetaGrip

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    27 Responses to “Beth Holloway Twitty Takes Manhattan”

    1. bizman12 on September 27th, 2005 9:53 am

      Why is it that everytime Beth is asked a question that is outside of her theory she deflects away from the questions asked and immediately goes into her memorized spheal of drugging and raping girls and drinking and gambling?Which by now everyone knows is a crock of bullcrap that she cannot produce any proof of.She purposely does this to suit her agenda.

      Does anyone really think that the UN will listen to her unsubstantiated claims and furthermore does anyone think the UN will do anything about anything.

      Plain and simple Beth was in NYC becuase in her mind she is a STAR and that is obvious when Greta introduced Beth as being in the studio in NYC Beth was so ecstatic that she had made the BIGTIME.Anyone who can review On the Record when Beth is introduced can clearly see that she relishes being in the limelight.She was (using Beth’s favorite word)ABSOLUTELY beside herself.

    2. MJM on September 27th, 2005 10:06 am

      - American lady asks Beth what about the chaperone’s. Beth aptly deflects the question by referring to Joran’s lies (19 year-old tourist from Holland staying at the HI) and referring to the 3 suspects’ MO, drugging and raping girls.

      Beth doesn’t like the hard questions, does she?

    3. Jillian Webster on September 27th, 2005 10:17 am

      what diplomatic channels???

    4. a..incanada on September 27th, 2005 10:17 am

      “…after a rather long hiatus from media, Beth…..” Not long enough! Now she’s bent on destroying the whole Island? One would have to ask whether she and Jug have a vested interest in the Virgin Islands, amongst other things.
      All these supposedly ‘NEW’ facts by Beth. the extremely edited video tapes and the papers someone stealthily got from the garbage file, over and over…. becoming disgusting. Beth is the biggest hindrance to the ALE. Why is she hindering the investigation of the missing Natalee?
      It’s just amazing what the media will do for ratings, Current Affairs must have alot of money, to be able fly the circus to Holland, where Joran was STALKED and JUMPED rather than interviewed. He did well in the interview, so well, that Debbie had to drag an article from the ENQUIRER as a forerummer to these other videos on PT, maybe hoping to sway public opinion?! Unfortunate for the EXTREME TEAM, this stuff isn’t going to fly. Every time Beth spouts off on camera her RATINGS seem to fall.
      Yes, she has lost a daughter, and for that I’m sorry for her. Natalees’ trail might have had a chance to be picked up long ago, if it hadn’t been for Beth and Jug hindering the process. Was there a favor they owed Jossy?
      I believe there’s only one voice of reason left, and that would be Harry Tho’s.

    5. Dave on September 27th, 2005 1:04 pm

      The UN?

      you cant be serious? Mrs tabloid going to the UN to complain? who is paying her hotel room Greta and Geraldo?

    6. GG on September 27th, 2005 1:40 pm

      Plainly, she’s in NY as Joran’s interview, which came forth as sincere and truthful, has thrown her on the defensive. So she’s doing every show in town, trying with little success to drag Joran through the mud, with any questioner who won’t ask her any hard questions.

    7. dennisintn on September 27th, 2005 1:50 pm

      sincere and truthful?? jvds? be durned careful to keep your hand over the top of your glass whenever that next sociopathic sexual predator sits next to you at the diner. sociopaths such as jvds and the btk always come across that way.

    8. Scared Monkeys on September 27th, 2005 2:00 pm

      Just for clarification Greta’s show is based out of Washington, DC not NYC.

      BTW, The UN as in The Netherlands Ambassador and yes he would.

      “sincere and truthful”. ???
      Maybe should have been in Brooklyn instead of Manhattan. Heard there’s a bridge there for sale.

    9. Dave on September 27th, 2005 3:26 pm

      This is not a UN issue just like it isnt an issue for The President.
      And whoever said that BH doesnt like the tough questions is Spot On.
      She has lied so many times I doubt we will ever know the real truth as far as what happened
      It sure is amazing that she can say what she says about Joran yet now Joran can defend himself a little and she cant answer the tough questions.
      Just more of her opinions and NO FACTS

    10. GG on September 27th, 2005 3:33 pm

      Now Twatty is saying on CBS that Joran confessed to a sexual assault one day after the disappearance in front of ten witnesses. Uh huh. SM, that bridge still available? I think Beth might just want to look it over.

    11. Kate on September 27th, 2005 4:10 pm

      Dave, Dave, Dave! Beth is one articulate lady and she is not about to “go away” without causing a whole lot more noise. If Natalee had been my daughter, I would be doing the same thing, and maybe more. ALL she wants is some accountability from Aruba. WHEN she gets it, she will go away.

      Everyone is entitled to their day in court. When the prosecutors bring someone to court, Beth will have her day. In this country, the grand jury would have decided if there was enough evidence for Beth’s day in court. In Aruba, who decides this, is anyone’s guess!

      Put yourself in Beth’s position, Dave. Cut her a break! (By the way, I would be interested in seeing a list of the ways that BT has lied. Would you happen to have that list?)

    12. Bill Stubbings on September 27th, 2005 6:21 pm

      It seems that most of the posters on this issue don’t realize it’s about a lady that has a lost daughter asking for help . Not the lady who parked her broom by the capitol who was there to feed her ego problem opver the weekend. The lady who lost her daughter is here cause she was invited here. The one who was here this weekend was here to use the death of her son to build up her cause and to feed her new found ego problem..

    13. bizman on September 27th, 2005 6:25 pm

      Reread the post as it says which is true that Greta introduced Beth as being in teh studio in NYC.I never said Greta was in NYC and Greta made it clear where she was as she started out the interview by saying that she was in her studio in D.C. and that joining us now from the studio in NYC is Beth Twitty.

      The ambassador to the Netherlands will not do a thing for Beth Twitty as she will simply be informed that her case is a matter that will be dealt with by the Aruban authorities as her daughter disappeared in that jurisdiction.If anyone from the Netherlands would do anything they would have already done it by now.

      ScaredMonkeys,is it possible that you guys publicly post a request to Beth Twitty to answer the questions as to why she refuses to help Dave with the expenses that he incurs in teh search for their mutual daughter.Or is that too tough of a topic to engage in for your readers to know the truth.

      I appreciate this blog as it has been extremely important in the search of truth.But lets be objective here for the sake of the reader who visits this site.You just never know where agressive journalism will get you.As long as it is the truth and insightful.

      Thanks for being here ScaredMonkeys.

    14. Amy on September 27th, 2005 6:28 pm

      GG??? Have you been with us the whole time? Have you heard lie after lie after lie like the rest of us? Sincere??? NO, not by far. Truthful, NO…not that either!!!!! You can’t possibly believe him, them, whatever. He wants us to feel sorry for him. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

    15. c on September 27th, 2005 6:58 pm

      Whoever is bashing the Holloway’s should ask themselves what they would do if their daughter came up missing in Aruba. Sounds like you would just let it go.
      Do you really think that Beth and her family is enjoying this?
      Do you really think Joran is the victim here? He knows what happened to Natalie and is sending everyone on a wild goose chase. He is the one making Aruba look bad – along with their ‘law enforcement’.

      Joran VanDerSloot and Aruba will always be remembered for Natalie Holloway’s disappearance.

    16. Scared Monkeys on September 27th, 2005 7:23 pm


      Your comments are appreciated but lets do a couple of things:
      1. Please do not make disparaging comments
      2. Please do not tell us how to run our blog as you have NO idea what we do, what we do behind the scenes, and how we investigate this story. This is the only blog that has access to all H-T family members, media, searchers, etc. We have been to Aruba & AL.

      FYI: SM does not dictate to anyone how they spend their money. That is between them and frankly has nothing to do with fonding a missing girl. It does provide a nice smoke screen as a defense attorney would provide.

      Lets all keep in mind a family has a missing girl that has vanished with the 3 main suspects who have lied through their teeth, admittedly.

    17. oneyka on September 27th, 2005 7:30 pm

      It is sick and unfair to accuse Mrs. Twitty of being a liar, to abuse the media, etc. etc.
      She is a mother in dispair, waiting for answers that no one gives her, the “suspects” are free, partying, drinking, visiting the casinos in Holland, travelling to England to football matches, going to school, to C&C’s, and where is Natalee? All of a sudden Natalee is the criminal and her mother her accomplice, isn’t all the way around? Joran and Paulus? No body, no crime?
      I am a mother and I would turn every stone in the whole world and never rest until I find the truth about what happened to my daughter.
      Come on, people! lay off Beth and Dave and Jug. They are the only ones concerned to find the truth, and I support whatever they do to find it.

    18. bizman on September 27th, 2005 7:53 pm

      I can’t see where anyone is bashing Beth or Dave.

      I f I were in their shoes I would demand that anyone on the trip be interrogated(not a question and answer session)and investigated.

      There is a real possibility that Joran and/or the Kalpoes are telling the truth and if I were in their shoes I would not stop at those three suspects.

      Let’s just speculate and say (so far everything has been speculation or educated hunches) that Natalee made it back to the Holiday Inn.Let’s say that some of the teenagers were ragging the Twitty twins(step cousins of Natalee)because Natalee had possibly embarrassed them in front of their peers by allowing belly shots to be slurped form her navel and then by refusing to get out of the car with suspects when asked to do so by her friends.Perhaps they were so embarrassed and became irate and confronted Natalee when she came walking up the beach or perhaps they were walking the beach and met her as she was walking back to the HI and something bad happened.Something so bad happened that they did not want to stick around and deal with.Something that made their mother (Marcia Twitty) proactive in confiscating all of the cameras from the kids who were on the trip.Perhaps she was tipped off by a desperate phone call from one or both of her boys and that set her in motion to even think to meet the kids on their arrival back and demand to have all of the cameras turned over.Something is not right in Mountain Brook.Anyone in teh group who may have harmed Natalee would know that the spotlight would be on the last ones seen with her.

      What person or persons in their right mind would leave their very own kinfolk in a foreign country and appaerntly never or at least appearing to not give a damn about what happened to her.

      Or it could have been the ex boyfriend on the trip or anybody els ewho she may have encountered on the walk back to the HI.It is obvious that sh ewas a brave girl to have gone off with 3 locals she barely knew so it is not so far fetched that she was brave enough to walk the beach back at that hour by herself after Joran left her.What is is assumed that she was naive enough to go with 3 virtaully unknown locals,but not naive enough to walk 15 minutes on the beach back to the HI.Any rational person would believe that it would be safer to take a 15 minute walk on the beach versus hopping into a car with three locals or at least I view it as a lesser risk.

      All I am saying is all possibilities need to be investigated and eliminated.Is that asking too much????

      No bashing,just accept that Beth could be wrong and not looking in the right direction fro the perpetrators.I applaud her efforts but not her narrow mindedness.

    19. Maureen on September 27th, 2005 11:12 pm

      I am a Californian with 2 college age children attending east coast universities, who like to spend their winter vacations in the Caribbean (last spring it was Barbados). Guess what? Because of the UNIMAGINABLE vilification of the Twitty family after the horrific events in Aruba where their daughter has disappeared (thanks to the VAN DER SLOOT father and son duo and the SLIMY KALPOE bros) OUR FAMILY WILL NEVER SPEND ANOTHER CENT on that part of the world. I for the life of me cannot understand this misplaced anger…You people should be protesting your government’s refusal to deal with the rampant corruption on your island and uphold a mother’s right to the truth about what these lying (edit – no cursing plaese) did with her daughter.! Your judicial system is a joke to the ENTIRE WORLD now and though you don’t see it now, you will in time. For your island’s evil is becoming clearer by the day.

    20. Dave on September 28th, 2005 11:03 am

      If my daughter was missing I think I would have handled it 100% in a differnt manner
      I would not be on tabloid tv
      I would not have made my child out to be a Saint when she was a normal teenager
      I would not be on TV slandering people that have not been charged with any crime
      I would not be on TV lying and distorting facts the way that she has
      I would not have seized the pictures from her friends
      I would have been much more open and honest about the last week of my daughters life. Rather then impede the investigation by not telling the truth
      I would not have come off holier than thou when the truth is most likely that she was not St Nat and she was just a normal girl who partied and most likely did drugs willingly like many many teenagers.
      I would understand that there are thousands of unsolved missing persons cases and that there are legal processes and that my case was no differnt than the thousands of other missing people.
      I most certainly would not be involved with Tabloid trash the way that she has been.
      I would not be calling for people to destroy a country over one missing persons case.
      I would not be saying that my daughher was a virgin so that if anyone had sex with her it must be rape.
      If i had been given millions of dollars in donations I would have shared it with my ex-spouse so that he had access to this money to help find our daughter
      I certainly would understand that if my child went missing in a foriegn country that I would not be expecting the USA to invade the country and take over an investigation because i was frustrated to not have my daughter back

    21. paul on September 28th, 2005 11:36 am

      Jossie made statements about a former foe in the past and present Aruban
      government that not only were proven false but also included the real threat
      of prosecution. These statements were retracted under duress with apology.
      The entire episode is documented in Josseys rag diario and on its web site.
      You may need a translator. Such a paragon of fact. is Josey. His reported
      hospital stay was a slick way to avoid jail while his lawyers contemplated an
      out for him.

      In most states in US, a missing person report, let alone an investigation ,
      can not be filed until 72 (thats not 48) after the person has been missing.
      Should Aruba treat US citizen “disappearance” differently than for an Aruban
      citizen. Most of the missing people in US are not missing just left – left a
      marriage, left a relationship, just left.

      From Wikipedia -Just the Facts. Not always available in the mythical 48 hrs.
      Alabama Governor Bob Riley and U.S. Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL)
      pressured Aruban authorities to accept more assistance from the FBI. On
      Friday July 22, Aruban Prime Minister Nelson Oduber wrote to Attorney
      General Karin Jannsen asking that island police give the FBI complete
      access to their dossiers on the investigation.

      ‘I think Beth knows in her heart that she has nothing and is so hurt and so
      desperate that she just wants someone to pay for not having her daughter
      back and I understand that ” … Level of desperation as below

      At htp://, Birmingham AL NBC affiliate, Tuesday 10 pm
      had a spot of BHT at home showing NH room etc. The room had been
      made into a shrine. Obviously no one could have lived in the room. I can
      not decide if pitiful or pitiable. Sick might be a better word. This is not a
      search for a person anymore but a quest fraught with all the trappings of
      religious mania. If the moderator thinks tv has hit an all time low in this
      case just take a glim at this – its strange, perverse, etc. etc. etc.

      Note the delusional aspects BHT has never admitted NH is dead but wants
      to convict someone for her disappearance – because she can not admit NH
      is dead. Why can she not admit this – no body.
      Refusal to discuss what evidence was tampered with in motel room.
      Giving tapes to a mysterious unnamed authority for investigation.
      Refusal to let FBI analyze tapes. For $129 anyone can buy software that will
      mimic anyones voice and the other software lets you type whatever you want
      that is spoken in that voice. Does it seem comprehensible that an old FBI
      retiree might know how to do this.

      Why the sudden massive faith in the FBI. Within the last month the inability
      of FBI to communicate with itself has been substantiated in 9/11 commission
      review and review and …

      IF she goes to Aruba and or anywhere else and makes statements like she
      has in the past she sets herself up for prosecution. Think Joran or daddy
      would not jump at a opportunity for payback. particularly if Joran and daddy
      are really innocent. Are they baiting her right now to do just that.

      Just to keep the story alive another year or so maybe BHT can murder
      Joran and conduct interviews from jail while awaiting trial. Of course the
      defense would be insanity but the jury the can not accept insanity.

      TIS PITY

    22. Linda - L.A. on September 28th, 2005 12:45 pm

      Read your entry Dave…so sounds like we should call you Saint Dave now???? You DO NOT know how you would act if your child was missing…not until that happens. You can have opinions of what you think is right or wrong…but then we’ll never know if your child comes up missing…because apparently its going to be ok with you if it just gets swept away. Unbelievable.

    23. WHAT???? on September 28th, 2005 2:29 pm

      (GG) the “a” key and the “i” key are on opposite ends of the keyboard. HER NAME ISN’T TWITTY…….IT’S TWITTY. You are rude and insensitive. Why do you even let your fingers move across the keys? I think you like to run your mouth. Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      (Above post was edited)

    24. E Saxxon on September 28th, 2005 3:19 pm

      Tom & Red you have some of the most creepy people leaving posts here.
      Creepy and they dont even speak the truth. They are so filled with hatred and jealousy
      because of all the attention Natlalee has gotten. That is pathetic to be jealous of a dead girl. Either that or they are all rapists who drug women themselves and feel so bad for their kin: JVDS. (They probably would stick up for Andrew Luster the Max Factor heir who drugged and raped 87 women. )


      Fox-NEWS Shows are not Tabloid TV. A Current Affair is ( Joran chose Tabliod TV).
      Beth got her message out and kept it out. If it were my daughter I would do the same. Im glad I am not your daughter!

      “I would not be on tabloid tv.”

      Natalee was NOT a “normal” teenager. She was a born again Christian who was very devoted to her church and went to bible study class every week and even volunteered for cancer victims. She was a virgin who was saving her virginity for marriage out of religious, faith-based reasons and she was a straight A student who got a full scholarship. She had never done drugs but did drink responsibly on vacation in Aruba.
      I’d say that she was not a normal teenager but as close to a saint as a young woman can get.

      “I would not have made my child out to be a Saint when she was a normal teenager”

      So….you dont belive that 18 year old Chrsitain girls can be virgins?
      Wow, you are warped.

      “I would not be saying that my daughher was a virgin so that if anyone had sex with her it must be rape.”

    25. bizman on September 28th, 2005 5:12 pm

      I agree the goal is to find Natalee and what happened.But so far as everyone knows all efforts so far have failed.

      I have never made a disparaging remark and if any of my remarks were taken that way they wer etaken the wrong way.

      I too have been to Aruba,having recently returned.I found the conditions in Aruba to nowhere near what Beth as described it to be.I have also been to Alabama a number of tiumes but pertaining to this case.But I do feel that the authorities need to do some detective work and eliminate all possibilities that may exist there.

      It sure would be nice to hear Beth and Jug address the fund raising issue and why they feel it is ok to raise moeny to fund the search and as to why they have excluded Dave from receiving the funds.If Dave had access to the funds,maybe he could search and devote more time to the search effort.

      I do not believe that I hve tried to tell you how to run your blog,maybe a suggestion to press for more info on the story that is being covered.Since you guys are the only blog with full access to the families then it should be fairly easy to obtain the answers to the questions that you readers want to know.

      As always,thanks for all that ScaredMonkeys brings to the table.

    26. Scared Monkeys on September 28th, 2005 5:17 pm

      Everyone …

      I will remind all, NO PERSONAL ATTACKS. They will be deleted.

      Also the comments are for responsible debate and constructive conversation. The endless attacks will be deleted. If you cannot add to the conversation and civilly debate, then move on.

    27. Kate on September 28th, 2005 6:09 pm

      Dave, I cannot continue to be polite in my responses to you. If you ARE someone’s father, I pity that poor person. You are one cold, narrow-minded, pitiful specimen of a father. If you are not someone’s daddy, please do the world a favor and do NOT, under any circumstances, procreate. You appear to harbor many warped opinions regarding parenting and children, in general.

      Also, you are not furthering the tourist industry in Aruba by criticizing Natalee Holloway’s behavior, both before and during this trip. However, you are succeeding in alienating more and more individuals who had not decided whether to, or not to, BOYCOTT. I see more and more individuals leaning in the boycott direction as time goes on. And, you are serving the boycott well. Thank you for your support.

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