Quick Chat with Beth Twitty from Wisconsin


Earlier today I caught up with Beth Twitty while she was coming from her speech  for the Wisconsin Sheriffs in Madison, WI. (Greta Van Susteren’s old stomping grounds.)  Catching her in the airport seems to be a knack of mine  these days. Beth told me that she still has not heard anything regarding the civil case in NYC; however, she continue speaking to law enforcement and students regarding “Safe Travel” and gaining more states to independently endorse her “Safe Travels” program.

I was also able to tell Beth that Aruba is announcing that their airplane passengers to Aruba were down for the first 6 months of 2006. Beth was not aware of today’s Amigoe article due to the busy schedule with her Madison speech and running to the airport. We further went on to discuss the fact that American passengers were down 11.5% while Colombians increased by 14.3%. That will be a major issue in the not too distant future. That discussion is for a future post.

What Aruba has not figured out is the the clock will never stop, that will allow their tourism to rebound. The reason is because the Natalee Holloway disappearance does not go away. Aruba thought it would in one week, they had planned on it. Beth Twitty’s speaking engagements discuss safe travel, but they also reference Natalee. The story will always be told, it does not go away. Beth Twitty is too strong a women to let the story go away without justice. So ever time Beth speaks to a crowd of law enforcement or students, she tried to prevent a future incident from occurring. In the process she brings up the specter of Natalee Holloway and Aruban tourism goes down again. One would think that Aruba could figure this out.

After some more catching up on some other  topics, questions and theories, I heard in the back ground the call for all to shut off their cell phones. Having got Beth in trouble in the past with flight attendants and cell phones, I figured I best not press my luck this time. We are working on some things that should be coming to fruition in the not too distant future.

We wish Beth Twitty a safe flight and Godspeed.

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