Natalee Holloway Investigation: Beth Twitty To Return to Aruba Today


Beth Twitty is returning to Aruba today to further the search efforts for her daughter Natalee Holloway. She will be joined by her brother Paul Reynolds in these efforts pursue the investigations. This is expected to be a short trip to Aruba in hopes of meeting with Deputy Police Chief Gerold Dompig and Prosecutor Karen Janssen.

Natalee Holloway’s mother is not giving up. Beth Twitty is scheduled to leave for Aruba Tuesday morning.

Although there is nothing new in the investigation, Twitty said she plans to stay in Aruba for the rest of the week to help with the search.

From reports last night from Beth’s interview with Greta it looks like the wheels have come off the cart from Jug Twitty making the comment to Rita Cosby, “It is optimistic. I hope—you know, Gerold was very instrumental in the beginning of the investigation“.

It appears that Beth Twitty may be taking off the gloves on this trip to Aruba as one source mentioned; Beth Twitty referenced to Greta Van Susteren that all of the volunteers who were in Aruba left because there was “nothing left for the searchers to do.”

“There is no sense in them just sitting around the hotel room doing nothing,” Twitty said. She said it was not easy coordinating the volunteer searchers, because they have to take time from their jobs and their families.

It had been said by both Dave Holloway and Tim Miller of Equusearch and again by Beth Twitty that the searchers needed extra equipment to complete their search. This equipment that would provide for deeper underwater searches could be made available from the FBI, but Aruban officials first had to request the FBI’s assistance. To date it had not been done.

Beth even went so far to say that phone calls to Dompig by her were never returned. Looks like the investigation is back to the good old days of communication and cooperation.

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    15 Responses to “Natalee Holloway Investigation: Beth Twitty To Return to Aruba Today”

    1. commonsense on November 1st, 2005 1:46 pm

      Beth has no one to blame but herself for the lack of communication with Dompig. He has been asking her to come back and give statements for a month now. But instead of doing things that could help acutally end this search, she would rather go on every t.v. show everynight and put down the Aruban government. She should put her daughter and the search first, then the nightly trip on t.v. later. This is what is so frustrating. Celebrity over reality. Maybe she is just afraid to go give statements because so much of it is made up – either by her and Jug, or by the tabloid journalist Jossy Mansur.
      Beth – don’t take the gloves off. It is helping no one. Why don’t you do actual searching this time.

      White Sox – 2005 World Champions!!

    2. Tazman on November 1st, 2005 1:47 pm

      I hope that Beth and Dompig can work their differences out. They need to get on track with the FBI and move forward to solve this case.

    3. Dawn on November 1st, 2005 2:19 pm

      Sad, the only way to make a clear and firm statement is to boycott Aruba and everything it stands for.

    4. vicki on November 1st, 2005 2:50 pm

      I just don’t understand the problem… its getting stupid already…what does Beths staements to anyone do any good.. she was in America when Natalee went missing….crazy

    5. Koni on November 1st, 2005 4:07 pm

      I sure hope this works for the Halloway family, this time, like we all fell, enough is enough already. Beth is a very strong person, I would have caved long before this. There is just a limit to what any human can take, and this has surely went way beyond. My prayers are with them still and hope that Beth can still remain strong, and get some answers soon, instead of this run around that has been going on way too long.

    6. 10061906 on November 1st, 2005 6:01 pm

      Its such a waste of valuable talent and resources in letting the divers sit around and do no more searching then where the police have suggested they search. Aruba though small is a large haystack… adding the ocean makes finding a body that much more difficult. The searchers have come up empty handed each time they have searched the waters around Aruba as directed by the police. Try to look outside the circle of a corrupt police department and search other areas on Aruba. I’m still under the conviction that Natalee was disposed of in one of the mine shafts at The Balashi Gold Mine Ruins. That is approximately 1.5 km from the Montana section of Aruba. We all know who lived there. And unless she is found elsewhere, nothing will change my mind.

    7. monkey wench on November 1st, 2005 6:23 pm

      Commonsense, enough already. You act like Beth doesn’t want this solved and is trying to stay in the public eye for her own amusement. HER DAUGHTER IS MISSING AND THE GOVERNEMENT OF THE COUNTRY WHERE SHE WAS LAST SEEN HAS COMPLETELY SCREWED UP THE INVESTIGATION!!!! I suppose you would have just waited in the States to see what happens next, eh? If your child went missing, you would just continue with your normal life and hope for the best, huh? You go ahead and think that the case is screwed up because of the Holloways and Twittys. I’m sure your friends JVDS, PVDS and the K-2 appreciate your negative comments towards Beth.

    8. NYSOM on November 1st, 2005 6:37 pm

      Vicki’s right – what good does Beth’s statesment do – what value can Natalee and Beth’s last conversation add – if there was anything Beth would be the first to offer it. Besides, why bother, look what they did with her first statement. I so want to believe Dompig is legit, but I’m starting to think that was just foolish.

      Whatever your opinion of Beth and/or the family, there’s no reason to blame them for any thing that’s happened (commonsense). Beth would gladly sink into obscurity if meant a just resolution in this case. TV is nothing more than a way to gather support and keep the search alive. It’s a proven fact she can do TV spots from Aruba or the US, obviously that has no bearing on when she goes to Aruba and for how long.

      My thoughts and prayers are with the family, Beth especially!

    9. Jim Hanson on November 2nd, 2005 6:14 am

      Do you know how boring this all is? This case has been so blown out of proportion by the media and internet blogs … it’s insane. There are parents out there, thousands upon thousands of them that have been waiting decades for an answer about their missing child, and all you people think about is NH …

      Why don’t you all relax and forget this thing till the book and movie come out .. then you can start wasting money as well as time ….

      Why can’t you get it through your thick skulls …. there is NO EVIDENCE …

      Whether you like it or not, it’s the truth …..

    10. candy on November 2nd, 2005 12:30 pm

      its just so sad that Beth keeps beating up the very people that she needs to oversee the search for her daughter, now here we go again back to Aruba and back to square one. the only advice i would have for Beth is to stay away from these talk shows and stay focus on the serach for Natalee and please stop this LOVE HATE RELATIONSHIP that you have going on with Aruba,its not helping.
      thank-you and have an outstanding day

    11. candy on November 2nd, 2005 1:04 pm

      hi commonsense ,
      you are just so out there, i think what you have to say is always right on and a lot of people want this entertainment to go on and on and on,you have said what alot of people are thinking ,but afraid of the replys they might get so they depend on you to speak on their behalf and be careful commonsense ,we do know that alot of Americans might be a little intimidated by a smart black lawyer. read what i have to say, not much different than what you have to say i am just a bit mored gentle as i whisper into BH ear.
      thank you and have a great day

    12. JuJu on November 2nd, 2005 1:48 pm

      I think Beth and Dave are doing exactly what they (maybe by FBI or Attorneys) are telling them to do. Seriously, who of us would know how to handle this? They are playing this as they are being instructed to do. Which is what I would do in the same situation.

    13. commonsense on November 2nd, 2005 3:34 pm

      Poor Monkey Wench. Why do most of you posters have such a problem with someone having a differing view? My views are not uncommon. I would guess that a good 40% of people don’t believe that these Aruban kids killed Natalee. Are they really that good to cover it up. Oh wait – the Government helped them cover it up. That makes sense.
      Here is what I say – if BHT really wants to help find her daughter – then she would go meet with the authorities and give a statement they want. Will it help – who knows. But at least it shows she is willing to help them, instead of just going on television every single night, rehashing the same tired story about gang rapes that simple have not been verified to be close to true. You want to get mad at someone – this Skeeters guy had the tapes for weeks before he even put them on the Dr. Phil show. Why the hell would he hold on to them for so long? Why did it take multiple weeks to turn them in? It seems that everyone here wants to say that the Aruban officials botched the investigation. Well how about this truth – the Twitty clan, with the exception of Dave, who seems to be the only one who really cares about the truth, is doing there part to play the poor victim instead of helping.
      Do I feel for the the family. Yes – no one should have to go through what they have went through. But… just because they are a victim to this, that does not give anyone the right to make up lies to the television every night with the woe is me act. You want to help find you kid – then start helping by doing what is asked of you. How about letting the Alabama students talk. Control is not the way to go. You may be a victim, but you ain’t nice.

    14. me on November 4th, 2005 3:53 pm

      Gee, commonsemse. What do you have to say now that Dave is losing his patience too? Maybe you will finally believe that Beth has been right all along, just like Dave now does.

    15. maxdc on November 5th, 2005 2:03 pm

      I am so tired of people trying to blame this farce on the family. Hope none of you have to go through this sort of thing with one of your own children. I think no body can even imagine what they must feel like unless they too have a missing child. Beth is doing just what John Walsh told her to do. Keep the pressure on and use the media for as long as you can. If she quit appearing this would disappear in a heart beat. Then this would be just like all the other thousands of missing children. I applaud Beth for having the fortitude to keep at it.

      Seeing that letter and what that police investigator has done with evidence and the arrogant way dompig is treating beth and co. really makes me realize that it is going to take something harsh to make them even try to solve this. They are convienently using the spew of these bloggs on the internet to try to focus this whole crime back at the victims. It is really only clouding the issue. Well the gloves are off it appears. Now see if any action gets taken. I bet Aruba is going to suffer in the long run. These officials should lose their jobs. New and diligent investigators should be on this case. They think they have gotten away with this. Guess we will see.

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