Aruban Police Threaten Walk Out; “One Happy Island”


Aruban Police threaten Walk Out

These are the slow trickling effects of individual choice not to travel to an island because of the manner in how they handled the investigation of the Natalee Holloway disappearance and the victims family. The effects of a decline in tourism were never going to happen overnight. However, once they took hold, it is a long road back if ever.

Now the police are walking off the job. Or at least threatening to. I am sure this will give tourists an even greater reason to feel safe traveling to Aruba. I guess no one was listening at the First Caribbean Tourist Safety Conferencethe other day.

Aruba should invest a lot of money in the promotion of the safety on the island.  Aruba had done nothing to brush up her image after the Holloway-affair.  At least, I haven’t seen that.

AM Digital Police Walk OUT

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(AM Digital)

Instead the answer is not to pay the police and have them walk off the job. Heaven help your country if one more bad thing happens to a tourist while police are no where to be found.

Once again we will show the very first post ever done my Scared Monkeys on the disappearance of a then unknown Mountain Brook, AL teenager.

This Can’t Be Good For Tourism, Where’s Natalee Holloway

Once the rock starts rolling down the hill, its awfully hard to stop.


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      [...] Aruban Police threaten Walk Out [...]

    2. stella on February 1st, 2010 11:30 pm

      how many policeare in aruba

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