Aruba: One Safe Island; Walk-out by police


With the spot light of safety and the perception that Aruba is doing everything possible for the safety of tourists comes this almost inconceivable act. A police walk out. In a time where many wonder where the police investigation in the Natalee Holloway case was, the police thought it was in everyone’s best interest to just walk off the job.


At the First Caribbean Tourist Safety Conference Peter Tarlow said the following:


“Aruba should invest a lot of money in the promotion of the safety on the island.  Aruba had done nothing to brush up her image after the Holloway-affair.  At least, I haven’t seen that.  I have only heard the negative aspect of it. Do not hide the affair, but show actively how safe it can be for a tourist to walk on the beach here for example”.


It takes only one incident to damage the image of a safe island for a long time and that’s what the disappearance of the American teenager did to Aruba.Police officers went on strike this morning and left the police station.

One wonders which is worse, the fact that the Aruban government does not want to pay for a recourse that goes hand in hand with the protection of not only Arubans and tourists, but their economy as well. Or the fact that the police just selfishly walked off the job and jeopardized island safety. Do these people not comprehend that they are one tourist crime away from never seeing tourism come back for a generation?

All it would take is one more tragic incident against an American tourist in Aruba and they can all but kiss away any promises of hotels coming to Aruba, let alone tourists. What are they thinking that they would allow police to walk off the job and that the police would actually do such a thing?

Amigoe; June 19, 2006: Walk-out by police

ARUBA – The police corps of Aruba walked-out this morning because they are not satisfied with the policy of the government.  They were told that from now on, overtime will be paid partially.  In the past two weeks, police union SPA has been asking Justice-minister Rudy Croes (MEP) on numerous occasions to explain this decision and the idea behind it.  Up till today, Croes has not reacted on the request and this was enough reason for the union to call a meeting with its members.

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