One Year Later after the Disappearance of Natalee Holloway, Dave Holloway Speaks Out


On the one year anniversary of the disappearance of his daughter Natalee Holloway, Dave holloway signDave Holloway discusses some of the many trials and tribulations of the roller coaster ride that Aruba has put the family through in what is called an investigation. The anniversary to Dave and the family is much like every other day; a day without his daughter.

Dave Holloway: A lot of people have asked me about that — what am I going to do? It’s not going to be a celebration, obviously, for me. We’re just going to spend time with family and that’s it. It’s just another day for us.

One year later and all critical eyes are still on Aruba and the investigation to get answers for the Holloway’s and Twitty’s. One year of excuses, incompetence, corruption and blaming a victims families for their shortcomings. All this while people react to what they see for themselves as Aruban tourism nose-dives.

Holloway: For the most part I think people can look at the case and make up their own mind whether or not they want to go down there and support the economy. I’ve heard tourism is down about 15 percent. So it’s had an impact.

If this had happened in a country that didn’t rely on the U.S. dollar, you would have never heard anything more about this.

The Meridian Star has a great article where they sat down with Dave Holloway and Natalee Hollowaydiscussed many issues from he has dealt with the investigation to the writing of his book to his feelings as to whether the investigation has been one of incompetence or corruption. One tell tale sign from the beginning should have tipped us off as to what the family and the American public would be in for with regards to the investigation in Aruba. Dave Holloway states one of the reasons why he wrote his book and when he first began taking notes.

Holloway: I started keeping notes within about a week to 10 days because one person would say one thing and somebody else would say another. Somebody would say something and then turn around and deny saying it.

So I started taking notes on who we talked to and what they said and where the investigation was headed. Every day I kept a journal of who said what and what was going on.

Beth kept notes as well. I decided I better keep notes, too, because things weren’t working the way I thought they should work. It seemed like they were always trying to close the investigation.

Other questions referenced in the article: Are you convinced this is a case of corruption rather than incompetence or a combination of the two?

Holloway: I think it’s a combination of both. Aruban police officers have told some of our people that they don’t know who to trust in the police department. That’s serious. A lot of weird things or strange things have happened. Even a Dutch law professor in Holland looked at this case and made the comment, just recently back in April, that this was one of the most strange and unprofessional police investigations he’d ever seen.

As we do today on the one year anniversary and every other day; we pray for Natalee and for the family so that they may get answers to end one aspect of this terrible, tragic event.

Read the full article from The Meridian Star

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